Daddy's Muscle Boy

By Aragon
published February 13, 2020
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The Professor never expected his kink to be enjoyed by the hottest jock on the wrestling team, but it happened, and the Professor will benefit from it.

{Aiden Williams can be seen here. }

{Professor Maddox can be seen here. }

“Professor Maddox! Sir!” The young man’s voice stopped the forty-year-old Psychology professor in his tracks. The voice was that of a young wrestler, about twenty-two years of age, whose name was Aiden Williams. The young man wasn’t the largest of wrestlers, but was pretty fierce in the lightweight category.

John Maddox turned, and looked at the young man with a raised eyebrow. Aiden Williams was trotting toward him with a grin on his face. “Mr. Williams. What can I do for you?” John liked the young man. He had that quiet, happy thing about him that so few young men had these days. There was a definite intelligence there that few could imitate. John had to admit, as well, that Aiden’s body was incredibly attractive to him.

Aiden’s bright smile widened, and he said, in a chipper voice, “Sir, I was wondering if I could get some help with something. I was told a few weeks ago that you used to have a practice and did hypnosis regularly. I… kinda want to experience it.”

John looked a bit startled, partly because it wasn’t widely known that he had once had a regular practice. However, it had failed because he had been falsely accused of using his skills to sexually assault a young woman. He nodded, and said, “I did, once, but no longer. We should take this to my office, and discuss what you want from this.” John indicated for Aiden to follow, and the young man obediently did so.

Upon arriving in the office, and the pair sitting in the comfortable chairs, Aiden began to speak, “I… have always been interested in mind-control, ever since watching the Jungle Book years ago, and seeing what Kaa did to Mowgli. To be honest, Sir, I wanted to be Mowgli, all sleep…y… emp…ty…” To John’s surprise, the boy was trancing himself. His desire to go under was literally spurring his mind into that state.

John took advantage, and began to gently guide Aiden deeper, using the traditional techniques. “That’s it, Aiden, just relax, and let go. It’s not important to think. Just listen, relax, and drop.” He used the usual deepeners, bringing him up out of trance and dropping him again quite quickly, again and again, getting him used to being entranced. He implanted an instant trance trigger, wording it so that only he could use it, and that Aiden would not consciously know the trigger. The trigger, because John couldn’t resist it, was “Sleepy Muscle Boy.”

After this pattern of getting Aiden under deeply and firmly, John took a deep breath, then said, “Now, in a moment, Aiden, you are going to find it very easy and completely natural to tell me the complete truth. It will not seem strange to you that the words flow freely. And nothing you say will frighten you or cause you discomfort in any way. In fact, you will find yourself quite happy to reveal the answers to any questions I may ask.” He took another breath, then continued, “And this is true, because you trust me. You know I will not hurt you, and you know that you came to me because you know it is best when I am here with you, telling you what to do. Isn’t that right?”

Aiden seemed to be processing this information, then his head nodded a bit slowly, and he said, “Yes… sir…. Trust you… tell truth…” It was apparent he was deeply under.

John nodded, then firmly said, “Good boy. Now, you mentioned earlier that you were interested in mind control, and that you wanted to be Mowgli, hypnotized by Kaa. Then, when you came in to my office, you began to hypnotize yourself. Why did you fall under on your own?”

Aiden’s voice again spilled from those lips, and it sounded so delicious to John, “Always wanted… to be controlled… by strong man… Thought you were perfect… when I heard you did hypnosis… wanted you to put me… under control…”

John gulped, then said, “Aiden, when you imagine having sex, do you imagine having sex with men or women?”


John took a steadying breath. “And when you imagine sex with a man, are you top or bottom?”

“Always bottom.” The answer was firm, so firm it was surprising. It seemed that his submissive nature was deeply ingrained within him, enough that the thought of topping never entered into his mind.

John nodded, then said, “And what is it you want from this session, Aiden?”

Aiden’s handsome face screwed up into a bit of a frown, as he thought, then said, “Want to belong… to sir… Want to be… pet… baby boy… whatever sir wants… want a daddy… to own me…”

THAT was a revelation, there. John took another steadying breath, then said, as forcefully as he could without jarring the boy from his trance, “And who do you want for your Daddy, boy? Name the man.”

Aiden smiled airily in his trance, and said, “Professor Maddox.”

John took a stiff drink of his coffee to steady himself, then said, “Very well, Aiden. From now on, when we are in private, you will be unable to call me anything but ‘Daddy’. To you, that word will be synonymous with ‘master’, which means that you cannot disobey me. To disobey is to be in pain. To obey is pleasure. In fact, even now, you are feeling the pleasure of obeying me. Feel it build inside you.”

