The clinic, part I.

By Baldwizzard
published February 17, 2020
1314 words

A normal day starts for Marcus and Matthew starts to realize what he really had wished for

Marcus woke up in the morning and felt very refreshed. That was quite a surprise for him. He remembered his filthy orgy in every detail. Had it been a dream? A vision? Or reality? He was not sure. His erection suggested a dream. He walked to his bathroom to take a shower, it loved an easy morning, so he had enough time for a long shower and big breakfast.

In the bathroom, he checked his reflection, it was calming that his normal self looked back him, grey longish out of bed hair, a nice, thick salt and pepper beard. He missed his firm chest and neck. He had never realized how old he looked. No, he did not look old, but in comparison to his 20-year old body it was a dramatic change. He sighed and then enjoyed the very hot shower. Back in his bedroom, a strange smell filled his nose. He sniffed again, oh good lord, sweat, smoke, a sweet and bitter aroma that made his eyes water. Where did that come from? Oh, right, the clothes. He had thrown them in the bin and now they smell filled his large bedroom. He went back to the kitchen, searching for a large garbage bag. He stuffed the clothes into the bag and closed them. He would take them out leaving for work.

He drank a fresh brewed coffee, made himself a nice bagel with smoked salmon and enjoyed his life. He looked at his watch, oh, he had to hurry up now. He really felt refreshed, that one day outside his normal life really had been like a spa-treatment. On his way to work, he realized that he had forgotten to take out the stinky clothed. Ah, nothing to worry about, he would throw them out in the evening. Without thinking, he took the shortcut through the park. It was 9:40 and there were the typical chatting mothers with their prams, the Nordic walking seniors and some students, jogging around the small lake or just sitting in the sun. When he passed a certain spot, he looked around. No punker to be seen. Oh, that was not entirely right. Two guys were snoring in the humid grass. He recognized a certain head of green spiked hair and a very muscular body… He forced himself to look away and minutes later, he entered the lobby of the hotel.

Matthew stood outside the clinic, enjoying the sun on his face, puffing on his pipe. The feeling of the dentures in his mouth was still strange and kind of annoying. We all know this feeling when a piece of a ooth broke off, or something is stuck between your teeth and you have to touch it with your tongue all the time, when you try to suck it out. That feeling now filled his entire mouth and he knew he would have to learn to live with it.

The sunlight made him sweat and big drops formed in his now shiny and hairless head that felt hot. He cleaned away the sweat with a handkerchief and realized, that he now needed to take care of his shiny bald head, too. And that a fat body sweats more easily and gets tired more easily. Walking down the street was quite a task with that big belly and the sticky legs he got now.
He decided to take a bus home and waited when a guy double his age offered him a seat on the bench in the small waiting hut. He wanted to say “No, thank you!”, he wanted to be offended, the man was around 40 and he was 23… oh, wait, yeah, right. He smiled at the man “Thank you, son!” and said down, with his back aching. Not because of his age – but because of his weight. That was something, horny Matthew had not calculated with. His body was so different now. Millions of new sensations streamed through his nerval system. The wind on his bald head, the tickling of the big moustache under his nose, the fat belly and the moobs that moved in mysterious ways when he walked, the hair under his shirt, the craving for nicotine he never had experienced before in his life, the slightly moving dentures in his mouth. And now, sitting here in his small hut, he realized he smelled different, too. He smelled of talcum powder, a strong, very old fashioned after-shave, a bit of pipe-tobacco, menthol sweets, food-powder, a hint of mothball was there, too and when he sniffed carefully a very strange, alien and yet known aroma, he just could net name.

The bus came and he had problems standing up. People assumed it was because his old knees did not work as they used to be when he grimaced, working his way up to a standing position, but it was just his enormous weight, the new unbalanced body with that fat belly that made him puff. He would need a walking stick. The thought came to his mind and it was a bit terrifying. Did he really think this all through? In his fantasies, he had looked like a sexy hot old man but moved and acted like his young self. Now, trapped in fat old man’s body, he realized that it was all very different from his fantasies. Climbing the steps into the bus was nearly too much for him and sank into one of the seats, sweating and breathing heavily. The thought, that he lived in the 6th floor and that the elevator was not working now terrified him already.

The concierge in the house did not recognize him so he said that he was Matthew senior, Matthew’s granddad who came visiting his beloved grandson for the next time. The guy smiled and nodded. An old fat gentleman with a big bald head and a big moustache was surely no thread to anyone. “Send him my greetings, haven´t seen him in two days. And by the way Sir, one can surely see the family resemblance. You have the same eyes!”

Matthew smiled back and then started the horrible climb up to his apartment. They way he normally nearly flew upstairs now took him nearly 30 minutes with several breaks. When he reached his door, his face was deep red, and his clothes soaked in sweat. He put the heavy bags aside and fell on the sofa. He needed 45 hours until he felt strong enough to make himself a coffee. While the machine was bubbling and burping in the kitchen, went to bedroom, and undressed. First of all, he wanted to get out of the sweaty clothes, secondly he wanted a second, and now very private look at his new body.

Undressing was a bit like peeling an onion. Not his normally youthful manner of dressing, but layers and layers of clothing felt to the floor. He stopped in between, having a look at himself in socks and underwear. The look was hot and nearly made him forget about all the inconvenience this body brought along. He played with his heavy belly that bounced up and down, pinched his sensitive and nearly obscenely large nipples, he curled his chest hair between his fingers and touched his moustache with his tongue. Then, he undressed totally and suddenly, he recognized the alien smell he had not been able to identify earlier. Right there, in his undies, there was a yellowish stain. It was urine. He had not pissed himself, but seeing that stain, he knew, that he had lost some of his bladder control. He was slightly incontinent. That was, like his impotence, something he had not fantasied about and not even thought about although it now seemed to be very logical. He started to hyperventilate and had to sit down in his bed …

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