Round Robin part 4

By Kjell Royer
published November 25, 2009

Time for a bully!

This is a part 4 of a story that I intended to be in four parts,

I intend to include muscle growth, altered reality, and some m/m situations.

All characters are over the age of concent including (any age regressions),

and you should be too! If this in any way skeezes you out, you are free to

stop reading! Please post this where ever you wish but leave me as the author!

I still don’t know when I will get to the next parts!

Part 4 Jonny Lee/Bart!

By Kjell Eric Royer

I had just finnished up lunch at the Cafe Kitty, when I went over

to the police station, and with a little convincing, got a promise of an

officer to check out a belief that Justin at the orphange was committing

criminal sexual acts!

I was a bit awed to see at the six o’clock news of an un named

sexual assailant in the orphanage, name undisclosed due to age (I followed

up with the case and it WAS Justin! Pity that he won’t grow any stronger

in the pen-like most convicts do, and yes he tried for a few year!)

I turned and headed home, setting the story in the desk drawer, I

pulled out the copy with the second chapter, a post-it was on the cover

with the name Jonny Lee and his address in New York, I tought for a sec,

do I really want to send the story to him?

I thought about the years of bullying, I can honestly say that if

it had not been for him I would not have found Angel, we became friends

workout buddies, then became Jocks, and then I became a member of his

coven. - still I guess I really wanted to lord my power over him! To

get closure to let him know that I could get revenge on him anytime,


I set the story in the transport area, and calmly went to class it

transported to Jonny’s

Meanwhile inside the cowboy story…

Adam and Darren are gathered around the campfire with seven thier

new ‘cowbuddies.’ Darren the former nerd begins to speak "guys, as we are all

now here let’s have a brief introduction, then my boyfriend and I will try

to answer any questions. I am Darren, and this is Adam!"

“I’m Harlan Sackston CPA,” said the Bucksinned man.

“Brad Glenn- but would you mind calling me Glenn?” said a 20year old

white haired man setting next to him.

“Dr Carsten,” said a mountain of an Asian.

“Uncle!,” said one of two that had to be a twin, jumping up and

hugging the mountian, then realizing he had not said his name “oh yeah, Kevin!”

“Lan,” said the other twin.

“Dan,” said the long haired violet haired guy.

“Officer McCoo,” said the redhead in a bvd tee shirt.

“Ok, now let’s explain a little bit now,” Adam said," well there

three ‘worlds’ or perhaps layers of reality if you would, there is the real

world, there is the story which we began writing, and there is the space

between or under the story if you will!In otherwords what we are doing right

now would fall right after and the sunset on the trail…, and … they woke

bright and early the next day!"

“Sorry, I did not know that I was creating this world when I began!”

said Darren, both Darren and Adam had decidede not to tell that this was part

of a spell to get more jocks for thier school cast by the Coach! "I’m sorry

if you had to give up some Important things in your life to get here!"

“I gave up a coma, and a broken body,” said McCoo

“Me too,” said Brad

“Cancer!” said Kevin

“Orphange and abuse.” said Lan

“Ditto,” went Dan

“I could not give up my nephew!” Dr Carsten exclaimed.

"Um CPA that should say it all, no this is my shot at redmption I

never got to go anywhere because of family problems, about a year ago

-they resolved themselves on thier own!," and saying that Harlan cried


After listening to all of this Dr C said,"Time for comfort hugs

everyone stand up and Hug someone you don’t know!" Not suprizingly they

all did, then Lan and Dan started with a hands in geusture everyone joined

in-all shouting “Buddies!” as they raised their arms. I don’t know if it

was because of the story, or just an ah-ha moment, but from then on it was

TRUE, they were all friends. (Now if there was the end of the story we

would have just had our fairytail ending, but as you THE READER knows the

story was sent to Jonny Lee, and this guy was known as a bully!)

Ugh! though Jonny, those people that pass for employees freeking

morons, if I had the power I would fire them all, but then I would have to

train a new crop of them, at least these are broken in! Ok, I’ll set my

mail down for after dinner! (switch perspectives to jonny’s not the

outsiders here!)

I finished dinner and pick up my mail, bill, bill, occupant, flyer

bill, hmm this might be intersting a story with a note attached- this is

a round robin story please continue the next story, then send it back to

PO box 832 Academy street Elmwoodsprings KY

Ok what do we have so far? A cowboy story?? oh this is worse, no

women! It’s a freekin Brokeback story, oh sure there’s no sex- it just

seem like the word is yet! I need to think on it, but I think I can write

a few sex sceens make all co–suckers! Maybe I can even kill off a few of

these brokebackers! I have to sleep on it!

The next day… Jonny reread what he wrote, as he was thinking over

the life lessons that he learn, the one that he remembered first and best,

‘Life is not fair!’ Jonny learned that quickly when a young boy at a

neighborhood park fell- it was not HIS fault, Jonny’s only mistake at that

time was being at the wrong place at the wrong time!

Jonny was 4 and nine months, the other kid was 4 Bobby was his name

when started crying, his older brother came over and slapped Jonny - if

Jonny had been with either his mother or father the whole incident would

not have happened, but Jonny could not know that, no both parents that day

were working, so he was with a sitter!

That might have been the end of it had Bobby’s brother had not kept

bringing it up, Jonny got the cold shoulder from Bobby from then on- at the

direction of Bobby’s brother, and Bobby made sure that Jonny did not have any

friends in this class, the few friends he had were base brats, they were

shipped to different bases around the world by the time he hit second grade!

This was compounded by the fact that he got into a fight that second

grade year, he learned who to fight then, but he also grew to the tallest

kid in second grade! He learned that with SIZE and ATTITUDE, he did not

HAVE to fight! Jonny never learned to trust anyone outside his family,

and never had many friends!

As Jonny grew he never was good enough to get on any sports teams,

which could have made a few friend on, no he just got big,-fat, by the time

he entered the work force he was 5’7" and 250 pounds with black hair and

icy cold eye that belied their brown color, and he could not let anyone get

a better grade than him, those that tried got pounded at recess-that,

intellegence, was the only redeeming quality Jonny had!

Jonny reread his character’s discription, he did not change any of

his stats, he changed his outfit to hat to boot black, it suitted him

“Black” Bart his heart was pure black! His character Bart was the sheriff

of the town that the group was comming to! Bart entered the story!

The readers of the story would be left with this cliffhanger, John

and Storm (Dan and Harlan) were steering a train onto a broken bridge a 900

foot drop! The entire cast was Jonny’s love slaves. (let’s not forget that

anyone having sex in the story would not carry or transmit disease, and

would recover quickly, so Jonny did spead some benefits- wonder if he would

have if he had known-probably not!)

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