Blue Cock Ring

By Pisac
published March 20, 2010
4110 words

Drew tries internet chat for a quick jerk, and gets more than he bargained for.

I was going through Chat Roulette a couple of weeks ago. I’d just discovered it a couple of days before, and I jerked off with some pretty great looking guys. They all looked the same, though. Either they were men afraid to tell me how old they really were, or pale skinny teenagers and twenty-somethings who had shaved every last hair from their bodies. They were hot, to be sure, but they way they all said ‘Versatile’ really left a lot to be desired. None of these guys really knew what they wanted. I don’t go on Chat Roulette anymore, my master doesn’t let me be there alone. Sometimes, though, when he’s horny and wants to meet someone new, we go on together, and do some kinky stuff for those shaved and pale gay guys.

The day I met my man, I’d been on the site about a half hour. One of my random chats got off, saying ‘I would love to fuck you or get fucked by your cock, I really don’t care which’ I went soft immediately. He had the swimmer’s build, nice and tan, and a six inch cock that was very thick for it’s size. He just didn’t do it for me. I let him eat his cum off of his own chest, because that was kind of hot, and he so obviously wanted to, before I clicked next. I caught one last glimpse of him lying hot and sweaty on his bed before I found what I’d really been looking for.

The next camera caught me off guard. All it was was a guy in his late twenties, lying on a couch in half light. He wasn’t jerking off, just lying there, his arms behind his head, and no shirt on. I couldn’t see his head, but I could see his chest, which had the best covering of chest hair I had ever seen. It was thick and dark near the border of his khaki shorts, dark brown and kinky, before it wandered up in an hourglass shape up to his nipples, and just above where his neckline would be. A thin trail led up the back of his arms from the bush of his armpits. He was tan, probably Italian or Eastern European, and I could just see the stubble on his chin before the camera cut it away. The bulge in his shorts looked amazing, especially on pants that loose. I said hi.

For a moment, he just sat there, with his arms still over his head. His left hand came down and brushed his pec, and the right went to the keyboard.

“Like what you see?” The left hand worked its way down to his shorts, brushing the hair aside.

“I love the hair on your chest” I said. I almost forgot my cock was still out. Then he really caught me by surprise.

“You would, you little gay slut. You wanna see my cock? Bet you could choke, cause it’s gonna be bigger than anything you’ve ever had”. I was shocked. No one talked this way at first on this site. I was turned on, but a little scared.

“How old are you?” I asked.

“Old enough. Show me your face”. OK, he was obviously going to avoid that question. Hesitantly, I tilted the camera up to my face. I shyly smiled.

“Can I see more of you?” I was really curious to know what was under that bulge, whether it was soft or not.

“No. Not yet. I want to see your shirt off first” I was wearing some designer label, but I ripped it off impatiently and shivered a bit in the cold.

“More. I want you naked”. The lack of reciprocation kind of sucked, but he was hot, so I took off my shorts and boxers and sat in front of the camera.

“Good.” He said. “Now get on your hands and knees and show me your ass.” I was getting desperate. I didn’t sign up for this to be a stripper, so I modestly covered my dick with my hand and told him I wanted to see his cock first.

“Oh, I forgot. You’re a hungry gay slut, and you need something to keep your short attention span from wandering. I’ll give it to you, but only if you show me your ass within ten seconds of it coming out. Get ready to get on your knees, kiddo.” He slowly unbuttoned his pants and slid down the zipper. My mouth was watering by now. He reached in through the zipper, grabbed his cock, and brought it out. I was amazed. Bigger than mine, definitely. I’d have to say it was about nine and a half inches (I know exactly now, but I‘ll get to that). I stared for a second, my mouth hanging open. I knew he would get impatient soon, so I kept one eye on his cock and slowly turned around onto my hands and knees. I wanted that cock in me, right then. I looked back through my legs at the screen, and saw myself in the one window, ass presented, cock and balls hanging down in shame.

“Damn!”, he laughed, “You really are a cock slut. Most guys would’ve moved on by now. But you really are hungry for anything…” I’d never been that turned on. I had to have his, I wanted him in person so bad. I wanted to service his cock, lick his nipples, try rimming for the first time. So I asked him.

“Where are you from?” He sat there for a second thoughtfully, one hand on his cock, the other resting just below his pecs.

“I think you’d really like to know”, he said. He sat for a second and jerked off slowly, his hand moving tenderly up and down that huge cock. “You tell me. I want to know where you live first.”

