Its All Coming Back To Me Now - Part 3

By Baphomet
published February 14, 2020

Master experiments with some early mind control

Its All Coming Back To Me Now Part 3

Martin could remember that first night now as clearly as if it has been just last night. He could remember his thoughts and feelings and all that had led up to his life changing decision. And whilst, in those moments many months ago, he could never have expected to end up the vision he saw before him in the mirror he knew he wasn’t sorry. He knew that everything that had happened to him, and everything that had been done to him, he had welcomed freely.

Phil, his Master, had made him an unbelievable offer that night in the club. The reflection before him was proof that he had lived up to that offer. There was no trace of the Martin that he had been, the reflection belonged to Slave – to who he truly was.

With the release of his memories Slave not only remembered that first night, that amazing night, but also what came in the months that followed.

Martin, or Slave as he now tried to think of himself, had not really expected to sleep that first night.

He had woken a few times, disorientated, taking moments to remember the bars of the cage in which he was locked. The feel of the cool rubber suit still against his skin a constant reminder of what he had done and a warning of what he might have agreed to.

But the strangest thing wasn’t he wasn’t scared, he wasn’t regretting it like he thought he should, he was excited and full of anticipation for what would come. He had loved being that rubber slave being fucked by all those strangers. He thought he could still smell and feel all the sweat and sex on him. He thought back several times to when Luke had showed up, but rather than being ashamed, thought how that was the best fuck that he’d ever had from his ex.

Martin spent his waking moments confirming the truth he had never been able to find before, this was what he had always been looking for. He was ready to embrace a life of slavery. He had no idea what Phil wanted to do to him, but he was going to accept it all gratefully. He didn’t want to miss out on anything.

He did sleep. He slept and dreamed of his new Master coming to find him in the morning and starting their new life together. He couldn’t wait to see Phil, Master, again in the morning.

When Slave awoke finally awoke the following day to see his Master before him something wasn’t quite right. Whilst he’d been out of place on waking during the night this was even more confusing. He wasn’t in the cage anymore.

Slave could feel the rubber encasing his whole body, his hood had been replaced. It felt thicker and tighter than the previous night. In his mouth saliva dribbled from the ball gag that prevented him from speaking, asking what was happening. Slave was upright already as he woke. His arms and legs cuffed and locked in an uncomfortable spread eagle. He could feel his cock exposed but couldn’t move for the posture collar around his neck to identify the metal cage and the wires that led off it.

Slave felt the urge to defecate but as his brain woke up properly he realised this was not a natural feeling but a result of the plug that had been inserted.

How could all of this had been done to him and he’d managed to sleep through it.

As he looked at Master, smiling at his handiwork, Slave noticed that his surroundings were not as he would have expected either. He wasn’t at the club anymore. It didn’t take long to realise by all that he saw that he was in fact in one of Master’s shops. He had been brought there and put on display.

He wanted to speak, to ask what was going on. But, of the gag hadn’t prevented him speaking, the sudden pain that shot through his cock and balls certainly would have.

Master just laughed.

“Welcome back Slave”

Slave grunted

“It’s ok. I’m guessing your little slave brain is a bit confused at the moment, Not surprising”

Slave grunted again and dribble fell from his lips. Master chuckled at the sight.

“God, you look good. You’ve done well today. I never would have expected it to be this easy. But I guess you really want this don’t you?”

Master obviously would see the confusion in Slave’s eyes. Master’s words didn’t make sense.

“I had to try a little experiment. You agreed to all this so why waste time. When I said I would own you I meant body and mind. And your mind is easier to control than I could have hoped for.”

Slave hung there in his restraints, eyes pleading for an explanation.

“I tried a little hypnosis on you back at the club this morning. I wanted to see if you could succumb. And fuck me, did you. It was so easy. So you’ve been under all day. Look.”

On a TV attached to the wall across from Slave the images changed from random adverts for fetish gear to a recording of a rubber slave strapped to a wall. Slave realised it was him. Master forwarded through much of it but stopped for highlights. Customer after customer had fondled him, played with him. On more than one occasion he had been unlocked, taken down and fucked, whilst the shop staff had looked on laughing. He watched the video as the staff had attached the electrodes to his caged cock and saw how guys had repeatedly pressed the button making him writhe is ecstatic agony. All this had happened and he had been oblivious to it all. He had been there for hours, a display toy, a mannequin, a public sex object. And he couldn’t remember any of it.

