The Dragon's Den

By Bverrit -
published June 14, 2017

A website promising whatever one desires comes at a price.

Zach stared at his computer screen, rechecking the list of ingredients one final time. It had taken years to build up the curiosity that eventually drove him to try out the spell on a website he had found on the dark web.

By all the reports that he could find, and there weren’t many, this site was the real deal. This wasn’t just the same as the everyday spell sites. The ones claiming that if you burn a candle with the right herbs, chant a bit of positive affirmations, and believe in magic, that the object of your affection would be yours were obviously a waste of time. If getting all the loving, or money that you needed was as simple as burning the right items and saying the right words, they would probably not be a part of your average google search.

The Dragon’s Den, as the site was called, was extremely simplistic in design. An image of a red dragon coiled in on itself was displayed at the top, just above a field to enter contact information, a field labeled “what do you desire?”, and a requirement to pay $1000 in bitcoin to submit the request. Just below the button was a disclaimer in red, “All sales final, one request per customer, per lifetime.” When Zach first found the site, he spent hours with the site open, staring at the dragon image, wondering exactly what he would ask for, if he could ask for anything.

If it weren’t for the small number of people that Zach was able to hunt down confirming that the site was legitimate, Zach would never had considered paying the nearly untraceable currency to a recipient that he would never meet or communicate with beyond the request. Strangely enough, none of the guys were willing to say any more than “you get what you pay for, it works.” They all refused to talk about their experience, they would only confirm that, yes, the site delivered what it promised.

It had taken several months for Zach to gather up the money to pay the request submission fee. He had spent nearly the entire time asking what he would request from the site. He had always been short, a bit round about the edges, but since he had started working in the stockroom packing orders at his company, his muscles had filled out to the point that his fat fit well on his wide frame. He was furry, but not carpeted, and his short cropped black hair and trimmed beard gave him a look of rugged masculinity. Zach was confident in his looks, and had decided that improving them would be a waste of the request.

Money was a possibility. There were a lot of doors that opened for someone that did not need to worry about money. Zach would be able to go anywhere, do whatever he wanted, for as long as he wanted to. He wouldn’t have to work, and it would go a long way toward improving his life, which at 27, still had plenty to be enjoyed.

The other, more gnawing desire was for sex. Zach was not particularly lonely when he did not want to be, but the amount of effort needed in order to get some action was often more than enough of a deterrent for him to not bother trying. Most nights after work Zack was more than content with a bit of exercise, eating dinner, then enjoying TV or porn until he was ready for bed. If he had the ability to get any woman he wanted to share a bed with him, then that could be far more fun than even the money could provide.

Other options came into mind as well. If the site promised magic, why not go for something more supernatural in nature? Maybe the ability to fly? Teleport? Be invisible? All seemed to be possible under the site, which claimed it could give you whatever you “desired.” But after considering those, Zach’s mind kept going back to the loop of money or sex… He wondered if there was a way to phrase the request to get both.

After the funds to make the request had been pulled together, it took Zach another month before he felt confident in the wording of his request. He had wanted to make sure that it was perfect, and included everything he wanted. His heart was nearly pounding in his chest as he typed out his request in the Dragon’s Den for about the 10th time that day….

“I want to be able to handle all my expenses while enjoying the ability to get anyone to have sex with me when I crave it.”

The box had a strict character limit. Zach supposed that it was to keep him from sending a book long request of exactly what he wanted, but Zach had managed to condense his desires down to the necessary length. His hand was shaking as his cursor hovered over the “submit” button, which felt like it had an added weight to it compared to when it was just a fantasy. Zach was hoping he wasn’t tossing away a thousand dollars on a “request” to an anonymous source on the internet.

The dragon at the top of the page seemed to be watching him intently. Zach could almost feel it urging him to submit the request. Months of pent up desire, savings, and curiosity got the better of Zach, and as he clicked “submit,” he almost immediately regretted the decision, feeling like he had been scammed, and that he would probably never see any results of his savings.

