Naked Fitness

By Hypnothrill -
published May 31, 2017
2049 words

Jon spends a normal morning at the gym…naked and hard…

{Author’s note: I just got back from holiday, where I had a huge burst of creative inspiration and wrote a number of new stories, which you should be seeing here over the next few weeks. This is the first in a series, inspired by an actual all-male naked fitness class I visited in London on my holiday}.

Naked Fitness

It was still dark outside when Jon pulled up to the fitness center. He checked the clock in his car—5:15 AM, and the parking lot was already almost full. That was as it should be, Jon thought. It was important to show up early for your training. You never knew when the trainers would have something extra prepared for you.

Jon nodded at the burly, muscular, tattooed guard manning the front door, then walked up to the entrance gate and keyed in his special code. Walking straight to the locker room, he found some free space on a bench by the wall, then stripped off his shoes, trousers, shirt, and underwear, leaving them in a pile under the bench. Pausing only to put on his sneakers and lifting gloves, Jon slung his sweat towel over his shoulder and headed out onto the gym floor.

Jon felt his dick hardening as he stepped into the weight room, just like it always did. Well, maybe not always. He could vaguely remember a time when he didn’t get hard in the weight room, back when he still wore clothes to work out. He couldn’t quite recall when this became a naked fitness center. It was sometime after all the women stopped coming. It was sometime after they’d installed all those new TVs, had started playing that new music mix, had hired all those new trainers.

It didn’t really matter. All Jon knew was that he loved being naked at the gym. It was natural to be naked and hard at the gym. He loved coming to the gym every day. He needed to come to the gym every morning. He needed to follow the trainers’ instructions. It was only natural to follow their instructions.

“Morning, Jon!” He looked over to see Carter smiling at him as he did hammer curls with a pair of 40 lb weights.

“Morning, Carter!” he replied back, admiring the way the younger man’s big hard dick bobbed up and down as he did his reps.

“Have you seen my dad’s new tattoo yet, Jon? You haven’t, have you? Show him, dad!”

A muscular man in his early fifties with salt-and-pepper hair got up from the weight bench, his heavy ballsack shifting as he stood. Aside from a slight gut and some extra grey in his beard, he was a dead ringer for Carter.

“Yeah, take a look, Jon. Just got it done yesterday.” The older man posed, showing off the bear claw tattoo that now marked his upper right arm.

“Nice one, Pete!” Jon remarked, his eyes openly running up and down the older man’s hairy body, lingering on his thick cut dick. “It suits you. Since you’re doing the musclebear training and all.”

“Yep. Trainer suggested it. He’s been telling all the musclebears to get one. Has the trainer told you to get a tattoo yet?”

“Nope. But I wouldn’t mind one. If the trainer suggested it. Not a bear claw though. I’m not hairy enough for that.” Jon seductively stroked his smooth bulging pecs and tight hairless abs as he spoke. “What about you, Carter? Are you getting any tattoos to mark you as your dad’s musclecub?”

“Dunno. Have to hear what the Trainer says. That would be hot, though, wouldn’t it dad? I bet the guys watching our videos would like that! Father-son fuckbuddies with matching tattoos!”

In response, Pete reached over and mussed his son’s hair, then gave Carter’s dick a few playful strokes. Jon thought it was nice to see them so close. Carter had been his gym buddy for a long time, even before this became a naked fitness center, and he could still recall how Carter always complained about his dad giving him a hard time, criticizing him for his dead-end job, his drinking, his choice of girlfriends. Of course, that all started to change when the gym went naked. Pete hadn’t been a member then; he hadn’t been going to the gym at all. Carter had to practically drag him to one of the free induction sessions. A week later, and he became a regular part of their morning workouts. A few weeks after that, and he and Carter were starring in their first father-son video.

Speaking of newcomers, Jon spotted an unfamiliar face over by the bench press, a blond guy in his late 20s or early 30s with an uncomfortable look on his face, who was lying on his back, trying to cover his groin with his sweat towel. Jon knew it was his duty to help the other members of the gym, to help reinforce their training. Smiling, he walked over to the man and introduced himself.

“Hi, you must be new here. I’m Jon!”

The blond man reached out to shake Jon’s extended hand, averting his gaze from the erection that jutted like an arrow from Jon’s groin. “Hi, I’m Scott.”

Jon pointed to the sweat towel lying on Scott’s crotch. “You know, there’s no need to cover up here, Scott. You should be proud to show off your body.” He gestured towards his own muscles and dripping erection.

“I know. I know it’s natural to work out naked. I know that when I come here I should always be naked. I know that it’s natural to get hard when I work out naked. It’s just…well, I just got done with my free induction sessions…this is my first time coming to the gym in the mornings…and it just feels so weird, being naked around all these guys with hard-ons…it’s embarrassing. I’m not like that. I’m not into guys like that.”

