That New Reunion

By EdIam -
published May 13, 2017

Samuel gets a call to mend fences with his estranged father. Should his two brothers and he make the journey?

(Author’s note: Got the idea for this one in the shower this morning. Jerry is truly haunting me now…I’m beginning to feel a bit evil like a demon! WARNING! THIS ONE GETS DARK!!! As always, feel free to comment and e-mail.)

“It will only be for a day or two. Don’t worry.”

Samuel brought his beautiful wife, Heather, in for a hug and kissed her forehead.

“I know, Samuel, but between the four kids, work, babysitters, school, after school activities, it’s going to be so hard to do it all without you."

Pulling out of the hug, he held onto the woman he loved by the shoulders and stared into her eyes. She really was a vision and he truly loved her more than anyone on the face of the planet. The last seven years of marriage had been the best journey of his life and provided him with a six year old boy, five year old girl, another two year old boy and now a five month old baby boy. Steve, Sheila, Seth, and Shane were truly his life now. But here, before him, in the form of his wife, was his soul.

“I know, sweetheart. But I haven’t seen or talked to my dad in over 12 years now, ever since I left for college. You know how I felt about him. With Shane in our lives, it’s long past time to reconnect with him. Besides, I miss my mom. We used to talk on the phone at least once a week but with how busy we’ve all gotten, I haven’t had the chance in so long. Having Dad call out of blue confirmed that I need to go mend fences. He should meet his grandkids one day.”

“Are you sure you don’t want me coming along? I love your mother dearly but have never met him. I know from the little you’ve said he was…” Heather paused, “more than a bit abusive to you and your brothers. Perhaps having me as a buffer will help?”

Letting go of her shoulders, “We talked about this. He called my brothers to patch things up to. My brothers hadn’t been talking to him for so long either. We all decided it would be best if just us three went so they aren’t bringing their wives or kids either. Besides, if he is still the giant asshole…”

Heather swatted Samuel on the shoulder playfully and gestured over to the table. Over at the dining room table not five feet from where their parents were conversing were their four kids, eating their breakfast and shouting at one another. By the looks of it, Steve and Sheila were arguing over some silly childhood thing, Seth was making more of a mess than anything, and baby Shane was eyeing his mother in the high chair, waiting for his food. But, by the looks of it, they hadn’t heard their father swear.

“…JERK. I meant jerk. If he’s still a big jerk, I don’t want him around the kids or you. Let us feel it out and then, hopefully, we can reintroduce him into my life.”

Hugging him again, Heather pulled away and walked over to their kids. “Say goodbye to Daddy!”

With a cacophony of his kid’s goodbyes (and a couple tears), Samuel hugged his kids, kissed his wife, and grabbed his luggage and headed towards the front door. He had a bit of a drive out to the airport and wanted to get there on time.

Samuel had been caught completely off guard when his father had called two days prior. Given how the last time they’d seen one another had gone, he had accepted that the two of them would never speak again. His brothers, too, had left home at 18 and never looked back. Despite this, he’d stayed close with his two younger brothers and his mother. Though, he hadn’t seen her in years nor had he spoken to her in over a week now.

Focusing on the time table he and his brothers had set up the day prior, Samuel hurried to the airport, got through security, and to his gate. He knew that flying out from O’Hare would take some time, so he’d arrived hours early. He was to meet his brothers at the much smaller airport in Rapid City, South Dakota later that night. With a connecting flight in Minneapolis, he just hoped there were no delays.

Samuel had been the first born, followed by his brother, Andrew, and then his other brother, James. The three of them had remained close over the years and frequently gathered for family trips, vacations, and holidays, so Samuel was very familiar with the wives and children both his brothers had accumulated over the years. It was a relief, given the contentious relationship he’d had with his father. It had caused some distress in the first few years after Samuel moved out due to really not wanting to go home ever again.

However, the past ten years or so had been so much better. Samuel, now 38, had started dating Heather around his 27th birthday, and from then on, had really reached out to both his brothers. Andrew, now 36, had married his wife a few years after leaving home. Samuel couldn’t recall, but he believed Andrew had only been 20 when he married her. Now, with one 17 year old daughter, Andrew was probably Samuel’s best friend.

Samuel had always been the born leader. Even though his father was verbally and occasionally physically abusive, Samuel had really taken the lead for his younger brothers. They really all had been pretty different. Samuel was always the athletic, popular jock growing up. When he wasn’t quarterback for the high school football team he’d attended (go Scoopers), he was in track, and basketball, and wrestling. He’d put all of the desire to avoid home into his athletics and his friends and coaches were all the more thankful for it. His physique had always been top notch with a gorgeous set of dark brown eyes, chiseled jaw, heartbreaking smile, and the bit of fuzz on his face that he continued to wear to this day. His hair chest bulged outwards and oozed masculinity. The telltale manly V-shape of his torso showed that he still exercised and ate healthy to this day.

Andrew, on the other hand, dived into school itself. He was the self-professed nerd of the family. He studied regularly throughout school which carried into a humongous scholarship to one of the best colleges in the country. He’d spent most of his time tinkering with machines in the garage or in the science lab at school, partook in knowledge bowl, debate, and the mathletes club. Where Samuel dominated the athletic department in Sturgis, Andrew dominated the GPA. Despite this, Andrew still had a naturally appealing presence about him. He wasn’t the stereotypical nerd. He kept his face cleanly shaven and did have the messy hair, but it added to his charm. He was still a very popular guy and women still flocked to him. In fact, Samuel was pretty sure he’d dated far more people than he had and his wife was actually the one that had settled him down in his senior year of high school. Graduating valedictorian without any real competition, Andrew had given the speech on graduation day to his classmates, friends, and family. Samuel had ventured home for that for the first time since he’d split town, and recalled how empowering and confident his younger brother had been. The boy had truly become a man as he spoke about rising above adversity and claiming what you knew to be your destiny. Samuel knew most didn’t realize the abuse him and his brothers suffered at home, so he nodded knowingly while sitting next to his other brother, James. He didn’t pay much attention at the time, but his mother had come to the graduation without their father. Thank goodness.

James, now 35, too, was vastly different than his brothers. Samuel always felt so badly for his youngest sibling. James had, from the time he’d been born, expressed an interest in the arts and performance. He was an amazing actor, painter, and singer. Samuel had always been so supportive of both his brothers, but the ability for James to perform was so inspiring to him. While living at home, he’d gone to every theater production, every art exhibit, every choir concert, and every oral interpretation meet he could, when he wasn’t at practice or in a game himself. And who could blame him? It’s not like his father was going to attend and provide support. Samuel did recall a brief period of time when James was in middle school that he truly believed that James was actually a homosexual. Growing up in South Dakota definitely created a certain amount of assumption with those men that preferred the more artistic side of life. But James proved him wrong pretty quickly. He recalled a certain time when James was in eighth grade and had walked in on James making out with the leading lady while his hand drifted up her shirt in the show they were doing. James had told Samuel that she was there to ‘run lines’. Samuel never doubted his youngest brother’s sexuality since. It all came to head when Samuel was around 25 and James married a fellow actor he’d met in Los Angeles. She had already married once before, but James, with the big heart he’d always had, adopted both of her young boys as his own. Since then, they’d even had their own daughter.

