The Artist

By Willie Cici
published June 15, 2017
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Life become art … though not suspecting …

Paulo gazed upon the lake from the deck of his lover’s waterfront home in the mountains. (To see Paulo, click here). He wanted to surprise Jarrod, his boyfriend. His project ended early and allowed him to join Jarrod for the extended holiday weekend earlier than expected. As he perched upon the deck and looked down at the water’s edge, he watched in dismay and anger. Jarrod stood in the embrace of another man. “How could he betray me?”, Paulo thought to himself. Jarrod had been unfaithful in the past, but that was two years ago, and Jarrod promised that the prior affair would never happen again. Paulo descended the wooden staircase and returned to his vehicle, undetected by Jarrod. When he had driven several miles away from the lakeshore house, Paulo called Jarrod on his cell phone.

“Hey! What’s up?”, Jarrod asked.

“I’m about ten minutes away. I got done earlier than I thought.”, Paulo said.

“Oh, good. Uhm … I can’t wait to see you see.”, Jarrod said.

“I bet.”, Paulo thought to himself. “I’ll see you soon.” Paulo ended the call and waited several minutes before he returned to the lakeshore house. When he returned, Paulo found Jarrod inside, alone, brewing a pot of Paulo’s favorite coffee.

As Paulo entered the home, Jarrod approached his partner and kissed him. “I’m glad you’re here.” Paulo concealed his rage. For now, he let Jarrod continue the charade.

Two weeks later - - Jarrod walked into Paulo’s artist studio in the Village. Paulo rented an abandoned warehouse as his studio. The space had three floors and many rooms, affording Paulo the luxury to employ the various media in his sculptures and work on various projects at the same time. As Jarrod entered the studio, Paulo’s assistant notified the artist of Jarrod’s arrival. When Paulo greeted Jarrod at the entrance, Paulo dismissed his assistant for the rest of the day.

Jarrod followed Paulo into his model’s studio. “I’m glad you agreed to model for me. I’ve wanted to do this for a long time.”

“I never thought of myself as a model for art.”, Jarrod said.

“Jarrod, really? You’re a model. A real model, what you do for a living. Look at you. You are so incredibly handsome, sexy, desirable. Tell me you don’t notice men reacting to you when we go out.” Paulo tossed Jarrod a bottle of lemon-flavored seltzer water.

“Thanks.”, Jarrod said, as he cracked open the bottle and drank his favorite beverage. “I know, I’m a model, but I don’t pay attention to that.”

Paulo smiled. “Oh, I know. You’re too humble.” Jarrod laughed at his lover’s teasing. “Why don’t you strip and we’ll get ready for the session?”

Jarrod removed his clothes. Paulo could not deny his lust, even now, for his stud boyfriend’s form: his rippled core, sculpted chest, that carved v that led to his incredible cock. Jarrod, the exhibitionist, loved it when people stared at him. It aroused him. Even for Paulo, he strip-teased, putting on a show. (To see Jarrod, click here).

Once Jarrod was naked, Paulo grabbed a silver bucket. He donned some rubber work gloves and said, “Stand on the plastic tarp. I’m going to coat your body with a silicone-based solution. It will allow me to laser-copy your body with exact precision. From there I can cast a dye.” Jarrod did not object. He stood on the tarp. Paulo sponged the clear plastic-like solution on Jarrod’s body, starting with his feet, legs, thighs, buttocks, chest and shoulders. As the solution dried, Paulo said, “Try to stand still. It needs to dry evenly.” Paulo activated the overhead fan, which helped the solution to dry faster. Paulo then applied another coat of the solution. Jarrod’s body glistened. The solution left a shiny coat upon Jarrod’s frame. “You look great.”

“I feel … like I can’t move.”, Jarrod said. Paulo turned around to face Jarrod. He placed adhesive plastic eye patches upon his eyes. “What’s that for?”

