The Island

By Willie Cici published May 12, 2017
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Aaron founds himself on a strange island . . .

The man lay on the beach. (To see the man, click here). He opened his eyes. The coarse beach sand scratched his face. The bright tropical sun blinded the man. He quickly shut his eyes, but to no avail. Slowly, he opened his eyes, shading them from the harsh sun. The man raised his head. He found himself on a beach, near the ocean’s edge. The man could hear the crash of the waves upon the shore. The man raised his chest. He could feel the dried sand upon his shoulders, back and buttocks. (To see the man again, click here).

“Where am I?”, the man said. For the first time, the man realized that he was naked. “How did …”, he questioned. His head throbbed, as if he suffered a hangover. He did not remember consuming any alcohol. His last memory was enjoying a ginger ale at ‘Barcito’ with his friends before attending the Clippers game. The drying sand on his bed itched. He slowly rose and headed for the ocean. He plunged into the cool, azure waters and bathed, letting the dried sand release from his skin. After minutes of swimming in shallow waters, the man returned to the beach. He surveyed the area. Adjacent to the ocean front beach, the man saw a dense, dark green forest. At water’s edge, the intensity of the sun forced the man’s hand to shade his eyes. He walked towards the forest to take advantage of the coolness of the leafy shade.

For several minutes, the man trekked along a dirt path that time had burnished in the forest. He took care to keep sharp brush away from his naked body. “Why am I here?”, the man questioned. None of this made sense.

As the man continued his march in the dense forest, he heard a noise, the crackle of fallen branches. He looked up and saw another man, also naked, making his way through the forest. (To see this man, click here). “Stay calm, Aaron.”, the man muttered to himself. The presence of another naked man, stalking about the island, left Aaron even more disconcerted. He decided to follow the man, abiding the adage, ‘keep your friends close, and your enemies, closer’. Aaron followed the man, keeping a distance, making sure not to make any noise.

Suddenly, as Aaron made a turn, he encountered another man, face to face who stared directly at Aaron. He turned his face and looked upwards, as if posing for Aaron. (To see this man, click here). Again, Aaron felt odd. This man, also naked, turned his face and stared at Aaron.

“Yang anda?”, the man said.

“Harun. Yang anda?”, Aaron answered. Aaron did not understand how he was able to communicate with the man. In his mind, he continued to speak English, but from his lips, another language uttered.

“Saya Bobby.”, the man answered. He also stared at Aaron, confused, as if he were experiencing the same dilemma. “Saya terpaksa berehat. Terdapat hanya begitu banyak zakar saya boleh ambil.”

Aaron listened to the man’s ramblings. “What did he mean, ‘there’s only so much cock he can take’?”, Aaron thought to himself. Aaron was ready to question the man further, but before he could pose the question, Bobby turned his back and walked away. Aaron followed Bobby. “Do I have a choice?”, he thought. The sun steamed the forest. Aaron, without benefit of watch or clock, surmised that it was afternoon. Soon, the sun would set. Soon, Aaron would need shelter and food. Slowly, he followed Bobby. From time to time, Bobby would turn about, as if he were checking on his new-found friend.

Aaron then heard moans. The moans were not unfamiliar to Aaron, but in the forest, he did not expect to hear these sounds. As he approached a clearing, Aaron found three men, naked as he, positioned against a tree. The first leaned against a thing tree trunk, supporting his weight, while the second plowed the first with his cock. The third was fucking the second, pushing the second about, making sure that his cock was massage by the tight buttocks of the second. (To see the threesome, click here). Aaron was horrified. “What type of island is this?”, he thought to himself.

Suddenly, he felt a hand grab his arms. Aaron turned and faced the first man who he saw walking in the forest. The man said to him, “Harun mempunyai keldai yang bagus. Jack suka.”, the man said. Jack took two fingers, licked them, and fingered Aaron’s anus. Aaron moaned, never having experienced anyone invading his space in that fashion.

Bobby approached Aaron and said, “Anda menghisap saya.”, Bobby said as he shoved his thick long cock into Aaron’s mouth. Aaron struggled to get free, but could not. And, then, Aaron did not want to free himself. The taste and feel of Bobby’s cock in his mouth washed away his fears and resistance. Jack slid his monster cock in Aaron’s boy box. The feel of Jack’s cock, practically tickling his prostate, left Aaron relaxed and calm.

“Zakar adalah baik.”, hollered Jack and Bobby. To the first threesome, Jack said, “Zakar adalah baik.”

“Zakar adalah baik. Rick suka zakar.”, the man leaning against the thin tree trunk said.

“Zakar adalah baik. Gary suka zakar.”, the man fucking Rick shouted.

Zakar adalah baik. Tony suka zakar.”, the man fucking Gary hollered.

