Fusion - 3

By rubbrsome - jacketrat@hotmail.com
published May 25, 2017

The collective of fused men expand their efforts.

Jamison was running late when he had arrived at the bar. He was a bit surprised when he had pulled up. The first thing he had noticed was that somebody had actually had the nerve to park one of those foreign Vespa scooters in line with all the American-made Harleys. But in addition to that, there were six pizza delivery cars. Jamison had counted them; Pizza Hut, Dominos, so-on and so-on. Each pizza car was from a different restaurant. There was even a goddamn Jimmy John’s car. In all his years in coming to the bar, he had never seen anyone order a pizza …. Or a sandwich.

Then imagine his surprise when Jamison walked through the door. All the bikers were fully and completely naked. They stood sentry around the perimeter of the room, facing inward toward the activity happening at the center. Besides staring towards the room center, all of the naked bikers sported rock-hard erections. Their cocks aimed center as well as their attention. As each biker stood, they slowly thrust their hips back in forth in perfect synchronous and unified movement.

“Jesus Christ,” Jamison muttered to himself. “What the fuck is going on?”

As he said these words, Jamison felt somebody seize him by the arm. Jamison turned his head only to see Grady. Grady, one of the bar’s regulars, stood completely naked like the others. But Jamison instantly saw that something was different with Grady. For one, Grady had bulked up with muscle since he had seen him yesterday. And along with the muscle, he had gotten a fair amount of body hair. But most alarming of all, Grady’s irises were a polished chrome.

Jamison knew something was wrong. He tried to pull away. But suddenly, another biker grabbed his other arm. And turning the other way, Jamison found another naked biker had ahold of him. This guy he didn’t recognize. But as with Grady, the man seemed extremely build, fairly hairy and eyes of silver.

“What?” stammered Jamison. “You know … I think I’m just going to call it a night. Gotta an early job in the morning, you know?”

The two bikers spoke in the same reverberating voice, “YOU HAVE BEEN SELECTED FOR FUSION. STAND BY AS PREVIOUS HOSTS ARE FUSED.”

Jamison felt himself pulled along by the two men. The dragged him to the far end of the room. There, he was forced to stand in line with several other naked bikers that appeared to be holding onto several skinny runts. Jamison saw that one of the younger fellows that seemed to be struggling. This younger man was wearing a Pizza Hut shirt, and was overpowered as two bikers tore the young man’s uniform off his body. Once the delivery driver was naked, a biker grabbed onto the driver in a powerful bear-hug, forcing the young man’s face into his hairy chest. With his face pressed into the fur, the driver slowly ceased his struggles and became subdued.

As Jamison was forced in line with the others waiting their turn, the bikers that had undressed the pizza guy turned their attention on Jamison. Within seconds, Jamison’s shirt was torn form his body. His pants and boots were thrown to the side. And he stood completely nude, along with three other pizza drivers, waiting for their turn.

Still confused, Jamison finally turned his attention back to the activity in the center of the room. There was Hank Metzger. And Jamison saw that Hank was doing something to a much smaller and younger fellow. Hank seemed to be slowly bucking his hips back and forth. And what Jamison noticed was that as Hank moved his hips, so did all the naked bikers that were encircling the room. It was mind-blowing. It was as if Hank were fucking this kid, and at the same time, all the men were fucking him too.

Hank had the kid by the hips. They stood face to face. But from this angle, Hank couldn’t exactly see what Hank was doing to the young man. But whatever it was, the kid certainly seemed into it. The kid was making all kinds of sounds, moaning and rolling his head backwards to get a view of the ceiling. As the Hank rocked his hips faster and faster, so in turn did all the surrounding bikers.

Jamison knew the kid wasn’t going to last. And within seconds, the kid gave off a massive yell of release. Hank grabbed the kid’s hips hard and pulled him in close and bear-hugged him. The kid’s feet dangled several inches off the ground. And Jamison saw that the kid was twitching and vibrating with the best orgasm of his life.

As Jamison watched as the kid twitched and vibrated against Hank’s body, he could’ve sworn that the kid was growing before his eyes. Hank didn’t release the kid. The biker must’ve been incredibly strong; he had an unreal grip on the kid’s body. But Jamison watched as the kid’s body stretched and grew. He saw, impossible as it was to accept, as the kid’s legs bulged and stretched until his feet regained contact with the floor. And at the same time, the kid was growing hair.

