Re-Educator Chapter 10

By EdIam published April 24, 2017
Category: Hypnosis   Tags: #uniform #police #cum

Alex continues his reign, Professor Simons grows his numbers, and a new man enters the scene.

(Again again, sorry for the long wait!! This one took a lot more time as I wanted to get certain parts just right. I’ve read through it a couple times, but there might still be minor spelling and grammatical errors…I’m putting it up now and will go back and fix stuff as I notice it. Thanks again for all your support, e-mails, and comments!)


Rubbing his eyes at the sunlight peeking through the police chief’s window blinds shining down on him, Alex awoke. The desk he was laying on hadn’t been incredibly comfortable even after he and Bill had pushed everything to the side in the heat of the moment. Despite the slight soreness in his back and his ass, Alex felt warm and comfortable with the nude man cuddled into him.

Bill and Alex had spent nearly the entire night fucking, sucking, and making love. Alex couldn’t get enough of the sexy older man and his occasional gentle kisses and passionate fucking. In fact, Alex had never actually ‘made love.’ Alex had only ever fucked chicks like a revolving door and that mere dominating was enough to get him off. It had never been about the women back then. It had only been about the manipulation and the control of those he viewed as less than him. Bill, on the other hand, originally had only mindfucked to dominate the sexy and defiant wolf and fuck with the emotions of his fag husband.

But feeling the heat from Bill the very moment he confessed his love had affected Alex more than he’d anticipated. Now, lying here with a sleeping Bill, Alex truly felt loved for the very first time in his life. To a normal person, they’d probably think it was fake because it had been forced into Bill. But to Alex, it was the most real thing he’d ever experienced. It didn’t matter that he’d forced the older man to love him. If anything, the fact that he had made it all the sexier. Alex had done something he never knew he wanted: manipulated and controlled a man to literally consider him his soul mate.

Even better, he’d corrupted the kind-hearted man. As Alex looked over at his sleeping lover, his cock began to swell again thinking about Bill, a loyal cop of countless years, a protector of the weak, and completely devoted husband, helping him create more faggots in this stupid town. Between him, Bill, and his young newly made jock boyfriend JJ, everyone would quickly learn who the alphas were.

Alex knew that throughout the night, he’d ignored most of the grunting, interruptions, and general orgy occurring outside the office he and Bill were occupying. But he knew that there had to have been more unre-educated cops to have come during the night and morning along with countless worried and confused townsfolk and family members of suddenly missing people. The same cops that had been stroking and cumming on repeat all night knew what they had to do with them. Alex had made sure of that last night.

Before the sex had gotten too wild, Alex had heard a commotion outside in the main area. A couple cops had wandered in from their rounds and found all of their former friends jerking and sucking each other off. There were literal puddles of cum throughout the station and Alex knew it had to have been a shock. So Alex had quickly told his already mindfucked cops to restrain them and lock them up back with the females and to do the same with any other cops or unexpected visitors who came in at any time.

Stretching his arms out wide, Alex could hear a couple screams for help coming from the jail cells. Alex glanced over at the clock on the wall and saw that it was already 9:45 am. He had no idea they’d made love for so long but he had to get back to work. The men needed their new boss to tell them what’s what.

Peeling himself away from Bill, he awoke the sleeping man. Bill just smiled sweetly and cooed, “Oh man, I was out like a rock. What an amazing night, lover!”

“Man, I didn’t even know fucking could be that good. I love that you’re my love slave at this point. How does that make you feel?”

“Alex, I wouldn’t have it any other way. The way I look at it, you’re all I think about now anyway and I’d do anything to keep you happy and horny for me. If you want to think of me as nothing more than a love slave, that’s ok. Because I love you and all you do. Truly.”

“Good, because,” Alex grabbed the older man’s dick, “Since you’re mine now, you and your dick are officially my property. And, yes, I think love slave has a nice ring to it. Love you, you mindless love slave.” Alex kissed the older man as Bill melted into him, loving every demeaning word more than the last.

Grabbing at the Re-Educator, Alex pulled apart from Bill, “Now that that’s out of the way, let’s go see who wandered into my precinct last night.”

Bill stood up, grabbed Alex’s free hand, and they walked out of the office together. Alex loved the scene playing out before them. Countless cops and detectives were still stroking their meat as their uniforms looked so disgustingly covered in the stains of cum they’d spilled throughout the night. Some were sleeping in puddles of their own and others cum. Still others were guarding the entrances as they continually masturbated and came all over themselves. For most of the cops, it was clearly almost painful to continue to stroke. Alex just smiled knowingly. These cops didn’t care if their dicks were raw. They had to keep stroking and cumming to impress him. It was their duty as cops.

A few desks away from him, Alex saw Shane. He looked absolutely exhausted and slightly insane as he lapped at a particularly large puddle of cum that had been sprayed on the desk. He looked like a madman to Alex, but suddenly, the broken man noticed them as they exited the chiefs office. Looking over at Bill and him, Shane’s eyes began to water as his tongue lapped at the cum. Without thinking, though, he finished and moved on to a fresh load that had erupted from a random uniformed officer splayed out on the floor. Breaking his eye contact, Alex saw Shane practically leap on the spraying cock from the cop to catch as much of the semen as he could.

“You fucker! I need that cum on my uniform! I’m a worthless cop and need to drench my uniform. Get away and fuck off!” the officer shouted at Shane.

Ashamed that he’d latched on to the random man’s penis but unable to stop himself, he tried to remain as the cop twisted and kicked at him.

Alex just snickered.

“Everyone! Look at me!” Alex shouted into the Re-Educator. Shane instantly let go of the dick and looked at him as the angry cop he’d sucked did the same. Every eye in the place turned to him. The sleeping few woke suddenly and without effort did the same. “It’s a new day and your uniforms are looking so much better. They really suit you and you’re so proud of how cum-drenched you’ve become. Now, get back to work. Whatever you did before you realized my perfection, you still do. Except now, crime or criminals don’t matter to you at all. The only thing that matters is you bringing in anyone you think doesn’t already follow me and lock them up until I can come and fix them into the faggots you know I want them to be and who you know you want them to be. Keep trying to drench yourselves throughout. The more cum you spill on yourself, the better cop you are. You all want to be the best cop to impress me. Don’t worry about anything beyond bringing me more faggots.”

And just like that, everyone got up and got to work. They had to impress Alex no matter how tired, horny, or weak they felt. Men had to be faggots. It was a simple yet important goal. Patrol officers headed out instantly to round up any non-faggotized men and anyone else that hadn’t been controlled by Alex. Detectives began searching for men that hadn’t been changed to help the patrol officers snatch them. The dispatchers, who previously had asked all the patrolling officers to return last night, started communicating with the patrolmen ensuring that all the men in town would soon be faggots too.

