Dominoes [Part 7]

By M. Greene published May 13, 2017

Jevon’s story finally comes to an end.


Part 7

The next morning, Dante slipped out to work very early, leaving Jevon to luxuriate in the bed under his cosy quilt. His ass hurt a little; he could really tell that he had been well-fucked the night before, but it was a very good feeling. He smiled and began playing with himself. Hmm… Nice… Wait! There was something weird about it… Whipping back the bed-clothes, he looked down at his penis. Jesus Christ! He had another fucking piercing, in his dick this time! A thick steel ring right through the head! He was totally certain that it had not been there before. Surely to God he would have remembered that? Tentatively, he played with it a little and his dick quickly became hard again. Hmm… Like all his other piercings, it was completely healed up and there was no pain when he touched it. In fact, it felt kinda nice…

He got out of bed and went to look at himself in the mirror. Oh shit! Something major had happened to his hair. His small dreadlocks were kind of half bleached out; a yellowy-white at the ends, graduating through orange and brown to black at the roots. Turning his head from side to side, he was not sure if he liked it or hated it. The only thing he could be certain of was that it was truly a real fucking gay look. Everyone would know he was a battyman now…

Even more drastic was the new ink he now had, which had spread to parts of his body that could never be covered up. He sighed; there was no possible way he could ever hide these motherfuckers. The backs of his hands were decorated with large shaded-in dollar signs. On his fingers, just above his gold rings, blocky letters spelt out the word ‘LOVE’ on his right hand and ‘HATE’ on his left. His name, ‘Jevon’, was inked, in large swirling script, on the left side of his neck, just below his jawline. He even had a small Christian cross, or maybe it was a dagger, he couldn’t rightly tell, on his forehead, right between his eyebrows. Just under his right eye, to the side, was a tiny tear drop. His final new tattoo took him a little while to find and involved a lot of twisting around in front of the mirror before he could see and read it properly. His left ass cheek was now permanently decorated with the word ‘BITCH’ in letters two inches high.

He made some coffee, sat down at the kitchen table, smoked a cigarette and, cradling his warm cup, studied his tattooed hands. He decided he didn’t care anymore. He was tatted up; so fucking what? Lots of niggas had tatts. Fuck anyone who said anything about his appearance; what did they know, anyways? He’d been raised in the ghetto; he was a Miami boy. He was only a cleaner anyways. It was what it was…

Jevon went for a run around the park and then hit the gym for a training session. Cyrus greeted him as usual and put him through his paces on the rowing and weights machines for a couple of hours.

“You okay now, bro? I was worried about you on Sunday…”

Jevon nodded. “Thanks for asking. Yeah, I’m fine, man.” He pointed to his face. “You see anything different about me from last time?”

“How you mean?”

Jevon pointed to the spot between his eyebrows. “You see a cross here?”


“I always had dat?”

“Yeah. Why you ask?”

“No reason.” He shrugged. “You wanna go for coffee?”


Back at his apartment block, Jevon only had just enough time to shower and change before Jake Stone let himself into his apartment. The bastard didn’t even knock, but simply let himself in with a pass key! Damn! He only had on a jockstrap, so was almost naked!

For some reason, Stone appeared to be in a very good mood, today. “Well, Drakes, I’ve been doing a bit of research about you…”


“I’m an ex-cop, you see, and I asked an old colleague to run a little check on you through the police records.”

Jevon frowned and pulled on his cigarette. He had always known this motherfucker was a fucking fed…

“Guess what we discovered?”

Jevon shrugged his shoulders. “You tell me…”

Stone poked Jevon’s chest with his forefinger. “You’re one bad-ass dude is what we found. You’ve done time for possession of class ‘A’ drugs, petty larceny and assault.”

“Yeah? So what?”

Stone smiled. “The ‘what’ is the fact that you failed to declare any of this on your resume, job application or at your interview.”

Jevon’s heart skipped a beat.

Stone spread his hands out and looked around the room. “We both know that you having this living space as well as your salary depend on you keeping your job. You’ve got no qualifications and a long criminal record. You’re just ghetto trash, boy. A hopeless hood rat. Just one word from me and you will be out on your ass begging in the fucking streets!”