“Pennsylvania. In the middle.” His cock twitched and my mouth opened involuntarily.

“You know, you’re not that far away. I think we could work something out. What’s your name?”

“Drew. How far away are you?”

"Do you have any plans for the rest of the day, Drew? Does anyone need you?

“No, my parents went to visit family in Maine. I‘m alone all week… but I can’t go driving all…”, and after that I stopped talking. I couldn’t remember what I was going to say. He had taken a small blue rock out of his pocket and just held it in his hand for second. I heard him gently say the word ‘Drew’ to the rock, and it started to glow a bright azure. I couldn’t look away, it utterly fascinated me. Gingerly, with two fingers, he placed the rock on top of his belly button and brought the camera close, holding it so I could just see his cock, balls, and the rock.

"Drew, I want you to jack off as hard as you can. Think about my cock, sucking it all the way down to the balls. Think about licking all over my body, the hair on my chest, my nipples, eating my ass. Every dirty thing you know that can be done to service your man, I want you to imagine doing it. My hand shot up and down my cock, my mouth was wide open, and I wanted to throw my head back, but I just had to keep staring at the rock, his dick, and his body. Suddenly, I froze. I didn’t feel any less aroused, my dick was still as hard as ever, but my hand had fallen away. Then, slowly but very noticeably, my dick started to glow, just like the rock. It didn’t feel weird or anything, and my mind wasn’t working very fast, but I could see the balls and shaft throwing a gentle light into the rest of the room.

“You’re a good little gay slut, Drew. By the way, this is the last time I’m going to call you by your first name. After this, answer to slut, fag, whore, bitch, anything but your own name. So, Bitch, Come To Me” He said those last words with a stronger inflection, and I felt my dick respond. My whole package lifted slowly up off the rest of my body, and started pulling me toward the screen. I had never been so helpless, but the arousal was right up there with ecstasy. His fingers wandered into the frame and beckoned. Closer and closer- my body started to get pulled along too. He was so hard…. I wanted his cock so bad… I felt a twitch from below my beltline. My cock was right up against the screen, glowing passionately… I almost came right there. The my cock touched. My whole body jumped a half inch in the air.

The second my cock touched, it started getting sucked into the screen. It was impossible, but very gentle. Then it started to get more insistent. My cock and balls had disappeared into the screen, and suddenly the pain began. My body felt like someone had taken hold of my package and totally without warning pulled six feet forward. I looked in the other window, at his body and the rock, to distance myself. I still wanted him so bad… And then I noticed the screen was panning out. I could see more of him, up to his chest, the bottoms of his hairy legs, and finally his face. He had a five’ o’clock shadow, brown eyes, short trimmed hair, and handsome features. He was probably about twenty-five. Suddenly I noticed that I wasn’t looking at a computer screen anymore, I was there in person, gasping at his feet. I leaned against his leg, and yes, it felt real, warm and scratchy. I stared up at him in disbelief. He smirked, whacked his cock against my face, and held my head between his hands.

“So, you wanted to fuck me in person, my pitiful cum-rag. Now you’re here. Is this still what you want?” I nodded once, half in disbelief, and saw behind him the laptop with my empty room still in the picture. “This is a little gift I have, I can make people I want come to me, even if they’re hundreds of miles away. As far as I could tell, you’re about twenty miles from where you started. And to think we’ve never met”. I laughed, and he answered by pulling my head towards his balls.

“Worship them.” I licked his egg-sized, hairy balls all over, cleaned off the sweat, and tried to move on to his dick. He didn’t say anything, just forced me back down. I took them in my mouth and massaged them with my tongue, getting to know every tiny part.

“That’s good.”, he said. “But you don’t get my cock just yet. First you have to get to know me a little better”. He laughed humorlessly, and then rolled over to his stomach on the bed. “Your dick will never touch my ass. I want you to know that. If it does, you go home with a different dick, one that’s an inch and a half long, and you never see me again. So, with that in mind, service my ass”. He looked so hot there lying on the bed, kinky hairs spiraling out of his crack, that I just sat and stared for a second. He turned himself half over, looked at what I was doing, and then in one quick movement, shoved the blue stone into my mouth, then held his hand over my face until I had swallowed it.

