By Anonymous published October 15, 2009
Jason Tests His Control of His "Family"
The day moved quickly for Jason, as it did for those who were in his sights – John and his sons Rick, Steve and Don. By 4:30 or so, all had returned home and by 5:00 they were all naked, as they had been ordered to be, and standing awaiting Jason's arrival. In their minds, this was simply what should be – a father and his three adult sons, bereft of clothing, waiting for a man to arrive until they did anything else.

As he drove over to the Miller house, Jason was unsure what he would find. He knew what he had set in motion, but had no way of knowing whether he had been successful. After all, he had spent his time achieving his goal with Rick/Ricky and celebrating it. Did his computer programs he had set on the other's machines work? If so, how well? Had they even been on their computers? What if two had been and the third had not and two were naked waiting for him while the third was going bonkers over what he was seeing? The one thing he knew, though, was that the next few hours would be spent reinforcing what he had begun and creating a new life, more accurately a new reality, for his "family."

Needless to say, he was encouraged when he saw each one's car at the house. Hopefully, all was falling into place. And we can each imagine his pleasure – and arousal – as he turned the key in the door, opened it, stepped in and saw four well-built, masculine, rugged, black males, each naked waiting for him.

"Fuck yeah!" Jason thought, as his cock rose, began to drip, and he realized what he had done had worked!

Each of the four men had seen Jason drive up to the house and together were waiting to hear what he had to say and what he wanted. They each knew that Jason had his best interests at heart and whatever he said would be correct and true. And, of course, they would do whatever he told them to because of this. Not only did they need to obey him, but they wanted to obey him. Why wouldn't they?

The reader, no doubt, would like a description of these four beautiful bucks, so let me comply with those wishes.

First, we have John. The father and patriarch of the clan. He has raised his three sons as both father and mother since his wife had left him when Rick(y) was just a young lad of two. John was a masculine man, standing about 6'2" and weighing in at a rugged 205 pounds. As a man of 50, he was in good shape, but not perfect. His hair was tight and kinky and he had a short goatee on his squared chin. He shoulders were wide, as was his chest. Two, nicely dark nipples were perfectly placed. Cockwise? 7" when flaccid. 8.5" when hard. His ass was beginning to sag, but was still well shaped and formed.

Irrational though it was, Jason felt betrayed by his parents when they died. Parents needed to be there for their children, Jason thought. And he felt this same way about John – that John's job was to do what his sons needed done, even if the sons were now adults on their own.

Then, of course, there was John's eldest son, Don. At 6' 1", not quite as tall as his father. He had the features of his mother, including the sad, puppy dog eyes she had. Don was arrogant and narcissistic. He spent much time at the gym, making sure he was the perfect specimen of male adulthood. Broad, strong shoulders. Well built arms and legs. Well defined ass with the nice dimples men who work out hard develop. Anyone who looked at his cock would assume that the old rumor about black men were true. 8" when soft, Don's manhood rose to a fine and proud 10" whenever Don was in that mood. And he was in that mood often.

As the oldest of the three sons, Don had lorded it over them. While Jason felt affection for all four of the Millers, Do was his least favorite and really could do without him as a member of his family.

Steve came next. Middle son; and as all middle children believe, he felt like he was overlooked. 5' 11" tall, with the smallest cock of the four at 6" soft, 7" hard. He was the darkest of the four, having taken this color from his mother who was very dark. Like Don, he too worked out, but not with the same vigor and intensity. But he had a naturally well developed body, so the workouts may not have defined his flesh as well as Don, he was far from hard on the eyes.

Steve had always protected and taken care of his younger brother and, when he came to live with them, Jason as well. Jason liked Steve.

The last, and in Jason's mind, far from the least, was Rick, soon to become Ricky permanently. We have talked about Ricky before, so there is no reason to say much more about him at this point.

And, of course, each of the four was straight, as if this matters! Oh, and I should mention, each was also cut. Nice pink head at the end of their deep brown cocks!

Jason stood and looked at the four men who were to become his family. They were naked as he had ordered and none seemed to think this was strange in any way. John spoke first:

"Good to see you again, Jason. Is there anything we can do to make you comfortable? Anything you want? It's good to have you here and I want to make you as happy as I can."

Simultaneously, the other three all agreed with their father. Anything Jason wanted or needed, they were happy to provide. Anything!

While it was clear that Jason's initial indoctrination had worked, he did not know how strong his hold was. So, he decided to test it.

"Thanks, John. Let's all sit down in the living room. And Don...." Don looked up at Jason. "You sit on the floor at Rick's feet."