Master stopped the video, as it showed him walking in in the present, and turned his attention back to Slave.

“Don’t worry. I’m going to be fair. You won’t be absent for all of the fun, not yet. But I want a true slave, in time that will mean that everything that is an was Martin will have to go. I wasn’t sure it would be possible but I think our little test today proved that it can. I’m not going to give you those memories back. You don’t need them. But you do need to know the power that I can now wield over you.”

Slave grunted and grunted

“This is done. You had your choice last night and you made it. And don’t worry about the rest of your life. Whilst you were under this morning you freely revealed enough about Martin to start putting the wheels in motion there.”

He paused hoping Slave was understanding.

“I’ve arranged some guys to clear out you flat. Luke did you a favour there at least. You’re stuff will go to trash. You don’t need any of it now anyway.”

Was this even possible?

“As for your friends and family. God bless technology. I think after your abusive texts today you’re friends won’t give a fuck about you anymore. They’re actually glad you’re pissing off for a little jaunt working overseas.”

Slave grunted again

“Yep. A little lie, but will explain your absence. Luke doesn’t give a fuck. Made an interesting bargain with him too to keep your little secret but don’t want to spoil the surprise there.”

Without another word Master wandered off. He returned a few minutes later with Martin’s phone in hand.

“Great little things these. The youth of today keep their entire lives in these things. You gave me your password and pass codes so I’ve had a busy day. You’re bank accounts were shocking but there was a little money in there so I’ve transferred that into a special little fund we’re going to use just for you. We’ll put it towards a nice little treat tonight for being such a good boy today. You were popular.”

God this was real, and exciting. This was beyond any fantasy. Master was seriously taking control of him.

“Your parents we need to work on. I’ve got a plan there, so don’t worry. You might not like it but you don’t get to choose. For now, they’ve bought into the lie that you’ve fucked off all responsibility and gone to work in a bar overseas. That will give us plenty of time.”

Master looked so proud of himself. Slave was in awe of this man who could do these things to him. Who could control him, make him lose a whole day. His Master was really going to do everything he said and more. There really was no going back. And slave was happy at this. He really was going to be what he needed to be. And he didn’t need to worry about anything else. Master would take care of it. Take care of him. No one else mattered now anyway. He had to show Master his gratitude.

Slave showed Master his gratitude as passionately as he could when he was finally released. He took Masters swollen cock in his mouth and worked it like he never knew he could. His tongue lapped hungrily as Master’s gapping, sweaty hole, working deep and ferociously spurred on by Master’s groans of pleasure and affirmations. When at last Slave finally received Master’s cock inside him it was like all his dreams had come true. Despite his cage his cock oozed precum as even the metal couldn’t prevent his pleasure showing even if he couldn’t get fully hard.

“You did good” Was all Master said when they had finshed.

Slave sat prone on the floor panting. The sweat making his rubber suit slide sexily against his skin. He was spent but needed to piss. How had he manged all day?

“Master” He braved. Now he no longer had the gag he had to speak


“I need to pee”

Master smiled.

“Yes an no. We’ve got somewhere to be later and toilet breaks aren’t on the schedule”


“Don’t worry Slave I’ve got it covered” And he disappeared into the backroom

Slave had never had a catheter before. But Master had clearly inserted one or two. Slave watched in fascination as the bag filled with his urine. A slight burning sensation remained from where his cock resisted the foreign tubing in his shaft. But the discomfort was also pleasurable. His cock was hard from the experience.

“OK Slave.” Master interrupted his reverie “We’re going to go somewhere special and you’re going to get a treat.”

“Yes Master” Slave replied instinctively.

“But I do think to make it extra special you probably shouldn’t be there. Sleep”

Slave became aware again.

Once again, his surroundings were different. He was in what could only be described as a dungeon. Master had done it to him again. How much time had he lost? What had happened to him whilst he was gone? He new he was naked but for some reason couldn’t look down at himself

“Welcome to your new home Slave. This dungeon is your forever home. This is where you will be kept when you’re not being needed elsewhere. But you’ve got time to explore later. For now you probably want to see what your reward has been. I think you’ll like it. Don’t really care if you don’t”

Master led slave to a mirror that was covered by a cloth. Before Slave had a chance to say anything Master whipped the fabric away revealing Slave’s reflection.

