The Walk of Shame

By Willie Cici
published February 13, 2020

Having earned his journeyman status, a sorcerer fights his boredom by traveling about …

A beautiful spring day in Manhattan requires a walk in the park. There’s nothing like it, one of those simple pleasures that warlock powers cannot reproduce. I landed in town on a whim. I scanned the area near Central Park, towards the southern half and found a brownstone where the owners were away for the week. I took the form of a relation, someone that the neighbors had met in the past, and set up shop for a couple of days. As I strut down the lanes near the Pond, heading north for Gapstow Bridge, I encountered hotties and honeys galore, all enjoying that first kiss of warm weather.

One particular hottie caught my eye. He wore a bright athletic shirt, one of those oversized muscle shirts with a ‘Gold’s Gym’ emblem on the front. The material loosely draped his sculpted physique. The shirt served its purpose. It highlighted his beautifully carved arms, shoulders, and suggestively hinted the curves of his chest. He wore a pair of distressed, torn at the knees, jeans. With his left leg bent, the stud teased the ogler with the trace of his semi-hard cock.

“Hey!”, I said to the hottie.

The hottie looked at me, as if to say ‘Why are you saying hello to me?’. He had that arrogant look, punctuated with perfectly styled hair and trimmed beard and goatee. (To see the hottie, click here).

I love to provoke these situations. I ogled and licked my lips. “Faggot, what are you looking at?”, he shouted.

“What’s your name?”, I asked, calmly, ignoring the insult.

“Raif. And let me guess. You’re Cock Sucker.”, the stud replied.

Poor Raif. With every insult, he entered a dimension unknown to him: The Fucked Zone. I snapped my fingers and froze Raif in place. I walked around him and crouched to whisper in his ears.

“Raif, the sound of my voice arouses you. The more you listen to my voice, the harder your cock gets. It’s going to get so hard that you would do anything to bust a nut. You stare in my eyes and see the only man who can sexually satisfy you.”, I whispered. I walked back around and faced Raif. I snapped my fingers and watched the stud react to my words. “Raif, has anyone ever told you that you have beautiful eyes?”, I said.

“I don’t know how this is happening, but … do you live nearby?”, Raif asked.

“Why?”, I asked, playing clueless to the hilt.

“Because I want your lips on my cock.”, Raif answered.

I smiled. Poor Raif! He had no idea.

The next morning, Raif lay in my bed. The morning sun had crept slowly into my bedroom. I preferred to sleep in the nude. The owners of the home needed an upgrade in their bedding. With the body I was hosting, the white bedding provided the perfect backdrop for my sculpted and tanned physique. (To see me in the bed, click here).

I watched Raif scurry about the bedroom, looking for his clothes. I pretended to be asleep. Finally, I could not help myself. “Sneaking out?”, I teased.

Raif walked over to the bed and stared into my eyes. “I don’t know what I’m doing here or how you got me here, but if you open your mouth …”. I smiled at Raif’s tirade. I rose from the bed, sashayed into the bathroom and relieved myself. When I returned to the bedroom, Raif shouted, “Did you hear me?”

“Loud and clear.”, I said. I snapped my fingers and froze Raif in place. “Had you shown some humility, I would have wiped your memory. Instead, because you’re acting like a little bitch, I leave you a different parting gift.” I snapped my fingers to unfreeze Raif and hopped back on the bed. I reclined against the headboard and wiggled my cock. Raif crawled to the bed, jumped on and swallowed my cock. “Good little bitch.”, I said. “You’re a natural cock sucker. I think you’ll stay that way.” After a good ten minutes, I shot my wad down the arrogant stud’s throat. Raif stared in my eyes, dazed and confused. “What? You want more, cockhound? Not a problem.” I shoved my cock down Raif’s mouth again.

After a morning of blowjobs and ass fucking, I said, “You can leave. You couldn’t swallow another drop even if you wanted.”

Raif slowly trekked out of my bedroom. He descended the stairs of my home, naked, grabbing his clothes, which were strewn upon the stairs. I watched Raif meander towards the front entrance, still naked, carrying his clothes. He was so dazed that he did not even bother to dress. (To see Raif leaving the house, click here).

When Raif opened the door of the brownstone, the passers-by stared at the naked stud. The gay men in the neighborhood clapped and hooted. Raif was hot, in clothes. Naked, he was on fire. Not wanting to create a police disturbance, I mentally ordered Raif to don his shorts, shirt and Nikes.

I enjoyed watching Raif’s walk of shame. I usually spare my conquests the embarrassment by transporting them to their next destination, memory wiped and ready to start the day, as if nothing happened. Of course, the ones who did not deserve my largesse found themselves on the shameful path. The journeyman who bores easily needs entertainment.

“You are funny.”, a voice called out.

I turned around and faced the voice. “Izzy. When did you get here?”

“When the episode ended. That was funny.”, Izzy said.

I did not understand what Izzy meant. “What episode?”

“Never mind.”, Izzy said. “Are you in town long? I’m having lunch with Victor.”

“Yeah. Couple of days. I move around. Today, I’m here, but, if you’re meeting Victor, I’ll make my way to ‘The Plaza’.”

“Sounds good. See you there.”, Izzy said. He was ready to leave, but turned around and said, “Why do you go off when someone calls you ‘faggot’?”

“It’s knee jerk. I’m proud to be who I am. I refuse to let anyone denigrate me. If they don’t understand me, that’s okay. But, if they insist on vicious attacks, even verbal, then they become me, for a couple of hours or forever. Then they’ll understand.”

Izzy shook his head. “That temper will be your downfall. Eyes are watching. You’re still a journeyman, not yet a Master.”, Izzy chided. In a flash, he vanished from my home.

I shook my head. I snapped his fingers, dressed, coiffed and ready to exit the brownstone that I occupied for these couple of days. I made sure to put every back in place, clean and spotless, so no one would ever know. I did upgrade some of the appliances and fixtures, my way of paying rent. Kindness never hurt anyone.

My warlock powers offer me the luxury of change. I had no intention of staying in town longer than the two days. Izzy’s invitation to lunch changed my plans. I resumed my normal form, hailed a cab and drove off to the Plaza Hotel where I would spend the next couple of days.

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