They all took their seats, with Don on the floor next to Rick, and looked to Jason to know what to do next.

"It's always a shame to see the four of you as you are. Much better when you are more excited than relaxed. More focused than unfocused. Each of you has a cock. I'd like to see you all stroke them and get yourselves hard."

And so began the sexualization of Jason's new family.

As he expected, each had their own way to jack off. John's tits were obviously hard wired to his dick, for he had one hand wrapped around his cock and used the fingers on the other to play with his nipples – pinch them and stretch them was really what he was doing. Don leaned back against Rick's leg (nice Jason thought), stretched his own legs straight out on the floor and switched from one hand to another as he brought himself to full staff. Steve was a little more gentle with himself. Right handed, his thumb rubbed the top of his cock and only two fingers glided over the bottom. And Rick? He got the hardest fastest. He wrapped his hand around his cock and stroked as he was told. But he also turned his full attention to Jason. It was the shift of his mind to his friend that was the real reason he got hard.

Jason still fully dressed, simply sat back, crossed his legs, and watched.

It didn't take long for all to have accomplished this most enjoyable task that Jason had given them and each looked very pleased with himself when he was fully erect and hard – their rods pointing to the ceiling.

"Rick, come here. Sit on my lap"

When Rick had settled himself, Jason rubbed his head and Rick was again Ricky, nine years old, and wanting to make the adults happy.

"Good boy, Ricky." Ricky smiled and Jason wrapped his own hand around Ricky's cock and started playing with it, seemingly absentmindedly.

"Steve, front and center."

Up jumped Steve and he stood directly in front of Jason and his boy Ricky. Jason took hold of Steve's cock.

"Ricky, what is this."

Ricky blushed and giggled. "His penis."

"That's right. But we call it a cock. Can you say cock?"

Ricky blushed and giggled again. "It's his cock!"

"Good boy!" Ricky smiled. "Now, reach out and put your hand around it and pump your hand up and down."

Ricky did as he was told.

"Does that feel good Steve?"

"Of yeah! Oh yeah!" Steve responded.

"Ricky, is it OK for a man to make another man feel good?"


"Of course it is. And all of you agree, don't you?" Jason asked the others. They all agreed.

"Steve, go back and sit down, but keep yourself hard – Ricky obviously likes it when you are hard."

"Don, crawl over here." On all fours, Don moved in front of Jason and Ricky.

"Do you see Ricky's cock, Don?"


"Good boy. I found out last night that Ricky likes his cock licked. Don't you Ricky?"

"Yeah, I do."

"Then, Don, lick Ricky's cock. Lick it like a dog would!"

Don leaned his face into Ricky's crotch and started to lap at Ricky's hard cock, licking from the base to the tip, then little quick laps, at the tip. Back to the base and back up, then more little licks."

"Now lap at his balls, Don."

Don did as he was told. He weighed the balls on his tongue and then licked them one at a time, then both, from left to right, right to left, around and around. Ricky began to moan, but Jason was not set to let any of them cum yet.

"Good boy," Jason said to Don. "Sit right next to me here."

"John, your turn. Let's show Ricky what you've got."

John, Ricky's father, came over and proudly showed Ricky his cock and balls. He pushed the cock down so Ricky could see the top, the pulled it up so Ricky could see the bottom. He pushed it left then right. He then hefted his ample balls in the palm of his right hand so Ricky could see them as well.

"Turn around and bend over, John. Good. Now, reach back and spread your ass wide so Ricky can see more of you"

John complied, of course. Jason wanted him to do this and he wanted to obey Jason.

"See that Ricky? We call that a cunt. Can you say ‘cunt'?

Ricky giggled again. "Cunt!"

"That's right. And a cunt is for fucking. Do you know what fucking is, Ricky?"

The "nine year old" man shook his head no.

"Steve, you know what fucking is. Why don't you come over here and show Ricky how a man fucks a cunt. John, turn around and face Ricky and me, stay bent over, put your hands on my knees and let Ricky see the look on your face as Steve fucks your cunt."

John moved around as he was told to do. And Steve came behind him, stroking his dick to make sure it was as hard as possible.

" noise. Show us with your face and your body what you are feeling. But no noise. And are not to cum in the cunt. When you get close to cumming, pull out and hold it. Ricky needs as much man cream as he can get to grow big and strong."

"Yea, I do!" Ricky chimed in. Jason chuckled to himself.

