Star-Lord - Part Two

By RotherhamMan -
published February 24, 2020
2615 words

Thanos and his Avengers continue to humiliate Star-Lord…

Peter caught up with Thor, not sure how he knew where he was or how to navigate the castle, and fell into pace just behind him, having run at full speed and panting for breath. Thor glanced back at him and smirked. Peter was still dripping in piss but it was starting to dry out. He doubted, however, that he would ever get the taste out of his mouth.

Thor didn’t say a word to him as they went along. The guards they passed were unmoving and the few courtiers they encountered made a show of bowing to Thor whilst completely ignoring him. Peter wondered if anyone even saw him now, if he was only visible to those who would use him as their sex slave. Or maybe they were just so enamoured with Thor, they looked like they were all wet from the mere sight of him. Not too long ago he had been too, now he wasn’t so sure.

They seemed to reach a destination; a vast bedroom with the other children of Thanos lounging about on the bed like Greek gods were depicted as doing. They might as well be feeding each other grapes. They were still in their skimpy clothes but were stroking each other openly.

“Boys,” Thor boomed, “Meet the latest member of out group: Star-Lord. He is not an equal to us but he will be beside us from now on.” Thor guided him in front of him and stood behind him with a hand on both shoulders, presenting him like a proud parent would a son.

All eyes turned to Peter. He didn’t know any of them but he saw the shield propped up against the bed and the star on Steve’s thong and put the two together. Could it be that Thanos had enslaved Captain America himself and was using him as a bodyguard and sex slave! The larges of them was the green giant who, when he stood, he could now see had a cock that he was sure would kill him if the beast tried to insert it in him. He then somehow knew that he could not take it; he probably wouldn’t like it but he would be physically able. His cock shrank in its cage.

“He’s a bit small,” said Tony with clear disappointment.

“Yes, that is part of his punishment. He is my slave but you are all welcome to use him as you wish.”

Steve was quick to respond. “Slave? Punishment?” Bucky too was looking alert at the words.

“Yes, it is Thanos’ will for sleeping with his daughter.”

The Black Panther sniffed the air before asking, “What’s that on him?”

Thor grinned. “I have baptised him, as has Thanos with my water.”

“You—“ Steve, still something of a prude, gaped. ”Thor, this isn’t right.”

Thor looked genuinely confused at their reactions to this. “How so?”

“This man has done nothing wrong,” said Tony. “Have you?” he added quickly to Peter.

Peter was glad he had been addressed and was free to speak the truth in his defence to someone who might sympathise. “No, Sir, sex with Thanos’ daughter was completely consensual.”

“Then why is he to be treated like this?” raged Steve. They had all left the bed now and were stood before Thor and the slave before him.

Thor was sure in his ownership of the Star-Lord though and a bit confused that it was being questioned. “It is the will of Thanos. This man is a thief and criminal and of a dubious morality. He can now only do as we order and only speak when spoken to.”

“So you have to answer us and obey us?” asked Steve.

“Yes, Sir.”

“Steve’s right,” said Bucky, glaring at Thor with genuine anger at his friend. “This is what was done to me only I at least was made to believe it. This guy has no choice at all.”

“Do you believe this is what you deserve?” asked Tony.

Peter had to answer truly. “I have done wrongs, Sir, but no, I do not.”

Thor waved this away. “Do wrongdoers ever believe they deserve punishment? His testimony means nothing.”

Steve was on a mission, however, and sure in his cause. “It means something to me if he can only speak the truth. I demand he be freed.”

Thor gripped Peter tighter and he winced at the pain though he knew he would not break under it. “Only Thanos can undo this, until then I can do with him as I see fit and I believe he can be a great warrior, maybe even one of us. To be that he needs to be remoulded, taken down and built up as his best self.”

“That’s what they said about me,” growled Bucky. His hands were clenching and unclenching by his sides.

Thor went on, the insult to his integrity hitting hard, “Do you not trust me? I take my responsibilities to people under my care very seriously. He will be treated accordingly”

“I trust you,” said Steve, “But are you going to be just and treat him with care or are you just going to use him like a sex toy?”