Smiling and content with his new personal police force, Alex walked back to the showers to see just how kinky the criminals he had commanded to fuck and suck last night had gotten during their several hours of mindless gayness. Hand in hand with Bill, he made a point to walk by Shane’s desk. Alex made sure to have Bill tease Shane a moment by placing his rock hard cock in Shane’s hair. Alex told Bill to stroke his meat thinking about how much he loved him and how much he loved how much of a faggot he’d made his former lover and told Shane to hold still a moment. Cumming within half a minute, Bill came in Shane’s hair. Commanding him to get back to work and keep his former lovers spunk where it landed, Shane sobbed quickly and continued to shuffle through his wet paperwork, sucking at random spots that looked as though he could still get cum out of. Despite knowing that Alex had fucked him over and stole his husband, somehow Shane still wanted desperately to help the little fucking asshole get as many faggots as he could. And as a detective, he’d be sure to investigate any potential non-faggotized man that came to the department. His desire for semen was still there, however, and he scooped up random bits of cum he could find at any moment while wanting to reach into his hair and eat his former soul mates man-juices, but knowing he couldn’t. Alex made sure it had to stay.

Entering the shower area, Alex first noticed the smell. It smelled like a mixture of sweat, cum, and shit. Second, he heard the low moans and grunts. They were still obviously trying their very best to fuck and suck one another quietly, but many had grown exhausted since last night. Finally, walking into the area, Alex and Bill saw the full effects of the command Alex had given.

Everyone that had been sent back here had long since shed their clothing. There was a mess of nude men entangled in one another. Many had obviously not showered in days or weeks even before Alex had mindfucked them and were covered in dirt and mess. Some looked as though they hadn’t even wiped their ass before allowing other men to fuck them roughly. The smell of shit was beyond revolting to Alex, but the idea that he’d controlled the men to fuck and suck despite their asses and cocks becoming covered in shit was so hot. He watched closely as a blonde, hairless younger man was draped over another man while getting fucked roughly from behind. A ginger bear with a gigantic hair covered gut was standing before getting fucked by another man as his impressively thick cock was ramming into the blondes mouth. Alex could see that at some point, the ginger man had fucked someone and his dick had been caked in shit. The blonde couldn’t care less. He had to suck what was in front of him.

Alex also soME that some blood had obviously mixed in with all the other body fluids and not too far from one of the more vividly red puddles was the disgusted straight man who had been in the handcuffs. It didn’t appear that his wrist was bleeding quite as profusely as it had when he removed himself from the restraints when Alex had commanded him to suck and fuck mindlessly. Regardless of the obvious pain he was experiencing, he looked to be in heaven as a particularly gruff looking tattooed man was thrusting violently into his now very loose asshole. The man had the look of the complete opposite of disgust on his face as his cock surged with another dose of cum.

So many nude men were reaching out for random other men’s cocks and when they couldn’t find one to suck, the looked for an ass to fuck. Cum was caked all over mens faces and assholes and clearly much of it had leaked out. In the large shower area where all the men had gathered, there was an increasingly expanding pool of thick cum, piss, and shit building around them.

Alex felt so much pride in what he’d made these degenerate faggots do. Bill squeezed his hand in a show of love and support. Bill didn’t have to say how proud he was of Alex for faggotizing these lowlifes. The warmth radiating from his lover was enough to express it. These men had truly become disgustingly perverted fags with one simple command. It was almost enough to bring a tear to Bill’s eye knowing how turned on and excited Alex was.

“They seem to be ok with what they’ve been doing. Let’s go see who showed up last night,” Alex finally whispered to Bill after starring for another few minutes at the tangle of men. Despite the nasty smell, Alex and Bill’s dicks hadn’t gone down in the slightest.

“Let go of me! What do you think you’re doing?! What are you all doing?! This is so unbelievably disgusting and sinful!” Alex and Bill heard a confused man scream from the main area just as Alex had finished whispering.

Rushing out excitedly, Alex and Bill arrived just in time to see a man being dragged towards the holding cells by two cum covered officers carrying out the orders Alex had given them. What was particularly exciting about this particular man was the small bit of white Alex could see around his neck. The younger-looking man was probably around 40 to 45 years old or so, was wearing an entirely black button-up shirt with black slacks and a small square bit of white shone through a tiny section of the black collar.

“Hello Pastor Goodman! Welcome!” Alex enthusiastically stated as the man who ran the church most of the town attended was dragged by him. “What a pleasant surprise! And so close to Christmas to boot! Merry Christmas to me!”

“Cum for me,” Rick demanded as the ginger dick he was petting spurted a few more drops of cum. It wasn’t surprising that the poor boy wasn’t shooting much anymore. This was the seventh time in a row he’d told Eric to cum in the past few minutes.

“Are we going to call Jake soon?” Eric asked as the final load began to ease out of the cockhead as if nothing was happening at all.

Completely unwilling and practically unable to stop petting the still hard pale shaft setting on the table before him, Rick smiled. “We will in a bit. Now don’t be rude again in my home by asking again. That wouldn’t be polite.”

Eric looked down at Rick in shock. He couldn’t begin to imagine being rude to his amazing professor on purpose. If Professor Simons told him he would be rude by asking again, there wasn’t a chance in hell he’d ask. Why would he even question the rules of this man in his own home? “I’m so sorry if I offended you. I was just kind of worried about him. Didn’t mean to make you mad. Should I blow you again to make it up to you?”

“That won’t be necessary, my boy,” Rick smiled slightly. A deep part of his brain shouted at him to stop. He was controlling the young boy despite a clear crisis occurring with his other student, Jake. That small voice was screaming that he had to do something; that clearly the Re-Educator that Jake had taken home had somehow been taken. That voice was nagging at him and starting to get louder. This was just the kind of evil and immoral acts that he swore he’d never do if he had this kind of power. He’d thought about it so frequently and never wanted the whole tired and played out Master/slave hypnosis thing he’d read in story after story. But Rick shoved it down for a moment, smiled a little wider, and stated matter of factly, “Why don’t you call your parents and tell them you need to stay here for a day or two to help me. We’ll need time to sort out this Jake thing. You don’t live very far away; if they’re concerned, they’re more than welcome to stop by so I can explain it to them. In fact, do you have any siblings, Eric?”

“Yeah, I have an older brother named Oliver.”

“Why don’t you insist they come over with Oliver so I can explain everything to them. After that, call a few of your male friends that live close. No one too young, just the ones about your age. You have any friends like that, Eric? Be honest and don’t be rude!”

“Um, let me think,” Rick continued to stroke the long meat as Eric thought quickly and efficiently to politely respond as soon as possible so as not to make his amazing professor wait, “I guess Cody is back in town from college. And so is Timmy. Grant still lives here. Is that enough?”

“Sure! Thank you for your help, Eric!” Rick handed him his phone and Eric got to work. Reading stories was one thing. This was reality. And Rick wanted to try out a few slaves, as cliché as it was. To be fair, though, thought Rick, they honestly wouldn’t even realize they were my slaves. That’s better. There wasn’t any way the problem with Jake’s Re-Educator was as serious as Eric made it out to be. Jake was one of the smartest students Rick had ever had the pleasure of teaching. He wouldn’t have let such a powerful tool get into the wrong hands. Rick knew he had time to have some of his own fun before investigating a clear dead end created by an over-imaginative Eric.