The kid was kissing Hank passionately. And when the kid finally pulled his face back. It revealed that he was smiling. With eyes of newly changed silver, he looked past Hank towards Jamison: “May I please have that one?”

At that one moment, each and every one of the naked bikers turned in unison and looked at Jamison. Without needing to answer the newest addition to their hive mind, the decision was made. The two bikers that were holding onto Jamison dragged him towards the center of the room.

Similar events were happening at the both the dormitory and the gay porn theater. Once each of the men had undergone fusion, they quickly found new hosts by ordering delivery drivers. In each location, hosts received fusion one at a time. There really was no hurry. But more importantly, the fused drones wanted to savor and enjoy the addition of each new host into their collective.

Even if the drone stood on the periphery, and only witnessed the act of fusion, they still experienced it as if it were them that were fucking the host. Each of their minds were linked and fused permanently. Even as delivery drivers were fused in the dormitory, the bikers across town felt it.

All throughout the night, as more and more men were fused into their collective, almost no words were spoken. They only had one shared thought. And there was no need for words. There was only a complete understanding of their purpose. To fuse more men, and expand their collective.

Back at the bar, the last of the delivery drivers were undergoing fusion. As the men rocked back and forth, joining in on the collective fucking and fusion of their last host, Dalton detached himself from the circle. He began to dress. Despite getting clothed, he continued to experience the fusing of their newest addition, as well as two more from the dorm and theater.

Now that he was dressed, he approached the bar and opening the cash register. He removed all of the cash. He quickly counted it. It didn’t seem like enough. Without being told to in words, several naked bikers immediately detached from the fuck circle, retrieved their wallets from clothing strewn about the room, and approached Dalton with several wads of folded bills. Dalton accepted the money without saying anything, and the naked bikers silently returned to fuck circle and resumed bucking their hips back and forth. Dalton stuffed the large amount of cash into his wallet, and pulled out all his credit cards. He left the cards on the counter. Then he pulled out his cell phone. He dropped the phone on the floor, and crushed beneath his feet.

Then Dalton began towards the exit. He turned back for one last look. He watched as the last of the drivers shot his load of cum into a biker’s cock. Dalton felt the symbiote slither out of the biker’s cock and into the driver’s as if he were experiencing it for himself. And in a blink of an eye, Dalton was inside the driver’s mind. The newest addition had fused and joined their collective. And Dalton felt his joy of fusion.

Dalton smiled. His eyes dazzled and shone. And then, without saying goodbye, he turned and left the bar. After all, he didn’t need to say goodbye. In essence, his mind was still in the bar with the other drones.

With the supply of potential hosts exhausted, it was time for the drones to proceed to the next phase. In one unified mind, they all thought: SUMMON THE AUTHORITIES.

Officer Mark Hanson answered the call. In a calm voice, one that he had been trained to evoke, he asked: “9-1-1, what’s the nature of your emergency?”

The early morning had erupted into chaos. Officer Doug Tenny had been shadowing a rookie. It wasn’t the kid’s first night; it had actually been his third. But nevertheless, the kid was still green. But he was doing just fine until all these calls started to come in.

The two of them listened to their dispatcher sound off several calls. Doug turned to the rookie: “What do we got?”

“Several things. We got a fire over at the Palladium.”

“The Palladium? You mean that gay movie theater. That’s on Grand Avenue. Roughly twelve minutes away. Next.”

The rookie continued: “We got a medical alert at the U’s lower-campus housing. Not exactly sure what the issue is, but an ambulance is on the way.”

“That’s about nine minutes away. But it’s medical. Not much we can really do there. And the last one?”

“Bar fight over at the Trough. They said the fight already broke up. But I guess there’s a lot of damage, and we need to take a statement.”

Doug rolled his eyes. “That’s just four blocks over. Let dispatch know we got that one.”

The rookie relayed everything to dispatch. Then he flipped on the lights as their police cruiser began its approach to the biker bar.

When the fire truck pulled up to the old theater, several fire fighters went inside while the others began hooking up their lines to nearby fire hydrants. They then spent the next couple minutes walking around the perimeter of the building, trying to access the situation from the outside. From what they could see, there was absolutely no smoke coming from the building. Several windows were open, but nothing seemed to be venting into the air.

Lt. Efferson keyed his radio. “Hey Weston. Outside seems clear. What’s happening on the inside.”

