The Unwilling Sex-toy.

By The Slaver
published January 27, 2010

Jeff Ettis gets brainwashed on his bucks night. And becomes a sex-toy along with a bouncer.



Jeff Ettis felt apprehensive as he prepared to go out, two days before his wedding, on his stag night. But he was going to have some drinks with a few friends, and a take-a-way. What could go wrong. But as Ettis entered the bar were he was to meat his friends, he was unaware of what was in store for him.

As Ettis walked to the bar, he noticed several attractive women, he decided that he would confront his sexual needs, after all he was only getting married, not like it meant anything, he thought. By the time Ettis got to the bar, his cock was so big he had to go to the bath-room, to spank the monkey.

Ettis had just finished spanking his monkey, when he heard someone come into the bath-room. Ettis finished washing his hands, and turned to leave the bath-room. He found his way barred by a large, tall well built man, in jeans and a t-shirt. His head was completely shaved.

Ettis looked up at the guy, that was when att saw the guy’s eyes. They were large and black, jet black in fact. Ettis found that he could not look away from the guy’s eyes. Ettis could feel a peculiar darkness over-taking his mind. Ettis could faintly hear the guy’s voice, but he could not make out what was being said. Ettis felt like he was falling into blackness, try as he mite, he could not look away from those jet black eyes. When the guy beckoned Ettis to follow him, Ettis slowly and silently obeyed.

Ettis woke, to find himself laying in the rubbish at the back of a MacDonald’s, nowhere near the club he had been in. He stood up, his throat felt sore, and there was a funny taste in his mouth. He looked at his watch, and saw that he had lost, what amounted to about 5 hours. Ettis shock his head to clear it, and headed home, his stag night forgotten.

When Ettis got back to his apartment, he found that he had any erection, he went straight to the bath-room. After twenty minutes, pumping away at his hard cock, Ettis still hadn’t cum.

He was ready to bust, couldn’t get any relief, and his balls ached. Also there was that taste in his mouth, and a nagging feeling something was wrong.

“You can’t cum till I say you can.” said a voice. Ettis spun around, standing in the bath-room door way was the guy from the bar. Ettis stared at the guy blankly, to shocked to say a word. " You can’t remember our 5 hours together, or the fun you had with three of my young bouncers. Of cause not." said the guy.

" What….is….going….on?" asked Ettis forcibly through clenched teeth. “What…have…you…done?” The guy leaned forward, and gently pressed his index fingers into Ettis’s forehead, and said two words. “Remember Cocksucker.”

Suddenly Ettis had a very vivid memory of what had happen. He remembered that the guy’s name was Master Black. He remembered being taken into a darkened room, and the single light that was turned on. He remembered seeing the three bouncers, entranced by Master Black, tied to metal framework fixed to the room’s wall, dressed only in their boxer shorts. Ettis remember having to strip naked, then having to suck the bouncers cocks, and then swallowing their man juice.

Ettis shock as he remembered the line of men, who took it in turns to fuck his face, and shot their spunk down his throat. He remembered one of the entranced bouncers being taken down from the wall, and Master Black tell him to give the bouncer a tongue fuck, a also remembers given the other two bouncers tongue fucks too. Ettis remembered being told to ring his friends, and say he was not coming. Ettis remembered Master Black sticking his tongue up his ass, and being told he could not cum till Master Black told him, he could. Then everything went black.

Ettis stared at Master Black, he was lost for words. “I see you are still unwilling to bow to my power complexly!” said Master Black. “Let’s see how you cope at work in the morning?” he said, looking Ettis straight in the eyes, with his jet black eyes. Everything went black.

The sun shone through Ettis’s bed-room window, he woke with a start. Ettis was laying on top of his bed, all he had on was a white t-shirt, and his boxers. As Ettis sat up, he felt a stiff protrusion up his ass, as he tried to adjust himself, he felt the protrusion go deeper. Every time he tried to move from his bed he fucked himself in the rear. Finally Ettis managed to get off his bed, he pulled off his shorts, and t-shirt. Ettis looked in his mirror, two formidable rubber straps run across his shoulders, forming a strong rubber harness, attached to the rubber harness was a large metal dildo that was firmly embedded in his ass. “How the fuck, did I get this?” Ettis asked himself, as he looked in the mirror. Master Black had replaced the memory block, Ettis could not remember what had happened last night.

Ettis took one last look at himself in the mirror, he then noticed the time, he was late. Reluctantly, he peeled off the rubber harness, and pulled the plug out of his sore ass and toss them into a corner of his room. He dressed in the rubber harness and plug, his grey suit, white shirt, grey tie, shoes and socks. He then left for work.

He just made it to work in time. As he sat down at his computer, Ettis felt a tightness running across his shoulders, and the butt plug dildo once again embedded up his ass. “You’re fucking kidding…?” he whispered to himself.

Dashing to the men’s room, Ettis darted into a cubicle and unzipped his pants, he dropped his trousers to reveal the bottom of the rubber harness, and the butt plug.

Within moments, Ettis’s clothes were off and he stood in the cubicle just in the harness, and butt plug.

After a few minutes of struggling in the cramped stall, Ettis had got the harness off, and the plug out of his ass. Suddenly Ettis realized that he was not wearing underwear. Ettis dressed quickly, and then dashed back too his desk, the harness and butt plug tucked under his arm, he was seen by no one. He put the two things in his desk drew.

Ettis entered his apartment at 12.55 p.m, he was seething, enraged and humiliated, also his balls were aching, he had an erection and he couldn’t cum. He came in through the front door, and found Master Black waiting for him. On seeing Black, Ettis remembered everything that had happened the night before.