“I will do both because he is mine!” roared Thor, having had enough of their arguing over what was given to him by god.

“People don’t belong to people! A true king should know that!” yelled Steve, just as loudly.

With a roar Thor threw himself at Captain America and they fell to the floor with a crash. Bucky was immediately on Thor’s back and Tony was trying to free the Captain from under the king. Thor was almost a foot taller than all of them and with bigger muscles but against the three of them he might be outmatched.

Peter watched with amazement and hope as Thor was fought by the three giants for his freedom and he silently cheered them on!

Thor was putting up a fight and unleashing his lightning against his friends. They were thrown off him with yells of pain but were made of strong stuff and were on their feet again in moments. Tony, being the Iron Man, was stronger for the blast and hit back at Thor with iron fists. The Winter Soldier too threw his fist at Thor and he was attacked on both sides. Thor grabbed their fists and strained against holding back a giant with each hand but, while he was occupied with this, Captain America brought down his shield on Thor’s head with all his strength. Thor staggered, dazed from the impact, and fell into the waiting arms of the Hulk who wrapped an arm around each of Thor’s and held him fast. Thor strained against the beast but was not able to the hold he was held in.

Steve crossed to Peter and gave him a hug. “Don’t worry,” he said, “We’re going to make sure you’re okay.” He then turned to the Black Panther, “Get Thanos, we need to discuss his treatment of his potential son-in-laws.” The beast-man fell to all fours and streaked out of the room at an incredible speed.

Peter was able to hug Steve back and relaxed into the man, feeling safe in the arms of his childhood hero, Captain America. He didn’t think it would last long; Thanos had final say in what happened to him and it may be that he changed the others to treat him as Thor did. He wasn’t even sure if Thor treatment of him was his own choice, he seemed strangely certain of his ownership of him.

Thor was not giving up and was straining against the Hulk’s grip, the veins in his flexing muscles bulging out. His movements were rubbing against the Hulk and his cock was starting to swell and stand up between Thor’s legs, soon rubbing against his swinging balls. “Thanos gave him to me!” Thor cried like a child robbed of his toy by bullies. Peter held onto Steve even tighter.

The Panther must have reached Thanos because a blue rift opened in space and the two of them strode through it.

“What is this,” he demanded, “Why is my judgement being questioned?”

“Because we object to them on moral grounds,” said Steve. He passed Peter into the arms of Bucky who held onto him like he was a child in need of protection. Peter accepted the treatment, even the metal hand stroking his back. “It is unjust for a man to be treated like this, not for consensual sex. I demand to know why you punish him so.”

“You demand?” asked Thanos in a dangerous tone.

Steve looked cowed and shrank ever so slightly. “Respectfully, Sir.”

Thanos looked satisfied at his submission. “I do so because I can and because I want to bring his ego under control. I have left this task to Thor.”

Thor cried out in triumphant laughter. “I told you!”

Steve ignored this and continued to defy his Master. “We told Thor you were just having fun and we believed that! We told him we could go against you if we wanted because we are loyal enough to speak our minds. Were we wrong to do so?”

“What makes you think this isn’t fun?” answered Thanos.

“Did you have fun when Thor and Thanos used you, Peter?” Bucky asked Peter.

“No, Sir, I was humiliated and did not enjoy it,” he answered.

“He’s not meant to enjoy punishment,” retorted Thanos.

“So this isn’t fun to you?” asked Tony.

“It is that too,” the Titan admitted.

Steve was tired of this run-around they were being given, it was like arguing with a child rather than a god. “Are you going to listen to us speaking out minds? Do you respect us that much?”

Thor fixed him with an authoritarian look, crossing his massive arms over his equally massive chest. “Do you respect me to enough follow my judgment?” he said and his voice was as cold as stone.

There was a tense moment of silence where Peter looked back and forth between the Avengers who all looked sadly back at him.