Steve, of course, had fucked many a cunt so in his mind, this was just another cunt and would open for him easily. He rubbed his father's hole like he would any of the women he had fucked and even shoved his finger in a little. His father gritted his teeth – he was not supposed to make any noises – and had a grimace on his face. And Steve began to move his dick into his father.

John's eyes widened and he his fingers grabbed Jason's knees tightly. Steve pushed in more. John gritted harder; held on harder. And with that, Steve did what he always does when fucking a cunt, he shoved it all the way in.

John could not help himself. He screamed in pain! Jason slapped him across the face! No noise, bitch!" John bit his lower lip hard, his face showing the pain he was feeling.

"Is Steve hurting him?" Ricky asked?

Jason answered "Just a little. Sometimes it hurts a bitch when her cunt gets fucked. But you Dad'll settle down and enjoy it. That's why he has a cunt. Boys can fuck it and he enjoys it when they do."

Steve began the time-honored tradition of rhythmically pumping his cock in and then out, in and then out. John continued to bite his lip, hold back the noise – although he grunted a few times, each time getting a slap from Jason and each time trying to keep from making any more sounds. It didn't take long, and John's face began to relax. The grimace was going and he was closing his eyes.

"Ricky, why don't you stroke the bitch's face so he knows you like it that he now feels good having his cunt fucked."

As Ricky began to stroke his Dad's face as he was told to, John relaxed even more, feeling heat in his cunt and warmth on his face.

"Don, crawl under you Dad and lap his cock and balls. But don't let him cum. And stroke your own dick, but you are not to cum either."

Don did as he was told and when John felt his son's tongue and lips on his cock and balls, he settled ever more so, a small smile coming to his mouth. He had one son fucking his cunt – and damn it felt good! Another son licking his cock and balls. And his third son, stroking his face. Ad to top it all off, he was obeying Jason – which he wanted most of all.

"Bitch, as long as your face is right here, suck Ricky's cock – deep into your throat. It's what your throat is for." John opened his eyes, saw Ricky's cock and leaned in, encasing it in his mouth and throat, bobbing his head up and down.

Ricky began to moan and to buck his hips up and down, meeting his father's movements.

Jason just looked down at his family, all gathered around him. Ricky sitting in his lap, the nine year old mind in a 20 year old body. Ricky's father sucking his own son's cock, indeed, fucking his own face with that cock with a look of sublime ecstasy. Below him, his other son was licking ands sucking on his balls and his cock the way the boys' mother used to do or so many years ago. And his third son? Behind him, fucking his cunt – for that is what he now knew it was – his cunt! – with ever stronger and deeper thrusts!

"Yes," Jason thought. "My family. The four who will move on to the farm with me, who will do what I want as I want and become the family I deserve. A family like the one I want. A family that plays together and so will stay if they have a choice!"

As Jason sat satisfied in what he had begun, watching the close intimacy of his family all within a few feet of him and all doing what he told them to do, he knew each was getting close to cumming. It was time for another lesson, before he moved on.

"Steve, pull out and stand there. Don, get out from under your father and kneel to my side. Bitch, stand up."

Each, of course, obeyed immediately.

"Ricky needs a lot of man cream to grow up big and strong. And it is up to each of you to help him. You are each to jack off and catch your cum in your hand."

And with that, the three men started jacking themselves off. Each was close as it was and each threw his head back, closing his eyes, moaning and grunting. Don came first. Shot after shot into his right hand. John, the bitch, was next. He howled as he pumped his cum into his hand -- A mistake! He had been told not to make any noise! And finally, Steve spurted into his left hand, a fine pool of milky white gathering in his palm.

"Good boys." They all smiled. "Now, each of you offer your hand to Ricky and Ricky, you lick the man-cream from their hands."

Each moved in front of Ricky in turn and Ricky lapped up the man-cream – first from his father, then from Steve, then form Don.

"Mmmmmm! That's good!" Ricky cooed once he was done. Jason smiled.

As the four relaxed, Jason spoke again.

"It's almost time for dinner, but we have one more thing to do first. Steve, sit down over there. Don, sit on the floor here. Bitch, you come here."

Each did as he was told, of course. John stood in front of Jason and Ricky.

"Ricky, this bitch misbehaved, didn't he?"

Ricky looked confused. He wasn't sure what Jason meant. He liked what had happened. With his 9 yo mind he couldn't think of anything the bitch – oops! his father! – had done wrong.

"Steve, do you know what the bitch did wrong?"

Steve thought a minute. "Oh! You told him not to make any noise and he screamed once when I first started fucking his cunt and then yelled again when he came so Ricky could have the man cream."

