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Author Title Published
4/23/21, 3:24 PM
4/21/21, 5:39 AM
4/19/21, 9:52 AM
Wonder Bread & others
Kevin becomes part of a government pilot program that doesn't allow straight men to marry until they have gay sex. Will Kevin make it through or become a cock addict like his brother?
4/11/21, 7:25 PM
A man might be in over his head after he listens to an online hypnosis file.
3/27/21, 1:11 PM
Wolftamer88 & others
3/23/21, 9:49 PM
Noah's decision to be a good friend and help Sawyer with his project back fires.
3/21/21, 7:50 AM
1028 words
'Spike' is the best stripper at his strip club. Or is he?
3/20/21, 6:48 AM
1646 words
A young man is excited to meet his online hypnotist in person for the first time.
3/18/21, 6:21 AM
Tim Ryan learns a lesson about using Instagram filters. Pick to the wrong one and it might change more than your pics.
3/15/21, 11:34 AM