Eric dialed and waited a few moments. “Hi, Mom. I’m at Professor Simons. I know I shouldn’t have. There’s a crisis. Seriously, Mom! Really important! Mom, I know Christmas is only a few days away but Professor Simons insisted that I stay here. I know! Mom…I know. Just come over. He can explain. It’s really important, Mom. No, Mom. Don’t put him on. No. Please don’t. Mom…please. Ok, fine,” Eric paused and rolled his eyes so Rick could see. Rick just smiled and nodded. “Hi, Dad. No, I know. I know, Dad. I know!”

“Cum for me, Eric,” Rick stated.

The dick pulsated under Ricks’ hand and spurted a few more small dabs as Eric continued without a beat, “Dad, it shouldn’t take long and it’s important. Dad, please stop cussing at me. I know. Dad, he’s not gay. I told you, he’s not gay, he’s my favorite professor, and I don’t like that word. I don’t care if you don’t like Jake, he’s my friend and I don’t like how you speak about him. Stop being so fucking homophobic. Yeah. I said fuck. Dad, I can’t fucking explain it, ok?! Professor Simons can explain it. He can so much more than I can. Bring Oliver. He can help. I know. Dad! I know! Good. I’ll see you guys in a few minutes. Please, calm down and don’t be mad at mom. She didn’t do anything.”

Eric hung up the phone and shrugged, “God, my parents can be so difficult. Had to convince them pretty hard. But my mom just had to finish up some cooking and then they’ll be on their way here. And they have no idea what Oliver has to do with it, but they said they’d bring him. I think they just want to come and take me home. It is almost Christmas, after all. They’re pretty traditional and very overprotective. We were gonna put up the Christmas tree and the decorations and stuff today. My dad can be kind of difficult and kind of an asshole too. So be careful…my dad sounded pissed and he can get kind of violent with people he doesn’t like.”

“Don’t worry, my good boy,” Eric swelled with pride for a moment as Rick continued, “Somehow I think I’ll be able to handle him.

“Well, if they do bring Oliver, he’s just as much of a jerk as my dad. So I hope you know how to convince them. Telling them that you just want me here probably won’t be enough.”

“Trust me, Eric. When I’m done, they won’t want to leave any more than you do.”

Rick continued to pet Eric’s dick slowly and somewhat lovingly as they conversed about his parents, his brother, school, Jake, and life in general for a while. Eric explained how his parents had always kind of babied him and his brother and how they were both rather overprotective throughout their lives. His dad, especially, had never really let him or Oliver get involved with much at school or to have many friends. Eric, as a result, had become pretty focused on teaching himself most everything in his room alone and Oliver had kind of gotten insanely into working out with his father in their basement gym. It came from a good place as their parents clearly loved them dearly, but Eric had never really experienced real freedom or friendship until college. Even now, however, his parents had pretty much locked the family up the minute Eric got back for Christmas break. Oliver, Rick found out, still lived at home and worked with his father at their family owned construction company. Learning so much about Eric was fascinating but Rick was mostly just in love with the image of his sexy ginger student that he’d fantasized about for so long standing obediently as he presented his constantly hard cock to him while telling his life story so nonchalantly, as if nothing were out of the ordinary. In what seemed like mere minutes, he heard a pounding at his front door.

Grabbing the Re-Educator, “Eric, stay here for a moment or two and be a good boy. Don’t be rude now.”

“Ok professor. I wouldn’t dream of it,” Eric smiled back gleefully as he continued to rest his still rock hard ivory pillar on Rick’s table.

Rick, still fully dressed despite the opposite occurring in his young guest, walked towards the door. Opening it, he saw a moderately attractive, muscular, red haired, pale-faced bearded man who looked to be about Rick’s age leaning against his patio railing, a meek woman with shoulder length red hair behind him, and a young man with freckles and bright, stylized flaming red hair who looked like an incredibly athletic and achingly handsome version of Eric. Rick couldn’t help but salivate as his eyes locked with the young green eyed Adonis. The pecs alone on this fine specimen were enough to make Rick weak in the knees as they stretched out the plain white cotton shirt that was only a shade lighter than the skin tone of the Adonis wearing it. Glancing quickly at the small amount of fire red hair peeking out the top of the boy who was clearly Oliver’s shirt, Rick was brought back to Earth with a sudden deep and masculine voice.

“You must be Professor Simons. I’m Sean Michaels, Eric’s dad. Eric said that we needed to come by. We didn’t even know he was coming over here. The little punk snuck out. Why in hell do you think he did that? And where is he? You know what, don’t even answer. Get him. We’re taking him home now,” the older man stated shortly, impatiently, and gruffly. Somehow, Rick knew this was as polite this man ever got with those that displeased him.

“He’s in here, but I’m afraid he’s going to have to stay with me a few days. Important work you see.”

Clear shock erupted on the older man’s pale face. “Excuse me?” Sean stepped forward menacingly, only getting angrier by the moment as the crazy looking professor began to smirk annoyingly at him. “It’s fucking December 21st. Christmas is Sunday. Eric will be with his family right fucking now and you need to know that I’m not the kind of man that people say no to.”

Rick didn’t break eye contact or hardly even react, “I said Eric will be staying with me for a few days.” Despite Eric’s father having what seemed to be at least 100 more pounds of muscle on him than on his own scrawny frame, Rick didn’t even budge.

“Dad, I’m not sure what this son of a bitch is getting at, but I say we treat him like the asshole he is,” Eric’s brother placed one hand on his mother’s shoulder and pulled her back, stepping up next to his father creating a truly masculine wall fueled by anger. These were alpha men who got what they wanted. Oliver folded his arms over one another as the shirt he was wearing accentuated his massively muscular arms and truly spectacular pecs. The testosterone wasn’t lost on Rick as his dick jumped slightly.

“I think we need to teach this faggot a lesson and find your brother, Oliver,” Sean replied as he began popping his knuckles and glaring at the clearly weaker scientist.

“Sean! Oliver! Stop it. This isn’t one of your bar room brawls. And it’s almost Christmas. Just ask him…” Eric’s mother interjected meekly.

“Shut up, Abby! We wouldn’t even be in this situation is you’d watch your fucking kid. Back up and let us teach this fucking faggot not to mess with us,” Sean turned to his wife. Rick watched knowingly as the clearly defeated woman backed up slightly. Rick imagined this wasn’t the first time Sean had thrown his muscle around Abby and she knew better than to interrupt. Sean turned back to Rick as his right eye began to twitch. Rick could smell the slight whiff of sweat radiating off the two men. Such a manly musk they had. This definitely would be fun for him.