Bobby grabbed Aaron and led him to Rick. “Mengambil tempatnya.” Bobby grabbed Rick, as Gary grabbed Aaron, pushed him against the tree trunk and plowed Aaron’s tight little box. Aaron moaned loudly, Rick’s foot-long wonder pushed far and deep into Aaron’s ass. Aaron tried to bend over, Rick grabbed Aaron by the arms, keeping Aaron upright. Rick’s cock massaged Aaron’s prostate, the moans confirming the pain and pleasure. Precum leaked from Aaron’s cock, rock hard and desirous of someone’s pleasure hand or mouth. Aaron’s pleasure mattered not. He was there to serve.

Bobby led Rick to Jack and said, “Mengambil mulutnya. Saya hendak keldai.” Jack smiled, as he fed Rick his cock, while Bobby fucked the bent-over Rick.

For hours, as the sun slowly set, the two sets of threesomes fucked. The swapped places making sure that everyone enjoyed the pleasure of the island boys’ asses and mouths. No one objected to their pleasure romp. Before darkness ensued, a man, dark and tall, interrupted the six and said, “Ikut saya.” The boys followed the man to a nearby cave. A fire in the center of the cave, near the opening in the roof of the cave, warmed the damp, humid space. The boys found a turning spit of roasted meat. The boys ate the meat and drank the nectar bottled in clay pots. Slowly, the boys reclined upon the floor, covered with the pelts of animals. Aaron looked around for the dark man who led them to the cave. He was nowhere to be found. Aaron closed his eyes. He did not know what happened to him, or even worse, why this happened to him, but, for some reason, he felt at peace. Sleep came and comforted the tribe of six.

The next morning, the sun invaded the cave and woke Aaron, whose eyes directly faced the opening of the cave. Aaron rose. He noticed that the others were still asleep. Aaron decided to explore the forest again. As he trekked about the forest, Aaron found himself again at water’s edge. He saw the figure of a man, who appeared familiar to Aaron, but he could not place the face or the figure. The man bore a stunning physique, handsome face. Unlike the others, the man was not entirely naked. His groin was covered, but it mattered not. Aaron could see the outline of the man’s incredible cock. Aaron approached the man.

“Yang anda?”, Aaron asked.

“Aku ini tuan. Anda di hamba saya.”, the man said. Aaron kneeled before the man. He understood his place. “Aku ini tuan Rex.”, the man added, as he grabbed his crotch.

“Tuan Rex.”, Aaron said, as he bowed his head before his master.

“Ikut saya.”, Master Rex said. Master Rex turned and entered the forest. Aaron followed his master. When Rex reached a clearing, he leaned against a rock formation and ordered Aaron to kneel before him. “Menghisap ia.” Rex ordered, as he whipped out his cock. Aaron fully understood why Rex was ‘Tuan’. His cock flopped and touched his mid-thigh. Aaron took his tongue and licked every inch of Rex’s cock. He watched the sleeping monster thicken, grow and rise. Slowly, he took Rex’s cock into his mouth. He could only take a third of the beast. “Menghisap ia semua.”, Master Rex demanded. Rex shoved his 14” cock down Aaron’s throat. At first, Aaron thought he would gag, but suddenly, a wave of calm allowed Aaron to take and swallow every inch. He wiggled his tongue to offer his master pleasure. He pretended to swallow, allowing that motion to massage his master’s cock. Master Rex slowly pulled out his cock and rose. He said, “Merapatkan batu.” Aaron crawled towards the rock and bent over the rock. Rex took his finger and began to play with Aaron’s hole. As Aaron cooed, Rex smiled. He leaned in and licked Aaron’s ass. Aaron moaned again. Rex took his cock, stroked it a bit, and slowly pushed his 14” into Aaron’s warm, wet boy pussy.

“Mempunyai seks dengan saya.”, Aaron screamed. His burst of passion echoed in the dense forest. Master Rex smiled as his slave enjoyed his cock.

“That was hot.”, the man, wearing a headset, said. He turned to his colleague who was also watching the scene on a large-screen computer monitor. “Allen, where did you find him?”

“Master Rex lives on that island. That corner of the island where we film is undeveloped, but two miles away there is a resort. Someone from corporate found him while he was on vacation.”, Allen answered. “Vic, where did the actors come from?”

“Um … corporate. They supplied the talent.”, Vic answered.

“From where?”, Allen asked. Vic hemmed and hawed. “Vic, answer me.”

“These guys worked in Project Development. The last four pictures they greenlighted were busts. Company lost over $400 million.”, Vic replied.

Allen stared at his friend. “So, corporate …”

“Drugged the boys and then sold them to Master Rex.”, Vic answered very nonchalant.

“Vic, do you realize what you’re saying?”, Allen asked.

“Yeah. I’m scared shitless. That’s why I’m thrilled that the first night of this webcam created 1500 subscribers. Chaching!”, Vic replied. The two colleagues fist-bumped. “As long as the webcam makes money, and as long as I keep these extra thirty pounds, I’m feeling good that I don’t end up with Master Rex’s cock in my ass.” Allen nodded.

The film industry had undergone may changes in the last thirty years, but one thing has never changed: lose money, lose your life.

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