“Now you’ll be a little more obedient. Service my ass!”, I complied so quickly I barely knew I had moved, just found my tongue massaging his beautiful hole. I felt… Blue; like I would do whatever he said just to feel ‘Blue’ some more. I kissed him all around his ass, between his crack, his hole, and worked my tongue. He started groaning and moving in time with me, and I finally dove all the way in with my tongue. I hadn’t expected it to taste like this- it wasn’t bad, just very real, and the feel of his hole working my tongue was incomparable. I went in as far as my tongue would reach, and worked it around and around, until he lay panting and sweaty on the bed. He rolled over, pulled my head up, and kissed me with passion. Then he led my head gently down his chest, past his furry pecs- he trimmed his chest hair, so it was more prickly than I thought it’d be- and happy trail, to that huge, pulsing cock. I licked it up and down, mentally preparing myself for what was coming. Finally, when I had gotten to know every inch of his uncut, nine and three-quarter inch cock intimately, I put my mouth over it and started giving him a blow job. I got about halfway down, but then my throat closed and a squelch came from inside. I gagged again.

He saw I was having some trouble taking it all of it, so he leaned down and quietly whispered in my ear, “Don’t gag, slut.” Then he pushed me down all the way, until my eyes were right next to his belly button, the hair on his stomach brushing my cheek. I worked up and down, enjoying my new lack of gag reflex, massaging his cock with my throat. Finally, his balls started quivering and coming close to his body, and I gave one extra long, hard suck, and he came in my mouth. He held my head down hard, twitching and bucking under my head, as spurt after spurt went down my throat. I swallowed it all, and he lay back on the bed, exhausted. His cock began to soften in my mouth, so I pulled off and lay my head on his stomach, thrilled to have gotten him off so well.

In ten minutes, he pushed me off (‘Up, slut’). He strapped a collar around my neck and pulled me by it into the next room. There was a cage, about the size of a German Shepherd doghouse, that he led me into. I obediently crawled into the cage and lay down, looking up at the man. He smirked down at me and said, “I’m going to take a shower. Don’t go anywhere.” Then he walked a way. I worried a little bit that he might leave me in the cage for a very long time, but I had nowhere else to go, so I resigned myself to the possibility and lay down, curled up in a spent ball.

After about twenty minutes, my new friend came back carrying a leash in one hand. He was naked and dripping from the shower, the hair sticking to his body, defining his abs and ass.

“You’re one of the better cock sluts I’ve found”, he said, “But we still haven’t gone all the way. I think I’m gonna fuck you so hard the come comes out your mouth. I am going to drill you, expositionist whore.” He didn’t take me out, though. He just thrust his cock through the bars of the and held it there, waiting expectantly. It didn’t take me long to catch the hint, and I was soon loving his huge dick all over again, somewhat limited by the bars of the cage but still in heaven.

“Do you want out, slut?” I nodded up at him expectantly, focusing my attention between his cock and his face. “A person like you shouldn’t be allowed to get fucked by every person who waves their dick at you, people might think you’re easy”. I pleaded with my eyes and suggestively licked the bars of the cage, one after another, holding my eyes to his face. “Do I have to ask you to beg?” I shook my head twice and stared some more. Finally he took pity on me, and tantalizingly slowly unlocking the padlock that was one the door and unlatching the latch. When it was open by about four inches, he put his arm through and fumbled with the leash and collar until he had snapped it on. He pulled me out by the collar, telling me to stay on my hands and knees like a good cocksucker.

“I’ve never been fucked before…” I whimpered quietly, fearful of what that huge dick could do to me, “Could you take it easy on me?” He didn’t respond, simply chuckled coldly and got on his knees and kissed me. Then, he took the leash and led me up onto the bed, flicked my half-mast cock between my legs, and pushed my back so that I was laying on my stomach.

“Don’t move”, he growled, and squeezed my ass cheeks with both hands. All of my muscles were frozen, and I experienced total paralysis for the first time.

He went into a drawer beside the bed, took out four smaller versions of the collar around my neck, and strapped them to my wrists and ankles. Then he took slim chains out of the same drawer, and chained me securely to the bed, my legs forced apart, my arms helpless.

“You can move again”, he said, and my legs and arms involuntarily jerked. He climbed onto the bed and stood over me, one leg on either side of my body. Then he sat down on my lower back, facing away from my head, his semi-hard cock flopping into my ass crack and sending shivers up my spine. There is nothing I have ever felt that comes close to the feeling of his perfect ass right over the bottom of my spine, his cock contemplating plunging into my tight ass. He fingered me then, first one finger, then two, my hole learning to accept it, and finally four fingers.

