Fusion - 2

By rubbrsome - jacketrat@hotmail.com
published May 24, 2017

The three men split up. Each of them have their assignments.

When Dalton, Luke and James emerged from the building, they were fully clothed. They walked single file directly toward the parking lot.


None of them had spoken a word. And none of them responded. The command that had just been issued to each of them simultaneously was accepted as if it had been their own thoughts. They accepted the command without question; not having to either confirm or deny the order.

The three of them then split apart. Each of them had arrived at the lab in separate vehicles. And they would depart in the same fashion. Luke knew where he had parked his run-down Honda. James jumped into his Jeep Cherokee. And Dalton climbed onto his Vespa scooter. They exited the parking lot without so much as glancing at the other.

Dalton arrived at his destination first. It was a dive of a biker bar on the outskirts of the city. As he pulled up in his Vespa, he parked it alongside the row of Harley Davidson’s. As he parked, another guy getting off his ride shot Dalton a dirty look. “Boy? You’re outta your fucking mind.”

Dalton paid no attention to the warning. He propped his scooter on its kickstand, removed his helmet and proceeded inside. As he entered the bar, he was immediately blasted by the music coming off an old juke box. He stood there in the entrance, scanning the crowd despite the thick smoke that hung in the air. He swept the entire bar once, moving his head from left to right. And finally, his focus landed on a large man sitting at the bar.

Dalton, in his preppy college clothes, pushed his way through a horde of leather vested riders without any concern for his safety. Several times, some of the large men bumped into him. But Dalton simply sidestepped and proceeded towards his intended target. After several shoves and pushes, he reached the bar and approached the large, bearded man sitting on the stool.

When Dalton spoke, the deep reverberation of his voice carried over the large beat of the music. “I will fuck you in the restroom.”

The large motorcycle rider, who was just about to take a sip of his beer, gave pause and looked sideways at the small college student. “Da fuck you just say to me?!”

Dalton repeated himself: “I will fuck you in the restroom.”

Around the same time, James was arriving at his destination. He pulled into his dormitory, parked his Cherokee and walked inside. His room was on the second floor but he didn’t go that way. Instead, he went to another room at the opposite end of the hall. When he reached the door, he gave a polite courtesy knock and then simply walked in.

Inside, Brett Chambers was startled by the sudden intrusion when James walked in. “Holy shit! Christ! You scared the shit out of me.” Brett had just taken a hit on his bong and coughed out much of the smoke he had been trying to inhale. “Fuck dude!!! Give me a chance already. You can’t just go barging in when you feel like it.”

James scanned the small room, making sure they were alone, before proceeding towards the desk where his friend sat smoking. James stood next to the desk and stared directly into Brett’s eyes. The young man went wide-eyed: “Uh? What’s happened to your eyes? They’re all silver and shit.”

“The change in coloration is an after effect of fusion.”

“What?” Brett put down his bong, stood up and leaned in to get a closer look at James’s eyes. “Man! Those are trippy!”

Brett raised a hand but James suddenly caught the hand and took a hold of it. In his deep voice, James spoke: “I’ve thought about what you said last week. You said you were attracted to me. I’ve given the matter thought, and I would like to have sex with you.”

“What?!” Brett spluttered. “Fuck. I must be high.” He looked back at the bong resting on the desk. “What the fuck did I just smoke?”

Jeff sat on the very back row. On the movie screen before him, there was the image of a man given a blowjob to a pizza delivery boy. But Jeff wasn’t paying attention to the image or the exquisite moaning as the pizza guy received his tip. Instead, Jeff was looking around the mostly empty theater, wondering if any of the guys here wanted to hook-up.

It was early. Usually the better crowds wouldn’t show up until later. But Jeff was going to be patient. So far, though, he wasn’t having any luck. There were approximately eight other guys here. But so far, nobody had so much glanced in his direction. One guy, several aisles down had sat down next to another man. And right now, the two of them were starting to make-out.

Just the simple act of kissing was a turn on. Jeff was having more fun watching these real-life dudes make out, instead of watching the low rate porn on the large movie screen.

Suddenly, and without warning, there was a deep voice next to him. “Do you mind if I join you?”

Jeff hadn’t heard anyone approach him, so he was taken completely off-guard. “Fuck! You scared the shit out of me.”

In the same reverberating voice, Luke said, “I apologize. I did not mean to startle you. I only wondered if you would like to join with me.”

Jeff stifled a chuckle. That was an interesting choice of words: “join with me”. With that weird accent, and strange choice of words, Jeff thought that this guy must be from Europe or somewhere. But the guy had a nice face. Jeff looked at man’s arms which were exposed by his short sleeved shirt. A little hairy though, but why not?

