Blindsided Betrayal - Ch. 3

By slyleather
published February 16, 2010

Pain is the common theme as Kyle begins to be trained to be a real man.

Blindsided Betrayal - Ch. 3

I woke to the feeling of a needle pricking my chest and it’s vibrating hum as I opened my eyes and tried to understand where I was. The flooding memories of my capture and collapse came back to me. Once my vision came into focus the pain of the needle sticking my chest repeatedly caused me to try to move, but my naked body was restrained by leather wrist cuffs that were connected to chains that ran upward to large metal hooks in the ceiling and my legs were similarly held at bay, not only by the leather ankle cuffs, but the hooks on them were attached to two hooks on the floor that held my legs just a little more than shoulder length apart exposing my balls and cock. The needle buzzing stopped as I tried feverishly to get loose from my restraints. I looked at the man making injecting the ink into my left breast, it was Mike, the leathered biker that had been watching the fight in Cade’s living room. I started to scream, ‘what the fuck are you doing to me’, but couldn’t because I had a ball gag in my mouth and all that came out were moans and murmurs. I looked up and tried to jerk myself free some more. I looked and saw the leather whips on the side of one wall and the leather hood, dildos and other ‘toy’s’ on the other and right in front of me was a luxurious leather couch with Seth sitting on it smoking a cigarette. I was in Cade’s leather sex room that I had discovered the night before. The fears and nervousness of the night before came back to me as I heard Mike say, “Come hold him so I don’t fuck up his tats.” Seth got up from the couch, with his cigarette dangling from the corner of his mouth, still wearing his leather pants and boots, but had traded his shirt in for a leather harness that was tightly fitted under his breasts and greatly accentuated his nipple piercings. Seth walked over to me and placed both his cold hands on my naked waist to hold me in place, as I was still trying to free myself from my bonds.

“You might as well stop that, you’re not going anywhere and you don’t need a bunch of fucked up tats all over your body.” Seth said as I stopped twitching realizing that I really couldn’t go anywhere. I stopped squirming understanding that I was helpless to go anywhere and couldn’t free myself, I was very secure in the chains. I tried to tilt my head to see what was being placed on my body but all I could see was black ink being injected into my skin. Both of my arms and shoulders had been covered with patches to allow the tattoos beneath them to heal. I could feel another, larger patch, across my shoulder blades on my back and a smaller one on the right side of my abdomen that felt connected to another patch that ran up my side along my rib cage. The buzzing needle finally stopped and I tried to look down to see what was written on my chest, but cloth and tape was put over it before I could see.

Seth let go of my waist and stood there starring at me with a sinister grin on his face smoking his cigarette. I simply stared back at him, I was pissed off, if I could talk the devil himself would blush at what I would say to Seth. Mike gathered his things and left. Seth stood there and I hung there, we were in a colossal stare down for five of so minutes before I heard the door open and saw Cade walk in. He had changed clothes, sort of, He was still wearing his leather pants and riding boots, but had traded his leather vest in for a shiny leather shirt and gloves with muir cap and sunglasses and was smoking a cigar now. “How’s my pretty new slave today?” Cade asked.

“Master Mike is finished with his body ink. The bandages can come of in a few hours.” Seth informed Cade, as I just stared at the two of them.

“Good” Cade said as he blew smoke from his cigar into my face, “You may not have liked my smoke last night, but once you’ve been trained you won’t be able to resist.”

“He’s ready to be pierced Master.” Seth said and Cade nodded to him in approval.

