The clinic, part I.

By Baldwizzard
published February 13, 2020

Marcus enjoys being a punk but eventually has to go home while Matthew finally turns into his dream

Marcus himself was walking down the street in his new body, enjoying the disgust in the eyes of everybody who saw him. He loved the ride with the Metro. Everybody tried to get away from the stinky punk. He showed them the finger, called them lill’ fuckers or asked for a dollar to buy beer. It was great.

He bought some beer before finally entering the park. It was easy to find the other punkers. They were loud as always, shocking everybody, making out and listening to very loud punk-music. He just walked to the group and waved his hands as if he was an old friend. The punks did not seem to care and greeted him like an old member of the gang. Hey, the bru had beer and pot, and he smelled damned horny. It was all so easy. No chitty-chatty small-talk, just having fun, drinking, smoking and after some minutes, making out with one very hot looking punk with a short red mohawk.

Marcus enjoyed every second of it. He loved how everybody stared at the group, belching loudly when mothers passed with their kids and asking shocked old ladies for money to buy drugs. Some people stopped and insulted them, but the only reaction was laughter from the groups. Marcus even waved his cock at some hot guys passing by before pissing unconcerned against a tree in bright daylight. When it started to get dark, the punks walked to an old warehouse where some of them lived in a kind of commune. The room had some matrasses in it and some old furniture stolen from bulky waste. The house smelled of pot, beer and piss, the walls were decorated with graffiti and posters of punk bands and there was booze, some cold pizza and more pot. Marcus had chosen a second punker, a small but muscular guy with a head of spiky green hair and so many piercings in his face, that there was more metal than skin. With this guy, he fell onto one of the self-made beds and started to make out. Their screaming and grunting attracted the other punks and soon there was a real orgy going on.

It was all cock, cum, spit, piss and smoke. Marcus felt like in a perverted form of heaven. No limits here. Just pure lust and fun. This was how life should be when he suddenly felt a strange feeling in his head. It was as if the bubble containing is normal life popped and old memories, feelings and fears streamed back into his mind. He stopped kissing that freakish punk with heavy face tattoos and the smell of the place and the guys suddenly lost its sexual attraction. In fact, it nearly made him puke. With some mumbles excuse, he left the bed and searched the place for a clock. He found one and it said it was already 21:45. Shit! He felt like a kind of reverse Cinderella and now needed to hurry up leaving this place. The other punks were very involved in themselves and so nobody seemed to care that Marcus was leaving.

Outside the building, in the fresh air, he realized how badly he smelled, not only the smell he had since his transformation, but fresh piss and cum were all over his body and the clothes. Oh man… He had to walk at least 20 minutes to be back home. What should he do? He started walking down the dark alley and reached the park 3 minutes before 10 p.m. He saw that his tattoos were already fading and felt that his ears shrunk back to their normal sized. When he touched his head, he felt stubble at the once clean sides. He couldn’t see that the spiked mohawk was rapidly losing its green color, turning grey like his goatee that grew fuller along with the now thick and salt and pepper stubble on his cheeks.

When he was in the middle of the park, he looked like his normal self again – just dressed in the punker clothes and stinking like an ashtray in a public toilet. He puked into the bushes and now started to actually run home. He reached his house at 10:15, sneaked his way in and closed the door of his flat at 10:18. With total disgust he undressed and threw the clothes into the bin before taking the longest shower of his life.

In bed, he thought about his experience. It had been cool, but terrifying too, now, looking back at it. He had been free and careless but to what price? No, he was glad he had his normal life back. That had been a one-time-experience. Before sleeping, he checked his working schedule. The entire month he worked the middle shift, meaning he would start at 10 a.m. and finish work around 6 p.m. That was one of the privileges of his position: now night-shifts and no early morning shifts. Minutes later he slept a deep and dreamless sleep…

Matthew had pressed the red button and now he was standing in the treatment room. He was alone and so he walked over to the big mirror. Looking down, he was still his boyish young self but he knew that this would change soon, very soon. He was very excited how they would work, how it would feel, how the result would be.

Oh, ah, he had not expected that it would hurt that bad. On the other hand, what did he expect? They were changing his entire physics, his DNA even. Pain was flooding his nerval system, all nerves on fire, all his cells vibrating. He felt a pressure in his abdomen rise and leaving his body in a loud belch and even some farts. This fart was strange. It was, as if his sphincter was widening, getting a bit lose. At the same time, his ass-cheeks sacked down, wow… what a feeling. He touched it and felt it grow. It was loose, not a bubble but, but a growing fat ass with hanging cheeks. Then he realized that his skin tone changed, from his normal light skin to a nearly white teint, with visible blue varicose veins at his legs. His normally sparse hair grew even sparser, leaving him with nearly naked legs, the shins visibly sticking out. His knees grew rinkly and he started at the mirror and his legs in euphoria. Suddenly, he needed to belch once more and with that, his belly inflated like a balloon. It grew and grew and grew until it was a hemisphere, very round and tight, before sagging down.