“Boy! You got some fucking nerve!”

Dalton didn’t say anything. He only continued to stare at the large man he had approached. The motorcycle rider was huge. His head had been shaved bald, and he sported a large beard. His leather jacket seemed slightly took small for his overlarge frame. Dalton analyzed his choice and knew that he had made the right one. He was about to restate his intentions when they were interrupted.

“Hank! Hank! What’s going on?!” A smaller woman, wearing only cut-off denim shorts and a small slip of a top approached them. As she approached, the man that Dalton had targeted, wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her close.

“What happened?” Hank began. “Well while you were in the john, this asshole came up to me and said he wanted to fuck me in the bathroom. Ya believe that?!”

The woman immediately went into hysterics. Her laugh was shrill. She stared at Dalton in disbelief. It completely baffled her that some scrawny runt of a boy thought he had the nerve to entire the bar and say that. “You kidding, right? I mean … this is a joke.” She looked around the bar. Oh, I know, honey! We must be on one of those hidden camera shows!!!”

Hank must’ve believed her. Because for a few moments, the two of them looked around, trying to find a hidden camera. But Dalton interjected, “This is not a ruse. I intend to fuck Hank in the restroom.” Then he spoke directly to the woman. “You will not be joining us.”

Hank’s temper flared to critical mass. He pointed his large, thick finger directly in Dalton’s face. “Boy, you need to shut your fucking mouth before I knock all your teeth out.” Then he pulled in his girlfriend close until her body pressed tightly against his. “Babe? Why don’t we go get a booth? I don’t feel like getting arrested for killing this asshole.”

The girl was giggling as she imagined Hank tearing the arms off Dalton. “Sure, honey.”

As the two of them walked towards the table, Hank couldn’t resist. He pushed out his large hand, catching Dalton squarely on his left shoulder. The large man shoved the smaller man backwards several feet. Dalton went flying back. And there was a loud crash as his body collided with the bar stools behind him.

Dalton was not angered. Neither was he discouraged. He simply stood up, and righted all the bar stools that had been knocked over. Then he simply sat on one of the bar stools, turning his entire body to face the booth in which Hank and his girlfriend were sitting in. His silver eyes focused directly on Hank’s.

Brett knew he wasn’t hallucinating. But he may as well had been. He never imagined that James would come onto him. He was something that only fools would dream of. He took another massive hit from his bong and offered it to James. James shook his head.

So once Brett placed the bong down, the two men moved over to the dormitory bed. As soon as both of them were next to the bed, James had immediately begun by pulling his shirt off. Brett’s eyes widened when he saw James’s hairy torso. For some reason, he hadn’t expected so much hair on him. He didn’t seem the type.

And then, he caught a whiff of James’s musky odor. At first, he thought it must’ve been the smell of the pot. The smell was so intense. Brett couldn’t help but take a step closer to James, and breathe it in again. The smell filled his lungs, causing his head to swim more than the pot.

Despite arousal, Brett was feeling extremely nervous and shy. “I’m just gonna …. You know?” His hands started to fumble at the buttons of his shirt.

“YES.” James said approvingly. “REMOVE YOUR CLOTHES.” And James bent down to pull his underwear down off his legs.

Again, Brett’s eyes widened when he took in James’s cock. To describe it as large was an understatement. It hung like a trunk. But what startled Brett most was the massively, inflated balls behind the cock. As Brett stared, he could’ve sworn that James’s balls were swelling before his eyes.

Brett stammered. His mind felt slow. He was confused at what he was seeing. And he suddenly felt unsure. “I … I … I’m not sure … I …. Maybe this isn’t ….”

But James took a hold of Brett and lowered him down onto the bed. James’s pressed his hairy body directly on top of Brett’s. For a second, Brett thought of protesting. But then, James interlaced his fingers with Brett’s and placed his hands above his head. The stoned man felt their cocks rub up against one another as James slowly began to hump his naked body.

As James slowly rubbed his body up and down Brett’s, his hairy chest would momentarily rub into the stoned man’s face. Every time James got close, Brett took a deep inhale of James’s musk. His head began to swim. And he thought to himself, this isn’t so bad. They’re just going to dry-hump. And Brett pushed the strange image of James’s ball from his mind.

Then, quite unexpectedly, there came a tickling sensation at Brett’s cock. It felt like James must be tickling the tip of it. Brett thought the strange sensation felt so good. The tickling sensation continued to grow and grow. And deep back in the recesses of Brett’s mind, he wondered how James could be tickling his cock when both his hands were pinning Brett’s hands down?