If Rick didn’t already know he had all the power, it would have been a situation that would have scared him to death. But in this case, Rick just sighed. “You’re right, Mr. Michaels. I am a faggot. Thank you for noticing and showcasing how absolutely sexy you and your sons are. Eric never really knew that I was, nor did most people. I hide it well. In fact, in a moment, you won’t even remember I am! So just give me a quick moment and I can help you appreciate that so called ‘faggot’ perspective you seem to look down on so much.” The fury quickly registered on the father and his jock son’s face as they realized the gay professor was actually hitting on them. They couldn’t imagine a more disgusting thing to be happening to them in that moment. Before they could react fully, Rick quickly picked up the Re-Educator and placed it to his mouth to talk just as Oliver started diving towards him and Sean pulled back his fist in a stance indicating the start of a fight.

In what seemed like an instant to him, Sean took the fist that had been in the air and began to rub his eyes for a quick moment. What just happened, he thought to himself. The gay professor had hit on him and the fury he felt had been so overwhelming that he recalled wanting no more than to beat the shitty grin off the fags face. The anger was still lingering for a quick moment as it dissipated an instant after he registered it even being there. Why would he have ever wanted to punch Professor Simons? Why, that would have been rude! Sean knew that he would never even fathom being so rude to such a distinguished and amazing man. Looking over to his son, Oliver, who was standing just as dumbfounded next to him, Sean saw that Oliver’s anger, too, seemed to have just emptied out of him. Oliver had been diving to take the man down, but, happily to Sean, Oliver must have realized how insanely impolite that would have been. Sean would have had to have words with his son if he’d done that to poor Professor Simons. Just imagine it! Such poor manners for such a good looking young man.

Sean and Oliver smiled at one another as they barely registered that Abby and the car they’d driven there in had completely disappeared. Without even thinking, both father and son whipped their feet on the welcome mat and stepped into the home as Professor Simons stood back slightly with a surprisingly sexy and knowing grin on his face. Removing their shoes and socks at the door, the two man politely smiled at their host and followed him down the hallway that extended before them.

As if on instinct, both men removed their shirts, their pants, and their underwear as they followed the amazing man before them. Erections at full length and girth, they followed him into what looked to be the man’s kitchen. There, looking at them with sudden shock and what looked to be some disgust, was Eric, also nude and hard. Sean beamed with pride at how polite his youngest was being. Being nude and hard in the home of Professor Simons was number one in his book of manners. Standing in what they somehow knew to be their spots on the table, Sean and Oliver placed their hefty cocks on the table for Professor Simons to have easy access to them and looked to their amazing host as he whispered in Eric’s ear and instantly, Eric’s face molded from one of disgust to one of absolute pride and confidence.

Standing at attention on the opposite side of the table of Eric, Sean was instantly relieved to see that his youngest son, too, was displaying his cock on the table for their host to enjoy. Pride swelled in his heart as Sean looked down at his polite young sons. Oliver’s surprisingly thick cock was pulsating enthusiastically as Eric’s’ above average meat did the same. Oliver was clearly the thickest and had what looked to be quite a veiny piece of man-meat, but Eric’s was longest and yet the most perfectly proportioned. Sean’s, though the smallest of the three, was also enthusiastically bobbing as his balls relaxed and churned on the cold wooden table. Sean wasn’t embarrassed in the least that Oliver’s’ approximately 8 inches and Eric’s possibly 9 inches were larger than his 7.5. What was most important was to be polite for the amazing man who invited them into their home by displaying their hard, heterosexual cocks for him.

“Cum for me”

Sean hadn’t even had time to notice that Professor Simons was sitting on the remaining side of the table. The sudden sound didn’t really startle him, especially considering he didn’t even realize what the fantastic man had said. Sean just smiled at the man politely. It truly was so kind of him to allow Eric, Oliver, and him to stay with him these next few days.

Meanwhile, Ricks’ hormones went wild as the three ginger men came in huge spurts without any of them even reacting. Granted, Oliver and Sean’s loads were considerably larger than Eric’s at this point. Despite that, the horny professor loved seeing the three large, pale columns shoot so much spunk at his command. Oliver, especially, seemed to drench the table and the first couple shots actually hit Rick in the chest as he sat across from him. Rick merely scooped it off his shirt and absent mindedly ate it.

Standing up and walking around the table to stand between Oliver and Sean, Rick began petting the two masculine cocks at once. “How are you feeling now, Sean?” Rick asked.

“So much better now that we’re here! Thank you so much for inviting Oliver and I in to join you and Eric. I had no idea how important it was for not only Eric, but all three of us to be here. We can always decorate your house instead of our own. Abby can handle our house.”

“Yeah, dad and I are so sorry for what we said back on your doorstep. We were so unbelievably rude,” Oliver followed up with anguish in his eyes.

“Are you both really sorry?” Rick asked with a slight tone of sarcasm and mock sadness.

“Oh so much, honestly!” Sean stated whole heartedly. “Yeah. With all my heart!” Oliver followed suit.

“I don’t know. I think the best way to prove to me that you’re sorry is to do what rude boys do. You were, after all, very rude. So why don’t you both show me how a rude boy makes it up to his favorite host.”

“Of course, sure, yeah!” Oliver and Sean enthusiastically agreed. Sean reached down and unzipped Rick’s pants as Oliver worked on the button. Pushing the pants and underwear down as quickly as they could, each of them kneeled at either side of the average sized hard cock and began eagerly licking and sucking on the entire length. The father and son occasionally brushed tongues and fought over the cock head, but that wasn’t important in the slightest. They had been rude to the professor. The only way to make up for their lack of manners was to make him cum.

Rick looked up from the sexy pair worshipping his cock to lock eyes with Eric.

“They always suck cock so hungrily?”

Eric laughed heartily, “Professor, don’t make this sound so sexual. They were rude and they’re making it up to you. You talk like that and they’ll probably keep thinking you’re gay.”

Matt’s foggy mind could only hear slurping. The wet sucking sound was all he could focus on as he the world seemed to come back into focus. He tried to bring his right arm up to rub his eyes and found he couldn’t. Alarmed, Matt suddenly opened his eyes and looked down.

His arms had been tied to a chair that must have come from a dining room set. His legs, too, were tied to the legs of the chair. This did frighten him slightly, but not nearly as much as his soft cock and balls resting between his legs. Matt realized that somehow since he’d passed out, he’d been stripped and tied to a chair. Before he could process what was happening, the slurping reentered his perception.

Looking up he discovered that he was still in the Hendersons’ living room. He remembered being on the phone and seeing John Sr. walk in naked and just nothing afterwards. There was some faint moving across the room on the couch, but his eyes were still adjusting to the light in the room. Squinting, Matt felt his brain go light-headed again.

Across the room was JJ standing with his hands on his hips, legs separated a little more than shoulder width apart, and looking up in what looked like bliss. Despite the disgusting nature of what was processing to Matt, he could understand what was truly happening. JJ’s nude younger brother and his equally nude father were kneeling at his feet and licking and sucking the huge dick and balls of their family member. Without any regard for him at all, the trio of Henderson’s appeared to be in their own world as JJ lightly moaned in pleasure.

Whispering to himself, “What the fuck…” Matt caught the attention of JJ suddenly. Eyes zeroing in on Matt, JJ smiled.

“Keep sucking, faggots. It looks like you finally got your audience.”