Cade took his gloved hand and rubbed it up and down my cheek as he said, “I love training new slaves.” The anger and frustration and even fear was evident in my eyes as starred directly at his eyes hidden by his reflector sunglasses. Cade just smiled. Seth had come back into view and was wearing white rubber gloves. Cade took his leather-gloved hand and rubbed each of my ear lobes, “These”. My anger quickly turned to fear as Cade looked straight into my eyes as he moved his leather covered thumb over my left nipple and said, “here”. He moved his hand to my other nipple and gave it a gentle squeeze before saying, “and here.” Tears started to fill my eyes and stream down my cheeks. I looked at Seth who was focused on Cade’s instruction. ‘How could he do this to me? Why was he doing this?’ I thought. I was also frustrated at myself for not picking up on it sooner. Seth had been changed not by the death of his parents, but by his new Master. I knew something was off about him and the way he’d acted since I arrived, but I never thought in my wildest nightmare that I would be chained to the floor and ceiling of a gay biker’s basement and about to be made into a gay sex slave. Cade let go of my nipple and took my chin in his glove and rubbed the skin beneath my lip, “right here”. Tears were gushing down my face as Cade took his gloved hand and wiped them from my face, “There, there. There won’t be any need for tears once you’re trained. Tears are a sign of weakness, real men don’t shed tears and once you’ve been trained you won’t ever have to feel weak again. Pierce his tongue too.” Cade said as he let go of my face, stuck his cigar in his mouth and left the room.

“Try not to move, the needle’s sharp and I could really hurt you if you start jerkin around.” Seth told me as he swabbed my ear lobes with rubbing alcohol. Everything in me was telling me to try to get away as the needle approached my ear, but my mind’s logic asked my body, ‘where ya gonna go?’ I couldn’t move and shaking and squirming wasn’t going to get me anywhere. My body tensed and I closed my eyes as I felt the needle go through my lobe and retreat as Seth quickly put a diamond stud in my left ear. It stung and I felt it well as he did the same to my other ear. I had never had my ears pierced and they felt like something was itching them and I needed to scratch them but I couldn’t. I shook my head to try to shake the awkward feeling of both my new earrings. Seth reached for the cotton swab and wiped each of my nipples and retrieved a pair of forceps with holes in the end of them from a silver tray on a stool beside him. “Now this may hurt a little, but it’ll only be for a second, so I need you to be perfectly still or I could end up tearing your whole tit off.” Seth told me. My eyes got wider as he pinched the first nipple with the forceps and pulled it outward. I tried to scream as he pinched my nipple, I had never felt pain like it before, but the sounds were muffled by the ball gag in my mouth. I looked down as Seth pushed the needle through the hole in the forceps and through my nipple. The piercing pain of the needle caused my muffled screams to grow louder. I bit down on the ball gag harder, trying even more so not to move, to not tear my nipple completely from my body. I felt like it took an eternity or that Seth was taking his dear sweet time, taking pleasure in causing me pain, savoring every muffled scream. I felt the needle puncture the other side of my nipple and Seth quickly brought the needle through and behind hid slid in a silver curved barbell. My nipple was throbbing with pain and it was starting to swell. Sweat started dripping off my forehead and down my face. The sweat running off my face and the searing pain from the needle was all I could focus on until the pain of the forceps grabbing my other nipple captured my attention. I looked down and understood the level of pain I was about to feel as Seth wasted no time shoving the needle into my nipple. Again and again my screams of agony were muffled by the ball gag in my mouth as I desperately tried to control my body’s reaction to the torture I was receiving. The second piercing didn’t feel as long as the first as Seth slid the needle on through my right nipple and quickly inserted an identical curved, silver metallic barbell. I closed my eyes and focused on trying to make the pain go away, as both of my nipples were throbbing like they were drums being played at a heavy metal concert.

Seth laid the forceps down and again rubbed my newly minted, pierced nipples with rubbing alcohol that stung like a son of a bitch. This time I couldn’t help trying to jerk away, there was no needle going through parts of my body so I didn’t give a fuck. Seth then placed to small tapped bandages over them. I started trying to jerk away, I assumed that it was so they wouldn’t get infected, but I wanted to be a pain in the ass to Seth after the shit he’d just put me through. “Easy, just be still. It’s so they don’t get infected.” Seth explained what I already knew. Even with my tussling, he easily placed the bandages over my nipples. Looking down at my body I could see that between the tattoos and piercings, over half of my body was covered with bandages. “All right, just two more to go and then we’re done.” Seth told me, as he reached behind my head with both hand and started to remove the ball gag, “I gotta take this out to do the others. You can scream, but it won’t help. You know there are no other houses around and there’s no one upstairs whose gonna rescue you. You can scream and cuss all ya want, but it’s not gonna change what’s gonna happen.”