“I only play safe,” declared Jeff. “Do you have a condom?” He had never seen this guy before. The man had sat down next to him and seemed to be staring at him intensely with what …. Were his eyes really silver? Jeff dismissed this idea because of the darkness of the movie theater.

“Of course.” Spoke the man in a strange voice. “But just to assure you, we won’t be having anal sex just yet. I only want access to your cock at the moment.” The man placed his hand directly between Jeff’s legs. With the flat of his palm, he rubbed his hands slowly up and down Jeff’s pants, stimulating the cock underneath.

Jeff smiled. A hand-job was always a good thing. “Sure.” And he unbuttoned his pants and pulled his cock out. He was already hard and ready to receive anything this guy had to offer.

The man focused his eyes directly onto Jeff’s exposed cock and smiled. “Wonderful.” Then he returned his eyes back to Jeff’s. Again, Jeff couldn’t’ help but wonder whether this man’s eyes really were silver? But before he could ask, the man continued, “I saw you looking at that couple. That they were kissing. Do you mind if I kiss you while I work on your cock?”

The question flattered Jeff. His cheeks suddenly warmed and his cock began to leak precum. “I … uh … would like that very much.”

Then without hesitating, Luke moved over onto Jeff. He positioned his body to face Jeff’s until their eyes momentarily locked. Jeff stared, stunned and enthralled by Luke’s brilliant silver eyes. And then slowly, almost as if commanded by thought, Jeff’s mouth opened as if ordered. And Luke moved in, allowing his own tongue to penetrate into Jeff’s mouth.

At the same time, Jeff felt the most wonderful sensation happening on his cock. He wanted to instantly moan in pleasure. But his moaning was stifled by the invasion of Luke’s tongue. He had never felt anything like this before. This was the most amazing hand-job he had ever felt. And he wished he could see exactly what this guy was doing to him. But he pushed this thought away. All he wanted now was this feeling to last. He wanted it to grow .. to heighten … to expand and overtake him.

Jeff wasn’t disappointed. Within moments, his entire body was squirming in his theater seat as Luke began pushing him towards his inevitable climax.

Dalton felt them. He felt everything. After all, his mind was permanently linked to James and Luke’s mind. They were one. They had been fused.

Everything James and Luke were experiencing, Dalton was experiencing exactly as if were there himself. He had been following their progress to the dormitory and to the theater. And even now, he saw that James’s target (Brett) was just seconds away from being fused.

Dalton watched. He saw that the young man was trying to hold back his climax. But they pushed the man harder, forcing him to break. And Brett finally succumbed. His cock exploded. And it all happened so suddenly. In a blink of an eye, another had joined them. A new mind fused. What had been three was now four.

With the addition of Brett, the sexual energy between them enhanced significantly. Dalton felt the sudden increase of sexual pleasure as Brett fused into their collective. Dalton, acting as if he were a relay station, focused his eyes directly towards Hank and pushed energy toward the unsuspecting motorcycle rider.

Inside the movie theater, Jeff writhed in his seat. This was unreal. This was like nothing he had ever thought of. Despite the man’s tongue filling his mouth, Jeff moaned like he had never moaned before. This was more than he could handle. More than he had ever dreamed. At this moment, he wanted nothing more than to just cum.

Jeff did.

His cock erupted with a sudden ferocity. And suddenly, Jeff’s thoughts were transmitted into four other men. Jeff’s mind … Jeff’s soul had suddenly and permanently fused with four other men. And they had now become one entity.

Dalton felt the newest addition fuse. He felt Jeff’s sudden and indescribable sensation of orgasm. It was like a massive wave of arousal like none had ever experienced. And very quickly, Dalton channeled that feeling. Everything that Brett and Jeff were feeling was harnessed and psychically directed solely at Hank.

With a sudden crash, Hank fell sideways out of his booth. He wasn’t sure what had just happened. One moment, he was talking to his girlfriend. The next moment, he thought he was having the best orgasm of his life. He looked around the bar, confused by what had just happened.

“Baby?! Are you okay?!” his girl was crooning over him.

Hank put his arms away to keep her back. For some reason, (and he didn’t understand this) the thought of having her near him disgusted him. He wanted nothing more than to just keep her away. “Get the fuck back! Get back!!!”

“But! What the fuck, Hank?”

Hank was looking around the bar. His head was swimming. But one thing was clear. He had an intense desire to fuck. The orgasm he had just been experiencing …. It seemed so real. And he had this strange realization that he could make it real. That he could make what he had just felt a reality.