As if injected with caffeine, the father and son went into a frenzy as John Sr. began lapping at the leaking cock head and Filthy Queer went nuts on his brothers smooth and sweaty balls.

Matt could feel nothing but nausea. Here, before him, was the supposedly Christian family he’d rarely even thought of due to their seemingly boring normalcy throughout his life. And they were queer and incestuous. How could they never have seen the signs at the perversion next door? Why were they flaunting it so recklessly?

But suddenly, fear and realization hit him. “What did you sick fucks do with Sara?! And Kyle?!” Tears formed despite himself as he screamed.

“The chick and the fag? No worries. We locked the chick down with my mom and that whore Vicki. She screamed for a while, but gave up the fight. And that fag brother? He ran out the front door while my faggot dad and I got your chick locked up. He really was a fucking coward.” JJ began walking slowly and tentatively toward the strapped down Matt. His father and brother awkwardly followed along on their knees as he moved, not wanting the dick to fall out of their mouths. It would have been funny if Matt wasn’t so repulsed by what he was seeing.

As he approached, JJ leaned forward and stroked Matt’s cheek. “No worries, man. You’ll be more aligned to our much better line of thinking when Alex gets here. Then, you’ll begging me to let you join my personal family fags here sucking on my perfect D.”

Matt’s mind went wild. Alex? Did he mean his brother Alex? “What do you mean, Alex? My brother?! He doesn’t like gays like you. He’ll probably kick your butt if he saw you doing this stuff!”

JJ just laughed, “You must not have spoken to your brother lately. He’s fucking amazing and beyond your comprehension now, bro. You’re not gonna like what he wants to do, but believe me, you’ll end up loving it.”

Matt struggled a bit more at the ropes tying him down as his mind tried to fathom what JJ was saying. Wouldn’t like it but end up loving it? What does that even mean? What did Alex do? What would Alex do?!

All of this was rummaging through his mind as JJ unabashedly reached down and grabbed Matt’s limp cock. In a fury, Matt began to struggle all the harder.

“Oh, man. Your brothers cock is beyond perfect. I can only imagine how his own brothers will compare. You do share the same genes. Get hard for me, faggot.”

Matt had gotten hard for countless women throughout his adolescence and had been having regular sex with Sara for quite a while now. But no man had ever even come close to getting him hard or horny. And Matt knew, full well, there was zero chance his clearly psychopathic next door neighbors uneven and rough stroking could make his dick hard. All he could think was what the fuck was even going on here?! He was being groped by the star football player from his former high school while his seemingly devout Christian father and brother blew him so eagerly. And now JJ, one of the nicest and most boring guys Matt had ever met, was calling him a faggot and demanding him to get hard?! How could any of this be real?

As JJ continued to egg the nude and bound heterosexual man into getting hard for him, Sara was below them in the basement thinking none of this could be real either. She had struggled to get the door unlocked for what seemed like hours to no avail. She also couldn’t seem to find any windows to crawl out of. Occasionally, she’d heard mumbles of male voices above them, but rarely was it loud enough to make out. To top it off, she’d almost jumped out of her skin when she saw two other women sitting on a couple boxes in the corner. Relieved to see that they didn’t seem to be dangerous, she had approached them, only to find them starring into the distance, smiling, and unresponsive.

Sara had no clue what was going on. She only hoped Matt wasn’t in trouble and that Kyle had gotten away.

So there she sat for way too long, next to the seemingly braindead younger blonde. Waiting and hoping for someone to come and help.

“I have no idea what all of you men think you’re doing, but this is beyond inappropriate and incredibly sinful. Dave, you were at services last Sunday with your wife and beautiful little boys. Why are you doing this? Why handcuff me? Why are you being so utterly disgusting with your privates out like that? What is going…”

“Would you kindly shut up now?” Alex interrupted as he entered the interrogation room the two officers had handcuffed him in. Cockforbrains had entered at Alex’s request to keep an eye on Pastor Goodman. Excited for his new acquisition and the possibilities of controlling the holy man, Alex’s hard cock lead the way into the room. Seeing Alex again, Cockforbrains shot another load in his hand and began rubbing it on his face, neck, and uniform.

Alex winked at Dave, causing the Alex-obsessed officer to immediately harden again and began stroking. Dave couldn’t believe anyone so perfect and sexy could have ever existed. As he continued to stroke, he silently thanked Alex for walking in when he did. His pastor had mentioned his wife and kids and Dave in no way wanted them crowding his mind when this perfect specimen of a man was the only one he wanted to be thinking about. Feeling pre begin to squeeze out of his exhausted cock, Dave spread the wetness on his already drenched sore cock. God, he loved the man before him.

“So glad you could join us today for the change of these shitty police officers. They truly will make sure this town looks at life a little differently. More in tune to what I want them thinking, in fact. Including you.”

“What in God’s good name are you talking about, boy? Aren’t you that Alex Smith trouble maker? The one that used to tease my boys?” What is the meaning of this and why are you naked and why is all of this happening. What in the world…”

Alex pulled the machine to his mouth, “You will stop talking and listen intently.”

Instantly, silence fell on the room. The distant sound of protests and moaning could be heard but nothing beyond the slap, slap, slap of Officer Cockforbrains eagerly stroking.

“Much better,” Alex sighed as he sat down at the opposite end of the table, put his feet up, and looked to Dave while pointing at his cock. Without even a moment of hesitation, Officer Cockforbrains dived across the room and attached his mouth to his God’s cock.

A look of revulsion crept on Pastor Goodman’s face as he saw his parishioner going down on the young punk before him. It blew his mind that the God-fearing family man he’d preached to for years and years was actively and enthusiastically blowing the bully Pastor Goodman had approached several times due to the constant harassment the young man had inflicted on his twin sons.

As Alex stared at him with a devilish smirk implanted on his face, Pastor Frank Goodman thought back to the last visit he had with the young man he could remember. It had been about four years prior, when his sons were around 17 years old. He supposed Alex was about the same age, 21 or 22, as Frank knew his boys and Alex were in the same grade. His son, Pete, the slightly older twin, had come to him complaining that Alex was threatening his other son, Paul, again. Pete said Paul had told him not to say anything, which wasn’t too surprising to Frank. Both Pete and Paul could take care of themselves and were actually quite popular. But the threats and harassment from Alex had been an issue for about as long as Frank could remember. Being a pastor and a firm believer in God, Frank never wanted to stir the pot and make the situation worse, but he knew he couldn’t stand around while his own son was being treated as horribly as he was.

Asking Pete and Paul if it would be ok to have a meeting with Alex and his father to address the issue, they both had hesitated. Frank remembers being so surprised at their willingness to just let it go. Pete had even apologized to both Paul and him for even bringing it up. This was nothing like his two athletic and popular sons. Both had been placed on varsity football when they had only been sophomores last year, it’s not like they couldn’t take care of themselves and didn’t have a good support system. Why in the world would this one unlikable kid be able to make them feel so helpless?

