Training the Sergeant - Part 12

By lthrjock -
published March 24, 2016
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A police sergeant is turned into a fetishist

Three men looked down at Harrison where he lay on the cold basement floor. His uniform stripped from him, he had been hogtied with rope, his arms and legs crossed behind and secured tightly together. The knots were placed out of reach of his fingers so that even when he woke up he would be unable to escape. Without his clothes on his stocky muscular physique was evident. His mat of blonde hair made him an almost perfect muscle cub.

Ferguson looked up at the other two men. “What the fuck do we do now, eh? Harrison saw everything we were doing to the Sarge and he’s going to talk.” He ran his hands through his hair nervously, his uniform jacket creaking as he did so. He looked over at the tank where the rubber covered form of Davis was twitching intermittently as his programming continued. “Tell me, what the hell…”

He trailed off as the man opposite him raised a finger. Dr Canning raised his finger to his lips as he thought for a moment. He looked down at the specimen on the floor and smiled. Crouching down, he ran the fingers of one hand over Harrison’s muscles and arse and then reached under him to stroke the length of his flaccid penis. “This … Harrison?…” He looked up until Ferguson nodded. “This Harrison may be of use to us. From what you have found on his phone, he has kept the photo of Davis a secret. Also, from his phone’s browser history we can see he already had an interest in men like Davis. All we have to do is heighten that interest – and add some fetishes of our own.”

Canning stood and smiled at Ferguson who just looked confused. “You want to make him like Davis?” Canning chuckled. “Oh no, I think another role entirely would be more suitable for Mr Harrison.”

Ferguson looked down and up again. “No, wait, you can’t do that. You promised I’d be the one to fuck Davis, you promised.” Ferguson started to go red in the face, his youthful voice taking on a whining quality as he kept on talking. Canning locked eyes with the Captain who shrugged and then turned to Ferguson. “Copslave, submit.”

Ferguson stopped in mid sentence and stood still, staring blankly ahead. The Captain turned back to Canning. “I told you this idiot was too weak.”

Canning nodded. “Indeed you did. But we needed someone close to Davis and he has now served his purpose. I’ll get rid of him for the moment. We can decide what to do with him later.” Canning walked over to Ferguson and whispered in his ear. “When I say ‘wake up’ you will leave this place and go back to the police station. You will remember nothing of coming here, only that you had a flat tyre on the way back to the station. When you finish your shift, you will go to the clinic and present yourself for a training session. Do you understand?” When Ferguson nodded, Canning smiled – a thin-lipped smile that had nothing of warmth in it, on the satisfaction of having a man completely under his control. “Copslave, wake up.”

Ferguson shook himself and without speaking, walked out of the building After a few seconds the two men heard the sound of a car engine as he drove away.

Canning looked at the Captain and then down at Harrison. “Time for work. Get Harrison in a chair while I set the equipment up for him. I think Davis should be ready in a few hours. I can have Harrison ready by tomorrow morning.”

Davis checked his watch as he jogged through the gates of the station. He had taken another 15 seconds off his time. He put down his backpack and then stood and stretched, his muscles clearly outlined in his skin-tight shirt and shorts. The bulge of his cock was fully on display as well, but that didn’t seem to bother him as he greeted his fellow officers. When he was properly stretched, he picked up the pack with his freshly ironed uniform inside and headed into the locker rooms. He reflected that it had been a long day already. Up at 4:00 to run to the gym, then 2 hours in there followed by a run to work. Now he had 15 minutes before roll call.

Davis quickly showered and changed. His uniform was now skin-tight over his chest, biceps and thighs. At the same time it was loose around his waist and stomach and he pulled his belt in an extra notch. He reflected that he would have to order a new one. The shift went pretty normally, though he noticed Harrison hanging around outside his office several times over the course of the day. Davis had noted Harrison several times before. He was young and keen. He worked out a lot, but today Davis noticed for the first time how well Harrison filled out his uniform. At 5’10” tall, Harrison’s width made him look shorter – and for some reason that made Davis’ cock swell in his already uncomfortably tight pants.

He tried to distract himself with paperwork – but every time he looked up Harrison seemed to be standing just in view. He got his head down to some long overdue reports and was interrupted by a cough. He looked up to see Harrison standing in front of his desk and as he looked up, he found his eyes focusing on Harrison’s crotch. His uniform did little to disguise the bulge and as he pulled his eyes away and up to Harrison’s, he saw the young cop smile. “The report you wanted … Sarge.” He dropped the paperwork on Davis’ desk and walked away giving Davis a great view of his tight muscled arse surmounted by the thick leather of his duty belt.

The day went on like that and by the end of the shift, Davis was ready to head home. Which was, of course, why his Inspector requested a report done before he went home. Two hours later, Davis was alone in the station and only just finished.

Davis was exhausted and decided to have a hot shower before he headed home. He stood there under the hot stream of water and started to soap himself down. As he did, he felt his fingers dragging through the mat of hair on his chest. As he did so, he felt unsettled, disturbed and the hair started to disgust him. He nipped out of the showers and into his locker and returned with a can of shaving gel and a packet of razors. He stepped back under the water and got himself soaked again and then stepped forward. He put a dollop of foam in his hand and rubbed it over his chest. He then slowly drew the razor across it, leaving clean shaved skin behind. The hair quickly matted the razor and he had to keep stopping to clean it, but in a few minutes he was looking down at a cleanly shaven chest. His pecs looked even larger, the big nipples on them standing out clearly. Further down, his cock enjoyed the sight and swelled to full size. Davis grinned and started to shave further down, revealing the 6 pack of muscle around his stomach.