Moments later the site changed. It was no longer a page displaying the submission request form. Instead it displayed pages of instructions. It included glyphs to draw, what to use for inks, the timing of the spell, and a slew of other ingredients, some of which turned Zach’s stomach. “Why on earth would I need bull testicles?” Zach said aloud, shaking his head. The instructions included a cost breakdown of every ingredient, and where to obtain them at various qualities, while strongly suggesting the higher purity ingredients. Zach was stunned… the site had demanded a thousand dollars in order to even take his request, and now, the spell that he was provided had a price tag of another two thousand if he obtained the best quality materials for the spell.

After all of this, Zach couldn’t wait, but he also couldn’t bring himself to be out of an extra two thousand if the spell didn’t work at all. He figured that if the spell included the option for lower quality materials, that it should still work, and would only cost a more palatable five hundred dollars.

It took another month to save up the needed cash, and then another four to gather the materials, some of which were hard to get his hands on, such as shavings from the horn of a male rhinoceros, not that he could tell the difference between a male or female’s horn shavings. Although he may have been duped in many of the transactions, as Zach gathered the materials, bit by bit, his anticipation grew.

The spell was simple to execute, if not set up. Once the materials were gathered, Zach only had to draw three glyphs at set points around his room, place the ingredients where they were specified to go, and then stand naked on the focal point, a circle drawn in boar’s blood in the center of the room, at midnight. The spell stated that the new day would trigger the new life Zach desired.

Now that the time had finally arrived, Zach stood naked in the center of the circle. The clock on the wall read 11:59. Zach couldn’t help but wonder how stupid he would feel if this whole thing was a charade. He wondered what he would do if midnight came and went, and the only change was that he was $1500 lighter. The second hand on the clock ticked along excruciatingly slowly. Each movement seemed to be anchored more strongly to the clock as the last. The clock finally approached midnight….

3… 2… 1…

Zach woke up to the sight of light pouring in from the windows, he couldn’t remember falling asleep, but apparently he had slept the entire night standing naked in the center of his room. The room no longer had any trace of the spell that he had cast. The painted glyphs were gone, the ingredients were all gone as well. The room seemed as though every trace of the spellwork had been neatly erased. Wracking his brain, Zach could not remember any useful details about what he had done to prepare, despite having memorized every detail of the process in the weeks leading up to the night before.

Zach went over to his computer and booted it up. All of the files and notes he had kept on the computer about the spell were also gone. Had someone broken in last night? Zach didn’t feel any different, and a quick check to his bank account showed that it was unchanged. When Zach checked The Dragon’s Den, it now only displayed the dragon image, which despite being exactly the same as before, seemed to stare at him knowingly. The time in the corner of the screen read Sun, June 26th 1:27 PM.

“Fuck…. I don’t know what the fuck I was expecting!” Zach fumed, barely retraining himself from hurling his computer monitor across the room. The computer mouse was not spared that fate, and arced wildly as the cord kept it tethered to the computer. Zach couldn’t believe how incredibly stupid he felt, falling for something that obviously was a fake. Memory of the spell itself had faded to the point that he no longer remembered the process, now only remembering making the request months ago, and not seeing any progress to this date.

Zach needed to calm down, and decided that a hot shower would be a good opportunity. He was already naked, so he might as well wash up after having slept in so late. As he lathered up, Zach ran through the details in his mind about the Dragon’s Den. Had all of the guys he had talked to that had pointed him to the site been lying to him? Why would they have? Had they all been working for the site in order to take his money? As he thought about it, the more reasonable that seemed. The site had to have been an elaborate scam.

As Zach continued to wash, his cock began to stir, his seven inch cock beginning to demand some attention. Zach’s soapy hands wandered down to his crotch and started to work himself over. “If only the spell had worked,” Zach thought, “I could probably have been getting serviced by some hot chick right now.” Zach sighed.

Moments later there was a demanding knock at his bathroom door.

Zach was shaken out of his thoughts immediately.

“Who the fuck is out there?” He asked, trying to sound tough, despite feeling quite scared by the prospect of an intruder. He always had his door locked, who could have gotten into the apartment?

The knocking continued without response.

Zach turned off the shower, stepped out, and grabbed the plunger by the toilet. There was nothing else that could be used to defend himself in the room, and who knows what the guy behind the door was armed with. As Zach approached the bathroom door, dripping, erect, and scared half to death wielding a plunger, the handle turned and the door was forcefully swung open.