In short, Samuel loved his brothers. He tolerated his mother despite her standing by their father. And he and his brothers had written their dad out of their lives.

Despite the difficult home life in relation to his father, Samuel didn’t really think about how his dad had abused him very frequently. It just wasn’t something that mattered to him anymore. Back then, when his dad got particularly drunk and unruly, he’d grab his brothers and take them out into the woods behind their house off the ranch they all lived on. In those woods, his brothers and he would get a break and create their own little world. It was so therapeutic and it truly solidified the tight relationship the three of them would have to this day.

Boarding the plane, Samuel quickly texted Andrew and James, telling them he was getting on his first flight. He got a quick response from James. He was still waiting for his flight out of LAX. Samuel imagined James would probably be in the air at that moment, having flown out of JFK. It was rough living in Chicago while Andrew lived in New York City and James settled in Los Angeles. They didn’t get to see one another very frequently; only about twice a year for Christmas and an annual summer get away. But Skype and Facetime had really helped them all stay insanely close.

So it was no problem getting both his brothers on the phone right after he’d finished his talk with his father two days prior. Samuel had figured it was his mother calling for her weekly visit. But when he heard the gruff, deep voice on the other end, he knew this was no ordinary call. His father, Alan, had stated that he was tired of not knowing his boys. He pleaded with Samuel to come visit him as soon as he could and that his mother wanted him there too. Samuel had resisted at first. After all, this was the man that had called him and his brothers faggot and so many other derogatory names, constantly attempted to deflate him, and had even hit him a time or two. He didn’t even think about his dad most of the time anymore. And now, randomly, he wanted him to come see him?

He’d called Andrew and James on Skype almost instantly after he’d hung up. They hadn’t yet gotten a call and expressed disbelief, but, Andrew’s phone rang while they were in the call and he stated it was Alan. Taking the call, he came back, saying he thought their father sounded sincere. James, too, then got a phone call. After they’d all gotten the chance to talk to Alan, they decided that it was time. They were all so successful in their jobs with happy home lives; it would really be for the best to bring their father, and by extension, their mother back into their lives.

So they booked a flight two days later, explained the situation to their wives, and all headed back to South Dakota: a place all three of them never wanted to return to.

The flight for Samuel was pretty standard. He napped most of the way. When they landed in Minneapolis, he found his gate, waited, boarded, and continued on his way. Finally landing in Rapid City about 9 hours later, Samuel was truly exhausted. He hadn’t heard from his brothers throughout the flights or during his wait in Minneapolis, but as he took his phone off airplane mode while his plane taxied towards the gate, his phone received a text from Andrew.

-Waiting in the bar/food court. Need approx. seven hundred whiskey shots-

Samuel chuckled to himself. Andrew was definitely joking. He knew none of his brothers even touched alcohol given the problems his father had had with the stuff. Beyond that, Andrew was a successful research scientist for a large conglomerate in New York. When he wasn’t in a lab coat, Samuel knew he always wore his stuffy professor-like suits. No way was he getting drunk looking like that in a small town airport. But, Samuel did have to admit, he wanted something to get his mind off the nervousness he was feeling too.

Leaving the plane, grabbing his luggage, and heading towards the airport food court, he arrived in only a few short moments. The airport in Rapid City was tiny compared to the vastness he’d walked through in both Chicago and Minneapolis. There, at the bar, drinking what looked to be ice water, was Andrew.

“Andrew! So good to see you!”

Samuel dragged his luggage over to his brother as Andrew turned with a huge smile on his face.

“Samuel, I missed you, buddy!”

A quick hug and both men sat down to converse as they waited for their younger brother to arrive. Looking up at the screen, it looked like the flight their brother was on wouldn’t arrive for another hour or so. So Samuel strapped in and ordered himself water and a large salad to satiate his developed hunger.

“So how goes the business?” Andrew asked.

“Oh, fine. We’re still trying to renovate the original restaurant but we’ve expanded to another neighborhood too. Up to six now. Heather was obviously a bit worried about handling it all on her own, but she knows what she’s doing. She probably knows more than me, in fact!”

“That’s great! Work’s good hear too. Amber and the kids doing well. We’re actually working on some top secret scientific research for the government now. And, honestly, I already said too much,” Andrew said with a smirk, knowing it would drive Samuel wild with curiosity. Samuel, for his part, knew that Andrew wouldn’t and couldn’t say much, so he let it go.

So they started conversing somewhat mindlessly about politics, their families, recent events, and their lives in general. Until, finally, they got a text from James.

-Landed. I’m coming. Good Lord, this day is exhausting-

Samuel slid his empty plate away from him, grabbed his luggage, and Andrew and he headed towards James’ gate. About fifteen minutes later, James came meandering out of the long hallways towards his brothers. James looked to be wearing a stylish button up and some khakis with a flustered look on his face. Samuel made a mental note to ask him if he’d been working out. They had planned on going on vacation, so he hadn’t seen James since last December and it looked as though his form had packed on a few muscles. Knowing he and his wife were becoming more and more successful in the acting world of LA meant he was probably going to try to look better. Samuel had even seen his brother in a commercial or two! Putting all that aside, he waved at his little brother happily.

“Guys, I certainly hope the next time we agree to see mom and him again, we make them meet us in our cities,” James joked as he hugged his two brothers.

Walking to the car rental stand, the brothers all joked and laughed, discussing their journey. They all conversed so frequently in their ordinary lives, there wasn’t really much to catch up on other than the bigger changes in recent weeks. Samuel knew, instinctively, they were all over compensating to cover up the almost crippling anxiety they were feeling knowing they were now only about an hour drive to their childhood home and their horrible father.

Samuel got behind the wheel of the car they were renting and Andrew grabbed shotgun. James spread out in the backseat as Samuel drove off. The conversation quickly started to feel more strained as they made their way through Rapid City, down Interstate 90, and headed towards their hometown of Sturgis. The ranch they grew up on was a good fifteen minute drive outside of town on a large ranch. As every mile marker went by, the dread grew in their minds. For the first time in two decades for Samuel, he was going to see the man that haunted his childhood.

“So, how you guys feeling about all this?” James asked as they passed the rest station. Samuel smiled. It was just like James to be the one to get to the emotional aspect of what they’re going through.

“I’m honestly nervous, but also excited. I’m hoping that he’s grown. Mom seems to think he has been a bit. He met a new friend that he’d been spending some time with and Mom really seemed to think it brought out a new life in him,” Andrew explained.

