Phil and Tom's "Encounter

By FiddlerBear
published May 3, 2017
Category: Alien   Tags: #alien #beard #chubby #bear #tentacles

Two guys have an unfortunate encounter with a strange creature.

Phil, a bearded, hairy, and husky 260 pounds of 45 year old man, was bored. He had taken his wife and son to Hurricane Harbor, a water park, at the local Six Flags. It was hot. It was muggy, and the place was packed. People had come out from every corner of St. Louis to get the opportunity to cool off in the summer heat. Phil and his family had enjoyed themselves well enough. They had rode all the slides that his son likes to ride, his wife had gotten a nice tan, and Phil himself had had a good time just soaking in the cool water.

But now? Now Phil was stuck in line behind a row of other men who were all trying to get to one place. The restrooms. Normally men’s bathrooms run pretty quickly no matter where you are, but for whatever reason the line was out the door here. Phil was at the end of the line and it didn’t seem to be moving at all. Phil had chose to use the restrooms at that rush hour where the water park was beginning to close down and most of the men who had been holding it in had made their way over to the one restroom in the park.

About 5 minutes ago Phils wife and son had decided to go ahead to the parking lot and get their things stored away in the car, leaving Phil to wait in line. Phil’s patience, and bladder, couldn’t take waiting much longer and, judging by the line, he was about 5 more minutes from a urinal. ‘Screw it’ He thought and began to scan the area. He didn’t generally like to piss in public, but if he could find a place out of sight then he would sure as hell try. The problem was that with the park closing the staff were patrolling around most of the park telling people to leave. It was going to be hard to find anywhere in the park to do something in private.

Phil, and his bladder, had begun to give up hope when he spied something. Across the way he saw an open gate leading to the outside of the park, a treeline was only a few feet past the gate itself. Phil scanned the area one more time to make sure that noone was watching and quietly left the back of the line. He walked round the edge of the area to make sure none of the guys in the line had payed attention to him leaving and then swung by the open gate. There was a sign on it that read “Restricted Area” and had symbols signaling that civilians shouldn’t enter, but Phil only needed to take a piss. It wasn’t going to hurt anyone to go behind a tree and relieve himself. After making double sure that noone was watching Phil quickly stepped past the gate and was within the treeline in seconds. He stepped carefully through the sticks and leaves on the ground making sure he wasn’t making any noise and turned around to check and see if anyone could see him through the gate or from the park. He didn’t see anything. Phil quickly undid the tie on his shorts, flopped his dick out, and began to let out a satisfying stream of piss. He put one hand on his furry belly and sighed heavily. Since he had been holding it in for a while it took him a little bit before he was done. As he was tucking everything back in and tying the knot on his swim trunks he stopped and listened. He could have sworn he heard someone say something deeper in the trees. It had almost sounded like a scream, but it was faint and Phil didn’t know if he had heard it at all.

“Help! Hel- Aaah!” The cry for help was suddenly cut off with a muffled yelp. Phil’s instincts kicked in and he ran off towards the sound of the cry, it hadn’t sounded too far away. As he rounded past some tree’s Phil started to hear the ruffling of leaves ahead of him and slowed down a little. As he approached a tree he could hear the sounds of a struggle beyond. He peered out from around the tree cautiously and took a second to see the source of the noise. What appeared to be a larger, black bearded man with a hard hat and orange construction vest with the park logo on it was lying on the ground huffing and puffing as he struggled to pull something off of himself. What was attacking the man Phil couldn’t make out immediately. There was something snake like, skin colored, and about the size of a garden hose wrapped around the man’s neck and shoulders. The man had his hands wrapped around the phallic shaped head of the creature that was near his bearded face. It was clear, however, that the creature was winning the struggle as it slid through the man’s hands and pushed forward towards the mans mouth. Its head arched upward and the rest of its body squeezed around the mans neck. The man made a choking noise and let go of the creature to pull at the part that was wrapped around his throat. The creature loosened up on the man’s throat, letting the man gasp for air. He arched his head back and coughed slightly. The head of the creature shot forward into the man’s mouth, making him gag. The mans hands shot up toward his face as he tried to get a hold of the thing that was in his mouth, but it was futile as the creature continued to slip through his meaty fingers and press further past his lips.