In the doorway stood his landlord, a very tall, very muscular, and deeply tanned silver haired man. He was wearing no shirt, and his piercing blue eyes stared down over his smooth muscular chest at Zach. He wore an unreadable grin, which did nothing to help Zach calm down.

“Why did you lock your doors, Boy? Did you want to keep me out?” The landlord, Dave, demanded.

Zach had no idea what he meant by that. He had always locked his doors while living here, and Dave had never mentioned anything about it, and other than when it was time to collect a check or schedule maintenance, Dave had rarely talked to Zach.

Zach stammered, his mind couldn’t put together a cohesive thought with his half naked landlord having stormed into his apartment and acting like Zach had done something wrong. “What do you…”

Dave frowned and in one stride had his hand around Zach’s neck, thrusting him into a nearby wall. He bent down to breathe deeply of Zach’s scent, which Zach found deeply disturbing. Dave’s eyes glazed over a bit as the roguish grin returned to his face. He reached down with his other hand and began to play with Zach’s cock, which was inexplicably still rock hard through this exchange.

Zach had no idea what was going on. Something was horribly wrong, but he was struggling to breathe in Dave’s grip, and he had dropped his weapon in the shock of being pinned by the older man. The feeling in his groin though was electric, and if he weren’t in such a state of panic, Zach felt he would have been begging for more. Zach had never gotten even the slightest hard on for a guy before, but now Dave was using him as though Zach was supposed to just accept it.

“Aww, look at the little boy squirm!” Dave chuckled. “I’ll make you squirm so much better than that!” Dave pulled Zach in for a sloppy kiss, one of ownership rather than of affection, then tossed Zach to the ground.

Zach didn’t know why he felt so powerless in front of Dave, he had never felt this powerless before in his life. He was never a body builder, but the musculature he had developed from hard labor had never made him appear to be an easy person to cross. Now, he was being used by his landlord, a man with easily 25 years on him, but Dave was making him feel like a child. Shaken, Zach tried to crawl away from the man, trying to bite back tears.

“Well, that wasn’t the hole I intended to use first, but if you are offerin’…” Dave knelt down behind Zach and pulled him back. Dave dove into Zach’s ass tongue first, and assaulted Zach’s dignity and senses simultaneously.

Zach had never played with his ass before, and he froze as the new sensations flowed through him. He had no idea that it could feel as good as it did to have someone tonguing it. Momentarily forgetting himself, Zach let out a moan as his hips involuntarily bucked back toward Dave, who doubled down on his efforts. Dave reached around to Zach’s cock and began furiously pumping it while he ate the ass in front of him with all of his enthusiasm.

“Looks like the Boy is enjoying this,” He said between deep probes of his tongue, “I knew you wanted it the moment I saw you.”

Zach’s head was spinning. He felt as though he was going to cum any second, but he didn’t want to give the man the pleasure of defeating him so soundly. What could Zach even do? He was trapped in a small bathroom by a stronger man who was determined to use him for whatever perverted sexual acts the man could think up. Remembering the plunger, and knowing his assailant was distracted, Zach reached for it as his body betrayed him.

Every inch of Zach’s body quivered as blast after blast of cum rocketed out of his cock. He had never had an orgasm as intense as this. The force of it pulsed through his entire body, and he could do nothing but hold on for the ride as it passed. His cock had nearly deflated by the time it was over, and Zach could not have guessed how long it had been since his orgasm began.

Zach realized that Dave had stopped stroking him, and stopped talking. The grip on Zach was loosened to the point that Zach easily pulled free of the man and retreated to the furthest corner of the bathroom, plunger in hand.

Dave remained in place, a dazed look in his eyes. It was several moments before he seemed to snap out of whatever thought he was lost in before timidly looking around the room as though confused. He saw Zach, naked and huddled in a corner before he looked down at his hand coated in cum.

“Uhh, what did I…? Where…?” His thoughts seemed muddled, but the aggressive demeanor he had just minutes earlier seemed to have evaporated, leaving the soft spoken man Zach remembered in its place.

Seeing Dave like that, Zach couldn’t help but feel the slightest bit bad for him. Sure, he had just sexually assaulted Zach, but it seemed as though something weird had gotten into him. Did Dave have dementia?