“When did Mom tell you that? I haven’t talked to her in a week and half or so,” Samuel wondered.

“Oh, I’d say this was about three days ago or so? It was a little strange; she called kind of early in the morning. She usually waits for the evening. It was only a day or so before Alan called and invited us to come. She said he’d really taken to the man. Went for walks in the woods and stuff. Really seemed to calm him down. She even said he wasn’t really drinking.”

Samuel’s confusion only grew upon hearing that. His dad had made a friend? Even when he lived there, his father never really even left the house. He worked the ranch, drank, and abused him and his brothers. Those were honestly the only three things he ever recalled his father doing. His mom had always been the one to go into town to get groceries or put money in the bank. Samuel was pretty positive he’d only seen his father in his dad’s favorite armchair about 90% of the time. His mom did most of the housework and he’d made the boys do a large brunt of the ranch work.

Arriving in Sturgis provided the boys with a particularly larger amount of dread. It looked relatively the same. Different exits off the interstate, but, on the whole, still the small town they remembered. It being July now, they knew it would start filling with bikers from all across the world for the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, something they never really partook in themselves, having far too many responsibilities on the ranch, but still attempted in their adolescent years to attend. Even though it wouldn’t start for about three weeks, they could see that there were an increased number of bikers in the area and the town had already put up a welcome sign to bikers exiting the interstate.

“So glad Dad asked us home now. There’s no way I’d have come if the freaking rally was going on,” Samuel muttered. It was true that most of the locals hated the rally as the large influx of bikers really wasn’t ideal for their normal small town vibes. Even after decades of being away, Samuel, Andrew, and James had a bit of distaste for the event.

The lights from the small town started to fade in the rear view mirror as they traveled closer and closer to the isolated ranch. They had turned off the paved road out of town about a mile back and were probably only another mile away from the place they were nervously thinking about. A light in the distance marked the front porch a Samuel started to think that, perhaps, this had been a mistake. This was a place he had accepted he’d never see again. In a weird way, Samuel felt like he was 18 years old again, heading home after a football game; dreading the horrible man that lived behind those walls.

In silence, the three men approached the house in the car, the lights flashing over the porch, the front door, and past the kitchen window. It was surprisingly dark inside for only being around 8:00 pm. They figured their mom would be cooking and baking excitedly awaiting their return. Alan was probably in his armchair, like he always had been.

Leaving the luggage in the car for the moment, the three men decided to approach the front door. Hesitantly, Samuel knocked loudly.

“Come in!” They heard the shout from inside.

The door creaking open ominously, the three men stepped inside.

“Mom? Dad? Where are you?”

The entryway stretched out before them. This old ranch house had a large mud room attached to the house where people could remove their shoes and dirty clothes. Across from the door they entered from, was the door to the house proper. It was ajar and lead towards the hallway that opened into the kitchen on the left and the living room on the right. A stairway extended up to the second floor just passed the kitchen doorway. Up those stairs had been the boys three rooms and one bathroom. Back on the first floor, the master bedroom was across the way from the entrance and a larger bathroom was attached to the hallway that could be accessed via the hallway, master bedroom, and living room. Below the stairs leading up, was a door leading down, to the basement/cellar.

It was all too surreal to the men. This was the first time any of them had been home in years and neither their mother nor their father was greeting them at the door. Beyond that, they house looked dead. A faint glow was extending from the right where they assumed their father was watching TV. But, even stranger, there were low moans and a creaking coming from the source of the light.

Samuel looked over to Andrew and James as if to say ‘what the hell?’ Though they had never truly felt at home in this place when they lived there, now it just felt like a haunted house straight out of a horror movie. Walking slowly as a group, the three brothers left the mud room and instantly turned towards the living room.

Their parents had clearly rearranged in the time since the boys had been there, so that same old armchair his father had loved so much was now facing away from the hallway. Before, his father had positioned the TV at an angle to the hallway so that he could see anyone that was coming or going. It had been a power play he’d showcased to his boys to let them know that while they lived there, they couldn’t avoid his gaze. Now, however, the TV was behind the armchair so the light extended over the shadowy figure of the armchair and the slight head poking up over the top that clearly belonged to their father, Alan.

“Dad?” Samuel quietly asked.

After a brief pause, a bit more strange low moaning that seemed to come from their father, and that squeaking sound, “Boys! You’re here! Come in!”

Pausing due to the incredibly bizarre circumstances they’d walked into, the men slowly started walking inside. Glancing around, they saw that their mother had clearly received the Christmas letters they’d sent throughout the years. The walls had updated pictures of all of their families. Though their mother had made it to all three of the men’s weddings, that was the only interaction she’d ever really had with them in person. So she knew their wives and some of their children. Clearly, however, she hadn’t avoided hanging them on their wall. Samuel looked at the picture his family had taken last year. Their youngest wasn’t in the picture yet, but his beautiful wife was very clearly pregnant and his three children smiled out at him. A voice in his head told him in that moment to turn around and just go home to them. There was no reason to stay here.

But against that better judgement, Samuel approached the chair, his brothers grouped up behind him. The TV started to come into focus and Samuel stopped suddenly, confused. There, on the TV, was Samuel. It was a video of him during his high school years as he played football. He recalled that his mother had bought a cheap video camera in the late 80s knowing that Alan wouldn’t go to see his sons. Samuel remembered she’d stated at the time it was due to the increased workload ranchers had, but he’d known the truth even then. His father just didn’t care. But now he was watching home movies of his boys from their childhood? It was almost enough to convince him that his father truly had changed. Almost.

Because as he rounded the chair to go sit on the couch and converse with his long lost father, Samuel froze again. This time in disgust.

His father was in his favorite armchair, watching the home movie of Samuel throw a football, and was enthusiastically and unabashedly masturbating his surprisingly long and thick cock.

Samuel had never really thought about men in even a remotely sexual way. So he wasn’t one to really judge if a man was sexy or not. But he had known since childhood that his father was rather unattractive. Especially compared to the fit and healthy bodies of his brothers and himself.

Unsurprisingly, his father still looked to be incredibly out of shape. His large beer belly swelled out covered in a salt and pepper expanse of hair. His nipples were hard as stone and poking through the forest of hair on two sagging and mushy pecs. His untoned arms were covered with the same hair from the back of the hand all the way up to the shoulders and extended even farther to his back. Pudgy legs spread out in front of him as he helped himself to the achingly hard cock being stroked in his hand. A particularly large set of balls hung shockingly far below him, swaying with every stroke. And his face was unkempt, covered in patchy facial hair, dark grey eyes peered gleefully at the screen, and a bald head shone with thin strips of white hair growing randomly.

“What the hell are you doing dad?!” Samuel exclaimed instantly. Having joined him, Andrew and James, too, stopped in shock. Andrew gasped and wretched while James just stared blankly.

