Criminal Rehabilitation

By RabidRabbit
published February 15, 2020

Ryan just wanted to escape prison. The new medical program could be his ticket out of there.

Criminal Rehabilitation

Lancaster Penitentiary was one of the last fortress prisons built on top of an old oil rig. Escape was impossible for anyone unlucky enough to be sentenced there. The unruliest and malcontent are removed from civilized society and are left here to rot. A long, slow death was no longer the only option when a small corgi showed up and setup a new rehabilitation program in the Lancaster’s medical wing. Stories circulated quickly around the prison that inmates were leaving and going back to the mainland.

Ryan saw this as his opportunity to escape and rejoin his gang. The hulking rhino sat in his cell, staring at the same section of ceiling as he has for the past two years since his incarceration. He scratched at his thick, gray skin on his chest as he thought about how he’d get out. He could play along and let them believe he’s been ‘rehabilitated’ and then look for his opening to escape. He signed up for the volunteer list the day he heard the helicopters come and the first inmates were moved out of Lancaster.

Two Doberman guards showed up at his cell door and knocked on the bars with a baton.

“It’s time for your treatment,” said one of the guards.

“Heh, you’re going be a new man afterwards,” said the other guard trying to hide his grin.

“As long as I’m a free man,” Ryan said as he stood up. He ducked his head slightly so his horn wouldn’t hit the frame as he exited the cell. The guards led the inmate down to the medical wing. Ryan couldn’t help but notice the entire wing had been renovated. All the various desks and furniture had a sterile white theme with soft and inviting lighting. They brought him to a large metal door that required both guards to swipe their badges simultaneously before it slid into the wall.

“Well, go on in,” said one of the guards.

“This is going to be your only way off this rock alive,” said the other guard.

“If it means I don’t have to look at you two assholes anymore. Hell yeah!” Ryan strolled through the door before it slid shut with the loud click of several bolts locking the doors. The rhino paced down the corridor and found a waiting room with a check in desk. There was only a clipboard and pen chained to the metal desk complete with a plain white note reading ‘Please sign in’ upon it.

The rhino looked at the sign in list and noticed the warden and the head of security had signed in today. Shrugging, the rhino signed his name and turned around to take a seat. Before he could sit down, the doors opened, and the warden was walking out.

The warden was a regal looking lion with a great crimson mane. The lion maintained a very fit physique for a male in his fifties. “Doctor, thank you again. I can’t wait for my next appointment,” said the lion as he proceeded out the door.

“You’re making great improvements, warden. Have a good day, and until next time,” said a tiny corgi following out the door after the lion. The warden looked different to Ryan somehow. He’s normally a strict hard ass, but he seemed much more relaxed. The rhino just stared in confusion as the lion smiled and waved goodbye to him before the guards let the warden out and disappeared beyond the corridor. Ryan only managed a weak wave back at the lion before he vanished.

“You must be Ryan Howards. I’m Dr. Wright,” said the short dog.

“Yeah, I’m Ryan. What’s the warden doing down here?” asked the rhino.

The corgi just gestured towards the room behind him, “I’m sorry. I can’t violate patient confidentiality.”

“Oh, he’s a patient?” asked the rhino as he moved into the examination room.

“Perhaps I may have said too much. Mr. Howards, you are here to enroll into the program to secure your release, correct?” asked the corgi.

“Yeah, and you’re supposed to help me get out of here?” Ryan inquired as he looked at the inside of the room. One corner was occupied by a counter with basic examination instruments and disposable gloves. Across laid a long, adjustable table with a paper cover. The other wall was a regular office door.

“No Mr. Howards. We both will help yourself get out of here,” said the corgi with a cheerful tone. The dog led the rhino to the table and pulled a sliding panel from beneath it. “Please stand on the scale, I just need to take down your vitals.”

Ryan couldn’t help but tilt his head at the doctor. The much smaller creature went about adding notes to the rhino’s chart. The doctor instructed the inmate to remove his shirt as the dog equipped the stethoscope. The prisoner obeyed and tugged off his shirt, revealing his stout and muscular body.

“Please take a deep breath,” commanded the doctor.

The rhino sharply inhaled as the corgi pushed the cold stethoscope against his leathery skin. He held his breath for a moment and breathed out. The doctor moved around and listened for any anomalies. It didn’t take too long for the corgi to finish the chart and motion for the pachyderm to stand.

“Mr. Howards, please follow me to another room. I will conduct the remainder of your physical and then we will take your first steps towards your release from this facility,” the corgi said optimistically.

Ryan didn’t have the same kind of optimism, then again had he thought more positively throughout his life, perhaps he would not have made the decisions that landed him here in the first place. The dog led the inmate through the office door and to a small hallway. They came to a room with radiation warning labels on the doors. “I just need to get a quick update of your internals and we can star the rehabilitation program. Please bend over the bench, rest your chin on the rest between the two handlebars and hold on to the bars.”