Jon reached over and pulled off Scott’s sweat towel, revealing a half-hard dick lying across his hip. “There’s no need to be embarrassed, Scott. With a dick like that, you shouldn’t be embarrassed. You should show off that big hard cock. And you’re a good-looking guy, Scott. It’s natural to get hard around good-looking guys with good bodies. Nothing to worry about. Don’t you think I have a good body, Scott? Take a good look.”

At Jon’s command, Scott stopped averting his gaze and took a good long look at the other man’s naked body and twitching, dripping erection. Soon, Scott’s own dick was fully erect.

“That’s right. Good, Scott. You should be hard when you work out. Soon it will come naturally to you, to be rock hard the whole time you’re at the gym. It’s only natural to be rock hard when you look at other good-looking men at the gym, don’t you agree, Scott?”

“Yes, Jon, I agree,” Scott intoned in a flat voice, “It’s only natural.”

“Good, Scott. I can tell we’re going to be close friends. Now why don’t I spot you for a few sets?”

Scott was only able to handle a few short sets before he was too tired and sore to continue. It was no big deal, Jon reassured him. He’d be back tomorrow. And the next day. And the day after that. And soon he’d be able to lift more and last longer. And soon it wouldn’t bother him that he’d stayed naked and hard the whole workout, sometimes with his spotter Jon’s big hard dick and balls dangling over his face, just inches away from his lips. And soon, even that distance would be erased, and Scott would put another man’s dick in his mouth for the first time.

But all that was still to come. For now, Jon finished up his workout, just in time to join Carter and Pete as they headed out of the weight room into a lounge area. There, the Trainer—a well-built thirtysomething man with a close-shaven head that nearly hid his premature bald spot—was waiting for them. Jon was sure he’d once known the Trainer’s name, back when he wasn’t used to working out naked. But before long, that name no longer seemed relevant. He was just a Trainer, like it said in big letters on the lanyard around his neck—the only thing he wore, aside from his sneakers and socks.

In turn, Jon, Carter, and Pete each greeted the Trainer in the proper way, saying “Hello, Trainer” or “Good morning, Trainer,” then kneeling down and giving the man’s hard cock a long lick or playful slurp. The Trainer greeted each of them in turn as well, complimenting Pete on his new tattoo. The older man beamed at the Trainer’s praise.

“So Jon, about that handsome friend whose photo you showed me last week…”

“Yes, Trainer. His name is Alex. We work together.”

“So have you persuaded him to come to a free induction session here?”

“Yes, Trainer. He has agreed to come with me today after work. It will be difficult to work out with my clothes on, but I remember my training. It is necessary that all men wear clothes at the first induction session. I must be patient. Soon Alex will learn that it is not natural to wear clothes to work out, and we can be naked together.”

“Very good, Jon. Now are you boys ready for your special shakes?” the Trainer asked them. Somehow, even though the Trainer was about Jon’s age, maybe even a couple of years younger, Jon didn’t mind being called a “boy” by him. Jon just wanted to be a good boy, following his Trainer’s orders.

“What special ingredients do you have in there this time, Trainer?” asked Carter.

“The usual mix, boys: protein powder, testosterone, growth hormones. And then a little something extra; it’s supposed to stimulate semen production.”

Jon and Carter high-fived at this news. “Awesome!” Jon cried, “I can’t wait to start making more cum! The viewers always love it when I shoot huge loads in my videos! The clients like it too. They always tip extra when I shoot a big load.”

“Speaking of that…Jon, finish your shake quickly. You have a video shoot this morning.”

“Yes, Trainer. Good thing I don’t have to be at work until 9:00! Am I doing another video with these guys?” Jon asked, playfully punching Carter’s muscular shoulder.

“No, your scene partner will be…Oh, here he is right now.”

“Neil! Long time, no see! How’s it hanging, buddy?”

“See for yourself,” Neil, a slim dark-haired man with a toned, lithe body pointed towards his hard dick. “But it’s not quite hanging. It’s sticking straight out.”

Jon gave a deep belly laugh. He’d always loved Neil’s sense of humor. It was how they’d become gym buddies in the first place, way back when they’d worn clothes to work out. It was really too bad that the Trainers had decided to put Jon on the Musclestud program and Neil in the Swimmer’s Build program. Now they couldn’t work out together anymore.

“Oh man, I’m looking forward to this!” Jon said, “We should have done this a long time ago. How come we were so stupid back then?”

“We hadn’t gotten the right training yet. We didn’t know how natural it feels to do this,” as he spoke, Neil walked up to Jon and kissed him deep. The two men tongue-wrestled for a minute as they ground their crotches into each other, hard dick knocking against hard dick.

“Hey! Save it for the shoot, boys. Save it for the shoot.”

“Yes, Trainer,” Jon and Neil said in unison.

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