John watched Aiden closely, and was thrilled to see the pulsing member pressing the pants into a tall tent. It seemed that so far, the trance was working. So, John continued, “Repeat this: To obey is pleasure. Pleasure is obedience.” Immediately, Aiden began to repeat those phrases over and over in a quiet, monotonous voice. John watched as the boy kept saying this, and while he did, John said, softly, “Each time you say the words, it settles deeply within you, and eventually, it will be so true, that nothing will change it.” He grinned, watching the boy slide deeper into the enslavement, an enslavement he had wanted, according to his own words.

John now had a chance to think. He finally had the opportunity to indulge in his particular fetish, one he had never attempted to indulge before. It was already deeply arousing to the big guy, and he knew he would be taking it further, merely because he had consent to do so. After a while, he said, “Now, when you wake, you’ll act upon these lessons, and you will obey me happily, and always, won’t you?”

The young man moaned out a soft, “Yes, daddy.” It was as if it was already part of his psyche to call his dominant by that title.

John began to count the young man out of his trance, waking him slowly from the deep, sleepy state he had been in. The professor grinned, then said, “Sleepy Muscle Boy,” and instantly, Aiden dropped back into his trance, his eyes rolling back in his head every time. Several times, John tranced him, and woke him, settling the trance state deeply within his psyche.

After a while, he woke him again, and said, “On your knees, boy.”

Aiden grinned dazedly, then slid to his knees, saying, “Yes, daddy,” in a very breathy tone of voice.

John unfastened his own pants, and pulled his hard member out, then said, “Suck, boy, and learn my flavor.”

Aiden nodded, then slid his hot mouth right onto the cock, and began to suck it voraciously.

John grinned, then said, “Sleepy Muscle Boy. Suck and sleep, sleep and suck.” He could tell the trance took, but that Aiden had slowed down. “Good boy. Now, Aiden, my muscle boy, you are learning my flavor. From now on, you are addicted to my cock. You need it always. Whether in your mouth or ass, it doesn’t matter. You need my cock.” John chuckled as he saw the boy’s body posture alter. “Now, get up and turn around. Let’s get it inside you so you can get your first fuck from daddy.”

Aiden moaned, but obediently got into position, instinctively bending over and bracing himself against the nearby couch. John grinned, then grabbed from the desk drawer a tube of lube he had used for jerking off, and began to smear that on Aiden’s hole. Once he was certain the hole was lubed up, he ordered, “Your ass is now going to relax, and any pain you would normally feel from this will be converted to pure, unadulterated pleasure.” Then, he began to press inside Aiden, and once he was seated, he immediately began to fuck, driving the cock in and out of that hot hole nice and slowly.

Meanwhile, he said, “Boy, you feel that cock? That’s when you get the most pleasure, when fucked by my cock. You’re a slut for me, boy, and you know it.”

Aiden gasped, “Daddy’s slut!” It was working.

“That’s right, slut, and you get off on Daddy fucking you, don’t you?”

“Yes, Daddy!” Now his voice was raising, and John knew that Aiden was nearing completion.

John nodded, and then said, “In a bit, you’ll wake, to find me fucking you, and you’ll know for certain that you belong only to me. Every evening, you’ll come to me, and we will play, and you will love it most when I fuck you, won’t you, my little cock addicted muscle boy?”

Aiden nodded frantically, and said, “Y-yes, daddy!”

John grinned, and said, “You may cum when you feel my cum inside you, but wake up now.”

The boy’s head shook hard as he cleared his mind of the hypnotic fog, then became aware. Soon, he gasped, and found himself moaning deeply as he was being fucked hard and fast now.

John grunted, his thick arms around the muscleboy, and his hips driving that cock deep and fast. He soon let out a deep growl, and filled his boy up with his hot, thick cum, which, of course, caused Aiden to cum hard all over the desk, screaming out for his daddy.

It was as if both men blacked out, because some time later, they both woke about the same time, and realized that they were laying on the desk, John still lodged inside Aiden, and Aiden began to giggle childishly. “Daddy, your cock must be pretty big. It’s soft and still inside me.”

John chuckled, then carefully pulled out. “My muscleboy has a great ass. Now, if I can just get you to live with me.”

Aiden grinned, and said, “I’ll see what I can do, my big daddy.”

The fact was, if both had been honest with each other, they were deeply in love with each other. They would find a way to be together, no matter what. Time would tell.

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