Looking over to his eldest son, “I’m jerking it to you. God, Sammy. Why didn’t I see it before? You’re such a sexy man. Fuuuuuck,” Alan groaned as he looked to his cock as a particularly large amount of pre-cum oozed out the tip. “I’m so glad you guys made it. I’ve wanted this for days.”

That was when Samuel noticed the smell. Clearly, his father hadn’t showered in days. Looking closer, he could see that he was covered in his own cum. The penis he was continually jerking was bright red and was probably sore, but the man continued to masturbate, even more aggressively now that he was looking at his sons.

Suddenly, the brothers heard a car start in front. Samuel and Andrew, in their confusion, didn’t immediately react, especially since Samuel noticed the pile of tapes stacked up next to the TV. One said ‘James piano recital ‘95’, another said ‘Andrew science fair ’93’, and quite a few said ‘Samuel game day’ with various years listed. James, on the other hand, ran out of the living room to investigate.

“Someone is driving away in our rental car!” James shouted.

Woken from the stupor of seeing his father masturbating, Samuel ran out to James. Strangely enough, as he rounded the corner into the mud room, James was standing there at the doorway shaking.

“Well, what the hell are you doing, James! We need to run after the thief!”

“I know, man! But I can’t leave the doorway. I don’t…get it…I’m trying to…but my body won’t move!” James shouted back at Samuel as James backed away from the door in frustration. Shaking his head in doubt, Samuel ran towards the door. But, without meaning to, he slowed down considerably as he approached it. Getting slower and slower until, at the doorway, he just stopped. Samuel couldn’t move. He shook as he tried to tell his muscles to move out into the dark expanse before him. He could see their car driving down the dirt road farther and farther away. But, for some reason, he just couldn’t leave the house, no matter how hard he tried.

Getting more frustrated and angry than scared, Samuel turned and abandoned the door, leaving James to figure it out. He stormed back into the living room where Andrew had sat on the couch, continuing to stare in disbelief at his father. Every couple seconds, Andrew would dry heave slightly as the smell and the sight before him clearly disgusted him. Samuel, however, was pissed off.

Rounding the chair where his father continued to sit and stare at Andrew with lust, Samuel punched his father in the cheek.

“What the fuck is going on here? Why can’t we leave? And put some God damned clothes on, Alan.”

“Mmmm…punch me again. That was hot. You’re hot. MmmmMMMMMM…OH GOD OH GOD,” Alan moaned. Samuel took a step back as he watched his father’s cock explode with semen launching all over. It was unbelievable how much came out of his 64 year old father’s cock, especially considering the man was already so covered in it. He added load after load to his own chest, his thighs, the floor, and the armchair he was so in love with.

“I can’t even…” Samuel started to say as he heard Andrew upchuck behind his father. Leaning forward, Andrew had vomited on the floor in front of him, clearly disgusted with the cum-drenched man they’d walked in on.

“Oh, God, boys, you’re all so sexy. I’ve missed you. I’m so glad you’re home,” Alan stated as he looked from Samuel to Andrew, not even acknowledging the clearly fuming Samuel or sick Andrew beyond telling them they were sexy.

Samuel glared as though he would murder the man in the chair.

“Alan. Look at me,” Samuel stated with a guttural clarity.

“Oh God, of course, Sammy. Yes,” eagerly turning his attention to his oldest boy.

“What is going on? Why can’t we leave? Where is Mom?” Samuel stated as calmly and distinctly as he could given the chaos happening around him.

After a brief pause in which Samuel was sure Alan had looked at the area between Samuel’s legs, took a deep breath, and continued to masturbate his still hardened cock. Alan finally answered, “Well, Jerry came over about four days ago and helped me realize how much I missed you boys. I’d imagine he made it so you can’t leave and he probably stole your car. He wants you hear almost as much as I do. But, believe me, boys, I want you hear the most. I can’t really get out of this chair at the moment, but why don’t you come down here and give your old man a kiss?” Alan began puckering his lips and leaning towards Samuel, who, finally, also started to dry heave.

Recovered from his nausea, Andrew finally responded, “Alan. Who the hell is Jerry?”

Alan quickly whipped his head around to look at Andrew. The insanity in his eyes was increasingly troubling to Andrew. Alan responded, “Oh, Jerry is my best friend. You’ll meet him soon. He’ll help you all like he helped me. We can be a family again!”

James finally ventured back into the living room as an extended uncomfortable silence fell over Samuel and Andrew. Alan had continued to masturbate, looking from Samuel to Andrew to the TV. “It’s no use,” James stated, “I just can’t leave the door. It makes no sense.” James stayed back in the doorway. Samuel assumed his youngest brother would prefer not to be an object of their father’s insane lust. Clearly, the man had lost his mind. But where was their mother?

Before Samuel could get his father’s attention again to ask about their mom, the tape on the TV ended. Like he’d done, clearly, time and time again, their father instantly got up, moved to the VCR, pulled out the tape, set it on the pile of tapes on the right, and grabbed a tape from the left. Pressing play, he returned to his seat. Samuel noted that his father continued to stroke his cock during the entire process.

A stage appeared on the TV. All three boys and Alan stared at the screen as a band began to play.

“Oh no,” James moaned from the doorway.

“What is it?” Andrew asked.

“That’s my senior year play. We did The Music Man. Alan is going to masturbate to me performing. We need to find a way out of here. Now.”

Gaining his strength, Andrew stood up and walked towards James as Samuel did the same.

“You’re right, James, but how. There’s the front door, some windows, and a cellar storm door to the cellar. I’ll try the front door because I haven’t yet, Samuel, will you try the storm door? James, try to get some windows open. Hell, break them if you have to. We also should look for mom.”

Agreeing, the three brothers split up. Andrew headed towards the front door, James went into the kitchen to attempt to get some windows open somehow, and Samuel went to the door under the stairs. Opening it, he turned the light on.

Feeling a new sense of bravery take him over, he began walking down the stairs. About halfway down, he smelled an overwhelming aroma that made him instantly regret agreeing to go down there. The basement had always been a bit creepier and dirty than the other areas of the house. It came with living in a ranch house in the middle of nowhere. Spiders, rats, and any number of pests would infest every nook and cranny of the rank, moist, and dark large room. Wiping a cobweb from his face as he stepped onto the basement floor, Samuel continued through the room towards the cellar door.

The lights were creepy and flickering and Samuel couldn’t help but feel like he’d truly wandered into a silly teen horror film. It was almost humorous how his imagination was running wild. That shadow looked like a witch, Samuel told himself, with a slight chuckle. That one’s an axe murderer. The shadow game had always been a way in which he coped with his irrational fears. It was an entertaining little way for him to face his fears. After seeing another shadow that almost made him laugh out loud because it reminded him of his masturbating father, Samuel finally reached the storm door. He unlatched the lock and placed both his hands on the handles and tried to push. But couldn’t. It wasn’t even that there was something blocking them on the other side. It was as if his body wouldn’t allow him to use his muscular frame to even attempt to open them.

