The clinic, part I.1.1

By Baldwizzard
published February 3, 2020
1797 words

Gerald has a hot night

****Gerald was eager to see what hot chick might had entered the room. He was very excited and very horny. Slowly he walked to the door but when he came closer, he saw no chicks at all. There was a guy standing in the doorframe. And boy, what a man! He was around 2 meters tall and all muscle. He looked nearly like a cartoon, more caricature than real man. His muscles were all swollen and flexed, with veins like snakes, his face looked like chiseled out of granite, with a strong, rectangular chin, fine lips, a small moustache, perfect blue eyes and a super shiny bald head. The look in his face was a bit … dumb, but hey, a guy working out 23 hours a day had no time for education.

But damn it, where were the girls and WHAT WAS HE DOING! He was stroking his own cock looking at this muscle monster. He was no fag. But why was he so hard then? The big guy saw his erected cock and Gerald blushed, trying to stop himself. Muscle-Man just grunted and then grinned at the fat, moustached and bald Gerald in front of him. Without any words, he stepped closer, and, with his incredibly strong hands, forced Gerald down to his knees. He protested but had no chance against this powerful, hot (????) guy. While he was bubbling protests, the enormous man used this as an opportunity to force his extremely large cock into Gerald mouth. He nearly chocked, not only by the mere amount of flesh entering his mouth, but of shock. He wanted to back off, tried to get away from the guy, but he felt like a butterfly nailed to a observation sheet. He muscle guy started to move his hips back and forth and Gerald’s eyes nearly popped out of his head. It took only some seconds, before his protest faded away. Relaxing made it much easier to contain this monstrous penis in his mouth. Oh yes, and licking it, playing around that hot, pulsing shaft with his tongue made it nearly pleasant for Gerald.

No wait, that could not be pleasant. He was no fag and if he were one, surely, he had been the one receiving a blow job and not giving one. But from second to second, it became easier for Gerald, the feeling became more … natural for him, as if there had been a cock-shaped hole inside him that now was filled. He kind of eased in, started to like it. His mind became kind of blurry and he did not care any longer. Suddenly, a wave of hot cum filled him. It was so much, he was afraid it would spill out of his nose. Grunting, the sweating muscle god pushed Gerald away, so hard, he hit the floor.

It was not over yet. Gerald, still shocked that he had actually swallowed the cum of another man and enjoying it very much, squeaked like a pig, when the big guy now started to piss on him, soaking him totally in this steroid-filled, testosterone-piss. Gerald first was shocked again, he wanted to scream, but was to afraid to get the golden liquid in his mouth. But the feeling was not disgusting at all. It was warm and nice and delicious and perfect. Gerald knew that this was something dirty and something … insane, but still, he enjoyed it so much, that he started to make squeaking noises of satisfaction like the pig he was.

When the last drops of this golden nectar had hit his face and body, the big guy grabbed him, forced him to his feed and then nailed him to the big wooden cross. His arms and legs were fixed to the thing with leather restrains and out of somewhere, the dominateur placed a heavy black leather collar around his neck. Gerald squeaked in pleasure and still a bit of panic. He was confused but so horny that this thought was becoming less and less important.

Muscle-Man started to attack his nipples, first with his hands, the with his teeth. That sent flashed of pure pleasure through Gerald’s entire body, made him shiver and scream in lust. The guy suddenly grabbed his balls and pulled down quite violently, but the pain was … pleasing, satisfying, necessary. Like the pain in his nipples, as the guy grabbed his teeth in.

For a moment, the nibbling at his tits stopped and the guy was walking to a shelf, grabbing some stuff. Gerald could not move his head to see what was going on, but then the lovely pain in his balls was back, followed by a strange feeling of cold metal. The guy had fixed heavy steel rings around his balls, forcing them down. The pain was heavy and throbbing but sent waves of pleasure through Gerald’s brain. He did not expect what came next, but only seconds later, his small cock was locked in a metal cage. Chastity? Wait, he did not ask for that, but somehow it felt natural to him. He was here to please the big guy, not to use his own useless small piggy-dick.