Jevon shook his head slowly from side to side. He did not want to be unemployed and homeless. “Please, man… I need dis job… Don’t…” A tear trickled down his left cheek.

“I think you need to change that to ‘please, Sir’, don’t you, boy?”

“Please, Sir…”

Stone smiled again. “Okay… Let’s say I just keep quiet and don’t say anything to Head Office about your record… How are you gonna thank me for that?”

Jevon looked blank.

Stone placed one of his black leather boots very deliberately on the surface of the coffee table and pointed down at it. “I think my shoes could do with a good clean, don’t you, boy?”

Jevon scurried off to the kitchen and returned with a tin of polish, some brushes and a soft cloth. He got down on his knees and began energetically polishing the white man’s boots.

“Good boy,” Stone crooned from above, watching him work.

As Jevon buffed up Stone’s boots, he began to feel his dick coming to life. He was actually getting off on this! Something about serving this bossy white guy was turning him on bigtime! Not only that, the piercing at the end of his manhood was making it hyper-sensitive to stimulation. Soon his dick was poking out of the jockstrap pouch and standing to attention right up against his belly!

“I see you got a ring through your dirty black meat,” Stone said. “You really are a freaky bitch, aren’t you?” He unzipped his flies and took out his own dick. Although not as big as Jevon’s, it was quite long, thick and already getting hard. “I reckon it’s time you showed your boss how grateful you really are for your fucking job, boy…”

Jevon leaned closer, wrapped his thick lips around the hard white cock and began sucking on it for all he was worth. Stone grabbed a fistful of his bleached dreadlocks and began pulling his head back and forth along his dick.

“Hmm… Those thick juicy lips were made to suck cock, weren’t they boy? Oh, fuck, yeah…”

Jevon gagged quite a few times, but found he was actually starting to enjoy the rough treatment. Streams of saliva were running down his chin now as Stone fucked his mouth even harder and faster. From time to time, the white man used his free hand to slap Jevon’s cheeks.

“Oh! Oh, fuck!” Stone groaned with pleasure.

The first thick wad of hot cum hit Jevon’s tongue, but the white dick then slipped out of his mouth and the rest of Stone’s seed spurted up over his face and hair.

A little later, Stone sat on the couch with his feet up on the coffee table. “You will, of course, be doing my chores from now on,” he said, accepting the cup of coffee that Jevon had brought for him. “You can clean my apartment, do my laundry; stuff like that. I’ll make up a rota for you…”

“Yes, Sir, Mr Stone,” Jevon said, bowing his head reverently. He had not yet been allowed to clean himself up, so he still had the white man’s dried spunk plastered all over his features.

“I’m going to enjoy having a resident slave to serve me,” Stone remarked. “Be a good boy, obey me, don’t piss me off and you’ll get to keep your job. You understand me, bitch?”

“Yes, Boss.” Jevon replied.

“Good; I think you’re starting to know your place. Now get changed into your uniform and I’ll show you what you need to do to keep the swimming pool clean and properly chlorinated…”


“Then he made you suck him?” Dante questioned.

Jevon glanced around the bar where they had met up for a drink. “Keep yo’ voice down, man…” He didn’t want everyone in Miami to know he was a white man’s cock-sucker…

“Sorry…” Dante took a swig from his beer bottle. “It’s blackmail, of course. You could get the bastard locked up for what he’s doing to you if you could prove it.”

Jevon nodded. “Dat’s da thing, tho, ain’t it? Proof…”

“If you could record him calling you ‘boy’ or any kind of racist name, the company would sack him.”

“Yeah, and me too when they found out I done time…”

“True…” Dante looked thoughtful. “Trust me, I know how hard it is to get a job when you’ve got a record. I was lucky, I guess. I don’t have as much form as you and I was only in the pen for six months. Also, the school bus company I drive for has a rehabilitation policy.” He lit a cigarette. “I doubt they’d hire you though; you’re too fucking hard-core…”

Jevon felt shocked. “I din’t know you did time too…”

Dante rolled his eyes incredulously. “You dumb idiot; it was you put me in there in the first place.”


