By Bverrit published May 19, 2017
A man helps others work out their doubts.

Something was wrong.

Tim paused, there was something not quite right about what he was doing. His mind began to wrap itself around what was going on. The man in front of him was simply too distracting to form many coherent thoughts. As the man slapped his big, meaty cock against Tim’s face, Tim found himself inadvertently returning to deep throating it as best he could. Tim hoped that he was doing a good job, it was his first time.

As the man Tim sucked off began to moan, Tim doubled his efforts. He briefly thought about what the man’s cum would taste like, and that sent him into overdrive. Tim’s cock, hard and leaking underneath his large but toned body, lay forgotten as Tim focused all his mental energy on servicing the man, but something still felt off.

“Good Boy,” the large man grinned, his powerful frame covered in fur. His was not a body from countless hours at the gym and a precise diet, but of hard labor and indulgent appetites. With a forceful move, the man pushed Tim off of his cock, and moved to position himself behind Tim. “Are you ready for this, Boy?”

“Yes Randy! I’m ready for you to fuck me!” Tim exclaimed.

Randy smacked Tim on the rear with enough force to make Tim yelp and fall face forward onto the floor. The hand print would bruise, but Tim ignored the pain, “Yes, SIR! Please fuck me!” Tim moved his ass back into position, quivering in anticipation of yet another sexual act he had never experienced. Anything that Randy wanted, Tim was willing to give of himself.

Randy was not gentle, he drove his unlubed cock deep into Tim with one great thrust. The pain that shot through Tim was nearly unbearable, and brought back the nagging thought that something might be wrong. Tim just couldn’t work his mind through the sexual fog that had fallen over it. Ever since he had pulled Randy over earlier that evening for speeding, Tim just couldn’t shake this feeling that something wasn’t right, but feeling this way, he wasn’t sure that it could be that important.

Again, the thought did not last long. As Randy began to set the pace of his fucking, the pleasurable haze took over Tim again as he began to enjoy what was happening to him. Before long Tim couldn’t think of a time where sex had been better than what he was experiencing right that moment. He was so grateful to Randy for opening him up to these sensations, to these desires he didn’t even know he could feel.

Tim began to moan loudly in appreciation for what Randy was doing to his ass. Tim’s first time having his ass filled was definitely not going to be his last, especially feeling this good. Deep down he knew that it would be hard for him to ever get off again without Randy’s cock filling him so gloriously. He was so lost in the sensations that he didn’t hear the house keys unlatching the door, and only barely noticed his wife Kara as her horrified scream filled the room. Tim wondered if perhaps she was the thing that was nagging him all evening. That seemed to be close to the mark. Perhaps she was what wasn’t quite right…

3 Months Later

“Look, Tim, I know that things have been rough on you the last few months, but after what you did to Kara, is it any wonder that the courts are siding with her?” Mark said to his friend. Feeling bad for Tim, but also not understanding what drove the sudden coming out of the closet.

They had grown to become close friends since they both started working at the local police station together during the same year about 10 years back, and in that time Mark never had the slightest idea that his friend may have been gay, or bi, or whatever. He always seemed devoted to his wife, and never seemed even the tiniest bit dissatisfied with her.

Mark, now in his early 30’s, still made it a point to keep his body sculpted and kept his entire appearance as perfected as he could manage. After being teased for being overweight in high school, Mark found a love for the gym, and now had a body that most guys would kill for. He put it to good use by helping to protect and serve the public. His dark hair, piercing blue eyes, and perfectly trimmed beard made him a magnet for chicks (and dudes), and was never short of someone to take home when he needed to relieve frustrations. He now looked over to his friend, sobbing beside him, about to lose everything, and couldn’t help but feel pity for him, despite it being entirely his own fault.

“I know, it’s my own fault…. and I don’t regret coming out… it was time, and Randy helped show me that.” Tim was calming down. He seemed to always get into a bit of a better mood when he talked about Randy.

Mark couldn’t understand how some construction worker that Tim had met had convinced Tim to throw away everything he had in order to essentially start his life over. Tim had seemed like one of the straightest guys Mark knew, but apparently it had all been an act. Mark couldn’t help wondering, after Tim, how many other gay men had passed under his detection. Even so, how suddenly Tim embraced his new lifestyle was unsettling to Mark, it was like a switch was flipped in Tim’s head, and Mark found it a bit unnerving.

“Really Mark, you should come over and meet him. He’s a great guy, and we haven’t seen each other outside of work since this whole thing started. Are we still cool?” Tim looked over to his friend.