“Of course, Sir,” answered Steve. “We follow you, but we will not always do so without protest. If this truly is your judgement then we shall accept it.”

“Then all of this is pointless arguing. Star-Lord is Thor’s slave and will be treated as such.” He waved his hand and the Hulk released his grip on Thor who crossed the room, with a confident smirk and swagger, and snatched Peter from Bucky’s grasp. He threw the small man over his shoulder and slipped a finger through the ring of the anal beads and twisted. Peter writhed over his shoulder and moaned whorishly, he couldn’t help it. Thor was making a point of using him in front of those who had tried to take his favourite toy.

Thanos looked at Bucky and the others with an exasperated pity, like he was a father who had just broken up a petty tantrum. “Thor, if you would set him down for a moment,” he asked and, once Peter was on his own feet again he continued, “Star-Lord, confess your crimes to me and my men.”

Peter found himself talking, listing every law he had broken, everything he had stolen and everyone he had swindled in chronological order and in detail. He had stolen jewels, technology and riches form all manner of people and was wanted for theft and illegal trading in eleven systems by both the law and personal bounties. He had lied and cheated but took some pride in how not of his crimes were outright murder or torture or, god forbid, rape. He could not speak about how he had saved the galaxy from Ronin, it wasn’t a crime so he could not tell them of how his record had been officially expunged.

When he had finished, after a good ten minutes of non-stop talking, Thanos seemed satisfied that he had made his point. “Do you deny this man needs to serve a sentence, Captain?”

Captain America was looking at Star-Lord with a new look, like disappointment. “No, Sir, he needs punishment.”

“Will you let Thor administer it and assist if he or you desire?”

The Captain looked unsure, glancing at Bucky who didn’t seem to have changed his mind.

Thanos tried a new approach. “Would it be easier for you if I made you understanding of this? Then you would not have to feel bad when you see him being used, you could even happily join in.”

Steve looked doubtful, they all did.

“Maybe you should,” said Thor, “I’m not going to put up with you guys moaning about what I do with him.”

“Then I shall,” said Thanos, “To make things easier for you all.” It was a kindness; he was doing what none of them were brave enough to do. He raised his gauntlet. “You will be grateful for it.” Before any of them could do more than open their mouths the yellow stone glowed and they all fell silent, the minds accepting Star-Lord’s status in their group.

Peter wanted to cry. He had had them on his side, defending him and keeping him safe, for all of twenty minutes. And now he was without hope again. Now they were all eyeing him up with hunger in their eyes.

“I hope you’re going to lend him out to us often, Thor,” said Steve, rubbing himself through his thong. “That ass looks tight.”

“Tight,” echoed the Hulk, his cock twitching.

“It is tight,” Thor assured them, “And it always will be, even if Hulk here wears him like a glove!” He turned Peter around and bent him over, exposing his ass framed by his chaps and the ring of the anal beads between his cheeks for all to see.

On the inside Peter was screaming, outside he was letting the hands run across his ass and tug at the ring of the beads in his ass, causing the whole chain of them to shift against his prostate and his own cock pressed against its cage. Without warning the beads were yanked out, all in one go, and he howled at the pain and pleasure which coursed through his body. He didn’t know who it was that had done that but all of the men around him laughed and soon there were fingers probing at his empty hole, as tight now as it had been and always would be. His cheeks were slapped lightly a few times, reddening them and making them jiggle.

“What do you say, boys?” asked Thor, “Do we start him off slow or let Hulk here have first crack?”

There was an appreciative growl that sent Peter’s heart into overdrive.

“If he goes first the guy will be ruined from cock forever from the start!” cried Tony, “Let’s work up to that, there’s plenty of other stuff to do before we fuck him. Make him sweat for a bit!”

As if he wasn’t there the men discussed ideas and plans in hushed tones so he wouldn’t hear. He looked up as he saw movement and saw Thanos leaving in another blue rift. He was smiling evilly and Peter knew this was going to be the rest of his life. There was nothing he could do but endure it—because he literally had no choice.

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