Seth removed the ball gag and my mouth fell close at the relief. I opened and closed my mouth several times trying to flex it as it was aching. I didn’t say a word, I just looked at Seth, however much I hated that fucker right now, dammit, he was right, but I hated not fighting not struggling. I didn’t want this, I was being held here against my will. My cousin, my own family, betrayed me and I was pissed off, I wanted to bash his fuckin homo brains in, but goddammit, he was right! No one would hear me, I couldn’t get loose unless Seth untied me and I knew that wasn’t going to happen. So, I said the thing I wanted more than bashing Seth’s brains in with a baseball bat, “Water…” My mouth was dry and my throat sore from all the muffled screams.

“Not yet, not till I get finished with your metal.” Seth said.

“What the fuck Seth, just gimme some goddamn water.” I pleaded.

“We’ll be done in a few then you can have something to drink.” He said while taking his rubber gloves of and sending a quick text message on his phone before picking up a smaller pair of forceps and smaller needle, “Of course, that is if you’re not a fuckin asshole while I’m doin this.” Tears welled up in my eyes again. I was helpless. I was completely at Seth’s mercy. Having my freedom taken away and all of this being forced on me and the fact that whether or not I received water was in another man’s hands was too much. So, I surrendered, for now.

I was waiting for Seth to grab my lip with the forceps when Cade walked in, “Damn slave boy, a few more bandages and I think we could classify you as a mummy.” Cade was smoking another cigar. He went to the stand at far end of the leather couch and laid his cigar in the ashtray. He took off his muir cap and sunglasses before removing his leather gloves and laying them beside the ashtray and putting on rubber surgical gloves. He took the forceps from Seth’s hand and grabbed my lower lip, “This IS going to hurt. How much depends on whether you end up with just a hole in your lip or it rip in two. Got it.” He told me. My eyes widened and I nodded very gently that I understood. He was much more stern than Seth had been. “Get behind him and hold his head so he doesn’t jerk.” Cade told Seth. I felt Seth’s grab the sides of my head from behind. Instinct told me to try to pull away as I felt Cade pull my lower lip down with the forceps, but I knew if I pulled away, just like Cade said, I might tear my lip completely off. I closed my eyes tight and braced myself as I quickly felt the pop of the needle going through my lower lip and out the other side. I gritted my teeth as my whole body tensed and the screams of pain turned to groans of agony behind my clenched teeth. Feeling the needle move through to the other side I felt the cold metal of the silver spiked stud filling the gapping hole left by the piercing. Cade let go of my lip and I felt the metal of the stud fall back against my gums. Cade inspected my new labret piercing to see that it suited him.

“Almost done. Open up.” Cade commanded, as readied the forceps to enter my mouth. I closed my mouth tight and tried to shake my head no, but didn’t manage much as Seth held my head almost firm.

“We can do this the easy way or the hard way. I’d much prefer not to have to slap you around, but your choice.” Cade said as he grabber my lower jaw, preparing to force my mouth open, “Just know that one way or the other, I’m your Master now and you give me what I want.” Tears started to fill my eyes and drip down my cheeks as I once again felt as helpless as I truly was.

“Are you crying?!” Cade asked rhetorically as if amazed that anyone man had ever cried.