After struggling for a good five minutes, Samuel gave up. It was just no use. His body wouldn’t listen to him. A slight scampering feeling on his arm suddenly woke him from frustration of failure and he brushed the fairly large spider away eratically. He turned and fidgeted as the spider flew across the room. After calming himself and chuckling slightly at his overreaching, Samuel looked toward the opposite side of the room. There he noticed the little work station at the far corner. It was eerily lit be its own dimming light. That was where he recalled Andrew retreated to on the particularly abusive days with their father. He’d tinker with weird machines and gadgets. Samuel knew that it was there that Andrew’s love of education and science grew.

He also knew that something seemed out of place. The dim lighting couldn’t provide quite enough light to make it out, but it was bizarrely shaped. There seemed to be something underneath the work station that looked a little askew. Walking towards it slowly, Samuel cautiously reached out to find out what it was. Nearing it, he thought it looked like a mannequin, but he couldn’t imagine his mother or his father owned one. His mom had always been more of a cook and baker than a seamstress or clothes maker.

As if getting punched in the gut, Samuel collapsed as he realized what it was.

His mother.

His dead mother.

She was blue, cold, and had spiders and insects climbing all over her.

Horrified, Samuel didn’t know what else to do but cry. He sobbed next to his mother for what seemed like hours, but really, probably was only 15 minutes. He was awakened from his stupor by the sound of James coming down the stairs.

“Samuel? What’s wrong? What are you doing over there?” James hollered from the stairs.

“Stay out, James. Stay out. I’ll come to you. One second,” Gathering his strength, Samuel stood, wiped away his tears, looked down at his mother one last time, and ventured over to his concerned younger brother. Without a word, he walked up the stairs and hugged James.

“Wha…what happened?”

“James. I’m sorry. It’s Mom. She’s…she’s…no longer with us.”

“No way. What? No way.”

James pushed Samuel off and ran down the stairs and across the room. Samuel followed close behind him, trying to protect him from seeing it.

James went right to where he’d seen Samuel before and saw her with his own eyes. He stood there, shaking, lightly sobbing. Samuel came up next to him and put his hand on his shoulder.

They stood in silence for another 15 minutes.

“I’m sorry, James. We really should tell Andrew though. And we have to find a way out of here. I wouldn’t be surprised if Alan lost his mind and killed her. We can’t stay here. But we can go get the police.”

James nodded slowly. Looking down at her as Samuel turned to walk away, James required a little tug from Samuel to get moving. Together, they walked across the long, gloomy room towards the stairs. Samuel let James go first up the stairs, and they slowly ascended. As they got to the door, James turned to Samuel. “I couldn’t get the windows open. I mean…” James took a breath and shook off his emotions, “I literally couldn’t. My body just stopped. I even tried throwing one of Mom’s huge metal pans out the winder to break it. I picked it up, went to throw it, and then just couldn’t. I don’t get it. I want to. But I couldn’t.”

“I know, James. It was the same feeling for me with the cellar door.”

Begrudgingly and nervously, James turned around. Samuel sensed that he didn’t want to have to break the news to Andrew about what they’d discovered in the basement. Don’t worry, kiddo, I’ll do it, Samuel thought to himself.

As they opened the door, they heard a louder moan coming from the living room. Samuel figured their disgusting and insane father was cumming again watching James perform in his musical. Attempting to ignore the insanity of what was happening in there, the two brothers walked towards the mud room to talk to Andrew about their mother.

As they entered, they looked at each other. Andrew wasn’t at the front door. He should have been trying to help them escape, but he’d clearly either succeeded and left, or abandoned the effort to try something else. Knowing that it was no use to them, they turned and walked back into the hallway.

“You go look in the master bedroom for Andrew, I’ll go upst…” Samuel began as he looked at James. Behind him, he could see the light from the TV still surrounding his father and the chair, but the shadows had shifted. It looked to him as though someone was kneeling to the side of the chair. Samuel’s face went white.

There was someone in the living room leaning over the side of the chair with their head in the lap of Alan. Samuel knew that only one other person was in the house.

“Stay here,” Samuel demanded mid-sentence with as much dominance that he could muster. He didn’t want James to see what he was seeing.

Pushing James to the side, Samuel entered the living room forcefully and slammed the door to the hallway shut before James got the chance to protest. Locking the door, Samuel turned to his father and who he assumed was his brother. Marching towards the chair, his fears were confirmed.

Alan was still sitting in the chair looking at the home movies, but now, Andrew was kneeling on the floor slightly to the side of his feet. Standing at the far side of his father, Samuel could see that Andrew was entirely nude, masturbating himself, and licking up all the cum on his fathers stomach. Each lick seemed to let out a moan in their father and Andrew, obviously encouraged by the moans, tried to lap up even more.

His brothers naturally messy hair was even more messy now. At some point since he’d started licking his father’s cum, Alan had clearly cum again and there were bits and globs of semen resting in Andrew’s hair. He didn’t seem fazed by it in the slightest. Behind Andrew was his suit, clearly stripped off in a haste and placed on top of the vomit he’d let out earlier in the night. Neither Alan nor Andrew seemed to even notice Samuel had come into the room, engrossed as they were in the perverted actions they were performing.

Samuel was utterly speechless. His married brother was licking cum off their long hated father. And he seemed to be enjoying it to a crazy degree. Samuel hadn’t seen Andrew completed naked since they lived together as teens, but, even in this crazy scenarios, he had to admit Andrew had become a good looking man. He had what many would consider a swimmers body. Thin yet strong. His chest had a light layer of dark black chest hair that was rubbing mindlessly on the fat legs of their father. Tiny nipples were clearly stimulated in the state he was in as his strong arms made his veiny hands scoop up more and more cum as he almost seemed to inhale it. For his part, Andrews penis was clearly above average in size and bordered by a thick bush of black pubes. Rock hard, Andrew was slightly smaller than the penis of the his father, which was now being licked for remaining cum.

Feeling like he was going insane himself, Samuel thought his father had to be at least 8 inches and thicker than himself, even though Samuel knew he was pretty thick. Andrew was probably around 6.5 inches and had a good circumference. But, honestly, watching his brother shove the fat dick in his both clearly craving the manseed covering it made him try to rationalize what he was seeing. And he couldn’t fathom how his father’s fat cock could fit in his brothers small mouth.

He laughed.


He couldn’t help it. Here he was, watching his younger brother fellate his father and all he could think of was how impressive it was that his brother could fit his large dicked father in his mouth.

What in the hell kind of day was this?!

Hearing the laughter, both Andrew and Alan looked over to Samuel.

“Oh, Sammy! You’re back. Why don’t you kneel down and help little Andy here clean me up.”