Mark didn’t know how to respond. He felt guilty about avoiding Tim the last few months. He didn’t think himself homophobic, he was fine with gay guys, and he knew plenty. Mark simply couldn’t find himself comfortable hanging out with one. He couldn’t place where the feeling came from. It wasn’t like Tim was big enough to overpower him, and Tim had never come on to Mark, even after Tim had come out of the closet. Thinking about it logically, Mark couldn’t come up with a good reason to keep avoiding his friend, and felt guilty for doing so up until now.

“We’re still cool bud,” Mark sighed, he couldn’t avoid Tim forever, “why don’t I swing by your place this weekend. We can get pizzas, watch the game, like old times.”

Tim brightened up immediately, “That’s awesome! I’ll see you Sunday, we both have it off! I’ll stock up on beer!”

The rest of the week went by uneventfully, but Tim’s spirits were definitely lifted by the chance of some normalcy returning to his life.

That Sunday, Mark arrived at Tim’s apartment with 2 boxes of pizza in hand. Normally he would have just entered, but still feeling a bit awkward around Tim lately, stopped and knocked. He was surprised when it wasn’t Tim that answered the door, but a wall of a man covered in tattoos, bald, with a graying beard that followed his square jawline. His deep green eyes seemed to take in all of Mark at once, in an instant, before a warm smile crossed his lips, “You must be Mark! Tim has been so happy that you were going to be watching the game together. Come in! The name’s Randy!” Randy put his powerful and furry arm around Mark and nearly pulled rather than guided Mark inside.

Mark realized that the apartment was much more barren than it had been the last time he was there. Kara must have been the decorator of the two. His awed evaluation of the room kept him from noticing that Randy was still uncomfortably close, with his arm still around Mark’s shoulder. The arm felt warm, heavy, possessive, and Mark had the inclination to just leave. Something about Randy just didn’t feel right. As an officer, he was used to trusting his instincts on these things, but Tim entered the room before he could, a giant grin covering Tim’s face.

“You made it! I was worried that you wouldn’t come! I have been looking forward to this for days! Come on, make yourself comfortable.” Tim ran up to Mark and dragged Mark inside. Randy set the pizzas aside, and then followed closely after. Mark still couldn’t shake the feeling that something was not quite right about Randy, but couldn’t pin it down. He seemed warm and welcoming.

Tim only had one couch in the apartment, and the 3 muscular men filled it very tightly. At first Mark was uncomfortable with the seating arrangement, himself stuck between Tim and Randy, but he didn’t want to make a scene. The conversation was normal enough, but the tight fit between to gay men made Mark highly uncomfortable, and Randy’s arm always found its way onto or around Mark as Randy tried to find a comfortable position.

As the game started, the pizza was consumed, and a few beers were enjoyed by all, Mark started to relax. There was still the nagging suspicion that something was off, but things between Tim and himself began to feel more like old times. Randy’s presence even started to feel forgotten, even as he continued to stay well within Mark’s personal space. Randy even began to lightly rub Mark’s shoulders, which, while strange to Mark, felt great.

“Wow, where did you learn how to do that? It feels great!” Mark couldn’t help complimenting Randy over the back rub. Something about the back rub seemed to radiate through Mark. It was a little odd to Mark that he was enjoying it as much as he was, but he couldn’t help but admit that it felt great.

“Timmy, why don’t you get Mark here another beer,” Randy suggested.

“Yes SIR!” Tim leaped to snag another beer for Mark before rejoining them on the couch.

Mark found the exchange a little strange. Tim had never gone by Timmy, and what was up with that ‘sir’ business? The back rub quickly shook the thoughts from his mind as Mark got back to enjoying it. Their relationship wasn’t his to question anyway… no matter how…. off… something was about it. As the focus got back to the game, the thought died with it.

Over the next hour things continued similarly. Tim and Mark caught up, Randy joined in the conversation here and there, but mostly seemed interested in keeping Mark comfortable. Randy seemed like a great guy, between the back rub, keeping Mark with a fresh beer whenever he ran dry, and adding just enough to the conversations so that his presence wasn’t forgotten. Tim continued to jump to meet his every suggestion, which Mark slowly got used to, even when it went as far as to give Mark a foot rub. Paired with the work Randy was doing on his shoulders, Mark had never felt so relaxed, despite the nagging feeling that something may be wrong.

The game itself was surprisingly good. All three of the men were caught up in the excitement of the last quarter. In the last play of the game, which they were about to lose, an interception into a touchdown sealed a win in their favor. Mark was caught off guard during the roar of excitement as Randy pulled him in for a deep kiss.

