Ruckus and the College Boy (Part 1)

By HardPuc published February 24, 2016

A rogue demon with unearthly powers pays a visit to a gay bath house and torments an arrogant young man

Ruckus (Part 1):

Ruckus and College Boy By: HardPuc

“I swallow,” I whispered in my best human voice, a tone deep and gruff that spoke of masculinity.

The mortal I spoke to, a magnificent specimen, passed his eyes over me. For a moment I thought he may spurn my advances. I’d watched him all night turning away offers, brushing groping hands off with contempt.

He was an arrogant man. He could afford to be, for he was a superior one. Built powerfully, with a strong, hard body, standing well over 6 foot, easily 230 pounds of muscle. Brown fur covered his chest and carpeted his wiry limbs. Bright colorful tattoos littered his body. He stood nude except for a leather jockstrap, his hard, supple ass impossibly full and round…mouth watering.

I will savor his meat.

His tough, handsome profile, like that of a Roman coin, turned from me.

“Maybe later,” he shrugged and moved off down the darkened hall of the sex club.

“Till later then,” I answered.

My stomach growled and I suppressed a grin, knowing full well I could take him here and now if I so chose. Take him kicking and screaming into my hot mouth, lick at the sweat from his furry chest as he slipped past my lips. Again, my stomach growled. I will relish the taste of his flesh in time, but I was patient. When a creature was as old as I, patience just came easy. I could wait. Till then, there was plenty of meat about to satisfy my hunger.

A strapping youth, was he even 20 yet, approached me. This one was hardly ripe enough to eat. He had the body of a man but the face of an angel. Just beautiful.

Must play some sport in college, like football or rugby. He was smooth and brawny with bright pink nipples standing off his hairless chest. He had a bad ass attitude I could tell was fake. I could smell the fear like tenderizer shimmering off his supple body.

I almost laughed, but instead said, “I swallow.”

“You swallow?” he asked in a non committal tone. His big brown college boy eyes scanning over me, liking what they saw.

And what’s not to like, I am the epitome of man. A fine replica of a once proud warrior I’d devoured centuries ago. The fight he had put up, the grasping struggle for life…it makes my dick hard just thinking about him. So I honor him by taking his mortal form. And it’s a good one, subtle, nothing that would stand out in a crowd and draw attention but that suited my needs. Mine was a rugged form, a bit burly perhaps with wide powerful shoulders and strong limbs, thickly coiled with muscle, a hard solid gut that stood out and a receding hairline shaven close though not altogether bald.

“Yeah, I’ll swallow every last drop of you,” I promised.

The boy shivered in anticipation but tried to suppress it. I took hold of his waist and pulled his fresh smooth flesh against my chest. My hand smoothed down to the small of his back where a white towel clung wrapped around his slim waist. My pale blue eyes looked down deep into his…there was fear there. I pressed my lips down onto his, tasting youth and innocence and for a moment, just a moment, I thought of not eating him.

Then he jerked his head away from my kisses and sneered, “Get off me.”

He broke away. “I didn’t say you can touch me, let alone kiss me. I don’t kiss old faggots,” he said sharply. “Now are you going to suck me off or not?”

My mouth hung open. Sure I was centuries old but I certainly didn’t look it. 35, the oldest…I was fucking hot. Who was this impudent brat. I ought a smack this kid across the-

“AND I don’t want you touching up on me. Just suck my dick or more on. Got it?”

Ripe or not, this boy just toyed with the wrong “old faggot.”

“Would you prefer we move over to the gloryholes?” I asked brightly. I might just chew this kid up alive…or another thought entered into my head.

“Perfect,” College boy scoffed, “I don’t even have to look at you.”

This guy was too much. Such cruel words spoken from such beautiful lips. I missed his fear…I would put it back.

