Beach Bros.

By T.K.Summer
published May 12, 2017
3572 words

Brothers Dave and Jack enjoy a Summer’s beach day with a group of friends when a strange man named Captain introduces himself.

Note: My first story was a little soft on mind control so hopefully this is a little more obvious in the alterations. Want more of Jack/Dave or Captain?

God, it was so good to be out of that car. The hot sun, the stuffy air, and my big bro Dave of course had his seat pushed back too far making the twenty minute drive to the beach take forever. I stretched my legs for what felt like the first time taking in the sunny beach day.

The rest of our crew unpacked. Dylan and Gavin, who were in the backseat with me, placed bets on who could do the most laps as they unpacked the boot. Brock, the always shirtless always sweaty muscle head of the group, disappeared the second we arrived to met with the girls whose car apparently beat us here. And the driver, my older 22 year old bro Dave was returning with a parking ticket. Seeing Dave walking in his red tank top reminded me of my own and I throw off my t-shirt into the car revealing my blue tank.

“Ah, dressin’ like your big bro.” Dylan teased.

“Shud’up” I overplayed. Truth is me and my bro are thick as thieves. From spotting each other in the gym to being each others’ wingmen on nights on the prowl. We were those brothers who actually hang out together, you know? Although I will have to put sand in Dylan’s sandwhich for that.

“C’mon let’s get down there.” Dave hollared at us grabbing the last bag as he shut the boot. Dylan and Gavin walked to the beach their arms full. Dave pushed the last bag into my hands. “I drove, make yourself useful.” He bossed me around like he does with everyone.

“What’s wrong, all tuckered out?” I joked following him.

“Watch yourself, Jacky boy. Out in the water I’m not responsible for what happens.” He smirked.

“You were always the better swimmer. Mom would kill you if something happens.” I replied.

“Yeah, I think I’d rather drown to be honest.” He said. We made our way onto the simmering golden sand. The sound of lapping waves filled the salty air as we headed towards our group setting up. 5 guys matched the 5 girls who had driven in the other car.

Brock was bothering Frankie as she tried to set up camp because he thought he had a shot (he didn’t). Beneath a beach umbrella Rachel and Ciara looked almost twin-like dressed the same with bleach blonde hair, thick dark shades hung low, and a deep v-neck; only one was naturally attractive, and well… Ciara tried her best. Frea was the tomboy (I guess that’s still a word) kicking ball with Dylan and Gavin and Yessica and Dave were not a thing yet a thing.

I packed light so I just unwrapped my towel and lay down waiting for everyone to be ready to swim. Knowing my friends it could take a while to get ready and saying something would be shouting into the void. I shut my eyes as the ambiance and the sun’s heat lulled me.

It was about 20 minutes when screams erupted. I open my eyes to be met with a face full of sand. A big Irish greyhound races around our stuff throwing up sand as he gets himself excited. The girls scream and panic while Frea fails trying to catch him.

Eventually Dave steps in and grabs a hold of the dog. “Hey now. Who’s a good boy?” The dog stops as Dave rubbed him, his tail wagging.

’Sorry!" Shouts came from the distance. Three hippies come chasing towards us over dressed and out of breath. "We’re so sorry. " one of the women declared. She took a hold of their dog. “Bad boy.”

Our group exchanged glances at their elaborate get up but they seemed nice. However, one stood out. The one guy, he looked a lot like a swash buckling pirate with sunkissed skin, loose hanging clothes, and an aura of charisma. Unsurprisingly his nickname was Captain so that’s what we called him.

Dave invited them stay with us and we intermingled. Captain made his way from person to person unignorable and eventually to me extending a firm hand. “Such a pleasure.” He grinned. I didn’t mention this but he also has these reflective sunglasses that when he stood in front of me caught the sun in my eye in a dazzlingly annoying way. “Nice to meet you, Jack. I see, you’re Dave’s brother.”

“Good guess.” I said trying to squint my eyes from the light without looking rude. Captain kept shaking my hand.

“Oh, it’s never a guess.” He said his array of necklaces moving with every word. “Brothers of kin. The great fraternity. Two of a kind.”