“Yeah, Sammy! It tastes so good! Daddy’s seed will make us grow up big and strong!”

The laughter stopped. His brother and best friend, too, had gone insane. Clearly. There truly was no other explanation. As he stared wide eyed, as Andrew stopped licking the cock and arched his back downward to lick up the cum that had spilt onto the floor. Alan, having his cock free again, continued to masturbate as he stared at Samuel lustfully.

Then the thought occurred to him: if James and he stayed in this house, chances are, they would end up with the same insanity. Andrew, not even an hour ago, had been normal. Now, as Samuel listened to him slurp, he was licking semen off the floor. A new feeling found its way deep into his gut for the first time this evening.


Whatever was happening here, it defied sense and Samuel knew that something was closing in on them. Their inability to leave, their dead mother, their perverted disgusting father, and now Andrew. Something beyond his comprehension was happening.

He only wished he could talk to Andrew. He had always been the smartest of the three. If there was something to figure out, he would analyze every angle, experiment, and really figure it out. Samuel had been the muscles, Andrew the brains, and James the heart.


He had to go and let him know what was happening. Why, oh why had he split himself off from him?

Running to the door, Samuel haphazardly unlocked it with trembling hands and pulled the door open in a flash. No one was there.

“Fuck,” Samuel whispered to himself as he pulled his hand to forehead. He began to rub, trying desperately to calm down and think when he heard a quiet voice coming from across the hall in the kitchen. It didn’t sound like James.

Samuel’s heart began to beat harder than he’d ever remember it beating; even when he was a child and his dad was coming after him with a belt, he didn’t recall feeling this amount of complete terror. There was a stranger in their house and possibly was the cause of all these strange occurrences.

Tip-toeing across the hall, Samuel positioned himself at the doorway and listened intently. Someone seemed to be talking to someone else. He knew the voice didn’t sound like James. Samuel pieced together that whoever it was was talking to his youngest brother.

“…boy. You know everything I said is unbelievably true. You don’t remember anything from your life other than these truths. You want to fulfill your desires so much. You can hardly control it any more. So horny. So needy. Hurry! Run to him! Tell him how you feel!”

Samuel held his breath as he heard a chair scrape across the floor with so much force that it clearly fell and footsteps rushed towards the door. Pushing himself into the wall to try to hide from whoever might be running his way, Samuel felt his heart sink as his brother James ran by him. Completely naked.

Without a glance anywhere else, James ran across the hall towards the living room. Samuel was trying, desperately, to look away, but he couldn’t. The fit butt cheeks of his brother flopped with each stride as he disappeared behind the door. Samuel couldn’t help but look after him, despite desperately not wanting to.

Frozen in place, Samuel didn’t know what to do. The stranger that had been whispering to James was still in the kitchen and there was really no way around the door frame without being seen. Before he could even begin to construct a plan, he started hearing James gush from the living room.

“Oh, Daddy! I missed you so much! My life had no meaning without in the slightest. Please, take care of me again and let me stay with you! I love you, Daddy! Can I help clean you? Please, Daddy, please!”

Samuel began feeling dizzy at the sheer insanity of what he was hearing. Then, “Of course Jimmy! Join your brother, Andy at my feet. Get good and strong for Daddy and drink my cum…ooh..oh yeah…my sexy, sexy, unghh…JIMMY!”

By the sound of it, Alan had cum again.

Samuel was absolutely stunned, frozen, and terrified. His brothers had lost their minds, his father was an incestuous pervert, his mother was gone forever, and a stranger was lurking somewhere behind the wall he was currently cowering behind. He found himself thinking of Heather. Of his kids. Of the wonderful life he had back in Chicago. Why had he even considered coming back to this hell hole when he had everything he’d ever wanted or needed back home?

Samuel started sliding down the wall, completely crestfallen. He honestly just had no idea what he was going to do. He couldn’t stay in this house a moment longer, but he also seemed incapable of leaving for some reason. He listened for a few minutes as he heard a song being song on the TV in the living and the low sounds of his father moaning and his brothers slurping.

And then Samuel almost jumped out of his skin as he saw movement out of the corner of his eye. Beyond his ability to even begin to comprehend how, his father was walking out of the kitchen. Nude, hard, and confident.

Samuel could still hear his father moaning in the living room, and yet, he was standing there in front of him staring in at his brothers sucking away at their father.

“Dad?” Samuel meekly wondered.

Turning to him, the man that looked like his father smiled down at him. “There you are, Sammy! I so wanted to meet you. Given how you addressed me, you seem to see me exactly how your brothers did. How strange that all three of you are so repulsed and disgusted by your own flesh and blood. Strange and sad.”

The man made a mock pouty face down at Samuel who could do nothing but stare back. This man was the spitting image of his father physically. He definitely didn’t carry himself in the same brutish and bully-ish way, however. And, strangest of all, his eyes seemed to glow a deep purple/blue. Samuel couldn’t help but shake the feeling that this doppelganger was somewhat supernatural.

“Who…what…are you?” Samuel mustered out with effort.

“That’s a difficult question to answer while you’re whimpering on the floor like a scared pig. Perhaps you would do a bit better if you looked into my eyes?”

Samuel, in his terrified state, could truly hold no resistance. He gazed into the shining purple and blue glowing eyes of the man who looked exactly like his father.

“Good boy, Sammy. Because that’s your name. Isn’t it, Sammy?”


“Stand up. I want to see Alan’s eldest child.”

Sammy stood up instantly, knowing this man before him could not be defied.

“No, no, no, Sammy, my boy. You’re far too clothed. Remove it all and get hard. I want to see you in your full glory.”

Staring deeply into the utterly hypnotic eyes before, Sammy took his jacket, and then his shirt off, revealing his well-defined, masculine chest. Pulling his shoes and socks off next, without a single thought, he then began unbuttoning the dress pants and unzipping, he removed his pants and underwear in one swift motion, feeling his already engorged member pop up. Standing tall, he truly was a spectacular specimen of manhood. Tall, dark, handsome, hairy, and hung. His 8 inch monster stuck straight out, as though pointing at the man who was taking him over entirely.

“Good, good. You don’t mind at all if I grab your junk, do you, Sammy?”


Grabbing it and stroking it gently, the beautifully eyed man stared deep into the dark brown eyes of his final conquest.

“Sammy, I think it’s time we went back into the living room so I can fill you in on what’s going on here. You’d love that more than anything. Wouldn’t you?”

His heart swelled with desire as he replied, “Yes!”

The man lead the nude eldest son back into the living room and over towards the couch. Sammy couldn’t help but stare at the man the entire time, ignoring his stroking father and slutty brothers. All that mattered were those eyes. Sitting, the man began to speak again.