The corgi opened the doors and led the prisoner into the room. Inside had a padded bench and a sloped bar that led to a head rest and a long handlebar ending in rubber grips. Next to it was a large metallic cylinder and a track to move the bench back and forth. A small stand with a computer terminal attached to cables leading up towards the ceiling. The doctor walked next to the terminal and gestured for the rhino to step up on the bench. Right before he reached the bench the doctor stopped Ryan.

“Mr. Howards, I apologize. I must ask you to completely disrobe before we can start,” the corgi said, politely.

“Uh, sure thing,” Ryan replied.

The rhino had gotten used to being nude around other dudes since his incarceration. The inmate tugged off his boxers, struggling to get his tail through. The doctor offered a paw to collect the article of clothing from the rhino while Ryan proceeded to straddle the bench. As he leaned forward, the chin rest fit him perfectly. His hands wrapped around the handles comfortably. In this position, the inmate was bent over, his ass pushing out as his knees sank into the padded grooves on the bench.

“Alright, I’m going to do a quick prostate exam before we perform a full body scan. Then based on your results I’ll come up with the appropriate treatment plan and you can rejoin civilization, Mr. Howards,” the corgi said.

“So, what’s this treatment exactly? Like do you give me some pills or like I gotta see a therapist or something?” Ryan asked as heard the doctor strap on a glove behind him.

“No, Mr. Howards. This is a new form of treatment that combines several approaches in one uniformed application without any long-term use pharmaceuticals. All psychological treatments will be completed here on site before you are released. Now if you will please relax, Mr. Howards, I’ll get this exam over with quickly,” the doctor rested a paw on the rhino’s tail and held it in place.

A gloved digit pressed against the rhino’s pucker. Slick with lube, the small dog’s digit passed through easily. However, the difference in their sizes meant the dog had to reach a bit deeper to complete his examination. Ryan grunted softly as he felt the corgi push down to the last knuckle. The rhino clenched on reflex as he felt something tingle at the tip of his cock. It was brief as the corgi pulled out and used his other paw to cup the hanging orbs between the inmate’s thighs. He gave each large orb a few palpitations before letting go.

Even though it was a routine medical examination, the rhino’s cock began to stiffen a bit. He’s used to his own callous fingers touching his goods, the delicate and smaller paws felt nice. The corgi began typing on the computer after completing the physical portion. The dog’s nub of a tail wagged lazily behind him as the rhino looked forward into the opening of the metal tube in front of him. The hum of the equipment filled the room as everything began to power on.

“Mr. Howards, I’ll need you to stay absolutely still while I perform the scan. I hope you don’t mind but I’ll need to secure you in place with padded restraints. The scan can take half an hour or longer. Would you like any music while you wait?” the doctor asked as he engaged the restraint. It locked over the back of the rhino’s thick neck and wrists, keeping him facing forward and trapped against the bench.

Ryan heard the click of the restraint locking into place and gently tried to pry himself from it. The metal was unyielding, but the padding caused no discomfort no matter how hard he flexed against it. This made the pachyderm a bit nervous. “Yeah, music sounds like a good idea,” he said as he stopped straining himself against the bar.

“Alright, this is some calming ambient tracks from my own playlist. I’ll begin the scan in just a moment. Please just relax and try to stay as still as possible,” the corgi said as he grabbed a pair of wireless earbuds from his console. He gently inserted the buds into the rhino’s ears and Ryan could start to hear low bass beats overlaid with calming oscillations. The rhino let out a sigh as he did his best to relax and decided if he liked the music or not. It wasn’t like he could remove the ear buds anyways.

The corgi began the initialization sequence and the machine came to life. The inside of the metal tube lit up. A white screen with a red dot in the center appeared. Ryan looked at the dot and letters appeared on the screen. It read ‘Beginning calibration, please follow the dot with your eyes’. As the rhino completed reading the sentence, the red dot began to drop down. The inmate followed the dot with his eyes as they moved in a square from one quadrant of the screen to the other. The dot disappeared and the screen read ‘Calibration complete, beginning scan.’ And the machine went dark.

Ryan felt a bit bored, but he started thinking about what he’d do after his release. Images of white sands of a long coast of beach came to mind. It looked so peaceful, the warm sun coating his rough hide and the constant breeze of the ocean. Soon he was lost in his own little image of paradise and the screen before him lit up once more. ‘Scan complete, patient is ready for treatment.’

The doctor grinned and looked at the readouts. The inmate was thoroughly lost in a trance state. The corgi studied the monitors for a while and began to make minor adjustments for his patient. After the treatment is applied, the rhino would be the ideal reformed prisoner. His aggression will be forever locked away and his psyche tamed into a more suitable personality to be of service to the doctor. He entered the adjustments to begin the rhino’s customized training program. The screen began to change colors and shapes and images danced around each other, melting into dazzling fractal patterns, reforming and stimulating certain areas of the rhino’s brain.