We also kind of look alike but he seemed too proud to correct. In fact the more he spoke the less I listened, his words fading behind his suave accent and performance. “So tell me, you and your brother must work out together?” He said pointing at my arms.

“Oh yeah, I suppose.” I said a little uncomfortable.

He must have noticed “Don’t be shy. Be proud of what you work for. For example my beard is my crowning achievement. Let the gym be yours.”

“Yeah sure, alright.” I reply somewhat over the conversation. The guy did have a sweet beard though.

Captain looked over my shoulder as his dog chased toward a family’s picnic. “Oh dear, I best be off.” He scampers a bit but then turns back around. “Oh and say yes, you are his little brother after all.” He grinned the sunglasses blinding me with light again. When I recovered he was prancing off after his dog.

Dave walked up joining me “He’s a character.” He said.

“You’re telling me he wouldn’t stop talking.” I sighed.

“Anyway, will you do me?” Dave asked as he handed me a bottle of sunscreen.

“Do I have to? Ask Yessica.” I replied.

“Just shut up and do it.” He said. Then he took off his shirt and sat down. I gave in and sat down behind him with his back toward me.

I squirted a blob of cream into my hands and start rubbing into on his shoulders. At first I roll my eyes looking away kinda worried I would get looks from the others for being the “lil’ bro”. But as I applied my pressure I realised how toned Dave’s back, far less bulky than it looks. His back was figured really well as I moved up and down and along his waist. There was a heat as well coming from him.

As my older bro Dave was my inspiration when I joined the gym, I wanted my body to be like his. I sorta forgot but he always had a really great body because now I didn’t seem so impressive as when I I was a kid. I took another squirt. “Do my arms too.” Dave ordered.

I just huffed and started from his shoulder with two hands and pulled down his muscled arm with solid pressure. I could feel the bulge of his triceps and biceps in my fingers as I flowed down. I knew in that moment how much bigger I was than him. Our weights weren’t that much different but I just felt bigger right now. Like a gratification that the person I once looked up to just felt normal.

I kept applying more sunscreen massaging his body and oiling him up. The others didn’t interupt us. We just sat isolated for a while. “How’s Yessica?” I asked.

“She’s in a bad mood.” He replied.

“Why?” I asked lifting his left arm to oil underneath his armpit and around the side of his chest.

“I didn’t ask.” He just answered.

“She’s not good for you anyway.” I said. “Yessica’s too flakey.”

“You think?” He questioned as I noticed he had his eyes closed. I guess he was enjoying himself.

“Yeah, she doesn’t get you. You need someone who can take care of you, you know?” My hands did a last run all the way down his bicep, down his forearms, until I was massaging the palm of his hand. I quickly pull back as I realise I have huge bulge in my pants. I just sit quietly confused about what’s happening. What were we talking about?

Dave just spins and looks at me. “Well?” He says tilting his head, his hair hanging near his eyes. I look down and am meet by his toned body. His chest popping and his little six pack. It was cute, kinda like a teen with a good work out though not a 22 year old. Me though, even though I’m 19 I had a real body in comparison, ripped from every inch of me.

Instinctively I reach out my oiley hands for his cute lil’ chest– Dave grabbed my hands. “What are doing?” I just look at him dumb. “Eh, yeah, I can do that. I’ll do you now.”

I just scoff like I was joking and turn over taking off me shirt. “I can’t do it if your back’s hunched. Sit up straight.” He complained.

“I am sitting up.” I returned.

“No, you’re not. You never do. Look just lay down flat on the sand.” He instructed. Instead of complaining I just rolled over like I usually do and lay down. I was getting real sick of him bossing me around though. Somebody should put him in his place. Oh well, at least my boner will be hidden.

I lay down on the warm sand and hear Dave squirt the bottle. He sat beside me as he messaged his warm hands across my back. I felt him run across every inch of me. From my neck to the waistband of my shorts. It was good to put Dave to work. “Wow, Jacky boy you really are getting bigger.”

I smile to myself imagining in his head how he must be realising how much more ripped I am than him. “Must be embarrassing to have a little bro that’s bigger than you.” I taunted.