Phil’s mind raced as he tried to think of what he should do, he had been paralyzed in shock this entire time, struggling to find out what he should do. This wasn’t exactly a typical situation for him. But, after a deep breath, Phil finally gained enough composure to help, and ran to the man’s aid. As soon as he was within arms reach Phil began to try and grab at the body of the snake that was wrapped around the man’s head.

“Stop struggling! I’m here to help! I need to grab hold of it!” Phil desperately tried to calm the man, anything to get him to sit still long enough to get a hold of the thing around his neck. To his shock the creature slipped right through his hands just as it did the other man’s, its entire length was coated in some kind of natural lubricant. Phil saw the man’s throat begin to bulge out, horrified Phil realized that the creature was sliding down this man’s throat. Quickly the bulge went from his throat and moved down his neck, into his body. Phil was panicking as he saw the tail end of the creature reach the man’s lips and it slid the rest of its body into his mouth. As the bulge in the man’s throat began to disappear down his neck he was able to breath freely again.

“Oh fuck!” The man gasped. “Oh god! What- What is this thing? Its inside of me!” The man was visibly hysterical, but other than the obvious creature that had just crawled down his throat he appeared to be unharmed. Phil propped the man up and began to try and calm him down enough to get him on his feet.

“Hey calm down okay? Calm down. Can you move? Is it hurting you? What’s your name?” Phil began to support the man as he struggled to stand up. He was trying to figure out if he could get him to the park and to someone that could help get whatever the hell this thing was out of him.

“I’m Tom” he said between a gasp for air. “I.. I don’t think i’m hurt, give me a second. I think I can walk. Oh god. I can feel it moving. Ooooooh” Tom’s back arched in Phil’s arms. “Fuuuuuuck, what is it doing?” he moaned, almost in ecstasy. Tom began to lose his balance and Phil had to sit him down on the ground. The moment that Phil had let go of him Tom lay down flat, hard hat rolling away. “It- It’s! Ooooooh. Its moving down.” Tom began to point dramatically at his belly, untucking his shirt and struggling to take it off. Phil, not knowing what to do, or how to help, began to help Tom take his shirt off. However, as Phil finally got the shirt over Tom’s head, the expressions on Tom’s face began to glaze over into pure, intense pleasure and he began to arch his back as if he was dry humping the air. “Ooooooh Fuck! Its! Itsss.. Fuuuuuuck”. Tom was slowly losing his ability to speak and was reduced to moans of pleasure, and ecstasy.

“Tom? Tom! You still there buddy? Snap out of it man! We need to get you out of here!” Then something drew Phil’s attention. He looked at Tom’s hairy round belly and, to his shock, saw it begin to move, and pulse. Whatever the thing inside of Tom was it was playing around with his insides! Phil felt completely helpless as he watched Tom wriggle and writhe in euphora in front of him. Phil could see the man was beginning to get an erection through his pants, a dark wet stain beginning to run down one of Tom’s pant legs.

“R-R-R-Ruuun. Rrruun away! G-g-get out of here.” Tom gasped. He began to reach his arm out towards Phil.

“What do you mean run? I need to get you out of here.” Phil grabbed Tom’s arm thinking that Tom was reaching for him. Tom shook his arm violently out of Phil’s grasp and shook his head desperately, fear once again showing clearly on his face. He began to point down toward Phil’s legs. “T-t-t-wwoo of t-t-t-heem.”