“Sammy, my name is Jerry. And I knew I needed you the moment your father invited me in four nights ago. I’d been wandering a bit, thought I’d come to Sturgis a bit early for a rally and find a lovely, sexy, all male family for me to have fun with. Now, I don’t tend to linger in a house for too long, but I knew…just KNEW I had to get this family back together after your dad was so generous in telling me about how distant you’d all become. Ganted, it was the first house I picked and I tend to take what I stumble upon, but it worked out so well, don’t you think?”

Sammy smiled a toothy grin, “Yes.”

“The only real problem was your mom. Now, Sammy, in this state of mind, I know you won’t even begin to mind learning that I’m a demon. A homosexual demon, at that. I specialize in making straight men as gay as I am. And I love it. Especially families. Ooooo, nelly, do I love making some incest porn for my memory banks,” Jerry chuckled as he pointed to his right temple and tapped it. “I can’t even begin to describe to you the countless families I’ve fucked with. “It was rather simple, in fact. I made your father compliant, he invited me in, he showed me the pics of you and your brothers when I asked if he had any sons. And, my oh my, are you three masterpieces. Just…FUCK,” Jerry groped his cock and shook it, “Your prim and proper family photos got me so hard, man. So hard. Fuck, I’m so hard now that I’ve GOT you three. Sammy, suck me off.”

Without hesitation, Sammy knelt before the demon that looked exactly like his father and latched himself onto this cock.

“Oh, you straight boys sure know how to suck. Mmmm. Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah. Your mom. Sorry, I tend to ramble and get lost. No worries. Your mom’s dead. You don’t care about that in the slightest now, though, do you?”

Sammy, with his mouth full of cock for the first time in his life, shook his head.

“I figured you’d say that. She was a nice lady that first night. I mean, I’m not a complete monster. I let her think your dad and I were just friends while I fucked him in every room of the house, back in the woods, all over the damn ranch, really. But, women bore me. So I had your dead strangle her that second night right after he called you three sexy mother fuckers…oops!” Jerry brought his right hand to his open mouth to feign shock. “Mother…fuckers…mother. Um, too soon?”

Again, Sammy shook his head as he sucked enthusiastically. Jerry guffawed loudly.

“That was rhetorical, you sexy mouthed faggot! Anyway, your Daddy, because that’s exactly who Alan is to you completely and wholly now, your Daddy, explained to me how he used to taunt you kids and belittle you and hit you and yadda yadda yadda, that same old ‘poor me’, ‘my childhood was rough’ stuff. He said he was jealous of how much you all succeeded despite him. How stupid is that? I mean, can you get more successful that what you see right there?” Jerry pointed to Daddy, naked, sweating, panting, and jerking in the armchair in front of them. “You love him so much and know he’s the best person on Earth so obviously, you don’t care about any of that any more at all. Do you?”

Sammy shook his head, drool beginning to leak out of his lower lip as he greedily sucked.

“In fact, you’re finding it hard to think of anyone you love more than Daddy. Because no one else matters to you. No one at all. Other than Daddy. He deserves your undying and unending love. Wouldn’t you agree, Sammy?”

Nodding, Sammy gagged slightly as the cock head tapped the back of his throat.

“Good boy. Stop sucking me.” Sammy stopped and pulled away, still kneeling before the demon. Jerry continued “Now. Sammy, you stand in front of the TV, Andy, you stand next to him, and Jimmy, next to Andy. I want to see how big you three have gotten and I know Daddy wants to see too.”

Rustling quickly, the three of them stood before their two nearly identical Daddies. Behind them, they could hear a teenager singing ‘Erie, Indiana’. If they weren’t so zonked and mindless, they’d imagine the name was slightly appropriate.

Before them, their real Daddy continued to stroke his cock, though, at this point, he was almost completely cleaned of cum. Jerry looked over at him. “After he told me everything about you three he could remember, I helped him realize how much he loved you too. It’s kind of sweet, don’t you think? The moment after he killed your mom three days ago, he found all your old home movies and started watching. Of course, I made sure he masturbated nonstop to the footage of you three. I mean, he truly does love you all more than anything. But, well, that might change slightly now that you’re here.

“So listen close, you four, here’s your new existence.

“Obviously, all four of you live here now. Forget everything about your past lives completely. None of it matters in the slightest. Wives, kids, friends, jobs, none of it compares to what you’ll have now. Literally none of it. All you’ll think about now is what I’m about to tell you you’ll think about. And you’ll love it so much, trust me.

“Sammy, you were always the muscular athletic one. You never should have left this ranch, it needed you. You’re main job here will be to run the ranch. Day in, day out, you’ll handle the chores, fixing fences, herding cattle. Always nude, of course. And hard. You’ll always be hard and happy knowing you’re helping your Daddy with the chores.

“Andy, you were the educated one. So you’ll be the handyman around here. Anything breaks, you’ll fix it. You’ll instinctively know what to do to fix it. And you’ll get good and dirty doing it. You’ll fix anything in the house or on the ranch that may need repairing. And, obviously, you’ll also remain nude and hard always. You’re only source of real pleasure is knowing you’re helping your Daddy keeping things running.

“Jimmy, you were the artistic and empathetic one. So you’re going to have to fill in all those roles your mom used to do. Cooking, cleaning, serving your Daddy. Nude and hard as well, naturally. Your cock will stay hard knowing you’re keeping your Daddy good and pleased.

“And finally, Daddy. You’re never going to get out of that chair again. Why should you? You love it and you know your loving boys will handle everything that needs to get handled. You can, however, by hard on them, yell at them, even spank them if you think they need it. Because no matter what they do, it’ll never be good enough. You deserve the best; your boys know it and you know it. So boys, you’ll stop at nothing to please your Daddy. If he taunts you, you’ll love it. If he hits you, you’ll love it. No matter what that amazing Daddy of yours does, it only makes your heart grow fonder for his beautiful body, cock, and fat ass. In fact, look at him now. Just stare at him as he strokes himself looking at you.”

The three boys followed the instructions and stared at their beautiful masturbating Daddy.

“Cum, boys.”

Sammy, Andy, and Jimmy, all in unison, came instantly without touching their cocks, the pleasure of looking at their Daddy overcoming their senses.

“Good boys. I ramble, I know, but I do have a couple more rules. Every single night, it will be the responsibility of you three boys to clean your father. He will get pretty nasty as he constantly masturbates and cums all over himself every, oh, ten minutes or so? I think that’s what we’ll do. Daddy, you’ll cum every ten minutes. Buckets full, mmkay? And all that jerking will definitely cause him to sweat in all those nooks and crannies. So, every night at 8, you three will instantly stop what you’re doing, come in here, stand him up, and lick him from head to toe, not missing a single spot. It’s your duty as his boys to clean him. And swallow it all down. You all love Daddy so much so it’ll be a joy, right boys?”

“Of course, yes, I love you Daddy,” the three boys replied.