“No I’m still bigger than you, idiot.” He replied slowly moving his arms across my bicep.

“Sure you are Davey, sure you are.” I said, not wanting to hurt his feelings. “And don’t call me idiot.”

“Sorry.” he replied. He finished with my one arm and stretched over me to do the other but he struggled to reach. After failing I felt his legs straddle me as he sat on my back. I would give out to him but his massage felt better this way. He started doing my other arm taking just enough time to enjoy it. Davey was always too fond of touching me, as kids he always found excuses to compare. But who could blame him I was the younger athletic one.

He moved himself down on my body a bit returning to my back again. He sat on my butt as he pressed down into my back muscles. As he sat there I felt his boner pushing into my ass crack. I grinned to myself, not only was he rock hard but he definitely felt smaller than me. Hah!

Of course I already knew that from the times we used to experiment on each other when we were younger. Wait, is that right, I don’t remember that? No that’s right, Davey was always the curious one and wanted to see mine. Of course I was always proud like I am now feeling his less than average bulge against my ass.

Wait, this doesn’t fell right. I don’t understand. I could feel myself getting harder but… why is this happening?

Davey slapped my shoulder “All done.”

I sighed confused returning from my scattered thoughts.

“About time, I say.” I turn to see Captain sitting there right beside us. When did he get there? Was he talking this whole time? I looked around and everyone seemed to be acting normal. I shake my head confused. “Time for a swim.” Captain suggests.

That sounded like a good idea, it might wake me up. I sit up as everyone gets ready. When Yessica turns and points at Davey. “Nice one, Dave.” She says to him with a chuckle at the boner poking out in his shorts.

“Ha ha” he replies. But he makes no effort to hide it.

“Yeah real nice boner bro. For a twelve year old!” I blurt out of nowhere. I have no idea where that came from. I felt so awkward, nobody laughed they just looked at me. As I look around I get dazzled by Captain’s shades again.

This time I point at Davey’s crouch. “Seriously, that’s embarassing bro.” I chuckled. This time all the awkward looks were on Davey. He just stood there looking meek. He must have been humiliated. Everyone else just got ready for a swim. I wanted to apologise.

Captain strolled over to me and whispered. “Good job, you really showed him who’s in charge. I bet he’s really proud of his lil’ bro.” And he walked off.

I just smiled to myself knowing he was right. I felt my bulge grow knowing what a good brother I was but I made sure to hide it. Didn’t want to get called out like Davey.

The group slowly made their way to the water, first with toes, then splashes and then diving head first. We spent almost an hour in the water bobbing in the wild waves, on each others’ shoulders fighting, we even had a race and of course I won because I was on top form. What was weird was that Davey came last because even if he’s always been second to me he’s not usually this bad, he seemed really unnerved.

After a while people started to get tired and filter out. We went from 13 to 7 to 4 until even Frea wanted to call it quits. Then before we realised it was just me, Davey, and Captain floating in the water.

“I thought you were the swimmer?” I teased Davey for losing.He just looked away.

“Ah, come now Dave at least be happy for your little brother.” Captain cheered.

Davey just sulked so I splashed him. “Yeah, be happy from me bro at least one of us isn’t an embarassment.” I could see my words were hurting Dave– Davey but they felt less alien the more I used them. Almost natural.

Captain swam between us and pulled Davey closer. He held Davey close tight with an arm over him. “Come now Dave, why don’t you tell us how you really feel.”

“I don’t know what you mean…” Davey mumbled.

Captain put a gentle hand on Davey’s chest and quietly said. “I think you do Davey. Go ahead, trust your little brother.”

Davey looked up at me with me big puppy dog eyes. Captain continued “Look at him, his manly face, his massive biceps. That great firm chest of his. How does Jack make you feel?”

In a heated breath Davey uttered “Horny.”

What!? I was in shock. But Captain just continued. “That’s right. Good boy.”

“What the hell’s going on!?” I asked.

Captain just waved a hand for me to come closer. I wanted to leave but I couldn’t just leave Davey there in his arm. Besides I had to get to the bottom of this.

