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Author Title Published
absman420 & others
12/23/19, 7:50 PM
A world dominated by muscular zombies, where survival is all that matters, well you'll know if it's more fun to get caught.
8/28/20, 8:39 PM
A crew of infamous pirates pay for their crime
Unpublished Edit
6/5/20, 4:48 PM
A milking story inspired by "A Bull of the Ranch" by RotherhamMan. Basically a badly written parody which I forced a bunch of mature men in. I am not a native english user so I am sorry for the grammer mistake I made.
8/31/20, 1:07 PM
9/10/19, 4:31 AM
A Voyeur Fan & others
3/13/21, 9:01 AM
Dorian lathers up in the shower with a bar of mysterious soap. He's unprepared for the changes it makes to his body and mind.
1/21/20, 9:48 AM
A guy gained a mind control power... you know the rest so why bother summarizing? (Asians Oriented)
3/29/20, 1:24 PM
A facility where athletes go to train, a mysterious background, the results speak for themselves. But are the athletes that return the same as those that were sent off?
3/26/20, 5:42 PM
6459 words
Theo, a young model in the height of his career desparate seeks an escape from his work. Finding his way out in the most unexpected way.
11/17/21, 2:45 AM