Pete and Paul were identical in nearly every way. The only way Frank could even tell them apart was their hair style and their smiles. Pete buzzed his dark black hair short into a militaristic style haircut so it appeared as though he were headed for the army at any moment. Paul, on the other hand, had his hair in a more stylish longer style and always seemed to only half smile. Frank imagined the women he dated got weak in the knees at the boyish smile his Paul had. All in all, Frank was incredibly proud of the strong, athletic, likable, and Christian boys he and his wife, Betty, had raised.

Frank, himself, wasn’t bad to look at. Though he’d gone bald in the last few years, he still had a fairly healthy body. Frank truly believed that his body was a temple his Lord had created and he wanted to take care of it. As a result, his frequent gym visits and jogging sessions with his wife had kept his 42 year old body looking good. With light brown hair, sparkling blue eyes, and a sturdy frame, Frank’s sons were the spitting image of their father. Both his sons even shared his child-like dimples that were so charming to most anyone they met. He knew very well that he had the perfect life and that God had blessed him for his life-long obedience and faith. Pete and Paul were both active in sports and extracurricular activities with Pete excelling in debate and Paul showing an interest in theater. Being so involved in the devout and empathetic Christian community, their family couldn’t be happier.

But Alex had been quite a thorn in the side of his poor boys. From the very little Pete was willing to share, Alex was accusing Paul of doing unnatural and unspeakable things with his twin brother and threatened to beat him up for his disgusting ‘actions’. Pete hadn’t been there to hear that particular insult, but when Paul told him what Alex had said, Pete knew he had to let his father know. It had officially gone too far. Frank knew full well that bullies are weak-minded and serve a darker power. A conversation or two with this kid and the kids’ father, and Frank knew this would be nipped in the bud. Perhaps he could even convince the young lost soul to come to his weekly services and guide him on a more glorious path!

But the meeting, as Frank recalled it, couldn’t have gone worse. Frank recalled that the young mans’ father smelt of alcohol and seemed to only be embarrassed about being in the pastors office rather than any kind of anger or remorse for how his son had behaved. Frank just remembered how distinctly unremarkable and non-memorable the father had been. Sitting here now, Frank couldn’t even recall the man’s name. Just the smell of alcohol and his absolutely un-fatherly behavior. He did apologize on behalf of Alex, but it was incredibly ineffectual and obviously wasn’t planning on finding a way to keep Alex from doing anything else.

Pete and Paul had joined them and sat at the side of the room while Frank sat behind his desk. Alex and his father sat facing the pastor. And Alex, as Frank remembered, looked entirely uninterested in listening or partaking in any kind of discussion.

“I suppose the only issue I have here is that you’re bullying and threatening my children. I’d like your assurance that you won’t continue to behave in such sinful ways. Can you promise me that, Alex?” Frank asked as politely as he could, a feeling of superior piety surging through him.

Alex just glared across the desk, unblinking and unmoved by the speech, that smirk on his face that Frank knew he currently had as Cockforbrains continued to suck his cock.

Thinking back, Frank remembered he’d suggested numerous solutions. Class changes, avoiding one another, even becoming friends. Through it all, Alex just continued to stare without blinking; that knowing smirk plastered on his face.

“Dad,” Pete had said, “there really is no use. I don’t think anything will get through to him.”

Breaking his silence, Alex coyly with a chuckle, “Fucking fag.” Frank remembered that what really made him angry was how Alex hadn’t even broken his eye contact. He called his son that disgusting insult while staring into his eyes. Frank knew, deep down, the Devil had complete control of this lost soul.

Taking a deep breath to control the surge of anger that flushed through him, “Ok, that’s enough of this tactic, I believe. You are always welcome here, Mr. Smith and you too, Alex. I believe there is little to be done now in this way. Paul, Pete? Please leave for just a moment. And, Mr. Smith, could I have a moment alone with your son.”

Frank couldn’t even remember what Alex’s father had said or if he’d said anything, he just remembered feeling those eyes and that smirk as Alex’s father, Paul, and Pete left the room.

Leaning forward, Frank began, “Look, I know growing up is tough and you probably haven’t had the best home life. But I can assure you that life does get better and you don’t have to maintain this tough guy persona you’ve made. In fact, I’m sure with an apology, Pete and Paul would gladly befriend you and you can…”

“I’m not friends with fags.”

That staring and that smirk…

After a pause so he could regain his composure, “I assure you, young man, my boys are not homosexual. I raised them better than that. I raised them in Christ. Both of them are very averse to that disgusting and degrading lifestyle choice. I do believe…”

“You must fuck your fag sons too. Way too much denial there, man.”

Stare. Smirk.

Blood pressure rising but unwilling to avoid the stare of the boy and lose this battle of wills, Frank waited a few moments. “I will choose to ignore your attempts at getting a rise out of me and I forgive you for your words. I am not gay. My children are not gay. But I must ask you to leave. I can see that you are not ready to shed the evil in your heart. When you do, God will love you and so will I.”

Not moving a muscle and not taking the cue to leave, Alex retorted, “Bet I peaked your interest now. Fantasizing about sucking off your twin boys now.”

Exploding as he stood up, Frank angrily spat, “Get out of my office this instant!”

The smirk expanding as he finally broke eye contact and stood, stating matter of factly, “Let me know how it feels to fuck your fag boys sometime.” Alex turned and walked out the door, leaving the fuming pastor to his heavy and frustrating breathing.

Sitting there now watching the uniformed policeman that was also his humble and devout parishioner suck on the penis of that boy that had been one of the few people to ever make him lose his temper, Frank was beyond terrified. The world had obviously gone mad.

“I’d imagine you’re thinking about that day we shared all those years ago,” Alex broke the silence. “I’ve thought about it too. Tell me, did you ever suck on your boys cocks?”

“How dare you! Release me this instant!”

“Naw, you watch Officer Cockforbrains here. You’ll probably want to take some mental notes because you’ll be doing it soon enough. But we’ll get to that. You didn’t answer my question.” Smile and smirk.

“Of course I never did. What kind of a disgusting sinful pervert do you take me for?”

Ignoring Frank’s response completely, “I remember that conversation well. At the time, I was just trying to prove to myself a stoic, holier-than-thou asshole like you wasn’t endlessly compassionate and loving like he claimed to be. Now, however, I really do think you’re going to want to suck on your boys cocks and fuck them silly.”

“How dare you. Never. How could you even…”

“And, believe me. You will. And you’ll love it. And you’ll love me. And you’ll love doing it because you know how happy it will make me. Because, you see, Pastor Goodman, this machine right here? It’s your God now.” Alex held up the machine that he’d walked in with, a strange contraption that Frank hadn’t even noticed in his fear and confusion.

“That machine? My God. What in the Lord’s name are you talking about young man?! I would never do that to my…”

“Oh, you will. How does that make you feel, Pastor Goodsuck?”