“Now, lastly, you’re all to sleep in the master bedroom together. Being as you’re all gonna be trapped here on this ranch forever…I’ve got some good magic in me, don’t worry about the ins and outs of that…the only sexual outlet you’re gonna have is each other. So, I just want to command you all to be insanely attracted to one another in a purely lust-filled manner, ok? But you can only have sex and explore eachother’s hot bodies after your Daddy is good and clean, ok, my good boys?”

The three nodded, looking over their brothers in a much more seductive way; suddenly much more interested in one another.

“God, this is just too easy and never stops being sexy as fuck. Ok, so, I already fucked your Daddy so he’s good to go, but I’m gonna have to fuck each one of you, ok? Just to get you all prepped for the incestuous heaven you’ll all be living in for the next few hundred years. Sound good?”

All three men nodded like their life depended on it.

“Ok, who wants their Daddy’s dick first?”

All three began to squabble with one another at who get to get fucked by the sexy demon first as their Daddy continued to masturbate silently watching it all unfold.

“Eh,” Jerry shrugged, “Sammy first. Get over here and sit on my dick.”

Jerry fucked the three men and allowed them to start their new life caring for their precious Daddy, Daddy’s house, and Daddy’s ranch. He left without a word, shut the front door, and began reciting a long spell as he walked down the dirt path back to the rental car he would take to the next town. It was quite a longer spell, keeping the entire ranch off limits to any visitors and ensuring that despite all the work each son performed, the next day, it would need to get done again. It would truly become a repetitive cycle for the three boys and their Daddy. And now that they were filled with Jerry’s sperm, it would last for a few hundred years.

Finishing the spell, Jerry began to whistle, wondering where he should head next. I did want to stay for the Sturgis motorcycle rally, but, eh, he’d had his fill of this desolate place. Perhaps he’d visit an apartment complex in a big city next. Or even better, visit one of his former families he’d fucked up. After all, he was their only guests they’d ever see for the rest of their gay, incestuous, faggotized lives. It wouldn’t hurt to drop in and see how some of them were coming along.

As he neared the car, Jerry turned back. He could see all the stars in the sky and one single light in the distance. He knew that it was an indication of life in the home of Daddy and his three boys, but no human would ever notice this turn off or that light. Strangely enough, Jerry had a small surge of despair for the family.

Then it hit him.

He would help them!

Talking in an archaic tongue, Jerry began to wave his arms around. Wood sprung from the Earth, latched itself to another piece of wood, and placed itself on the right side of the turn off.

“There, now they won’t be too lonely,” Jerry said to himself.

Looking at the sign, Jerry read the words that had been burned into it. Laughing, he got into the car, turned it on, read the sign one more time.


Jerry laughed again knowing that only those that fit the description would see and follow the instructions of the sign. Gay, straight, or bi, no man over 40, 250 pounds, and rode a motorcycle wouldn’t be able to drive by without going and raping the three sexy boys.

And just as quickly as he’d arrived four days prior, Jerry sped down the road and disappeared.

In Sammy’s mind, this was truly where he was meant to be. He got to work all day, outside, in the nude for his wonderful Daddy. Then he got to go inside every evening and lick the man who gave him life. Sure, occasionally he got hit or called a faggot or kicked or even spanked a time or two, but Sammy knew it all came from the kindest, most caring, most perfect man he’d ever met: his own Daddy. And then, as if it wasn’t absolutely heaven at that point, he got to sleep with his two sexy brothers every single night and fuck and suck them and they got to fuck and suck him and it was so sexy. Sammy could hardly contain the joy in his heart at how lucky his life was day in/day out.

It was a little disheartening that occasionally a biker would intrude on their ranch and end up fucking him, Andy, and Jimmy sometimes. They really didn’t want the men to do it, but they really couldn’t stop them. All of them would really force themselves on all three brothers. It didn’t happen much during most of the year, maybe once or twice a month, so they kind of just went with it. But it got really hard in August for some reason. Some days, there were lines forming in front of their house of older, overweight bikers demanding the right to fuck him and his two sexy brothers. It wouldn’t bother him too much, but Sammy had to get his chores done for Daddy or he’d get an extra beating. And getting fucked by men he didn’t want to be fucked by was really distracting.

Eventually, Sammy learned to just not keep track of time, really. The only indication of time was basically the ‘bikers coming to fuck them for a month time’ and the rest of the year. Even in the winter, Sammy would work outside in the cold completely nude, oddly not feeling the freezing temperatures or snow under his feet. It all ended up blending together after a while. For some reason it all just kind of became a rhythm. The place did change some during the course of the day. But, strangely, it always seemed to change back by the time they woke up early in the morning for their chores. Andy had fixed various parts of the house and ranch and made everything he worked on look better, even though it seemed like the very next day it was back to being disgusting and broken. Jimmy, too, spent most of his day cleaning the dusty old ranch house and cooking only to find the house a mess in the morning with none of the food he made left. Sammy, too, noticed that no matter how often he herded the cattle or mended the fences, they were always back to where and how they were the day before.

It really didn’t alarm him all that much, however. After all, he would work tirelessly until his dying breath knowing he was pleasing his Daddy.

One day, give or take about hundred years or so, their old friend Jerry stopped by to see how things were going. He had Sammy, Andy, and Jimmy suck him and lick him just like they did nightly for their Daddy. Jerry mentioned something about wives and kids and how some of them had passed away, but none of the boys really paid much attention. Jerry had told them to clean him like they cleaned their wonderful Daddy and they always wanted to do exactly what Jerry told them to do. Whatever Jerry told Sammy to do, he knew he’d do it. Just like he knew his sexy brothers would. Jerry also mentioned that those wives and kids had spent a long time looking for all three of them, calling cops, missing persons, and even coming to Sturgis themselves, but eventually everyone gave up. Jerry smirked as he asked Sammy what he’d thought of that.

Pulling Jerry’s leaking cock from his mouth, Sammy replied, “I don’t even know who you’re talking about.”

The demon called Sammy a good boy and Sammy continued to suck. Jerry then asked Andy and Jimmy about wives and kids and pretty much just left them all stumped with the line of questioning. Sammy noticed as he sucked on the man’s pole that it throbbed as he questioned them. If asking about complete strangers turned Jerry on, Sammy knew he was fine with it. He encouraged it, in fact.

Andy and Jimmy, too, helped Sammy suck him and lick him. God, Sammy thought, my brothers are so sexy. After a while, Jerry let the three brothers fuck and suck and lick and grope one another; allowing the three to express their deep and sinful lusts for one another for his pleasure. Then, Jerry asked them the strangest and most offensive question they could ever recall being asked.

“Don’t you boys get tired of serving your Daddy day in and day out?”

Sammy stopped fucking Andy and Andy stopped sucking Jimmy and Jimmy stopped licking Sammy’s asshole and they all looked at him like he was the craziest person they’d ever met.

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