“I have a fuckin mess here to train, I hate boys who think their men, but are really only a bunch of pussies.” He said as he pried my jaw open and stuck the forceps in grabbing my tongue. I tried to wiggle my tongue free and shake my head, but felt Seth’s grip tighten and Cade’s forceps clamp down more forcefully on my tongue. I tried to struggle it free one last time. Trying to fee my tongue hurt like hell, almost as bad as slamming your finger in the car door. My tongue wouldn’t budge and my resistance was fading. Giving up hope of not having to endure anymore pain, I resigned myself the fact that this was gonna hurt and there was nothing I could do about it. I closed my eyes tight and braced myself to the sharp felling that was coming. I waited what felt like an eternity of anticipating the sharp needle slicing a hole through my tongue, but in fact was only a second. I felt the sharp tip placed on in the circle on the end of the forceps, ‘oh god, oh god, don’t move, don’t jerk, hold still’ I thought as I felt pressure on the needle beginning to spear me as the needle began to move downward through my tongue. I tried to be silent, but couldn’t as I let out a deep groan as the needle made it’s way down through my tongue and back up and started to throb. Once the needle was gone, Cade held on tight to my tongue as he slipped a silver barbell down the hole he’d just created and finally let go. I felt my tongue start to swell as I closed my mouth and tried to shake the pain. Seth let go of my head and took the forceps from Cade.

I quietly moaned in agony the pain of my pierced lip, tongue, nipples, ears and the itching and pinpricks of the tattoo needle all throbbed together. I felt weak and drained of my strength. Seth lay the piercing tools down on the silver tray and left the room. Cade walked back to the small stand beside the couch and put back on his leather gloves, muir cap and sunglasses. He picked up his cigar, which had gone out during the time he’d spent piercing me, and relit it. Cade walked back and stood in front of me, took a big draw on his cigar, inhaled deep and blew the smoke right into my face. I closed my eyes and tried not to breath in. Cade just laughed. I heard a frigerator door close and Seth walked back in the room with a bottle of water.

“He doesn’t need that.” Cade told Seth as he started to unscrew the cap. Seth just stopped and looked as his Master with loss. I almost started to cry again, my mouth was so dry and my body ached and hurt from everything that had been done to it.

“He don’t need water. Get him Gatorade or something with energy. He’ll need it cause he’s not getting anything to eat, his tongue needs to heal.” Cade said, looking back up at me and smiling, while taking another draw from his cigar. Seth left the room again and returned with the Gatorade and straw. Seth took the straw and put it up to my lips and I quickly opened my mouth and sucked it down as quickly as humanly possible. ‘Sweet relief’ I thought as didn’t even stop to catch my breath until the bottle was almost empty. I took a quick second to catch my breath and grabbed the straw again with my lips and finished it off. The liquid passing my swollen pierced tongue was weird, but right now I didn’t care. I was thirsty.

“You’re done. I’ll take over from here.” Cade told Seth, “I’ll be up in a few. I’m gonna rape that hole of yours when I done down here.”

“Yes Master.” Seth smiled eagerly to Cade and left. I felt weirded out and blushed a little or it could have been redness from the swelling and throbbing.

“You don’t take pain well at all. You cringe at the thought of pain, or could it just be fear or maybe a little of both.” Cade said as he took a small leather piece from the wall, “You’ve thought of yourself a man your whole life, but after what happened today do you think your still a man?” He asked me. I didn’t know what to say so I just looked at him blank faced. “I asked you a question slave.” He barked.

“I don’t know.” I answered nervously.

“What?” I asked confused. Cade stampeded over to where I was hanging and wound his arm back tight before backhanding me across the face with his leather-covered hand.

“I don’t know, Master.” He loudly corrected me. Tears welled up in my eyes again as the force he his with felt just as bad as being pierced. He grabbed my lower jaw and asked the question again through clenched teeth, “You’ve been nothing but a little cry baby pansy ass pussy. Now tell me slave, do you think that’s how a real man act?”

Fearing another smacking, I chose my words carefully, “No Master.”

“Well I’m gonna fix that.” He said shaking my jaw a little before releasing it. I didn’t expect his next move at all. Cade grabbed my naked balls in his gloved hand and jerked them down away from my body. My body jerked and my stomach quickly started to turn.