“My name is Pastor Goodman. I will not allow you to denigrate me or my boys and furthermore…”

Pulling the strange machine to his lips as he heard Officer Cochran pleasurably gag on the young man’s penis in his mouth, Alex’s words began to fill his mind, “Actually, your name IS Pastor Goodsuck and you know it…”

Kyle kept running. He’d wandered around for most of the night rather aimlessly and was surprised that no one had run after him. He did, however, know that he was eventually heading to Rob’s apartment. He just didn’t want John Sr., JJ, or Jake to follow him.

He wasn’t sure how far he’d run exactly, but he knew he was about three more blocks away from his boyfriend Rob’s apartment. He honestly had no idea where else to go. He was convinced no one was following him at this point and he sure as hell wasn’t going to go back home because all the insanity in the Henderson household would be far too close. He thought about warning his brother Carl about what was going on, but he knew that with Matt passed out and Sara being forced into the basement like she had been, there was no way Carl and himself could take on the absolutely psychotic John Sr., JJ, and Jake.

So Kyle ran while his brothers’ girlfriend was stuffed into the basement. Jake had tried to catch him, but he’d run out of the house too quickly. His mind was a flurry of what ifs. What if he’d roused Matt? What if he’d fought back? What in the hell was he going to do now?

The only person he could think of was Rob, his boyfriend. He had been the most important person in his life for almost half a year now when he had bumped into Rob and his roommate at the community center last May and naturally couldn’t think of anyone else. At the time, Kyle had still been quite a rebellious and immature jerk. Thinking back on it, he honestly hadn’t even dated another guy at that point. Clearly, he’d been in denial of some sort. But Rob was just the right guy at the right time in the right place. Kyle couldn’t be happier that he had run into him that night because he brought more happiness and stability to his life than he’d ever had before.

Kyle ran through the unlocked front door to the apartment and up the flight of stairs to Rob’s apartment door. Knocking furious while he tried to catch his breath, the door opened revealing Rob’s roommate Ryan. Ryan was wearing only a pair of tightie whities, but Kyle barely even noticed as he accepted Ryan’s invitation to come in.

Walking in, Kyle immediately felt the need to get out of the sweaty clothes he’d been running in. Kicking off his shoes and socks, he immediately began unbuttoning and lowering his soggy jeans. “Where…where…(gasp)…where’s Rob?” Beginning to remove his shirt, Kyle finally spit out as he sat on the sofa across the room. Moving the shirt that Kyle had just removed and sitting next to him, Ryan placed his hand on Kyle’s leg showing his concern.

“He’s just in the bathroom. He’ll be out shortly. What in the world is wrong?! You’re so out of breath!”

“You know the Hendersons? That family that lives next to me? I swear to you, they’ve gone nuts. I can’t even begin to describe what they’re doing. I’m still freaking out.”

“Just breath; relax. Rob might know what to do. No need to talk about it until you’re ready,” Rob helpfully suggested. Kyle did love Rob with all his heart, but he was most definitely attracted to Rob’s hairy chested roommate. Kyle knew Rob was bisexual and, truth be told, they’d all had fun with one another a time or two, but despite the insanity Kyle had just been through, he couldn’t help be feel so much better next to the attractive, nearly nude man. Kyle even noticed Ryan was hard in his underwear. That, in and of itself, wasn’t too shocking, considering Ryan always seemed to be hard whenever Kyle saw him at his place. But, then again, Kyle always seemed to be hard when he was at his boyfriends house too.

Kyle never really said it, but he always did consider himself to be the sexiest and most attractive member of his family. Rob confirmed it after he’d seen all three of his brothers to compare, in fact. He had a stylish hair cut that Rob had urged him into getting that really brought all his features together. Shorter on the sides and a bit longer on top, his darker hair was always looking so good. The hair combined with his masculine features, sparkling dark brown eyes, and nearly permanent five o’clock shadow made Kyle an incredibly handsome man. It also helped that he took care of himself, also at Rob’s urging. He had a lean build in contrast to the rest of his family, so the work in the gym and in the swimming pool gave him such a sexy body. His lightly dusted hairy chest just accentuated the already beautiful chest. Strong and sturdy hairy legs just brought the entire visual into place.

After taking a few moments to catch his breath and calm down, Rob entered the room. Instantly, Kyle’s heart sang. He loved that man so much. He knew, without a doubt, Rob would most definitely know what to do.

“Kyle? I wasn’t expecting you over until later tonight! Is everything alright? You can calm down right now and tell me what happened,” Rob stopped in his tracks looking at his roommate and his boyfriend in their underwear. It really was a beautiful sight. Despite the near nudity of the two other men, Rob was wearing all of his clothing.

Calming down almost instantly after Rob had suggested it, Kyle explained, “JJ, that older jock, the dad, and the younger brother all went crazy! They were naked and doing stuff to one another and they freaked out Matt and he passed out and Sara, Matt’s girlfriend was locked in their basement by them. I ran here. I didn’t know what else to do. Rob, they were literally doing incest stuff in front of us. Full blown, creepy, incest stuff. I didn’t know where else to go so I came here.” Feeling like he simply had to, Kyle got up and crossed the room to hug Rob. He always felt better when he was in his boyfriends arms.

“Just relax, Kyle. You’re safe now. We’ll get to the bottom of this. Ryan, do you have any plans tonight?” Rob stroked his boyfriends back as he looked at his roommate.

“Not really, Kyra has plans with her friend Ellie.”

“Ok, I just need to run out and grab something from the storage unit out back. You two 69 on the floor while you’re waiting for me. I shouldn’t be more than ten minutes. Then, we’ll go back to your place and figure out what’s going on. Ok, Kyle?”

“Of course, my love.” Kissing Rob as he turned to go out the back door, Kyle then pulled off his underwear, laid on his left side, and waited for Ryan to position himself in front of him. Diving onto the cock and sucking as Rob had suggested, Kyle felt Ryan do the same to him. Despite it feeling amazing, Kyle could only think about how amazing Rob was and how happy and blessed he was that he could help his brother and Sara. Hopefully this could all be resolved and figured out by the end of the day. Until then, Ryan’s cock would be his world.

Paul slammed the door to the restaurant and ran to his car. He’d just received a call from his father telling him he had to hurry home. Evidently, his brother Peter had been in some kind of accident and he had to hurry back home. It was particularly frustrating because he was in the middle of his shift at the China Buffet and he really needed the money. But, family before all else. His manager heard the story and cleared him to go. So Paul sped down the road towards his home.

Looking down, Paul was embarrassed to realize he’d left his apron on. He had worked for almost two years at the China Buffet now and two months earlier, he’d gotten a promotion from delivery boy/waiter to actual cook. While he was proud of this accomplishment, he did still feel like it was a little gay to wear an apron out in public. Not that he had anything against gay guys, he just didn’t want to present himself in the wrong way.

He was probably the least homophobic member of his family, come to think of it. His father was the local pastor in the biggest Christian church in town and, as a result, he’d been taught that homosexuality was a sin. His twin brother, Peter and he had taken to that belief like a fish to water. They were both really athletic, good looking, and popular straight guys, so what was it to them if a few gay guys got what was coming to them? That all changed almost a year ago. Paul had a very eye opening experience with his friends Rob and Ryan. It was all a little fuzzy now, but he didn’t think much about it. He just knew that gay guys weren’t a big deal. In fact, he sometimes thought he might be bi.