Davis carried on from there, shaving down his arms until they were hairless and then stripping the hair out of his armpits. He then slathered both legs and shaved them down, his thighs and calves looking massive as the hair fell away from them. His cock was now fully engorged and leaking and he turned his attention to his crotch. He worked slowly and carefully, but when he was finished he stepped back under the water and watched the foam and hair flush away revealing his denuded crotch. His cock looked bigger and something about a lack of hair there made him feel good. He stroked his cock a couple of times with pleasure and grunted.

“I always knew you were a bitch.”

Davis jumped at the sound of the voice and looked up to see Harrison stood watching him. Harrison was no longer in uniform – instead he was wearing black leather jeans and a black leather jacket. In his hand was his bike helmet – Davis realised he must have ridden back into work even as he moved to cover himself.
“No – don’t do that. Let me see.”

Davis found himself moving his hands away from his crotch and putting them to his side. Harrison smiled and stepped forward, his boots clunking on the tiled floor of the shower. He grabbed Davis’ cock with his gloved right hand and yanked it gently. “Big cock for a bitch. But you’ve shaved it – which is a good sign.” He looked up at the bigger man and smiled again. “Step forward. Let me see your back.” Davis stepped out of the stream of water and turned around. “Stupid bitch, you can’t even shave yourself properly” said Harrison as he looked at the hair on Davis’ back and arse. “Pass me the foam and the razors.”

Davis did so and stood there as Harrison sprayed foam onto his back and then massaged it in. Harrison took his time, coating the bigger man in foam from his neck right down to the top of his legs. He smiled “So, here it all goes. The last of the hair on your body, bitch. Once it’s gone, you’re truly a bitch – understand?” Davis nodded.

“I said – UNDERSTAND?” Davis felt the sting of a slap against his arse.

“Yes…yes Sir!”

“Good bitch.”

Harrison grinned and then began the slow process of shaving Davis’s back and arse. As he did so, he could feel the big man quivering under his hands. He ran the razor with care over his Sergeants muscles and chuckled to himself as the clean flesh underneath was revealed. When he was complete, he took a step back. “Nice. Now, clean yourself down and then go get your clothes.” Harrison didn’t wait and instead headed into the locker room to the Sergeant’s locker. He slammed it shut and took Davis’ key. He then pulled some things from his own locker and sat down on one of the benches.

Within a few minutes, Davis came into view. He was rubbing his towel over his hair leaving his newly shaved body completely open to Harrison’s view. The lack of hair made his muscles stand out, his cock looked longer and bigger. But the major change was that it made him look younger. He walked up to Harrison nervously, unable to get to his locker without pushing past the smaller man.

“Um … excuse me. … I need to … to … to get by.”

Davis was shocked as the hesitance in his voice. Harrison heard it and grinned.

“Not yet.” He grabbed an item from beside him and threw it on the floor in front of Davis where it landed with a clash of chain. “Put them on.” Davis bent and picked up the chains. Hanging from each end was a pair of thick steel shackles. There was about 8” between the ankle shackles and the wrist shackles were welded together. “But what if …”

“What if someone comes in? The longer you fuck around, the more chance there will be. Put them on.”

Davis shivered, then bent forward and snap-locked the shackles around his feet. He then straightened up and realised that once his wrists were secured as well, he would be unable to properly stand. “But …”

“Fucking well hurry up – or I’ll hit the panic button and have the whole damn station here.”

Davis nodded and locked his hands in as well. His hands were now held facing each other at about crotch level. His massive, muscled form was bent over – almost forced into submission. His head was now well below Harrison’s. He looked up “What do you want?”

Harrison grinned and showed Davis the next item.

“That’s easy – I want you.”

Harrison was holding a thick studded leather collar. A dog tag was hanging from the front of the collar with the word “SARGE” embossed on it. Davis didn’t struggle as Harrison wrapped the collar around his throat and then locked it in place. His cock showed his only erection as it stood proud out in front of him. “There – my very own bitch – and he’s called Sarge. Nothing to say?”

Davis looked up at Harrison, his position one of submission. He went to speak, but something in his programming kicked in as soon as the collar went around his neck. The only thing that came out of his mouth was a deep booming “WOOF”.

Harrison burst out laughing – he had half thought that wouldn’t work. He clipped a chain to Davis’ collar and dragged him outside. Davis shuffled along as quickly as he could but the short chain between his ankles made if difficult- especially when he had to negotiate stairs. Every time he tried to ask Harrison to slow down, all he did was bark or whine. All the time he was terrified that someone else from the station would see them. Harrison led him out into the car park. Davis expected to see a motorbike, but instead, Harrison took him up to a van. He opened the rear door and inside he saw a dog cage – not one made with flimsy little bars, but one constructed of welded iron. Harrison opened the door to the cage.

“Inside, bitch.”

Davis scrambled inside, filling the cage as Harrison locked the door behind him and then secured the rear door of the van.

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