Suddenly, Hank looked toward the bar. His eyes nearly bugged out of his head when he saw that the stool Dalton had been sitting on was empty. Fearing that Dalton may have left the bar, the large man’s eyes welled up with tears. “I need to …. I need to use the john.”

“Hank? But are you ….”

Before you could finish her sentence, Hank was stumbling toward the back restroom. He paid her absolutely no attention. He cupped one hand over the cock. Goddammit, he thought. The front of his pants were moist from the orgasm. He had just cummed in his pants. He didn’t want any of the other guys to see it. But most of all, he just wanted to get to the bathroom.

When he crashed through the bathroom door, Dalton was waiting for him. The bathroom was only a single room containing a toilet, urinal and sink. As Hank stumbled in, the biker locked the door behind him. “What? What did you do to me?!”

Dalton ignored the question. Instead, he focused the sex that James, Brett, Luke and Jeff were having directly onto Hank. The weight of it all fell heavy onto Hank’s thoughts. The large man sudden sank to his knees. His eyes locked directly onto Dalton’s silver irises.

Dalton’s eyes blazed with energy. The silver shone brilliantly. His thoughts were like a finely tuned antenna, broadcasting directly into the man kneeling before him. In a deep, commanding voice, Dalton ordered: “REMOVE YOUR CLOTHES!”

Hank didn’t hesitate. His fingers instantly seized the leather jacket. But the man didn’t have patience to work his shirt. Once the jacket was removed, he tore his shirt off as if he were the Hulk. Then he unfastened his belt and paints, pulling out his large, but soft cock. Hank’s cock was coated with cum he had jizzed just moments ago.

At the same time, Dalton in a very controlled movement, had been removing his own clothes. All the while, his eyes remained fixated on the burly biker. He continued to channel his thoughts into Hank’s. Within seconds, the two men were naked. The smaller, weaker man stood proudly. While the large, hulk of a man seemed to cower, tremble and kneel.


With weak knees, Hank stood and back up until his naked body ran up against the tiled wall. The large biker stared mesmerized into the smaller man’s silver eyes. If he could have averted his eyes, he may have been able to glance downward at Dalton’s cock. If Hank could have done this, he would have seen the twitching tendril that was now emerging out of the tip of Dalton’s cock like a tongue flicking out of a snake’s mouth. The silver tendril protruded several inches outward, vibrating so rapidly that it appeared to be a blur.


Hank’s voice trembled. “I … I … understand.”

Dalton walked very slowly towards his target. All the while, one hand was cupped and held onto his overly large and inflated balls. Meanwhile, his cock stuck out straight ahead, aimed directly towards Hank’s soft and flaccid cock. Dalton’s own cock seemed to be directed as if it were a missile. It moved forward, and the entire time, the tendril flicked rapidly, trying to sense and find its target.

“YOU WILL GRAB YOUR COCK.” As ordered, Hank grabbed onto his soft cock.


Hank’s cock had been hanging down. But now, as ordered, Hank stretched his cock out towards the naked man. Again, he stared directly into Dalton’s silver eyes. He didn’t see the rapidly flicking tendril protruding out of the younger man’s cock.

Then Dalton took a step forward. The two naked men’s cocks touched tip to tip. And the flicking tendril, protruding from Dalton’s cock, suddenly found its home and burrowed into Hank’s. It slid inward just a few inches: no more. It rested just inside the head of Hank’s cock, flicking the inner wall of the glans.

Hank gasped in pleasure. His eyes widened further. And as his eyes opened to their fullest, Dalton pressed all their thoughts harder onto Hank’s. The effect was almost immediate. Hank’s softened cock sudden expanded to its fullest. The biker’s cock stood at full mast. And although it angled upward, the organism in Dalton’s cock had locked onto Hank’s. The two men’s cocks remained tip to tip. And the organism intensified its assault on the biker.

Meanwhile, Hank was feeling the full brunt of the assault. His mind reeled at the pleasure he was feeling. It overpowered him. He was helpless to stop it. He wanted to pull away, but his back was literally up against the wall. There was nowhere for him to go. Despite the incredible pleasure, his mind resisted. A tear rolled down his cheek, “I … I can’t … I …. can’t … I …”


As Dalton spoke, the two men’s cocks remained tip to tip. But then, ever so slightly, Dalton’s cock began to stretch over Hank’s. The tip of the younger man’s cock opened as if a maw, and began to swallow the biker’s. To an outsider, it may have looked like one snake devouring another. The cock stretched out and over Hank’s glans. And then without stopping, Dalton cock continued down until Hank’s entire cock was consumed.