I swam over and Captain put me under his other arm and held us all together. “Come now Jack, why don’t you tell Dave the truth.”

“What truth?” I said confused.

Captain just stared me in the eyes, those dumb reflective glasses still on him even in the water. “Tell your big bro how you feel. Look at him swimming here quietly. Look at how much his body’s grown. Remember when he first joined the gym to become big and strong like his little bro?”

“That’s not true.” I said trying to find my thoughts. Davey didn’t join the gym to be like me. It was because… well, it couldn’t have been the other way around. Did he?

“It’s true, Jack.” Davey said. “I just wanted to be big like you. Like my lil’ bro.” He said defeated.

“You see, it all makes sense.” Captain said holding us tighter still. “And look how good it was for him Jack. Look at how toned he is, with that muscled body on that adorable little face of his.”

I stared at Davey’s body under the water. I reached my hand out feeling his defined six pack and up to his cute little nipples. I was getting hard, the heat of the water warming me. I looked up to see Davey checking my body out too.

“And now for my final act.” Captain said like a magician as he put a hand on both our heads.

With a shove he pushes us both beneath the water in a swell. I splashed and trashed as I tried to get up but his hands felt like 100 pounds pushing down. I needed air and I started to gasp and the salty sea water filled my mouth. All I could feel was the salty surprise in my mouth as I panicked I couldn’t breath.

Everything started to go dark and my thoughts numb. And then I leapt up from the water gasping desperately. I took me a minute to capture my breath. Davey swam opposite me. We were alone. Was there someone else? No it was just us. We swam there looking at each other.

In a fog of confused lust I looked at his body floating tantalizingly before me. I reached a hand around his head pulling his hair. I brought his full lips to lips mine. Our wet tongues licked each other with a lingering salty taste.

I pulled him back and was meet with his childlike gaze. My once studly brother sunk into my arms before me. In a daze, he looked at my crotch and I looked at his, paralyzed with wonder and fear.

In a rush we both stripped off our shorts leaving them to the sea. I pulled him in again sloppily making out with him. Our bodies rubbed together, our hard cocks grinding up against each other. I could feel my huge arms wrap around Davey’s body. I pulled his head away and presented my bulging bicep. His eyes widened and he started making out with my bicep. He was so weak and small compared to me.

I reached my hands around and grabbed his tight little ass. I stuck a finger into his ass. “You like that, bro?” I asked him.

He stared up at me, his checks blushing. “Yes. Yes, Jack. I want more.” He moaned.

With that I stuck another finger in his hole. And a third. Davey turned into putty into my hands, his whole body writhing in my arms.

“Is that what like, Davey? Your lil’ bros’ finger in your ass?” I spat at him.

“Yes. Please, don’t stop Jack.” He said, his hands wrapped around my 8 inch rod stroking it. I took my free hand and stroked his small cock. It wasn’t long before he was moaning like the bitch he was. And then in one big groan and a tightening of his ass he cumed.

I pulled my fingers out and let him catch his breath. He looked up at me with his red cheeks. I wasn’t finished.

I caught his legs and swung them over my shoulder pointing his ass toward me. I took a hand guiding my shaft into his ass, the sea our natural lube. It didn’t take long for my beefy cock to feel his bitch hole. I grinded my hips in and out as he purred like a chick. Every single inch of him was mine, 100% mine to dominate as I wished. I roughly fucked his ass without pause, no stopping until I was ready. He loved every minute of it, how could he not? He was finally getting his lil’ bro he had always fantaised about.

I pounded his ass for minutes in a non-stop heat until my dick started to twitch. Davey must have felt my signals as he leaned forward with his tongue but I was just shoved him down onto my neck as I focused on my pleasure. In a gigantic explosion my dick filled Davey’s tight hole with jizz.

I pulled my dick out knowing nothing would ever fill that void in his ass but my cock. We swam together again but he was still a little too meek. With a grin I threw an arm over his head and rustled his hair up. “I gotta say lil’ Davey, you make a good cock hole. Good boy.” Davey didn’t fight back, instead he smiled. He loves his lil’ bros’ affection. And I love my big bro.

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