“To protect your eyelids from the solution and the lasers. When I apply it to your face, the fumes sometimes aggravate the eyes.”, Paulo added. Paulo also blindfolded Jarrod to further protect his eyes. Paulo then applied the solution to Jarrod’s neck and face. When the solution dried, Paulo applied the second coat. His face shined as if his body was greased in oil.

Paulo then applied the solution to Jarrod’s semi-hard cock. He stroked Jarrod’s cock, leaving Jarrod with a full-blown erection. Paulo then covered Jarrod’s cock with the solution. Suddenly, Jarrod felt a wave of heat, as if he were tanning. “I feel funny.”, Jarrod exclaimed.

“It’s the lasers scanning your body.”, Paulo explained. The lasers slowly activated the chemical compound in the silicone-based solution applied to Jarrod’s body. Slowly, Jarrod found that he could not move his hands, his arms, or his limbs. He tried to tell Paulo, but he could not move his jaw or utter a sound. Then, Jarrod felt a pinch in the back of his neck. Within seconds, Jarrod felt his mind go numb. He could not think or form a thought. He could not hear or feel anything.

Paulo discarded the rubber gloves and removed the blindfold and the plastic eye patches from Jarrod’s eyes. “Very nice.” He grabbed Jarrod and hoisted him like a weightless, plastic doll, carrying him to another work space in the studio. Paulo had prepared a mannequin’s stand to shape and mold Jarrod into shape. (To see Paulo and Jarrod, click here). Paulo attached a rubber dildo to the mannequin’s pole and placed Jarrod’s buttocks upon the pole. Paulo could see the pain in Jarrod’s eyes as the firm rubber dildo penetrated deeper and deeper into the recesses of his anus. With Jarrod on the mannequin’s pole, Paulo could mold and shape Jarrod in place. He bent his legs, creating the impression that Jarrod was kneeling. The image of Jarrod in mid-air stunned even Paulo. He moved Jarrod’s right arm over his left breast, then moved Jarrod’s left hand and molded his grip about his 9” erection.

Paulo stared into Jarrod’s eyes. “I saw you with Butler.” Paulo shaped the contour of Jarrod’s mouth. His expression resembled someone shouting for help. (To see Jarrod, click here). “Don’t worry. You’ll not be far from your lover.”

Paulo moved the mannequin’s pole upon a rolling dolly. He rolled Jarrod’s mannequin-like body on to the service elevator in the corner of the room. Paulo rode the elevator to the third floor. As the elevator doors opened, Paulo pushed mannequin Jarrod into the storage room. “See. There’s your lover.” (To see Butler, click here).

In the empty storage room, Paulo wheeled mannequin Jarrod towards the rear of the storage room, and positioned his new statue so that the lovers could face and stare at each other. Paul stared into Jarrod’s eyes. “You’ll never be alone.”

Paulo walked out of the room, closed the lights, and rode the elevator to his studio, leaving Jarrod and Butler in the darkness. For the two lovers, their existence became a perpetual abyss, mummified, but not dead.

As Paulo entered his office, he placed a phone call. “Yes. The last two pieces are ready for gallery exhibit. No. They’re not for sale. They are my private collectibles. I’ll speak to you next week to discuss transport.” Paulo ended the call and sat at his desk. He could not smile. He was not proud, but his anger and his jealousy overcame his reason.

“Hell, hath no fury as a lover scorned.”, Paulo whimpered, closing his eyes, wishing that none of this had to happen. He rose from his chair and stared at a portrait on the wall. (To see the portrait, click here). “Il primo.”, Paulo whispered, as he pondered his first cheating lover, Des, the young sexy American he rendered to mannequin. He sold Des to a collector of erotic art. With that sale, Paulo could place a sizable deposit on the purchase of the studio five years ago. He closed his eyes again. “E’ non sara l’ultimo.”, Paulo whimpered.

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Category: Freeze   Tags: #tricked #revenge #mannequin
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