Another Sleepy Day

By avivi3 -
published April 9, 2017

another regular day of Boy-Sloan in his routine life. oh, is it? DEDICATED TO MASTER MARC


He woke up at 6:15 in the morning, just like every regular day. He’s a hard worker, with good work ethics. He was also horny. Sex is not something that came around that easily, he had to earn it. After he got ready he went downstairs and was about to walk out the door. “Here’s your audio player, Sloan” he suddenly heard, “I charged it for you.” “Thank you Sir.” He answered. As if politeness came automatically to him. It wasn’t always like that. He used to be a slightly different person back there. ~~~~~~~ “Here’s a drink from the guy who sits over there” said the bartender and pointed to his right with his eyes alone. “A guy..?” he mumbled to himself, then had a gentle peak while trying not to move his whole body too much and give himself away, “that’s surely a first.” He took a suspicious sip and flinched. “Strong, isn’t it?” said the generous man from the back of the room while sitting on the bar, right next to him, “the bartender is known for having this habit. Sending strong gestures from one to another. I’m Jackson”. “Daniel here” Jackson smiled, only god knows if viciously, or just a smug smile filled with confidence. “That’s a fine name,” he suddenly grasped his chin, “but with this face Sloan fits you better”. “I’m sorry Jackson, I’m not gay”, Daniel backed away as much as he possibly could. “But you CAN be.” Another smug smile was thrown at him and his heart was pounding. It might be fear and panic, maybe disgust, but only time would tell it was pure excitement.


3:47 PM a text from M. Jackson: “afternoon boy. we got some guests coming over for tea. Try not to dwell too much at work today, and YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO.” He froze for a few second, possibly more than a whole minute, glaring at the glowing screen with the name of Master Jackson on it. Heart racing, heavily breathing, his mind prepared itself for the upcoming event. Like a computer, processing that information in the depths of his mind, thinking about what’s coming next. Excited, but don’t really know why.

On his way back on the subway, he sat there, like every other day, with his earphones plugged in. Of course it seems normal, like he’s listening to a playlist, or maybe a podcast, but Sloan sat there gazing away, drifting, hearing master’s voice inside his head, deep deep inside. His daily routine included two directions with a player containing ONLY master’s recording, programming him, as he lives his life, just like a normal person. It always excited him, going out like that, feeling like a secret agent betraying this country, or like a super hero hiding his costume under the white buttoned shirt, just waiting to be caught and tortured, but he was never caught, because MASTER JACKSON programmed him so well.


A very strange feeling took over Daniel as the room started spinning and it felt like his body was on fire. “it’s OK, I can help you” said the smug man. What the hell is happening? I feel like I’m about to vomit, or collapse, or…. Both. “Don’t be afraid. I’m here for YOU…”, Jackson whispered in his ear, “just come with me, and ill fix you, oh boy”. Daniel tried to reject the weird offer, but it felt like no voice is coming from his mouth. And just like that, the smug tall mysterious man with the black leather jacket helped him up and took him to his place. Others may think he’s just a guy helping his drunken friend getting home. But only he knew that wasn’t the case. He never knew how long it took to get him to this place, but he could only remember the ceiling from where he was laying. The bed underneath him felt sooo soft, like heavenly touch on the back and the shoulders, and the shoes that come off and freed his feet away. The room was poorly lid and he could hear a soft knocking sound like a tempo, just in a regular beat. “It’s all OK now, just close your eyes and relax, I’m here for YOU. I’m here to fix you…” Let me go… leave me alone man… “The more you fight it the harder it’ll strike you back. Obey and close your eyes now”