The two men stood chest to chest now. Their nipples touching. Hank whimpered as he stared into Dalton’s eyes. Then Dalton ordered: “FOCUS ON THE SENSATION. LET IT OVERPOWER YOU. ALLOW IT TO CONSUME YOU. LET IT BREAK YOU.”

More tears spilled down Hank’s cheeks. His breathing came in gasps. And then his whole body shuddered as Dalton pulled his hips back and forth. If Hank could see, he would see that Dalton’s cock was now sliding back and forth like a sleeve around Hank’s. In essence, Dalton’s cock was acting like a foreskin around Hank’s cock. And all the while, the organism protruding from Dalton’s balls continued to stimulate the inside of Hank’s glans.

Hanks gasps turned to moans. As ordered, his mind focused on this sliding around his cock. And something else, slipping into him at the same time. He felt every sensation as Dalton moved back and forth. Back and forth.

Hank seemed just on the brink. All the sensation falling on him had forced him to the edge, and he was standing on the precipice: just ready to fall over. For a fleeting second, he saw that Dalton had raised his hands to Hank’s chest, using his fingers to seize and grab Hank’s nipples. Hank felt his nipples tweak hard. The sensation of his nipples being pinched broke Hank. Suddenly his cock exploded. The dam holding his balls back broke, and a massive fountain of cum shot ribbon after ribbon directly into Dalton’s cock.

As soon as the first drop of cum emerged, the symbiote protruding from Dalton’s cock detached. This is what it had been waiting for. As the flow up cum started, it followed the cum back to its source. It slipped into Hank’s cock with gentle ease. In less than a second, it had penetrated Hank’s balls. Its elongated body wrapped tightly around the two testicles. It’s wormlike body coiled around and around, while thousands of tiny barbs, nestled all along is body, attached and fused with Hank’s reproductive organ. The symbiote squeezed tightly, fusing itself further. And then now, while attached, began to force it way into the biker’s thoughts.

Dalton felt the tail of the organism slip out of his cock and enter Hank. Now that an organism had left his own balls, he felt momentarily empty. But within seconds, he felt the organism still attached to his own balls began to grow another. For the briefest of seconds, his balls had deflated by half. But his symbiote was already working on growing another. And within a minute, his balls were already inflating.

Meanwhile, several things were happening to Hank. Hank’s naked body shuddered as it underwent several changes. Most of all, the symbiote permanently fused to his balls had begun to claw its way into the biker’s mind. If Hank felt helpless to resist the psychic sexual assault, it was nothing compared to the sensation now that he had merged with a symbiote. Thoughts and orders flooded into him. And at the same time, he suddenly felt the presence of five other men inside his head.

As biker and symbiote merged into one entity, Hank’s irises changed into a dazzling silver. And the hairs on his body began to grow. Even now, the symbiote that had just bonded with its host was readying itself to split and merge with another. Using asexual reproduction, the symbiote inside Hank’s balls, began to divide and produce a copy of itself. Hank’s balls began to swell and inflate.

Dalton was still fucking Hank. His cock was still engulfed over the biker’s. But now, Dalton pulled back. His cock slid off the biker’s, revealing a dazzling silver cock. Hank looked down and smiled. Then he closed his eyes and inhaled slowly as he felt the silver residue of the symbiote siphon back into his own cock. He felt as the slippery sensation pulled inward and down into his balls. Reaching down, Hank gently cupped his balls and breathed deeply. And then in a deep, reverberating tone, the biker spoke: “Fusion complete.”

The two men stood there for a minute. No words needed to be exchanged. They were inside each other thoughts. All six men understood each other perfectly.

While standing naked in the bathroom, Hank watched as Luke, Brett, James and Jeff began to seek out their next targets. Hank watched as James and Brett each entered separate dorm rooms and slip into the beds of potential hosts. Meanwhile, Jeff and Luke stood. They each took separate sides of the movie theater, approaching interested men that were just waiting to be fucked.

“Hey! Some of us got to take a piss!!!” There came a sudden and violent pounding on the bathroom door.

And without missing a beat, Hank knew he had already found his target.

When the door suddenly opened, the unwitting biker was surprised to see a naked Hank Metzger standing before him. He barely had time to comprehend this when he felt Hank seize him by the neck, a pull him inside. There was the sudden sound of the door locking. And the last thing the biker thought was how Hank’s eyes had suddenly become a dazzling silver.

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