The teeth came back and dug into his tits once more. Gerald screamed and the teeth bit harder. Incredible. That was so not what he had wished to get, and it was so what he really needed. How kinkier could this afternoon be?

The muscle god walked away from him once more, grabbing a whip. He showed it to Gerald who whimpered in lust and fear. The leather of the whip caressed his body, tickling his nipples and it was nearly too much for him. Finally, the leather good loosened the restrains and forced Gerald to turn around, now his face pressed against the wood of the cross. SNAP, the whip hit his ass hard and without mercy. He screamed in shock and pain. The pain was sharp and different, it was … fantastic. He needed more, much more. And he got what he needed, snap after snap. The torture went on for quite some time and several times in between, Gerald was afraid he could lose his conscious. He did not want to miss a single strike!

The whip fell to the floor and he felt the mountain of muscles standing very close behind him, is breath in his neck. He kind of knew what would come next. He heard the man spitting and seconds later, his monster dick was forcefully shoved up his virgin hole. For a second, Gerald was afraid that he would be split in half. The pain was unbelievable but changed to a pleasure never felt before in his life. He gave totally into it.

The guy came twice, filling in with his cum, and still he was not done. Gerald had lost all feeling for time but his 24 hours were surely not over yet.

Now he was kneeling on the floor like a dog, being fucked by the big guy again and again and again. Load after load filled him and he felt bloated while he was placed into a sling, just get more loads filling him up.

Finally, it was over. The big guy grunted one more time and then left Gerald on the floor, soaked in cum and piss and spit. He had not spoken a single word. Something had been odd the last time the guy came, and he had kind of rushed away. First, Gerald wanted to bag him to come back, use him over and over again, but that faded away. Then there was regret and kind of satisfied sadness that slowly turned into a strange feeling of being alone and then suddenly turned into shock and remorse. Oh god, what had just happened??? He was shivering, laying naked and dirty on the floor. He was a slut, he never had had the intention of being a gay slut. Why had he let this happen to him? His nipples hurt, his back was on fire where the whip hit him and he was sure, that sitting was out of question for the next days. He felt so used and dirty and suddenly started to cry …

Mike stood outside the room, leaning against the metal door, breathing heavily. What was that? Where did that come from? He was not satisfied although he had fucked that guy for hours. The memories of his old life came back to him, stronger than ever before. He knew that he needed to change back. That had been fun but there was bit of panic growing in him. The watch, yes, the watch was important. It had something to do with him changing back to old self. The smart one… the one that knew things. The one with a good job and a nice flat. He grabbed his head as a attack of headache suddenly hit him. He needed to do som’ing, bro, that pain was baaaad.

The inner smart Mike could feel more intelligence just melting away, he needed to stop that right now. Some minutes more and he could not even work a fitness-trainer anymore. He was sure that his ability of fluent reading and writing were dying right now. Yes, the watch…

With shaking hands, he touched the tiny screen and unlocked it. “Type in code please!” Oh, yes the code, it had been…. Oh shit. Shit. Shit. He typed in 12345678. “Wrong code, please repeat.”

  1. “Wrong code. Please repeat. Only one trial left”. One trial left?? What would happen if he got it wrong again. Like a beam of light, the normal, the intelligent, Mike could see through the clouds of stupid muscular Mike’s brain. The code had been 3478655 and … oh good lord, what had been the last number???? It had been 8, yes 8. No, saying that aloud made it sound strange. 6? No, no, he was sure it was 9. Yes, it must have been 9.

He WAS the smart Mike, he was sure about this. Smart Mike had a perfect memory. Smart Mike knew things. If smart Mike said 9, it was 9. So, he typed in 9, holding his breath. “Wrong Code. Program closes. Changes are becoming permanent in 3 … 2 … 1. Changes complete. Status: Permanent. New IQ 75”. Noooooooooooooooooooooo. Oh, cold here. Hungry. Yes, I am hungry. Need to get Protein. And then a work-out. Yes, a hard, long work-out, and after that, a hot guy in the steam room. Good job he had in the gym. He only needed to sell shakes to the clients and workout all day. Nice life. Eating, working-out, fucking, sleeping, repeat. A perfect life. He could not be happier at all.

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