Man of my Dreams (Part 4)

By Mastermind
published February 3, 2010

A young man’s life changes forever.

The last part of a story I wrote a while back, but never got around to posting.

It’s my first attempt at MC fiction, so please feel free to comment either here or at:

The next few weeks were a blur. Master helped me master the art of concentration with some kind of meditation technique. It worked really well. After some intensive studying, I passed all my exams with flying colours. My parents were very pleased. Over the following summer I had dreams of many different men and learnt to suck and fuck like never before. Master told me I was starting to become addicted, and soon I was beginning to notice it as well. My only partner while I was awake had been Carl, and that was fun, but not enough to really satisfy me. Master promised me that my training was almost over. Soon the time came for me, Carl, and the rest of my class to leave our homes and move on to higher education.

At first I was unsure of where I wanted to go, now that I had a Master, so I asked him about it. He told me that the university I picked wasn’t going to be important because I was going to move into one of his apartments instead. I picked one arbitrarily just so that my parents wouldn’t have any concerns. Master said I should say goodbye to my family and my old friends before leaving home because I might not see them again, and then he gave me instructions on how to find him. I was sad to leave my parents and friends but I knew it would be for the best. I also felt guilty about lying to them, but I knew I would feel much worse about lying to Master. When I was riding the train I read through the instructions but as soon as I started I became very tired and began to doze off.

When I woke up I was standing outside the apartment block. I realised I didn’t know the address or even the city I was in. I was very unsure of myself and looked back at my instructions. They didn’t seem to make much sense. Most of it was gibberish that I don’t even remember reading. But the last part said I should go into the main building and talk to reception. It was a very dingy entrance and I couldn’t imagine that anyone looking for a place to stay would have been very impressed. The receptionist smiled and said he had been waiting for me. He gave me some keys and directed me to my floor.

My room wasn’t much of an apartment in all honesty. It kind of reminded me of the room in my dreams although it was a bit bigger. There was a desk and space for a computer. There was also a bed. But the rest of it seemed more like a dungeon than an apartment. There were chains on the wall, a large sling in the middle, and a chest in the corner, which contained a variety of sex toys. Even the windows were barred. I unpacked my stuff but found that most of it was gone. All my clothes had disappeared from my bags. My laptop was gone as well, replaced by another one that was actually a lot better, to my surprise. It had games, internet access, and a library of porno movies on the hard drive. I also found a set of instructions on my bed. From now on all I would have to wear in the apartment block was underwear. I stripped down immediately - and discovered I was wearing an unfamiliar jockstrap that I didn’t remember putting on (I normally wear boxers) - before reading ahead to the next instruction. I learned that the block was designed so that I didn’t ever have to leave, and I should stay in my room unless instructed otherwise. I would have meals delivered 3 times a day and I would be taken for 2 hours of exercise every morning, during which time I was not to interact with the other residents.

By the time I had finished reading, somebody had come to collect my clothes and I gave them to him without hesitation. He was a boy similar to me but he looked older, in his mid-20s. He had a lot of piercings on his face and he looked spaced out, and although he visited me whenever I needed food or an escort, I never heard him say anything but grunts. I later found out he was one of Master’s early servants. Master warned me that disobedience could “result in permanent emotional and psychological damage”, and that was what had happened in this case. I eventually realised that the poor man seemed to have an erection every time I saw him. I wonder if he’s even capable of finding relief in his state.

Master came to visit me a lot during the first week. He fucked me and I realised it was my first time while awake. It was very similar to the dream but it hurt a bit more afterwards than my dildos. It was particularly intense as I was getting used to my positioning in the sling and the way he called me names like “Slut” the whole evening, as though it was my actual name. I realised that Master had never asked for my name and I couldn’t remember if he had even used it in our time together. After the first week he said he would be going away but would be introducing me to a lot of his friends. I should treat all of them as though they were my Master and not let him down. He would be watching me from my dreams to make sure I was a good little slut.

Since then, I’ve had visitors every night, and usually one during the day. I’ve sucked more cock than I can remember. Big ones, small ones, pierced ones, ones on huge guys, skinny guys, and aggressive guys. Those last ones are probably my least favourite. Sometimes they try to hurt me or whip me and I end up with bruises. It’s still a turn on though, which I guess is what makes me a slut. I really love sucking cock. It has become the centre of my life now and I couldn’t be happier than when I’m going down on another man. Master appears in my dreams every month or so to remind me to stay loyal and follow his orders, but I wish I could see him more often.

Sometimes he leaves surprises for me, though. Like the other night, I got a visit from a familiar face. It was Carl, although he’s a bit different now. He’s more muscular and hairier and he has a tattoo of a dragon spiralled along his left arm. I love tattooed men. He didn’t want to talk much. He picked me me up and threw me into the sling in a position to fuck me furiously. Then he told me I was a huge slut for leaving home and living in the apartment. I guess he’s right. He started to grin widely at me. Then, he began to thrust into me roughly. It wasn’t the same kind of sex we had before. We were used to being equals, but now it was very clear who was the top and who was the bottom. I started to wish he would fuck me harder, and then, he did. Our personalities seemed to be very much in sync. It ended up being one of my best sessions ever. Whenever I felt like I was getting close, he would slow down. He teased me the whole time. He came 3 times that night, and I was only allowed to come at the very end while I ate out his ass, which was still sweaty from the intense lovemaking.

As I came all over myself, he told me that everyone at home had forgotten about me. I felt a twinge of sadness, but I suppose that until that point I had forgotten about them too, so it was only fair. He got off me and let me off the sling, and we jacked off together. He came very vocally, yelling abuse at me as he did it. I came powerfully as well. He grinned and made me eat all the cum, then walked out the apartment without saying a word. As he left I saw he had a tattoo on his back of a demonic skull, just like mine. But his was on the left shoulder.

I love the fact I don’t have to make any decisions about my future any more, and have no work to do aside from my daily workout. I can’t wait for tonight’s encounter. In the mean time, I can browse the internet as much as I want (usually I spend my time browsing porn) and my bed is extremely comfortable. I have a lot of sex toys to play with as well (even though I obviously won’t jack off without a Master telling me to). I do get a little bit bored sometimes, but I know my place and I’m not about to complain. I still think about Master’s blue eyes every night before I go to sleep. It’s great that he’s come into the lives of Carl and I. We’re both so much happier now. Today I realised I can’t remember the names of anyone in my old life, not even my own. I’m sure that one day I’ll forget everything about it. I’m actually looking forward to it, perhaps I will be able to serve my Masters even better without any of my own personal worries or needs getting in the way.

Now I’m getting tired. I need to plug myself and go to sleep. I wouldn’t want to disappoint my Master.

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