Manipulation 101 - Part 1

By Hypno Hyde 1 -
published February 13, 2020

Lorenzo tells his protege how he got his mentor and learned to control his powers.

Manuel pulled up to Lorenzo’s house exhausted from his day. This was the tenth time this week that he had to check up on his sick professor. Manuel always worried that his mischievous mentor would get up to something without him constantly checking up on him. His intuition may have been right this time though, since he finally noticed the plumber van and, with a sigh, got out of his car to see what Lorenzo may have gotten up to. He dropped off his backpack at the front door and dragged himself up the stairs into Lorenzo’s kitchen. Manuel wasn’t too excited to be here after a long day covering Lorenzo’s classes just to supervise his sick professor. He found him in his kitchen, huddled over a steaming bowl of soup, staring at the plumber working on his sink

“Glad to see you again” Lorenzo said, sounding like a chronic smoker, his eyes not leaving the worker. Manuel could see why. The hulk of a plumber was beginning to stand up, having some difficulty since his overalls and underwear were down below his ankles. His newly sculped body still wobbled as the man tried to balance with his new pecs and washboard abs, his now footlong dick hard and leaking onto the floor. The tattoo where his nametag would be said “Butch; happy to serve all customers”. A huge grin was plastered onto his face as he walked, well shuffled, toward Manuel and put out his hand.

“Hey man, nice to meet ya. Names Butch. Jus finishing up helping my man Lorenzo over here with his sink. Had a real nice conversation with him too.”

“I can see. I didn’t think there was any problems with the sink when I did the dishes here last night’ Manuel said. He was staring daggers at his professor, wondering how much work he would have to put in to correct this situation. “and what ‘nice’ things did you two talk about Butch?”

“Oh, a ton of stuff. Like the customers always fucking right, and that since I now got a hot body I’ll need to show it off some more. You think this shows off my body enough dude?” Butch flexed his muscles and started gyrating his hips. Lorenzo just smiled at Manuel and continued staring.

“It looks great Butch. While you’re here though, I do think the bathroom sink needs to be looked at. Could you do me a wonderful favor Mr. Stud and check that out for little old me?”

Butch turned towards Lorenzo and gave him a genuine salute. “Fuck yeah, Mr. Lorenzo sir. Love helping out amazing customers like you. Is it just down the hall?” Lorenzo nodded. “Then I’ll take a good long look sir and make sure that you’re as satisfied as I can make you.” With that, Butch began waddling towards the bathroom, Manuel finally noticing the wrench partially sticking out of his bubble butt.

When Butch was out of the room, Manuel shook his head, “I thought you said you would take it easy until you were better?”

“Oh sweetie,” Lorenzo mocked, “You should know by now that a transformation like that is easy for me. Besides, he was acting very rude when he first arrived. I think this new personality of his will be much better for his business. And before you ask, no, he will not be naked at every house. Just this one every other month.”

Manuel sighed and sat across from his professor. “Why did you call him anyway? The plumbing is fine in this house?”

After a sneezing fit Lorenzo said “Because I’m bored! No human interaction for a week besides you sweetie. I needed someone to talk to so I thought I would get someone over here and have a nice chat. Who would’ve thought I had the asshole plumber, and not even in the good way.”

“Well you had your fun and your chit chat, so now it’s time to put him back to normal.”

“Mmmmm, fine. I’ll put him mostly back to normal.”

Lorenzo called Butch back into the kitchen and he came bounding back in, the wrench swaying from one side to the other. Lorenzo slowly got up and walked over to the hunk and asked him to stay still. With a nod Butch got into a statuesque position. Lorenzo put his hands on his pecs. Butch shivered at the contact. Manuel could see a visible reduction in the man’s pecs, going from bodybuilder jacked to athletic. His hands moved, and the tattoo that was once prominently on his pec disappeared. With a sweeping motion, Lorenzo’s hands moved across Butch’s body, slowly beginning to return him to a semblance of normal. His abs became invisible, his biceps receded, and his well-defined muscles began to become hidden under the slightest layer of fat. Lorenzo gently grabbed the wrench from Butch’s ass and guided it out as the man’s knees buckled and he began to moan from the pleasure. Once it was out, the wrench was dropped on the ground as Lorenzo turned to Manuel. “He really was an ass you know, and I promise that his changes won’t affect him in any other ways.” He began to pout at Manuel until the younger one shook his head.

“You’re such a child.”

Manuel beamed, “Only when I want to get my way.” He walked back to where his soup was and sat down.

“What about that third leg you gave him. Not going to change that back?”

“Oh honey, that pipe was there before I even laid my hands on him. One of the main reasons I want him to come back and lay some pipe for me.” Lorenzo smirked and finally spoke to Butch. “Alright my dear Butchy, thank you very much for all the help today. It’s time for you to wake up though and start packing up. We don’t want you missing any other appointments now, would we?”

Butch was starting to blink himself out of his stupor. He shook his head and smiled. “Uhh – yea, don’t want to keep all those customers waiting.” He began to clothe himself and pack up his things. “Hey, thanks again for such a great chat. I’ll be back next week to look at that bathroom again, but don’t hesitate to call if you need anything else before then sir.” He smiled sweetly and winked at his new favorite customer. Before he finished packing up he grabbed a hold of the wrench that was in his ass. With a curious glance at it, he suddenly began sucking his own juices off of the tool. With a few moans, and a muffled “Have a great day guys” the plumber grabbed his things and walked out of the house.