Jeff continued to slide his cock back and forth around Jimmy Weston’s cock. Jeff’s cock had swallowed the fire fighter’s. And his cock was now acting like a foreskin to hyper-stimulate the fireman until he was forced to cum. Jeff felt the deep satisfaction, watching the helpless man gasp as he neared orgasm. He watched as Weston’s eyes glazed over, as he took a couple last desperate gasps of air until he could hold back his cum no longer.

Standing just a few feet away, the second fire fighter stood naked and helpless. He was being held by four naked men, one of which was currently preventing him from screaming for help. As the helpless fire fighter tried to break free, he couldn’t help but notice that all the naked men seemed to be bucking their hips back and forth just like the one guy was doing to his partner, Weston.

The fire fighter watched as Jeff reached up, seized his partner by the nipples and tweak them hard. This seemed to push Weston over the brink. The man threw he head back, opened his mouth and howled as his cock exploded.

Jeff felt the rush of Weston’s cum flood into his cock, and then the symbiote he carried detach and slipped into the firefighter’s cock. Then there was the instant connection as James Weston’s mind connected and fused with theirs.

The young firefighter opened his eyes. Jeff watched, and again felt immense satisfaction as he watched as the newest drone’s eyes changed from brown to silver.

Then, to Jeff’s brief annoyance, there was a horrible squawk of the fire fighter’s radio. The speaker erupted: “Come in, West. Do you read me? What’s going on?”

Jimmy Weston ignored the radio for a second. Instead, he looked down as Jeff pulled his cock back, revealing Weston’s silver coated dick. The fire fighter smiled brilliantly as he watched his silver cum siphon back into his cock. Then he grabbed his radio: “Situation’s under control. But you gotta come inside and check something out, sir. Bring the guys too.”

Weston knew the other guys would be here in a matter of seconds. But he just couldn’t wait. He turned and approached his partner. The newly fused drone reached out grabbed his buddy by the cock. The men holding him allowed the next host to be pulled. The helpless fire fighter tried again to struggle, but too many men were holding him.

Weston eyes dazzled and he smiled wide: “Don’t worry. You’ll understand.”

As he pulled his partner towards him, the symbiote emerged from his cock. The tip flicked rapidly like the tongue of a snake. The tendril vibrated and flicked, searching for an orifice to penetrate. Weston centered his partner’s cock until it touched tip to tip with his own. The flicking tendril had zeroed in on the piss-slit and burrowed in. His partner’s eyes suddenly bugged as he felt something slip into him. And Weston felt the immense satisfaction as fusion began, and his cock swelled and opened.

Mark Hanson waited in dispatch. Something wasn’t right. It seemed like half an hour had passed, and there were no updates on the situation. But not just one situation, but three situation.

Suddenly, his police radio squawked. “Come in, come in. Shots fired. Man down. Need back up. Multiple assailants with automatic weapons. Send SWAT.” And then the radio went dead.

Hanson jumped to respond. His mind was racing. What the fuck was happening. That was definitely Lt. Tenny. But the man sounded weird. The voice he heard was reverberating through the radio. But Hanson pushed the thought away as he summoned a SWAT team onto the biker bar.

But no sooner had he solved that problem than a call came in regarding the theater. The fire was out of control. Additional help was needed. And Christ!!! The dormitory needed another ambulance?

Hanson then heard the door open and shut behind him. He knew that it must be his shift relief. He had just spent ten hours in dispatch, and he was ready to get the fuck out of here. “Dude! I’m glad you’re here. You’re not going to believe the fucked up night I just had.”

The voice that answered back took Hanson by surprise. “I’m glad you’re here too. You’re efforts tonight are not to go unrewarded.” The voice was deep and metallic. And there was the strangest reverberation as the person talked.

Mark looked up to see Lt. Tenny and his rookie partner. He was instantly confused. “Sir? I don’t understand. I just sent SWAT to your location.” But what startled Mark the most were the brilliant silver eyes of both police officers. They seemed to be fixated on him, staring into his soul. Without understanding why, Mark found his knees going weak. His whole body seemed to be collapsing, and he found himself kneeling on the floor.

Lt. Tenny looked down on the dispatcher. “Don’t worry about SWAT. You’ll understand everything.” The two policemen knelt next to the dispatcher and began to undress him. Their naked bodies quickly became entwined. All the while, Mark Hanson wasn’t quite sure what had just happened. He didn’t understand why he was suddenly on the floor. Or why he was naked. Or even the strange, yet pleasurable tickling sensation that was happening in his cock.

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