Next was his normally flat chest that grew into two formidable moobs resting on the big belly. White hair was growing between the tits and encircled his now very large and rosy nipples. He grew lovehandels while his arms and legs still were kind of skinny, no even skinner then normal, with sagging skin, giving him old man’s upper-arm wings. He had to touch his cock which he could not see looking down. In the mirror he saw that his now very fat but short penis was covered in tufts of white hair, the balls now dangling very deep, much bigger and heavier. Liver spots appeared all over his white body along with age spots at his hands that looked a bit claw like, the typical hands of an old man with some arthritis, just without the pain. His nails got rough with visible plows in it – and they looked a bit yellowish. That was so sexy! He rubbed his fat cock in excitement, waiting for the final changes to his face.

His face first filled out, fitting the big belly and the fat ass, he grew a double and then a triple chin. Although the face was fat and round, he saw wrinkles appear around his eyes that got inverted eyelids, too. That was all getting better and better! His ears grew a lot, and white hair was sprouting from them, while his eyebrows got white, wiry and much longer. His slim nose grew bulbous and reddish, with visible veins and some white hair, too. Horny like hell, he touched his new face with his rougher hands. Oh, what was that, aaah, nice. He felt and saw white stubble erupt from his upper lip that within seconds turned into a very full and very long moustache that covered his entire mouth. He played with the long stache with his tongue. Oh wow… His head started to itch and when he started to scratch, most of his hair, now snow white, fell from his head, leaving him with a longish but super narrow fringe, that was nearly covered by two big fat rolls in his neck. He touched the pink, shiny, smooth and warm head and moaned in pleasure. Oh man, he was so horny… but, oh what was that?

He touched his teeth with his tongue and felt them move, no, not only that. He spat and saw four teeth on the floor, followed by more and more. That was kind of shocking Within a minute, all his teeth were gone, now resting on the floor. That was something, he had not seen coming. His erection went flat in this moment of shock.

He looked at himself in the mirror not recognizing the sexy, bald, fat, moustached man with sunken in cheeks. Although the loss of his teeth had come as a shock to him, the all-over look was even better than what he had expected. He started to massage his cock once again and he felt the pleasure, but the fat, short beast between his legs did not grow hard. He rubbed more furiously, and he could feel something, a kind of lustful itching but no erection. Matthew got a bit nervous now. Could it be possible that they had decided to give him the sexual abilities of an old man? That would be… shocking. He had never been the passive part in a relationship and being reduced to that seemed to be a very shocking thing. But without his teeth he would be perfect in sucking cocks, he suddenly thought and grinned.

It was shocking, true. He was one of the very few in this clinic who really understood what was going on and that there was no way of turning him back or even do slight changes. They kind of decided what to do following his description and general design. Even Viagra would not bring that cock up again as they would fight off the effects. He would get dentures, that was sure, and standing naked in front of the mirror with his new old body and the flaccid cock, he knew that this was the price he had to pay. It was not a cheap one, but he was happy and willing to pay it. Nothing is free in life and being impotent was not so bad as he could still enjoy being the passive part in a relationship.

The guy, knocking at Matthew’s. door to guide him to a changing room was the first lucky employee – Matthew had no interest in any sexual intercourse with that young, slender guy – and he would not have been able to do so.

The still naked, now old, fat man followed the young fellow to a small room where he found several travel bags filled with new clothes and shoes. One expensive looking dark blue suit was hanging at the door, along with a white shirt, a tie, a pocket watch and pocket handkerchief, shiny black leather shoes, leather pouch filled with a strong-smelling pipe tobacco and a dark brown pipe. Oh and there, on the table, he saw dentures and a tube of denture fixative, moustache wax, pomade and a comb. Excited like a little child at Christmas, he dressed, first the very old-fashioned underwear, the silky socks with garters, a white slip and white fine-rip wifebeaters. The cotton shirt felt silky and very nice on his fat belly and moobs. The trousers were very wide and he saw leather suspensers he put on with joy. The vest followed, tight around the big belly. He grabbed the pocket watch and put into the pocket of his vest, the golden chain visible, before slipping into the jacket. Oh, he had forgotten to put on the tie, he was just not used to dress like that. He grabbed the tie and without problems made a perfect Windsor knot. Wow, seemed like they had changed some of his abilities, too.

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