We moved to either side of a partitioned wall way off in a dark corner of the club. I squatted down and peered through the hole there. College boy stood on the other side, teasing me with a show. He swayed his taunt, slim hips while slowly lowering the white towel to just above the patch of light blond pubic hair that crowned his thickening rod, the outline of which growing bigger and bigger under it, giving the towel a tent like appearance. His hands explored his own youthful form as if for the first time. He stroked his finely developed arms and pinched at his high pink nipples, squeezing his brown eyes shut as pleasure washed over him. His hand smoothed down his tight, flat abdomen. The towel sprang open and fell away, a bobbing rock hard cock, it’s head already full and oozing pre-cum.

My stomach growled so loudly the boy heard it over the seedy music of the club.

“You hungry for this, old man?” he said, his tone superior. The throbbing tool neared the hole and I answered with a grunt. Then I cleared my throat and said, “Yes, boy, feed it to me. Feed me your stiff hard cock and let me show you how far down my throat I can get it.”

College boy snickered and poked his hardened tool through the opening. I stared at it for a moment, letting it hang there. The kid was impressive. His cock was a good seven inches, fat with a mushroomed head and a swollen, angry red. I stuck out my tongue and lapped at the drip of pearly white come oozing out his piss slit. Then I unhinged my jaw and stretched it wide, my tongue lengthened and snaked around his throbbing tool. I closed my mouth over it, my lips to it’s base and my nose nestled in his pubes. I swallowed. College boy almost came in my mouth right there. I relaxed my hold and let my lips glide along the length of his swollen shaft. Then I swallowed him up again, this time holding fast, feeling the pulse of his heart as it pumped engorging blood to his cock. College boy tried to pull back but my lips held tight. I swallowed again, pulling his furry balls into my hot mouth as well and heard his body slap hard against the other side of the partition.

“Hey, man, relax!” he said.

I was too busy to relax. Alien juices secreted up from the pit of my stomach forced it’s way through his piss slit, invading into his athletic body. His cock twitched in my throat and I heard him howling in pleasure/pain but still I held fast, enjoying the swell of his dick as it doubled in size to make way for his metamorphose.

His dick filled my mouth as solid and heavy as a lead pipe. I kept my lips wrapped around his cock while it filled with my special elixir. College boy grunted, his ass a hard, dimpled rock, as he tried desperately to break free and pull his dick out of it’s hot, wet prison but my lips were like a vise and gave him no slack.

“Please, man, let me go.PLEASE!!” he begged.

His pleas were music to my ears but I would have to shut him up if I was going to make many more a patron here my meal.

I took a breath through flaring nostrils, let the power build as I held it in for a moment then blew into College boy’s piss hole, sending my toxins shooting inward, deep, to the very core of him.

College boy’s jaw fell open but no sound came from it. His breathing labored into short, hot gasps for oxygen, His tight, sinewy body went rigid, as limbs locked and every muscle strain against his very flesh. Sweat drenched and pulsing red, he stood stiff as a board, unable to move, but very aware. His brown eyes wide with terror.

I could do as I liked with him now, I pondered, while slowly stroking his stiffened meat. Anything. I could eat him now and I would eventually but…I could wait. There were so many men here to devour and I would have them all. I had all night. But what to do with College boy? I could liquefy him, render him a puddle to be stepped in. I could alter him into an elderly man, age his fine, young body into a withered, old faggot, let him wander the corridors of the club…babbling about his youth. That might be a drag for all the others to bear. Well, then, something for the others to use.

I turned to the sound of two regular joes jerked each other off in another corner of the room. They were good looking and full of lust as they worked each other over. I could tell they were on drugs, crystal meth perhaps, looking at the state of their limp penises. They were going at each other with gusto though and an idea formed in my head. I decided to let College boy help them out.

I walked around the partition and moved close behind College boy, pressing my powerful, beefy chest to his sweat slicked back. I whispered in a deep voice, “I know I promised to swallow you but I have a job for you first. Later, I will choke you down whole and let my stomach acids dissolve your fine, strapping flesh while you wither away inside me.” A low moan of terror escaped passed his lips. I traced my finger slowly down his back. “Your flesh will become mine…but till then…” And here I returned to the other side of the partition, grabbing hold of his rigid cock. “…till then, you will serve others.” I bent down and inserted his dick in my mouth and blew hard into his piss-hole, blowing like I was blowing up a balloon.