“Five times.”, Ettis sneered, as he took of his clothes. “Five times I took those things off, and five times suddenly I found myself back in them. Not to mention, my balls, the erection and I can’t cum.” he snapped. By now Ettis was naked, but for the harness and plug.

Master Black just sat by the kitchen table, and smiled. “My sex-toy!” said Master Black. Ettis’s eyes glazed over, and his head fell onto his chest.

“I’d like you on your knees and hands on the kitchen table!” said Master Black. Like some zombie Ettis complied and crouched on the table, his dick in the air, as he rested on his knees and elbows. Master Black stood up, and went and stood by Ettis’s raised ass.

Ettis felt his hole quivering as Master Black run his tongue up and down his ass crack. “Ahh” Ettis cried out as Master Black pushed two of his fingers into Ettis’s ass. He kept his fingers still for a moment, then shifted them around, dragging them across some hidden magical spot deep inside Ettis. Ettis moaned again, Master Black just kept circling his fingers on that magical spot. Even though he could not cum, till he was told, Ettis was moaning to be aloud to cum.

“Oh!..unn..must…cum.” moaned Ettis, he could feel the muscles in his ass spamming with pleasure, as the fingers up his ass worked their magic. “That feel good?” asked Master Black, as he still gently, but faster, rubbed that spot deep inside of Ettis. All Ettis could do was just moan loudly, and thrust his hips. Master Black speeded up the rubbing of the magical spot. More loud moans came from Ettis. “Now, I want you to get off the table, but keep my fingers inside of you.” Master Black told Ettis, as he pushed his fingers deeper into Ettis’s ass. Ettis climbed off the table, and stood in front of Master Black, his fingers still rammed up Ettis’s ass.

“Good boy. In a short while it will all be over, and you will be mine.” Master Black told Ettis. “But I will need help.” He clapped his hands, from the next room came a broad built man, about 6", with short cropped red hair, wearing just his boxers and white socks, this was the bouncer that Ettis had had to lick out. Master Black pulled his finger out of Ettis. Master Black handed the bouncer a bowl.

Master Black stripped and came behind Ettis. Ettis felt Black’s cock press against his cherry hole. “Now boy, relax your hole, so you can be fucked.” Ettis was told.

Ettis tried to protest but, as his mind rebelled, he could feel his ass muscles relax and his ass-hole open. Master black thrust his cock into Ettis, who gasped. Black started a hard fuck of Ettis’s ass. Ettis gasped, and moaned as Black’s cock went in, and out of his ass.

Ettis tried to grasp what was happening to him, suddenly the bouncer grabbed Ettis’s rod in one of his big hands and started to jerk him off.

Soon, Ettis was moaning under the double assault, he gazed down at his cock, it was leaking pre-cum. He so wanted to cum.

“That’s right Ettis, give into me boy, became mine.” ordered Master Black as he pushed his dick deeper, and harder into Ettis. “CUM” said Black as he speeded up his fuck.

A part of Ettis wanted to refusse but that part got fainter and fainter, untill all Ettis could feel was the bouncer’s hand on his dick, and Black’s rod ramming open his sore virgin butt-hole. Finally, after he had been told he could cum, Ettis gave into it all. He felt his dick throb, and then he was shooting cum into the bowl the bouncer was holding, what seemed to Ettis like gallons of his spunk gushed out of his cock. Black gave aloud grunt, as he fired his spunk deep into Ettis’s ass. Ettis took no notice, but thrust backwoods onto Black’s dick.

The bouncer stopped jerking Ettis off, and took the bowl of cum away from under Ettis dick, and put the bowl on the table. He then lent forward, and kissed Ettis, before Ettis realized what was happening, the bouncer was deep throating him, exploring Ettis inner mouth and throat with his tongue, the bouncer pulled away and smiled. “You look like you need a drink?” the bouncer said, handing Ettis the bowl of cum. “There drink this!” Ettis took the bowl, and put it too his lips. Ettis drained the bowl of cum in about four gulps, he handed the bowl back to the bouncer. The bouncer then deep throated Ettis again, this time Ettis deep throated the bouncer in return.

Ettis never made it to his wedding, on the day of his wedding Ettis was in Master Black’s apartment in New York, with the bouncer and Master Black.

Ettis and the bouncer had spent the night deep throating each other, and fingering each others ass-hole.

But now early in the morning, the two men had been unceremoniously tied to an wooden apparatus, that stood in the middle of the room the three had spent the night in.

Ettis and the bouncer had been bent over the wooden apparatus, and tied

To it so their asses were in the air. Master Black walked up to the two men, in his hands were two long, and wide dildos, both of witch were vibrating.

He placed the dildos between the two men’s legs, the mushroom heads of the dildos poked menacingly against threir ass cracks. The bouncer and Ettis’s eyes opened wide as they felt the vibrating sensation between their ass checks. The dildos massaged their sphincter rings.

“Aaaaahhhh…ffuucckkkk!” the two men gasped loudly, as the vibrating dildos forced their sphincters slightly open. The sensation in their asses intensified. The dildo pushed forcefully against their asses.

They were now virtually screwing themselves inside the two men’s violated ass-holes.

“Oh fuucck! Noooo.” the two men howled, it was really hurting now. Suddenly both men were hit by waves of desire, almost against their will the two men shot cum into containers attached to their throbbing dicks.

Master Black watch the two men, with a halve a hour of dildo training and more hypnotic control, both Ettis and the bouncer would be permanently, and completely under his control.

Ettis had started out an unwilling sex-toy, but now he was an completely willing sex-toy. Master Black could do what he wanted, with both Ettis, and the bouncer.


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