Slave gasped in shock. He had expected to see his familiar reflection looking back at him. But it wasn’t what he knew at all.

His body was completely naked and devoid of hair. His curly locks, his pubes, his light body fuzz, even his eyebrows were completely gone. And he had been pierced. He had a ring through his cock, his catheter removed, and another through his nose.

His nose. That was the biggest shock of all.

His hands reached up to wipe it but nothing came off. Master had had his nose tattooed. He now sported a solid black snout that looked like a dog’s nose. This wasn’t paint. This was a tattoo. Permanent.

“What do you think” Master said. Slave could see his smiling reflection.


“It’s just a start. But it is permanent. No going back now. What do you think people would think seeing you walking down the street sporting that thing? The guy was confused when you asked for it but you were so adamant you wanted it, you even signed his little waiver, but to be honest I don’t think he really cared and I think he’s excited for all the future business you’re going to give him.”

Slave couldn’t help staring at himself. The change that had happened to Martin in just 24 hours. If this was only the start of things what else was to come? He had a dog snout. It was there, unavoidable on his face. How could he ever show his face in public like that? What future business was Master meaning?

Without warning, without any assistance, his cock exploded cum all over the mirror. All his pent up sexual excitement made him orgasm just at the sight of himself.

“Well, well” Master laughed “Looks like Slave wants to be a little puppy. Don’t worry, you’ll get you chance. Sleep.”

What happened next was impossible. Slave could hear Master speaking but couldn’t make out the words. They were being spoken to him, giving him instructions but they were speaking to something inside him.

Slave suddenly felt his body react without his control.

He fell to the floor. He needed to be on the floor. On all fours. He wasn’t supposed to be on two legs. Humans stood on two legs. He belonged on four legs. He could see his reflection still in the mirror but became confused looking at the hairless human on his hands and knees looking back at him. Who was that man? He wasn’t his Master.

He barked angrily at the naked man, he didn’t like the naked man. He like Master. He loved Master.

He heard Master command him to stop barking. He spoke to Dog. Dog did as master said. He turned to look at Master who was speaking to him again, but he could not hear again.

Suddenly dogs skin became incredibly itchy. Every inch of him rippled with the sensation. He wanted to scratch but he couldn’t. The itching threatened to drive him mad, but to his relief the sensation changes. Hairs began to sprout from his skin. All over his body fur began to grow. The feeling of his pelt forming wasn’t painful it was pure pleasure. He saw again the reflection of the man in the mirror and was confused. The man was getting hairier too. The man was changing. He didn’t look like a man now. He looked like dog.

The itching returned at his buttocks and turned into a pressure as his tail began to grown. Slowly turning from a stub into a full, wagging, protrusion.

His dry little black nose moistened up and his tongue dropped from his mouth as he panted from the pleasure he was experiencing. His tail wagged frantically; he didn’t know what was happening but he knew he was a lucky dog.

As his muzzle extended and his ears grew into proud points Dog looked at the reflection again in the mirror. The man was gone. Looking back now Dog only saw his own reflection. A proud beast. Master’s best friend. He loved Master; he knew Master had done something special for him.

He could now hear Masters words as they spoke to him.

“Until I release you, you will only see think of yourself as a dog. You will feel like a real dog, behave like a real dog. You are not a man pretending to be a dog. You don not know what a man is. Your body is a dogs body and you will stay like that until you Master chooses.”

Dog barked in agreement to Masters words. Of course he was a dog! What a strange thing for Master to say.

Master knelt down and petted him. Dog felt Masters hand through his fur and it was amazing. Dog’s cock exploded from the feel of Master on his body. He was embarrassed and whimpered.

“Twice in one night. You must really be enjoying this.” Master said. Dog didn’t understand what he meant.

“We might have to look into stopping these little accidents. Can’t have you letting off steam at the wrong time. But I guess you need it tonight boy. So no harm.”

He stood up and started to walk away. Dog panicked.

“No boy. You sleep here tonight. There’s your cage. If you’re a good pup Master might let you onto his bed some nights. But this is only the beginning, these are just tasters of what’s to come. Can’t do everything at once.” He patted Dog’s head again.

“Into your cage” Dog obeyed.

Master locked the cage. Turned out the lights and left Dog alone.

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