Dr. Wright was just a run of the mill proctologist. A natural polymath, he used his knowledge of other medical science to use reflexology and mental conditioning allowed him to discover a new method to permanently alter the mental state of others. The warden happened to be one his regular patients and the first to receive his ‘treatment’. Since then he found the means to get access to a good stock of men needed to start his new enterprise of male slaves.

Applying the treatment successfully was initially complex and required multiple sessions. As the corgi got more practice, he became refined to the point it only required one treatment to enthrall a man. The dog strapped on some gloves and walked behind the rhino. He grabbed each of Ryan’s ample cheeks and spread them to reveal that massive picked between them. The corgi’s thumb pulled against the tight ring of muscle, tugging at it gently and watching his ring begin to relax. “Such a good boy, you’re going to be such a nice addition,” the doc said.

Ryan drooled as his eyes glazed over, his eyes helpless against the dancing patterns of lights and subtle sounds being piped through the ear buds. The screen faded and text appeared once more. ‘Programming state ready…’ The corgi reached beneath the bench and retrieved a chastity cage of his own design. The dog gave the rhino’s swinging nuts a good tug and strapped the first ring around the back of his balls, he secured the second ring around the base of the rhino’s thick shaft and the cap pressed snuggly against his tip, an ample slot allowed him to piss, but trapped the remainder of the plump shaft from growing.

“That’s mine now, and soon the rest of you as well,” the corgi said as he gave the rhino’s ass another slap and retrieved his gloves and a bottle of lube. He stopped by the console and engaged the program. This was the tricky part that took him the longest to refine, but now he had mastered his special ‘touch’. The corgi donned his gloves and applied a decent coating of lube before starting to spread and smear the slick substance along the rhino’s crack.

The program had reactivated the display and they displayed a swirling cloud of dust that danced in circles. At the top of the screen was a few charts with different readouts that the doctor studied closely. He continued to run his paws against the rhino’s pucker before pressing a finger in. The slick digit slid in without any resistance. The dog continued to pump his paw back and forth adding another finger minute. He saw the pattern he was looking for and murred as he felt his paw begin to slip deeper.

“That’s a good boy, let the doctor in,” the corgi cooed as he felt his paw pop all the way into the rhino’s ass. He could feel the ring of muscle enclosed around his wrist; his paw surrounded by the hot warmth of the rhino’s tight passage. His paws begin to rock left and right, his fingers gently feeling for something. The rhino’s ring tightened around the dog’s wrist as he found what he was looking for.

The larger male’s prostate just fits comfortably in the palm of the doctor’s skilled paw. The corgi started to rub and squeeze that pleasure organ. The stimulation registering with spikes on his monitors. The patterns on the screen adjusted with each rhythmic stroke and kneading of the dog’s fingers. Ryan’s cock strained against the cage, but the cap kept him from getting fully hard.

A river of glistening pre leaked from the slot that trapped the massive cock. It stated to pool below as the corgi continued to milk the inmate’s prostate. He could start to see the pattern he was looking for on the readouts. The program was ready to complete the final phase and leave permanent changes to the prisoner’s brain. He would become another puppet controlled by the hand stuck up his backside.

The computer changed the patterns as the doctor continued to apply stimulation. The rhino’s body twitches and shudders as the dog continued to massage his pleasure center. The patterns and lights had dissolved his memories and sense of self, there was only obedience. The inmate was only a puppet, to be filled and controlled by his master and nothing else. As the instructions of his new personality sank into the rhino’s mind, his remodeled consciousness began to wake.

The computer began to beep, and Dr. Wright began to squeeze and knead harder. His other paw tugged against the rhino’s sac. His heavy orbs began to pull back as he was about to orgasm. Even with his thick meat locked away, the tip began to leak and spurt milky white seed as the dog felt the tunnel of muscle around his other paw clench and convulse. The doctor continued to press into the rhino’s hole, milking every drop his new puppet had.

“That’s it. Let it all out, I’m in control now. Keep pumping it all out, be empty like your mind,” he cooed to the zonked inmate.

The program completed and the screens went dark. The restraint disengaged and the corgi popped his paw out from the rhino’s hole. The bench slid away from the tube and the rhino stood up. He looked down at the doctor with a blank stare. The corgi walked around the muscled beast and admired his new addition. He gave the rhino’s rump one good slap and walked back to his console. He hit a button and called in the guards.

“Escort him to the warden’s quarters. I’ll see those two when I’m done with the rest of my appointments,” Dr. Wright said as he opened the doors. The guards nodded and each took an arm of the naked rhino and threw a medical gown over him and left. The corgi could hear someone in the waiting room as he opened the door for Ryan and the guards. The corgi fought the urge to grin as he saw the large polar bear with a nasty look in his waiting room.

As the Dobermen left with Ryan, the dog walked over to the check in list. “Mr. Bishop? The doctor is ready to see you now,” Dr. Wright said as he looked the brute up and down, flashing a soft smile.

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