Tom’s warning came too late. Phil felt a slimy member press against his inner thigh, just past the end of his swim trunks. Phil looked down just in time to see another skin colored snake wrap its body around his leg and push up past his trousers and into his groin. In his panic, Phil lost his balance and fell to the forest floor. He could feel the creature worming its way towards his ass, brushing against his balls. He grabbed at the end of the creature but it began to disappear into his trunks. He hastily undid his swimming trunks and tore them down, he could feel as the creature began to press up inbetween his ass cheeks. He grabbed at the creature desperately, trying to hold the tail of it so that it wouldn’t go further. Phil’s heart sank as he felt the creature began to slip through his hands. He felt as the head of the creature pushed into him, spreading apart his sphincter. He felt the creature’s slimy body as it slipped into him. He watched as the creature slowly disappeared through his hands. Suddenly his prostate was assaulted by the creature inside of him. The sensation became overwhelming. Phil moaned loudly and began to arch his back as the creature quickly started to make his prostate feel like it was growing inside of him. He felt like his entire lower half was in ecstasy. He suddenly felt the creature rise up inside of him taking the sensations of his prostate with it. The creature was pushing deeper into his ass and sliding further into his body, moving past his belly. Miraculously, none of what was happening hurt to Phil. If anything it felt amazing, like his insides were masturbating themselves. He watched as the end of the creature disappeared between his legs, his dick rising up to a full erection at the same time. He felt the creature fully enter his body with a wet “sluuurp”. Gradually Phils belly, like Tom’s, began to pulsate. Phil watched in awe as his belly began to move on its own.. He could feel the creature moving around inside of him. He watched as his belly grew rounder, and bigger. He felt as the creature began to fill in areas of himself that he never knew he had.

Phil arched his head and saw Tom lying on the ground not to far away. He was moaning and wriggling on the ground, his belly seemed to be bigger as well. He watched as Tom arched his back, and undid his belt buckle. His pants had become too small for his growing belly. Phil turned his attention back to himself. He was dripping precum, from what little of his dick he could see past his stomach. The creatures manipulation of Phil’s prostate was incredible. It felt like his prostate had been moved up and into his stomach. Phil put his hand on his pulsating, furry belly and let out a loud moan. His belly felt like heaven to touch. It was way more sensitive than his dick or prostate ever had been. Phil couldn’t help it, he began to pleasure himself, rubbing his new found pleasure-toy of a belly. He began to spray cum all over himself, getting it in his chest hair, his beard.

A small whimpering from beside him made Phil look back at Tom. His gaze was locked on to something at the edge of the clearing, his eyes filled with horror. Turning slowly to look at the direction that Tom was looking, Phil saw what Tom was whimpering about. Entering the clearing was a giant skin colored, fleshy mass of tentacles almost as big as they both were. It had a body the shape of a large bean bag and it was making its way slowly over to both of them. Before either of them could react, the creature grabbed both of them with a tentacle and dragged them closer. Slowly rolled itself on top of them both. Its mass pinning them both down to the ground. Tentacles from seemingly everywhere grabbed their arms and legs and held them still. Phil could not believe what he was seeing. The creature was a freak of nature, with large soccer ball sized sacks of liquid pulsing across its surface. Inside one of them Phil saw the same snake like creatures that had assaulted him and Tom. THIS was the creature that they had come from. This was their hive mind.

The creature caressed both of them with its tree branch size tentacles. There were too many of them for Phil to even begin to count. The tentacles began to rub every inch of them. Phil could feel tentacles rub against his ass, his legs, his breasts and face. A new tentacle, different from the others, maneuvered its way near Tom. This one was vaguely penis shaped and was rapidly excreting a white semen-like substance out of the slit at the end of it. This tentacle dripped and glopped its jizz all over Tom in copious amounts. Coating him in slime. The tentacle slowly made its way up towards Tom’s face, stopping at his lips. Tom clamped his mouth shut, shook his head, and tried to struggle. The creature rubbed its tentacles across Toms belly and the man began to moan and arch his body upward, trying to brush his belly against the tentacles as they tantalizingly got further away. The tentacles then wrapped around Tom’s belly, massaging it from all angles. Tom moaned loudly as he slowly opened his mouth and the tentacle slowly slipped into his mouth, brushing up against his beard and coating it in cum, and then went slowly down his throat. The tentacle began to pulse and swell down its length. Phil suddenly realized that it was pouring its semen into the other man.

