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Author Title Published
A Voyeur Fan & others
3/13/21, 9:01 AM
a passing Exoplanet shakes the earth quiet a bit. The destruction was huge but out of the chaos some order appears from a passage, closed thousends of years ago
3/6/21, 10:32 PM
TieMeEdgeMe & others
The Kink Factory is now a community series! For fans of "Charlie and The Kink Factory" & "America's Next Top Kinkster". Here people can tell their own adventure in the walls of the BDSM factory w/ new characters or old.The kink Factory is ready to hear from your wicked and creative minds!
3/5/21, 12:14 PM
A porn site that uses an AI to pick what you watch, what could go wrong?
3/1/21, 7:07 AM
Jay returns from a party in the snowy city. But someone thinks the fun for him tonight has just begun
2/26/21, 9:47 PM
On Elijah's 18th birthday, a mysterious man comes to visit him. He tells him that he is unlike that of his parents and shows him the truth of the world.
2/25/21, 7:51 PM
Upon waking up, Jason found himself in a place he had not seen before. Met with blinding lights and an unknown voice, unbeknownst what was in store for him. The voice, who identified himself as "The doctor" layed out his plans. Plans for his so-called "Super Soldier program"
2/15/21, 7:29 AM
Kevin goes to a new college and starts making some friends. But he quickly finds out over an expanded weekend that something isn't right.
2/14/21, 8:02 AM
Ng5hvlo4 & others
2/3/21, 8:51 PM
2631 words
What if, you hit the jackpot on a archeology digging site and you discover the temple of a goo like God who sees him delve as a general of a legion
2/1/21, 1:54 PM