College boy’s body, an athletic and sinewy as it was, convulsed and swelled. Each muscle on his frame inflated and grew huge and thick. His shoulders as wide as football pads with giant mounds of muscle coiling down his arms, his strapping back contorted into a wide V-shaped mass of muscle. His chest beefed up becoming enormous man tits that pushed him further from the wall (his small pink nipples warped and stretched to dangling man utters), his tight college boy ass enlarged to the size of twin bowling balls, while his slim legs and calf muscles pumped up becoming mighty tree-trunk sized sturdy slabs of meat. College boy was now morphed into a gargantuan of Herculean proportions, four times the man he was.

I needed two hands to work his cock now, one to stroke the veined swollen length and the other to keep my finger over the piss-hole. As my fist pumped his rock hard shaft, I spoke to him.

“Feel yourself, boy, run your hands over your new body. Squeeze your fucking tits. Yeah! That’s it! You’ll make good eaten’ now. Enjoy it, boy! ’Cause I surely will! You like your hot new body? ’Cause it’s not yours, it’s mine. You are my tool.”

The muscled stud who’s dick I work grunted and groaned with pleasure. I could tell he was getting into it. His balls grew tense and I knew he was about to come.

“Every muscle on your frame I have given you! Can YOU feel it! I gave it to you…and I can take it away.” And with that, I removed my finger off his piss-slit.

With the sound of a loud sloppy fart, liquid air spewed out College Boy’s fat swollen cock. It took all my strength to keep a hold of it. I laughed at him and opened my mouth to it. This was not come, for what he was now feeling was not release. What I drank down, in great gasping gulps, was his very essence, the core…the bulk of him…but not all of him.

On the other side of the hole, College Boy’s magnificent physique began to tremble and pull itself inward as if some great vacuum were sucking him down…wrenching him inside out. His powerful thick neck disappeared, as his head sank below his wide shoulders. His massive arms withdrew into himself till just his hands remained, waving franticly, till they too vanished. For a moment, College Boy resembled a Greek statue, some long forgotten god, a ruin with only a limbless, headless torso. Then, with a great, loud POP, he crumpled down like a beer can and was gone.

Back on my side of the partition, all that remained of College Boy I held in my hands. A pulsing penis twitched and jerked about in my clenched fist. I’d transformed him into living dildo…complete with meaty, low hanging testicals. Huge and heavy…almost purple with it’s blue balling, achy need to shoot it’s load.

I lifted my newest work of art to appraise my handy work. With one hand cupping the weighty balls and my other holding it just below the hooded head, I inspected it.

There was a faint outline of a man just below the surface. His figure shown along the contours of the throbbing shaft, arms stuck to his sides… head to the head, feet down to the balls. College Boy was trapped inside his own cock, looking like a snake that had swallowed a man.

“It just doesn’t seem right calling you College Boy anymore. Think I’ll be changing it to Cock Boy!” I said. I chuckled and slapped at the heavy, hanging balls. It thrashed about in my hands like a hooked fish but that only made me laugh harder. “I’ll be back for you later,” I whispered to him.

“Hey boys!” I shouted to the two men fucking around in the corner.

They turned to me, both hot and randy, but cursed with limp dicks. Would mortals never learn that snorting crystal and hard cock just didn’t added up? Whatever, this suited my plans nicely.

“Why don’t you play with this awhile…” I said and tossed the “Cock Boy” dildo across the room.

The fair skinned one caught it in mid-air but lost his grip and let it fall to the floor with a thud.

“Man, that fucking thing feels real!!” he shouted.

“Doesn’t it though,” I answered.

“It’s moving,” said the other guy, the one with the pierced nipples and cock.

“Fresh batteries,” I answered, moving away into the darkness of the club.

The fair skinned guy lifted the throbbing dildo off the floor, he looked at it and then to me but I’d already receded into the shadows. “Thanks buddy!” he shouted. He gently slapped pierced guy across the face with it. “Now lets have some real fun,” he said.


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