“AHHHHH” I released my feeling at another man touching my privates. I had never had another man touch me there before.

“Shut up and take it like a real man. You start that baby pussy shit and gag goes back in. You understand me slave boy?” Cade informed me.

Remembering my previous question and answer exchange I answered appropriately, “Yes Master.” I really didn’t wanna be hit, pierced or tattooed anymore today.

I felt him place the leather piece around the skin above my testicles and let go. The leather ball stretcher was uncomfortable. I tried to move my body and adjust to the feeling of my balls being stretched like that, but that feeling was nothing compared to what happened next. Cade disappeared behind me and I heard him take something off of a shelf behind me. I heard him pop the cap on a tube of something and cringed as I felt his fingers slide between my butt check and apply a cold gooey gel to my ass hole. My heart rate quicken and my swollen pierced body parts began to throb as Cade rubbed the lubricant all around my ass hole and my body tightened as I felt a finger slide inside of my ass hole.

“Ahhhh……….Ohhhh” I said very uncomfortably. I had already figured out that something was about to go into my ass, but I didn’t know what. I desperately tried to fight the oncoming tears again. I felt so humiliated and depraved at how I was being treated and handled. Seth had betrayed me, lied to me, used my family, deceived us, god how could I have let this happen. How could I have been so stupid? I felt helpless.

Then I felt the rubbery tip of a butt plug at the tip of my hole, ‘oh god’ I kept repeating to myself.

“Hold steady there and just relax slave boy and this won’t take but a second.” Cade informed me. He slowly and gently eased the butt plug into my hole. I quickly tensed up and fought back screams of pain. “If you don’t relax this’ll hurt ten times worse.” He told me, but my mind and body didn’t listen. I didn’t want anything stuck up my as, but that didn’t stop Cade from continuing to drive the rubber up my ass hole. It felt like my ass was being shredded apart and ripped open from the inside. I clenched my teeth tighter, I was determined not to scream amidst the horrific pain. The tearing and stretching finally stopped as I felt my ass hole close around the base of the butt plug.

“There it is.” Cade said as he wiped his gloved hand on my ass cheek, “We’ll let that stay for a while.” He took a draw from his dwindling cigar and again blew the smoke right in my face. I didn’t flinch this time, I didn’t have the strength. My eyes followed Cade over to the wall again as he retrieved a piece of leather I didn’t recognize and brought it before me. I looked at him as he opened the leather hood and started to put it over my head. I just let him. I couldn’t fight anymore today. I had been humiliated and beaten down. I could thrust and kick about, but I knew in the end the leather hood would be on my head and I’d just be tired. Cade slipped the leather over my head and down my face. I winced a little as it brushed across my newly pierced ears. Cade adjusted the leather hood comfortably and tied the lace in back securely. The hood fit around my eyes and lips, falling just below my lip piercing, and across my nose perfectly, almost like it’d been made especially for me.

“Mike said we should wait a few hours to take these off, but what the hell.” Cade said, tearing the bandages covering my tattoos off, but cade didn’t stop there the also ripped the bandages off of my nipple piercings. The two curved barbells dangled against my skin as the bandages were removed. Cade then walked over to the other wall and scooted a full length mirror in front of me so that I could see myself and what had been done to me. He propped the mirror up on a stand and turned out all the lights except for one so that the only thing I could see was myself in the mirror.

“I want you to take a few hours and admire the slave in the mirror.” He put his gloved hand on my chest, “With my training this is the man you will become, a real man. That weak ass, fuckin pussy doesn’t exist. This is you. The only you. Tomorrow I will begin training you to be that real man you see in the mirror.” Cade gently patted my chest, took one last draw from his cigar and left the room closing the door behind him, leaving me alone. Tears welled up in my eyes again as I looked at the leather, tattooed, pierced and hooded me in the mirror. I didn’t know what tomorrow would bring, but I had a bad feeling that everything I’d been through so far was cake compared to what was coming during tomorrow’s training.

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