“You’re so tight, for an easy boy-cunt”.

“I’m a virgin”.

“That’s the best way to be, Internet slut, until you meet me”. With that, he slid his hand out and kneaded my cheeks, slid a condom on himself, and lay his cock again in the crack. Then, he turned around, thumbed a bit of cold and slippery lube into my ass, and pushed the head of his cock into my hole. I gasped and shivered, enjoying the pain. He plunged slowly in, telling me to moan and beg for more, trying not to tighten on the huge cock. He fucked me like that for a good ten minutes, and soon his cock moved faster and faster, even coming out with a wet pop every now and then. When that happened, he punished me by walking over to my head and slapping me in the face with his heavy cock. It was shocking and I didn‘t know what to think of that dirty condom hitting me, but it so erotic that I just begged for more fucking. My dick, trapped under my body, stiffened unbelievably.

“Don’t come, Easy-boy. You can’t come until I tell you to”. I tried once after he said that, but the familiar ecstatic sting just stayed in my body. Finally, he let me out of the chains and set me on his lap. My legs wrapped around his body, and I kissed him again. He pushed my face away, lifted me under my arms, and set me gingerly on his cock. I moaned and relaxed, and slowly slid down to face level, the cock filling me like nothing else could.

“Now you can kiss me”. I leaned in, felt his cock twitch in me, and kissed him passionately, my tongue exploring his mouth, and I laughed when his five-o-clock shadow itched against my face. He responded by lifting me up and down, halfway up his cock, then back down again, until I was so sore that I could barely feel it anymore. I felt his chest, pushed around the hair surrounding his nipples, massaged his large biceps, and explored his body.

“I’m your slut”, I whispered into his ear, “I want you to push me around and tell me what to do, make me beg for more”. I nibbled on his ear a little.

“That can be arranged”. He popped out of me, and lay me on my back, next to the edge of the bed. He fucked me like that some more, with my legs wrapped around him. Finally, after my eyes had closed from sheer pleasure, I felt my balls tightening again.

“Let me come”, I begged him, “I want to come all over myself, and I want you to come in me” He looked down at me, grunted once, and said, “When I say your name, you can come. But I won’t just yet, because you’re such an easy cock slut, anyone could have you. I bet anyone could make you your whore, and you’d suck their dick just like it was mine. Little bitch”. He intoned each word with a thrust deep into my ass, and his balls slapped me each time.

“No, please. I’ll never do anything without your permission. I’ll fuck anything you ask me to, I’ll do anything you ask me to. Just let me come, I‘m begging you!”

“That’s better. I’m going to call you the worst insult I can think of, slut”. He leaned down, looked me in the eye, and said clearly, “Drew”. Come spurted out of me harder than it ever had before. It sailed over my body and hit my chin, landed on my face, and the bitterness invaded my mouth. It’s possible I imagined it, but to me it almost looked light blue. My hole tightened around my cock, and I felt his dick stop inside me and the condom filled up like a balloon. It popped as it came out of my ass, and he gingerly took off the condom and lifted it to my face. He squeezed out all of the come, almost a quarter cup, and poured it into my mouth. I was too exhausted to do anything but swallow. I was his.

After that, he told me to shower and sit on the bed.

“Do you want this again?”, he asked.

“More than anything else in the world”. He looked thoughtful for a second, then dug into the pocket of his pants on the floor and dug out a blue cock ring.

“This corresponds with that rock inside you, which won’t come out unless you destroy this. Any time you put this cock ring on, that’s your signal that you’re ready to fuck around. Don’t use it lightly. If I have time, I’ll bring you right over and make you mine. If I don’t, your cock won’t get hard again until I do, but when I am ready, you get an instant boner that doesn‘t go away until the ring goes back on, and you’ll get what’s coming to you. I want you to put it on at least once a week, definitely more. If you don’t, your cock stays soft”. He kissed me, grabbed my ass, and said something under his breath. I saw my cock turn blue again, and lifted me towards the computer screen (had that been on the whole time?) and my empty room. I was gingerly sucked through the screen, and I found myself at last in my own room, cock flesh colored and feeling very full. His camera was still on, and he waved once before he turned the camera off. I fingered the cock ring thoughtfully and got dressed. Some twink came up where my lover had been, and tentatively said hi. I turned the computer off.

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