“Did I do something… bad? I… I should go!” And Dave got up to leave, still trying to absorb the scene in front of him, as though he couldn’t believe that he had caused it. Zach, still feeling the glow from his orgasm, was grateful to see Dave getting ready to leave. He could lock the door behind Dave on his way out, and then call the police to report it. Zach couldn’t help but think back to the orgasm he had just experienced though. He had never had one that felt that good, no matter how good his partner had been in bed. Some of the women Zach had experienced had been great… but not on this scale, not even close.

Zach didn’t notice that his cock began to grow back to full mast as he thought about his recent experience. His mind was too busy reliving the moments before and watching Dave like a hawk as he turned to exit the room.

As Zach’s cock returned to full hardness, Dave looked as though he had been struck by a whip. He tensed up momentarily, and as he slackened, his eyes darted toward Zach’s cock. A look of hunger overtook him as he dove toward Zach.

“Ah, there you are, Boy!”

Zach raised his arms to defend himself, but was not prepared for Dave’s mouth to latch onto his cock. It was still hyper sensitive from his orgasm only moments ago, and the warm mouth on it was already admittedly better than any woman that he had ever had suck him off. Zach tried to shake himself out of that train of thought. He knew he shouldn’t be enjoying this. He should be scared, and outraged. Those feelings were still there, but he was finding it more and more difficult to act on them. Dave, despite scaring him half to death, was managing to give him pleasures that he never knew he could feel. That was worth a little breaking and entry… and the roughness…. Right?

Zach relaxed a bit as Dave expertly worked his tool. Zach was openly moaning in pleasure now, and he was finding it more and more difficult to find a reason to stay upset at Dave. After all, Dave had done nothing but make him feel good. That didn’t seem entirely right, but Zach was finding it hard to think beyond the exquisite treatment he was receiving.

Before long, Dave pulled Zach into another kiss. This time, Zach let himself be taken by it, “why was I fighting this before?” he thought, finding it harder and harder to focus on what should have made him uncomfortable. All he wanted now was to enjoy the ride.

“It’s time you earned your rent, Boy. Now, on your knees.” Dave commanded, breaking the kiss.

Zach complied, whatever Dave had in mind, it was bound to feel great. Zach was ready to enjoy it.

Even though he wasn’t prepared for Dave’s cock to start working its way into his ass, Zach found that it didn’t hurt. He was a little confused by this. All the girls that he had slept with had refused to do anal, claiming that it was unbearable. Zach had never had anything up his ass before, but this didn’t feel painful to him, it felt like this was exactly where Dave’s cock belonged. Zach’s eyes rolled back in his head as he matched the rhythm that Dave set while fucking him.

Zach could not believe how much he was enjoying this. He had no idea that sex with men could be this good. Sure, he could still fuck any chick he wanted, but none of them had made him feel this way before. Dave had opened his eyes to a new world of sex, and it was one that Zach wanted to make sure that he would enjoy time and time again. Every time Dave pressed against Zach’s prostate, Zach couldn’t help but moan. His dick was leaking precum like a faucet, and Dave had taken to engulfing as much of it as he could while continuing to pound Zach for all he was worth. Dave had definitely already cum inside Zach. Zach could hear the thrusts producing a wet sound Dave plowed his ass, but Dave was still just as hard as when he began.

Each thrust into Zach sent his mind spinning. Every time that wonderful cock slid into Zach, he could feel himself approaching the point of no return. Zach had not even touched himself while getting fucked, he had not thought to, but he was swiftly approaching a second orgasm. “What was wrong with me?” Zach thought, “Why did I lock Dave out this morning? I must have been tired.”

They spent hours like that. Zach lost count of the number of times he was brought to mind blowing orgasms. Every time Zach came, he didn’t even lose a bit of hardness, and Dave seemed just as tireless. Night came, and while enjoying yet another thorough fucking on the bed, Zach found himself passing out after one final orgasm of the day. Blackness rolled in as the pleasure crashed through him.

The next morning Zach awoke to something warm, wet, and tight engulfing his cock. He sighed happily as he opened his eyes to see his neighbor from down the hall, a skinny twink of a man with thick glasses and obvious bed head lowering his ass down over Zach’s cock. Dave was nowhere to be seen, but a pile of money was left on the nightstand. The man currently impaling himself on Dave’s cock moaned audibly.

Zach was going to enjoy this too.

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