“You really don’t fucking remember, do you? I swear you must have been banged on the head recently or something.”

“What did you do?”

“I listened to you, that’s what I did.” Dante shook his head from side to side as he recalled his own stupidity. “It was just after I graduated. You asked me to stash some coke at my place and, crazily, I agreed. I had just gotten into uni to study sales, too.” He shrugged. “It’s okay, bro; I forgave you for it a long time ago.”

Devon had a very early shift the next day, so soon left. Jevon also returned home, but after a short nap, felt restless and decided he felt like going out again. There was a gay club fairly nearby that he had often walked past. He thought he would give it a try…


The pounding bass of the music made it feel as if his bones were vibrating. The club was crowded, smoky and dark. It was so hot tonight that, like almost all the men there, he had stripped off his vest and shorts. Wearing only a white jock strap and sneakers, his dark body shining with perspiration, Jevon not only knew that he was one of the sexiest guys there; he was the best dancer too. The floor was so packed that it was impossible to avoid touching the other men around him. Their shoulders, chests and asses constantly brushed against each other as they danced to the relentless, throbbing beat. A very muscular brother dancing in front of him placed his hands on Jevon’s hips and for a few seconds they matched each other’s moves, bumping and rubbing their groins together. Jevon fondled his own nipples as he danced, feeling a pleasant tingling sensation as his fingers touched the small gold rings that pierced each one. The brother then wrapped his arms around Jevon’s chest. He had a shaved head, a scarred face and a mouthful of golds. He had to be a gangster, Jevon thought. Their mouths found each other in a sloppy and passionate kiss. Then, so he could be heard, the brother placed his mouth right up against Jevon’s ear…

“Wanna fuck?”

Jevon smiled and nodded. This nigga was so fucking hot! Holding each other by the hand, they pushed their way through the gyrating mass of sweating, semi-naked men towards the dark room at the back of the club.


As Jevon became accustomed to his new job, apartment, clothes and appearance, the remaining days of his ‘vacation’ began to slip past more quickly. The physical changes seemed to be slowing down. Although for the rest of that week there was still always something new about his body when he woke up, the differences were pretty minor compared to those of the previous weekend.

On the Wednesday morning he noticed a jagged scar on the left side of his face. It began on his temple, ran across his cheek and went right down to his chin. It looked like an old wound and appeared as a slightly puckered black line on his dark brown skin. Dante assured him that he had received the scar years ago in a knife fight outside their school. “I saw it all! There was so much blood on your face, baby. We was all so scared he’d killed you!”

He gained a little more ink too, but not all that much. On the Thursday it was a small dollar sign on his right cheek. Friday revealed a marijuana leaf inked in black on the right side of his neck. As before, they were completely healed and as soon as he saw them everyone swore that they had always been there anyway. It was so fucking weird…

Stone kept up the training regime every afternoon, and Jevon found himself becoming more and more submissive and obedient towards his white boss. Stone pinned a rota of special chores he expected his ‘slave’ to do to the inside of Jevon’s apartment door. Every weekday, as soon as he got back from his morning shift at the office, Jevon had to spend at least an hour servicing Stone’s personal needs: cleaning his apartment, taking his clothes to be washed, hanging them out to dry, ironing them, cleaning and polishing his boots and shoes… The list went on and on. Stone seemed to enjoy lording it over Jevon in public, supervising him as he polished the lobby floor on his hands and knees, watching as he picked up garbage from the corridors. Far from being humiliated, Jevon found that he was starting to enjoy the whole situation. There was a sense of rightness about it all. He knew now that he belonged down on the floor cleaning and scrubbing away the dirt. It was his place. As he worked, he soon zoned out and a great sense of peace and calm would descend on him. If he happened to glance up from his labour and see Stone standing over him, his dick quickly got very hard…

The following Monday, his vacation at an end, Jevon reported for duty at the legal office at five am. He was wearing the same janitor’s overalls and boots he wore for his job at the apartment. He wore nothing underneath, not even a jockstrap. Nowadays he liked his dick to hang free and besides, once he started work, it got far too hot for underwear anyways…

Mr Baker was waiting for him in reception when he arrived. “Morning Drakes. Well done for being punctual.”