Manuel just stared at the smiling Lorenzo as he finished his meal and put the dishes in the sink. “Well now that my entertainment for the day has left, onto the next topic. Did you bring the papers I asked for?”

“Yep, all one hundred and fifty of them” Lorenzo grabbed the pile out of his bag. “Why do you decide to take on the largest freshman classes?”

“They’re entertaining enough, and it’s also a good incentive for the board to keep me around.”

“Meaning that they want to get rid of you?” Manuel asked, placing the stack of papers in front of his professor.

“Not necessarily, but I just want to be sure that I’m appreciated enough that it doesn’t even cross their minds.” He started going through the papers absentmindedly. “Not that I check that, mind you, I keep my work and play separate on moral grounds.”

“Except when you sense someone like yourself in the classroom.” Manuel interjected, beginning to help his professor grade the papers.

“Well I have a moral duty to training those like myself too, don’t I? When I was your age, actually a little older than you, I told my teacher that I would train anyone who showed ability for manipulation so that they would handle it with care. By the way, how were the other classes?”

“They were good and I taught them the best I could. Thank god you cancelled the senior and graduate level classes because I couldn’t teach them yet to save my life. And, of course, the freshman English class was as usual a riot. You never said you had a mentor?”

“Never needed to mention it. He did the same thing to me as I am doing to you: putting you as my teaching assistant, making you practice your abilities almost nonstop and learn something like a moral compass in order not to screw up everything.” Lorenzo gave the paper he read a B. “Although it’s not like you really need help with the last one, since you basically do nothing wrong anyway, you bore. I was having some crazy fun in college when I was your age.”

Manuel got up and began brewing some tea for him and his professor. “It isn’t how drastic I change people, just how much I like them at the end. How was your day by the way? Besides your so called entertainment.”

“Boring as usual with this flu. Woke up feeling like I should be dead, shuffled around the house for a few hours, tried doing something other than just stay in bed but I felt so horrible.”

“Well the doctor did tell you to take it easy, and I told you not to try and have sex. You should’ve listened.”

“Well thank you nurse Manuel, I’ll be sure to remember that for the next time I create a hunky plumber.” He gave another paper a C, too bad for the student. “But let us concentrate on these damn papers.” Manuel obliged his cranky professor and tried to finish the papers. It took both of them two hours to finish all of the papers and then they retired to the living room. Manuel brought his bag from the front door and sat down on Lorenzo’s comfy couch to finish some classwork.

“You never did explain to me what happened during your training, nor anything else about your mentor.”

Lorenzo put down the book he was reading and sighed inwardly to himself. “Are you really going to make me tell you this fabulous story that should require my greatest dramatics, when I’m sick?”

Manuel stared at him unsympathetically, “Yes, now tell.” They stared at each other for several moments, each not willing to budge an inch. Finally, Lorenzo sighed again and slouched down on his chair while Manuel grinned successfully.

“Now do remember that I am only a few years older than you. Even though I look like I could easily be forty, and in a good way, I’m only twenty eight and the youngest doctorate professor in the English department. Just so you know.” Lorenzo stated, highlighting his many accomplishments. The narcissist, Manuel thought, even when he’s sick. “Now you may know me as a really good teacher and boss by day and sex crazed guy who changes others by night, but honestly, I wasn’t this powerful before and also was not this restrained with my powers. I know, shocking.”

“So when did you even meet this guy?”

“Well, lets see how I should start this story…”

I had told myself before I moved into university that I needed to be restrained with my powers. I had run amuck at my high school and still had several jocks from my class emailing me daily about how they were getting toyed with from the gay guys at their colleges. They attached some hot pictures though. But anyway, I was sure I was going to keep that promise to myself until I met my roommate, Jeff. Now Jeff was a diver for the university’s team. Blonde hair, blue eyes. A perfect specimen to be played with. I was really confident though that I could keep myself from fucking this guy’s mind out of his head. Two weeks into living with him though, he must have thought that I had stared at him changing one to many times for his liking because he begins yelling and screaming at me; calling me a fag and a perv. I knew then that I’d have to trance him.

You know how strong I am, but I don’t think I’ve told you that my powers usually only work when I’m in contact with someone. One of the many fun but unfortunate limits to my skills, although probably a good one with my libido. So, I had to run up to Jeff as he is berating me and put my fingers on his head. He immediately loses all of his thoughts, and now I’m left with this empty jock that I can do anything with. Not an abnormal situation for me, but one currently I did not want to be in. By hardening dick though got the better of me and a few hours later I had Jeff’s legs up in the air as I was toying with his hole and finishing rebranding him as my diver slut. He took to it like a pro too. For two weeks after he was changed he would greet me after each class with a blowjob. As the days passed, I thought of more and more ways to mentally fuck him: changing him into my puppy for a day, having him become hard whenever he was in his speedo, fucking him in his speedo. It was great.

On the day I met my mentor I was studying for a philosophy test. Lounging on Jeff as he did pushups for me, slipping my finger into his ass as a reward any time he finished a set. All of a sudden, there was a manic knocking at our dorm room door. By this point I had already installed precautions for these types of situations. Jeff was dressed in a flash and I had opened the door to a pair of hands pushing me inside and letting themselves in.

Hi all. This is only my second story on here and I’d love to continue writing more. Any feedback would be great, and you can contact me if you have any suggestions for this story or others.

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