It’s always funny to watch him respond like a human robot when other people are around. Master surely likes it. “Sloan, would you mind getting us some snacks?” Jackson whispered in his ear. He smugly smiled from the sight of Boy’s pupils shrinking and expanding, like he could see his body switch personality, how the boy got shoved back to the world of living dreams and a humanized robot is placed instead of him, stealing away his body, his awareness. He just stood up and marched to the kitchen, and came back carrying cookies on a plate. “Come here, Return”, and he sat back right next to his master while waking up, kicked back right to reality. It was master’s twisted game, throwing him back and forth to trance and draw him back. He never knew what triggers him, but he could always tell when he had been woken up back. He snapped out of it, and looked away, trying to assess the situation. We’re drinking tea with friends. Seems harmless except…. He leaned forward to grab his tea, and as he leaned back he covered his massive erection with his leg. It’s always fucking arousing to be coming back out of trance unannounced. “I added some sugar to your tea, just mix it a little” said Jackson. As he began following master’s suggestion he drifted back away, watching his tea spinning in the cup, around and around just like a spiral. He spent hours in front of spirals while going under training. Master had him sitting 3 whole days tied up with belts and duct tape all over, hearing the induction of master’s programming while watching the spiral. Over and over, again and again. Just like that, master had been torturing him, having him drop deep into trance while his mind is listening, and always alert, in case spoken to, always prepared to respond and be thrown back to reality from the world of living dreams. It doesn’t even matter that he just woke up. He never remembers, but the words come out of him each and every time, like a well-programmed human robot, like a puppet, like the PERFECT SLAVE.

At night he came into bed after cleaning the house and listening to master’s advance programming file, kissing master’s hands goodnight and getting permission to lie down. He got to the point when he couldn’t tell the difference between trance and a good night sleep. His body knew the drill, but that’s because his body wasn’t his own anymore. He closed his eyed, and he could swear he had heard master saying something, but the words got the best of him and he drifted right away to this “WARM BLISS”. Eyes wide open, but faded and empty. The humanoid slave toy sat on the bed, while his pupils are going wider and narrower each and every second. He grabbed the top cover master’s pants and waited hesitantly. -“PERMISSION GRANTED”

He took off master’s pants and started sucking his divine thick cock. His movements were slow and heavy, like a dead body, possessed by the spirits of subordination, submission and obedience. “The more you suck the deeper you go. The deeper you go the more you suck.” Those magic words made his empty eyes grow wider and emptier, and his movement shifted and changed, life a sense of life came back into him. Pleasure is obedience, obedience is pleasure. Pleasure is obedience, obedience is pleasure." Master repeatedly said again and again, planting that thought in the deepest darkest parts of this toy’s mind. “Pleasure is obedience, obedience is pleasure. PLEASURE IS OBEDIENCE, OBEDIENCE IS PLEASURE!” master shouted as he dropped heavy white loads into boy’s mouth. And just like that, with a snap of a finger, not one word spoken, he made his boy swallow and lie back down, lifting his legs spread open in the air and watching the ceiling. The sight of this ceiling from that one nigh threw him 100 times deeper into trance, every single time, like it’s the first. And like a well lubed fuck boy toy, his ass would magically open, waiting for master’s divine cock. “Revert to normal and wake up”. From time to time, master sadistically woke him up, getting his old self back, having him lying, frozen, and mostly terrified of the sight of the ceiling, and a naked man’s package getting closer and closer. “What are you doing to me?!” he’d ask, like every other time Jackson woke him, and Jackson never responded back and just smugly smiled and had his dick penetrate his prey’s rectum. It’s always a pleasure to fuck a straight guy back into trance, knowing that the taste he has in his mouth is no other than his own HOT SMELLY JUICY CUM. He fucked him hard that night for one long hour, watched him repressed back to the world of living dreams, a world that never seizes to exist. It is 1:13 AM now, and boy can actually go now to sleep. Five short hours until he wakes up, tired, eager to obey, tempted to be caught but too good for it, horny as hell, and eager to earn his sex. Sex doesn’t come around that often, and it had to be earned. He got ready for work and went downstairs. “Here’s your audio player, Sloan” Jackson smugly said. “Thank you Sir” automatically replied, and went out for another dreamy day.

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