But all of that didn’t matter at this moment. He had to get home to help his dad and his brother.

Turning onto the side street towards his house, Paul did a quick double take. He saw that a police officer had pulled over a driver and was escorting the young man that was presumably the owner of the vehicle to his squad car. That, in and of itself, was rather interesting, but Paul could has sworn the police officer looked wet and that, maybe, just maybe, he was showing a bit of flesh around his groin. Blinking away what he clearly had imagined, Paul continued home.

Pulling into his dad’s driveway, he saw that his brothers’ truck was also parked out front. His dad, Frank, really didn’t specify what had happened; just that his brother was in trouble and he needed Paul’s help. Slamming his car door shut and running up the sidewalk to the front door. He heard moaning inside that really worried him. It was a constant moan…it seemed to sound more like his father than his brother though. Worried, he barreled through the front door, ran down the short entryway hallway, and turned into the living room where the moaning seemed to be coming from.

Pete was fucking his father.

Paul froze. It took a quick moment for him to register what he was seeing. His father, the straight-laced Christian pastor that everyone in town looked up to, was getting plowed by his twin brother Peter. It made no sense. His father moaned even louder as his brother gave his ass a particularly hard fuck.


“Oh, umph, welcome, umph, home, umph, Paul!” Frank said between fucks as he smiled at Paul lewdly. Paul got the distinct impression that his father wanted him to do the same thing Pete was doing.

“Hey, bro! We’ve been waiting. Rather impatiently, as you can see,” Pete smiled at his brother. “Get in on this. You won’t believe how tight Daddy Goodsucks’ hole is!”

Paul continued in his frozen state and blinked a couple times. This couldn’t be happening. Then, another voice.

“Welcome home, fag!”

Turning towards the voice, Paul saw the last person he expected: Alex Smith. Even more surprising: he was naked. Even more surprising: an attractive older gentleman was massaging his shoulders and was also nude. The two of them were lounging on his couch. They clearly had been watching his father bending over and getting fucked by Pete. And they were hard.

Paul’s brain exploded. He was cool with homosexuality. More than cool, even, he was interested in it. But he never imagined his brother and father would be fucking while his high school bully got a massage by a fit older man in his living room. This was beyond the pale.

“What. In the fuck. Is going on here.”

“Don’t fret, Paul. You’ll see soon enough. I’m sick of explaining all this shit. I’ll just get to it.”

Alex pulled a weird machine up to his mouth and began talking. “Paul, your real name now is Twin Goodsuck number 2. Your dad is Daddy Goodsuck. Your brother is Twin Goodsuck number 1. You are a dirty little incestuous faggot. You want to go stick your cock in your faggy dad’s asshole. You want to share his hole with your brother as you and your gay brother make out. Also, you’re insanely attracted to me and my man Bill here. You’d do anything to turn us on. Now get to it.”

Alex smirked and starred at the twin brother. He couldn’t wait to watch this fag twin fuck his holier than though dad. That would teach this stupid family.

Paul stared at Alex in shock. Everything he had just said sounded so insane to him. His voice certainly did sound bizarre being spoken through the machine, but given the look of confidence Alex had on his face, he clearly believed Paul was actually going to believe what he had said. He didn’t. Why the fuck would he honestly believe his name was Twin Goodsuck number 2?! How in the hell did Alex really believe he’d go and fuck his father?! Most importantly, how the hell was his father allowing his own son to fuck him?

Paul just stared completely dumbfounded at Alex. Alex stared back. The confidence slowly began to drain out of his face.

Speaking into the machine, Alex flustered, “Get naked now, Twin Goodsuck number 2! Fuck your dad. I’m your Master and you’ll listen to me!”

Paul blinked twice.

“What the fuck?!” Alex shouted, leaning forward. “Why the fuck isn’t this thing working?!”

Paul blinked again.

Without really thinking why, Paul immediately turned and ran out the front door.

“Oh fuck, family Goodsuck, go catch Paul and bring him back to me! Now!! GO!!!”

Pulling out of his father instantly, Peter began chasing after his brother. As soon as he got his bearings, Frank did the same.

Running towards the car and fumbling with his keys, Paul heard what Alex shouted. Hearing his brother chasing after him, Paul hurredly opened his door, slammed it shut, and locked the door. Peter, completely nude, ran after him and slammed into his car door, his leaking hard cock pressed against the glass. Paul screamed as his father’s nude body jumped on the hood of his car. Starting it, Paul began to back out of the driveway, Peter continuing to bang on the window and shout. Giving up, he ran to his truck. His father, clearly not concerned with his own safety, stayed on the car and demanded his son get out and return to Alex. Paul suddenly slammed on the breaks, his father banged his head on the windshield, and rolled off the side. Turning his car, Paul began to speed away. In his rearview mirror, he saw his nude father jump into the back of Peter’s truck and Peter did a U-turn in order to begin following him.

What the fuck was going on? Paul thought. He knew he had to lose his family somehow. And, for some reason, in the back of his mind, he knew he had to go visit his friend Rob. He associated all this gay stuff with him. He’d know what to do.

Rob walked down the stairs of his deck towards the storage unit in the back. He rushed down the stairs finding the key to the padlock. Sticking the key into the lock, he opened the door to look at the storage space that he and Ryan shared. There wasn’t much in there at all: a few random pieces of furniture, some summer stuff, and a safe. It was the safe Rob was requiring.

The path toward it was already clear as Rob had to get into it occasionally. Not very often, but he did like having a small amount of fun every now and again.

He stored it in this space so that no one could just wander across it and so he could make sure it was safe. It was definitely not something he wanted falling into the wrong hands.

Putting the simple code into the safe, Rob opened the hinged door and reached in. Finding what he was looking for, he grabbed it, closed the safe, and began the walk back into the apartment, closing the doors to the storage space and locking it as he left.

Walking back into the apartment, he approached the two men sucking one another on the living room floor.

“Ok, keep sucking until you both cum and swallow the loads. Then we’ll head over to the Henderson place with this thing. You two don’t realize it, but it’s pretty powerful,” Rob smiled.

Ryan continued to suck eagerly on Kyle’s cock as Kyle did the same with him. From the angle Rob was standing, Kyle looked up. Rob seemed to be holding up a weird looking machine that he could have sworn he’d seen before. It looked like megaphone with wires and weird machinery attached to it. Kyle didn’t know how a weird little invention that Rob clearly made out of garbage was going to help the situation. But he loved and trusted him completely. It was far more important to make Ryan cum so he could swallow it now though.

Rob just groped himself as he watched his boyfriend and bisexual roommate suck each other off. Unbuttoning his pants at the sexy scene he’d seen so many times but never really got tired of, he sat down and pulled his hard cock out of his pants. As he stroked himself happily, he set his Megawave on the sofa next to him, not knowing just how much more serious the situation he was about to get involved in was.

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