Another semen excreting tentacle appeared in front of Phil’s face, dripping it’s hot liquid all over his belly and chest. Phil clamped his mouth shut as the other man had, not wanting to give in to this creature. Out of the corner of his eye he could see Tom’s belly growing in size.The tentacles came for Phil and began to massage his hairy belly, brush against his bearded face. He felt like he was being masturbated from his stomach, like his belly was suddenly a more sensitive part of his dick.. He moaned in absolute ecstasy, his mouth opening for the creature. The tentacle gently slipped into his mouth, dripping cum all over his beard and body. Coating him in liquid. He felt the tentacle reach down his throat and into his stomach. Phil began to feel immense pleasure as the creature began to fill his stomach up with its semen. Something, another tentacle, attached to his dick and began to suck him off. Phil watched as his furry belly became bigger and bigger.

Eventually the skin was stretched tight around a basketball sized round, hairy, belly. Every time that a tentacle slightly touched it, poked at it Phil felt like he was climaxing. Then, the creature began to massage it, rub on it. Focus on it completely. Phil couldn’t withstand the assault on his senses any longer. He came for what seemed like a half an hour. He watched as the creature gulped down the cum that his penis was ejaculating. Stealing it from his body. He watched in disbelief as his belly slowly deflated to its regular size. By the time that Phil’s belly had returned to its normal size Phil was close to passing out from the sensation of constant climax. He began to relax and tried to rest, but then the tentacle began to pulsate again, pumping him full of even more cum, he watched as his belly grew in size once again. Once again it stretched out to it’s full limit, and the tentacles masturbated his belly till he came. His belly deflating slowly again as he climaxed for minutes. The creature repeated this process of forced semen extraction a third time. After the third extraction Phil passed out from the sensation.

He later woke up on the floor of the forest, naked. He looked around, Tom lie there next to him, still breathing but passed out. There was no sign of the creature anywhere. Phil looked down at his belly. It wasn’t moving, and had returned to its normal size. Other than the fact that Phil and Tom were both waking up naked in the woods, there was no evidence that they had been assaulted whatsoever. The creature, it seemed, had taken what it needed from them and left them alive. Once Phil was able to wake up Tom he found out that Tom also remembered everything that had happened. After a few long minutes of shock Phil got to his feet and began to get dressed. Tom, looking defeated, did the same. They did not speak a word to each other until they found the parking lot of Hurricane Harbor. Before they stepped out of the treeline they decided not to tell anyone of their encounter. Who would believe them anyway? They felt ashamed, violated, and damaged. Worst of all? Both of them had secretly enjoyed it. They told people lies about what had happened and where they had been. Phil’s family knew that something bad had happened but was happy to see him well. On the drive home Phil knew that this was a night he would never forget. He would always live in fear, and secretly lust, of what happened. As it turned out Tom didn’t have a family to go home to, and was just a lonely construction worker on the rides at Six Flags. Feeling pity for the man Phil and Tom bonded over their shared experience and would later become life long friends. Every time that he came back to Hurricane Harbor Phil would secretly go looking for the creature again. Secretly wanting to feel the way the creature had made him feel those years ago. Secretly chasing that previous high that he had received. But to this day he has never found it again.

What Tom and Phil didn’t realize was that this creature was using them as filters for semen in its natural process of pregnancy. The creature was an asexual parasite that would target specifically built men, usually hairy, heavy, and with large bellies that could hold the most semen. Then, it would send out drone-like “organs”, programmed to do one thing and one thing only, and that was to infiltrate the human male body by either entering the ass or the mouth and positioning itself as a much much larger “prostate” that would act as a container and fertilizer for the infertile semen that the creature then pumped into its victims. As this new “organ” or “prostate” fills up to its maximum capacity, the human male has a natural orgasm that fertilizes all of the built up semen, a process that usually takes around 10 minutes depending on the belly size of the male. After multiple extractions the creature then leaves the male victim unconscious and disappears back into the wilderness. The victims that it leaves behind usually wake up hours after the initial incident, which gives the organs inside of them ample time to extract themselves from the male body through the anal cavity and return to the queen body. The creature then waits, either for a successful insemination of its eggs, or it goes back out on the hunt and finds another male victim to produce, and extract, more semen.

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