By LeatherFreak
published February 13, 2020

Simon is changed

The Pulse

Simon was heading home from work. He had been there all day but still had a lot to do. Deadline after deadline were mounting up just like his stress levels.

After getting off the train, the heavens opened and a storm of rain and hailstones came crashing down on him.

“Great, this is all I need…” thought Simon.

He marched up the road to his flat, getting more and more drenched by the second. By the time he reached it, he was completely soaked.

After reaching the front door, he managed to fish his keys out and get into the stairwell. Simon’s flat was on the top floor, so he had several flights of stairs to get up.

After getting into his flat, Simon got out of his drenched clothes and changed. He still had work to do to catchup on these deadlines he had coming up.

Reluctantly, he sat at his computer and powered it up. Just before he got working though the screen went dead.

“Shit! Did it just die on me!” he shouted.

The screen then suddenly flickered back into life, but instead of coming on normally, it was just static.

“What the hell?!”, this was all Simon needed.

The static began to pulse. It began to pulse a lot. “What the hell…” thought Simon. But he couldn’t take his eyes away. There was something about the pulses that made them so…mesmerising. So…fascinating.

Simon was transfixed. The pulsing started to increase in speed, faster and faster. It was incredible. Simon was drawn to the pulse like a moth to a flame.

It felt like the pulsing was talking to him…reassuring him. “Listen…relax…focus…” it said in a soothing voice, “…focus on relaxing…focus on listening…”. Simon’s attention was completely fixed on the voice and nothing else. The rest of the world meant nothing. The voice was all there needed to be.

Simon sat and listened. There was no telling for how long he had been doing so. Not that it mattered. All that mattered was the all encompassing feeling of relaxing and obedience that came with the pulse.

After awhile, Simon began to become warm. He started to strip off his clothes. Slowly, piece by piece until he was completely naked. His big hard cock stood out begging for some attention.

The pulses told him that that’s what he should do…play with his cock.

Simon did as he was told.

He grabbed his member and started pumping his fist up and down. It felt so good. Better by the fact that the pulsing was encouraging and rewarding him in his head.

This went on for hours. Simon would get to the edge and then pull back just enough to be able to hold the orgasm back and start pumping again. He drifted in and out of conscience, completely unaware of how much time had passed. The pulsing spoke to him, encouraging his pleasure, whilst also making sure he obeyed it.

“Listen to us and you’ll be rewarded. Do as we say and you will have pleasure”, it said over and over.

“Keep stroking…feel your cock getting harder. Hard cock is good cock.”, said the pulse.

“Yessssss…hard cock is good cock…” repeated Simon. He continued to pump his cock while looking at the screen. As he did, images of erect cocks started to flash up quickly. Simon was enjoying this. Nice hard cocks.

Eventually it changed to pictures of fully nude guys. Simon kept rubbing his cock to it. He wasn’t told to stop, just to keep enjoying the process.

He did.

The screen suddenly went blank, but Simon could still here the pulse in his mind. “Go to the front door. Retrieve the package. Return immediately.” it commanded.

Simon stood, sweating with his cock fully erect and dripping pre-cum. He walked slowly to the front door of his flat and opened it. There was a package sitting at the doorway which he picked up, closing the door behind him. He returned to the computer and sat down.

“Open the box, and use the items.” instructed the pulse. Simon did as he was told like a good boy and opened the box. There was a leather harness, leather jockstrap, full leather gimp mask, and a big black butt plug, along with a tube of lube.

Simon knew instinctively what to do. He pulled on the harness and the jockstrap. He untied the back the mask and pulled it over his face.

“Good slut. Now the plug. You know how to do it.” said the pulse. At that second the screen started showing clips of guys having plugs shoved in their asses.

Simon lifted his legs up onto the table and pushed back on the chair to expose his hole. He poured the lubricated over the plug covering all of it. He applied the residual directly to his ass, moaning in pleasure as he did. He brought the plug down to his hole and began to tease it. Simon’s cock was about to explode. This was the greatest sexual feeling he could possibly imagine.

Gradually he started to slowly slip the tip of the plug into his ass. He groaned as it made its way into his tight passage. He brought it back out, only to suddenly introduce it again. Still watching the screen, Simon knew he had to perform and deliver. He kept pushing. Further and further, giving himself a break every few minutes or so to let his hole adjust to it.

Time was no longer relevant. Just serving. Simon did as he was instructed. The further the plug went, the more pleasure it gave him. The pleasure he got from it the harder his dick got. The harder his cock got, the further he pushed the plug.

Eventually the plug was fully inserted, and resting against Simon’s prostate. It didn’t take long for him to cum after this. Even without touching it, his dick spewed out the biggest load he had ever blown.

This was Simon’s new way of life the pulse told him. He accepted it…happily.

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