There was something wrong with this. Mark knew that, he just couldn’t quite place what it was. As he gave in to the kiss, that suspicion that something big, something important was happening that shouldn’t be. As he focused on the kiss, like with the back rub, something just felt very good, very right about it. Minutes passed before the kiss ended. Mark was left gasping for breath, missing the feel of Randy.

“Wow, Randy, that was…”

“Sir…” Randy corrected.

“What?” Mark was confused, and red flags from earlier started to bubble up.

“Timmy here calls me Sir, you should feel comfortable enough to do so as well, right Marky?”

Mark had to admit that it made sense. Tim was his close friend, and Randy was close to him, so why shouldn’t Mark call Randy what he wanted to be called? “Ok… Sir.”

Randy grinned and pulled Mark back in for another kiss. While kissing Randy, Mark could think of nothing other than how good it felt. He let himself go as Tim was pulled into the kiss as well. Something seemed so wrong to Mark, but not this, nothing that felt this good could be what’s wrong.

It was not long before Mark felt himself guided, pushed, down to his knees by Randy. At some point, Randy had removed his pants, and a thick cock was staring Mark in the face, dripping with precum. Mark looked up to Randy, who was grinning down at him with eyes that betrayed some secret, “Sir?” Mark asked.

“Good Boy, go ahead, suck it.” Randy guided Mark’s head toward the dripping, waiting cock that pulsed in anticipation.

Mark wondered if he was really about to do this. What on Earth was bothering him so much? Randy seemed like a great guy, and why should he feel uncomfortable doing this for him? Mark tentatively took Randy’s cock in his mouth, focusing on it to drown out the unease that he couldn’t bring himself to identify. The salty taste of it overwhelmed his senses, and he had to admit that he enjoyed it. Mark couldn’t imagine what he was so worried about.

“Boy, you are terrible at this. Watch your teeth… there you go.” Under Randy’s instruction, Mark quickly adapted his technique. It was not long before he drew the first moan from Randy, and that brought a surge of pride to Mark that he wasn’t expecting.

Tim was enjoying the show. He was so excited that Mark, his best friend, and Randy were getting along so well. He stood back and enjoyed the show, gently stroking himself as he watched Randy receive Mark’s first blow job. Tim didn’t think that Mark was gay, but it was a good thing that he could get over that to enjoy Randy’s company as much as Tim himself did. Without Randy’s orders, Tim was content just enjoying the impressive show.

Mark had long forgotten about Tim. The cock in his mouth was his whole world and more. For whatever reason, Mark still felt uneasy, but the longer he sucked Randy off, the less that mattered, and the more he found himself enjoying it. Randy was really getting into it as well. Mark was improving quickly, and Randy felt like he was about to blow his load down the cop’s throat any minute.

“You are about to get a nice surprise, Boy.” Randy beamed, as Mark mindlessly sucked down on his member. Tim hadn’t improved this quickly, Mark was simply a natural cocksucker. He couldn’t believe his luck in snagging not one, but two delicious cops. Randy pulled Mark’s head down hard as his pleasure reached its crescendo, his cum bursting out and down Mark’s throat.

Mark wasn’t prepared for the sensations that hit him. As he was pulled down sharply onto Randy’s cock, he couldn’t breathe, and in that moment of panic his mind connected with what had been bothering him. Mark began to struggle. He wasn’t gay, why was he doing this? This was what was wrong! How could he have been tri……

And then the cum filled his mouth and throat.

The resistance in him died faster than it appeared. His Sir’s seed spread through him like a fire. Any nagging doubts were seared from his mind as he felt the pure desire flow into his veins. Mark made sure that every single drop of every pulse of Randy’s seed was consumed, and it made him feel more alive than ever before. The sheer volume overflowed out of his mouth, and as the source stopped spewing the wonderful juices, Mark lapped up every bit that he missed. He had never felt so good, so right. There was nothing in the world that was wrong with him in that moment, and he wanted more.

Mark immediately latched himself back onto Randy’s deflating member. Even at half mast it was still impressively sized.

“Woah Boy! You really are eager!” Randy chuckled as his cock began to immediately inflate again at the sight of the cock hungry cop in front of him. “Timmy, why don’t you help prepare Mark’s other end for a go.” Tim leaped at the command, removing Mark’s pants and diving face first into the boy pussy that Randy was going to claim.

“Marky, you are really going to love this.” Randy laughed as he thought about how he would use his new toys, now and forever.

Marky knew that he would. He had no doubts.

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