"Good boy, Stevie. That's right." Steve smiled. Both because he was glad he was right but also because he liked it when Jason called him Stevie – just like Jason called Rick, Ricky.

"Don, can you make the sound the bitch made when he came?"

Don raised his face to the ceiling and howled like a dog – like the bitch – oops! His father! – had done.

Jason reached over, scratched Don behind the ears. "Good boy!" Don smiled. Jason not only told him he was good, he also showed him by scratching him.

"Bitch, you need to be punished for disobeying!"

John's head fell. It hung low over his chest. He had failed and he felt terrible. "I'm...'I'm...sorry" And Jason slapped him across the face again! "I still have not told you that you can make a noise."

Tears came to John's eyes and he began to cry. He had upset Jason. Oh why had he done that!

Steve, bring that chair over and place it in the center of the room. Steve could see Jason was mad, so he moved as fast as he could.

"Ricky, the bitch was bad. He needs to be punished and it is up to you to punish him. How does someone get punished?"

Ricky was suddenly very nervous and a little scared. Jason seemed so upset. In a small voice he said "He...he...he gets spanked."

"That's right! Good boy, Ricky." Jason rubbed Ricky's head and smiled.

Since you are the youngest and my favorite, you will spank him. Sit on that chair."

Ricky did.

"Bitch, you will lay across Ricky's knees, your hands on the floor in front of you and your feet on the floor behind you. You may make noise while you are being spanked."

John trembled, the tears still coming. He walked over and laid himself across his son's knees as he was told to do. A fifty year old man, the man who had nurtured and disciplined each of his sons who were watching this, was now to be spanked in front of them as he had done to them as they grew up.

"Steve and Don, you will watch this closely and you will stroke your cocks as Ricky spanks the bitch. Together, you will count the hits."

"OK, Ricky, spank him!"

Ricky began to, tentatively.

"One...two...three..." Steve and Don counted.

"You need to hit the bitch harder, Ricky! As hard as you can!"

Ricky hit harder! John began to cry out loud.


Steve and Don counted and stroked in unison with the slaps to their father's ass. Ricky hit him harder and harder each time. John's ass got redder and redder with each slap. John started to sob deeply, the tears now flowing freely.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" John yelled! "I won't do it again! I won't be bad again! I'll be good!"

"I know you will, bitch!" Jason said. Because every time you are not, you will be spanked!"

"Twenty-one" (stroke)..."Twenty-two" (stroke)..."Twenty-three" (stroke), Steve and Don continued to count and to get harder and harder and more and more turned on as Ricky began to hit his father's ass with the entire strength of his body.

Jason smiled. He was excited by the scene he could see. And he was excited by the scene he could hear. He groped himself, harder than he had been since he had arrived.

As the counting reached fifty – Jason had chosen fifty because of John's age – Jason gave new orders.

"Bitch, get off Ricky's lap and kneel down with your hands out in front of you, palms, up!"

John scrambled to do what he was told; even as he was racked with deep sobs that came from somewhere deep inside of him he had not felt in years – nay, in decades!

‘Steve, will finish jacking off into the bitch's hands."

Steve and Don moved in front of their father. It did not take long, and their cum spurted into their hands.

"Bitch, feed the man cream to Ricky."

John moved over and offered his open palms to Ricky, who licked them as clean as he could, knowing he needed the man cream badly.

"Stand up, bitch." John did.

Jason went over to him, put his arms around him in a warm embraces, pushing John's head on to his shoulder. Jason tenderly rubbed John's back, form top down to his reddened and hurting ass.

"Shhhh....Shhhh. Don't cry, bitch. Calm down. It's all done now. You disobeyed, but now it is all done. No need to worry any more. Just be the good bitch I know you can be."

John settled his head into Jason's shoulder, nuzzling his neck, and relaxed his body into Jason's arms. His sobs began to lessen. His breathing slowed and calmed.

"That's right. Calm down bitch. Shhhh....."

John settled and the sobbing stopped. Jason rubbed him and made him feel secure and good. He was so glad to know that Jason would not stay angry with him. He only wanted to make Jason happy and he knew he would. He'd never disobey again.

"That's it, bitch. Now, it is time for you to make us dinner. Four of us will sit at the table, Ricky and I at the two heads. Don will eat on the floor. And make sure there is a candle in the center of the table, lit."

"OK, Jason. I will. It won't take me long."

"Good bitch. The four of us will watch TV while you get everything ready."

John smiled, relieved that all was OK and left for the kitchen. Jason, Ricky and Stevie shared the couch and Don lay at their feet on the floor, like Jason told him to.

To be continued...

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