Jevon bowed his head. He felt it was very important to show proper respect to his superiors. “Thank you, Sir.”

Baker seemed pleased and even smiled. “You’re cleaning the same areas you did before,” he said, glancing at the clipboard he was holding. “All the male restrooms in the building and the main corridors on floors eleven through to twenty. You got any questions?”

“Nah, Sir. It cool…”

A while later, as Jevon scrubbed away at a particularly stubborn shit stain inside one of the toilets, he heard the restroom door open behind him.
“All the urinals are sparkling clean; well done, Drakes,” he heard Mr Baker say from outside the cubicle he was in. “You’re doing a first-class job!” Feeling that his heart would burst with pride, Jevon grinned from ear to ear. “Thanks, Mr Baker, Sir,” he called back cheerfully. He suddenly realised that he had never felt so happy and contented in his life…

Back at the apartment, Jevon travelled up to the tenth floor in the service lift and tapped three times lightly on Mr Stone’s apartment door. This was their special signal that it was him…

“You can come in!”

Jevon let himself in with his pass key and headed for the kitchen. According to his rota he had to give this room a thorough, deep clean, today. Mr Stone was sitting in there finishing his breakfast. Bowing to him, Jevon removed a dirty plate and glass from the table and took them over to the sink. To his horror, the glass slipped out of his hand as he went to put it down. It fell onto the tiled floor and smashed before he could catch it.


Tears came to Jevon’s eyes as Mr Stone smacked him hard around the face.

“You stupid clumsy ape!”

Jevon nodded. Why was he so dumb? “Sorry Boss. I sorry!”


Stone slapped the other side of his face.

“Be more careful with my stuff, okay, dumb-fuck?”

“Yeah, Boss.” Jevon wiped the tears from his eyes and nodded again.

“What should you say when I teach you a lesson, monkey?”

“Thanks, Boss, for helpin’ me get better.”

Stone patted Jevon’s cheek affectionately. “Good, boy…” He opened his bathrobe to reveal his rock-hard white dick. A bit of sadistic bullying always excited him. “Now, chimp, get those blubber lips of yours to work on this…”


Jevon decided to stop telling Dante about the mean way Mr Stone treated him. His relationship with his white boss was none of his homie’s business anyways and hearing about it only made Dante mad. He knew he got off on being abused by Mr Stone and he wanted to keep this aspect of his life separate from his relationship with Dante. He and Dante had resumed the romance they had started in high school and were now officially boyfriends again. Due to Jevon being on call, they spent most weekday nights together at his apartment and the weekends at Dante’s house. They agreed that, if Jevon did ever lose his job, he would move in with Dante, but for the time being, they were much better off financially living apart…

About a week later, one hot Tuesday afternoon at around six, Jevon was finishing off cleaning the tiled corridor up on floor fourteen. Although he knew that this particular floor was rented by a legal office, he had no memory of ever having done anything but clean it. Down on all fours, Jevon was working to remove a sticky coffee stain, when he saw three people walking towards him down the corridor. Damn! He had thought this office was empty! Quickly, he pulled his bucket to the side so they did not trip over it. The approaching people were all white and very smartly dressed. There were two men, one middle-aged, one younger and a woman of about twenty. Jevon stared up at them. They all looked real familiar to him, somehow…

“Welcome to the family, Michael,” the older man was saying, patting the younger guy on the back. “Words can’t express how happy I am that you and my Ruthie are getting married.”

Jevon saw then that the younger man and woman were holding hands.

The woman kissed the younger man on the cheek. “Doctor and Mrs Beech! Doesn’t that sound just great? I’m so excited, Daddy!”

The three of them walked past the kneeling cleaner without even glancing down at him and left through the swing doors at the end of the corridor. Jevon stared after the group, still wondering why he seemed to half know them. He shrugged. He guessed he was just being dumb as usual. Looking down again at the floor, he was about to resume scrubbing when he noticed a small black oblong lying near his bucket. That was weird; he had just swept the floor, so he knew it hadn’t been there before those folks walked by. He guessed one of them must have dropped it. He picked the object up and turned it around in his fingers…

It was a domino…

The double blank…

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