Master's Collared Servants: The Beginning

By Tranceguy
published January 24, 2020
4041 words

Two victims from the park were chosen by the Master. They couldn’t resist.

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I hate jogging. Nevertheless, every time Jay asks me to go with him, I can’t say no. He was a good looking and cute guy; always happy and sporty. I don’t know many such people. Like me, he was single. But the difference was, he likes women and I don’t. Even so, we have a good time together jogging in the park.

Like today. We met up at the lakeside in the afternoon after work. The 10km route around the lake lay ahead. It was a warm sunny day. We each put on our headphones and started the same song on our shared playlist so we could sing along together if we liked. On our usual route, we pass many different people while jogging. Good-looking sporty guys, and girls for him too. But in the most recent days we would see the same strange man sitting on the same bench. He had a hat on and a mousy grey jacket although it wasn’t cold, and a tablet on his lap. Every time we passed by, he would look up to watch us. We didn’t care and didn’t show any sign of noticing him.

But on this day, just as we had gone past him, Michael Jackson’s Beat It suddenly stopped and we heard a terrible screeching sound through our headphones. It was so crazy and loud that we stopped jogging and pulled our headphones off at the same time. We looked at each other uncertainly and checked our phones and the Bluetooth connection to our headphones.

Then instinctively, we both had the same thought. We looked to the strange man sitting on the bench. He was looking at us, which was so freaky. Once he noticed we were watching him, he turned his attention back to his screen. Then Michael’s voice suddenly continued like nothing had happened. We looked at each other with relief, turned about and continued our run.

For the remainder of the route, nothing interrupted our fitness program. We finished jogging, said our good-byes without a word about that strange happening. Each of us walked to our homes to take a refreshing shower. I was tired and went to bed. I placed my phone on my bedside locker, fell asleep very fast and dreamed. In the late night my phone suddenly lit up and a pulsating deep sound started to play. I didn’t notice it since I was sleeping like a dog.

I was dreaming of my dream house at the edge of town again. It has an amazing view over the city through the living room window. I feel happy. Then someone starts knocking at the front door of my new house. I open the door to see that same strange man with his mousy grey jacket standing in front of me. I am so surprised that I immediately slam the door shut. Standing there with my back to the door, I am so startled that I don’t realize I am hearing that deep pulsating sound in my room.

He knocks again. I jump to the middle of the room, scanning for another exit. The knocking gets louder. I can feel a fear gripping me, as I hold my head in my hands and look up to the ceiling. Then suddenly the door slams open and a wave of darkness floods the room in an instant. No light, only darkness, but I don’t care anymore, because I can think of nothing.

My eyes were wide open. I was laying in my bed, motionless, listening to the sounds coming from my phone. The light on the screen was also pulsing and the bedroom around was appearing and disappearing in the same rhythm.

Minutes passed. Than a voice came out of the phone and suggested: “You would love to hear my voice from your headphones, wouldn’t you!?” Yes, I had a wishful urge to wear my headphones now. I stood up and went to the wardrobe in the dark of night. I didn’t switch on the light. I didn’t think to do it.

After putting on my headphones the beautiful pulsing sound dropped inside my head so intensely that every remaining thought disappeared. Standing upright in my underwear, I felt so relaxed and smiled a little.

The voice in my head said: “Nice! You’re a good boy, aren’t you!? But the next thing that will happen, won’t amuse you. It won’t be long.” Even as he finished the sentence, I heard an extremely loud and high frequency monotone sound. Immediately my face twisted up with pain and my back bent backwards. My arms were pointed straight down to the floor but I stood on tiptoes.

If it wouldn’t have been so dark, someone would have said that I looked like an upright standing banana, struggling. And I was kept like this for minutes. The longer the duration, the blanker my face and awareness became. And the calmer I got. Until I could bend my body back to normal. My viewpoint was now straight ahead to the door and I was totally emotionless. The sound had changed back to the deep pulsing rhythmic frequency. It was only deep in the background that the high frequency was hearable.

“Can you hear me, boy?” the voice asked. I answered slowly with a yes. “Excellent, I can hear you through the microphone on your headphones. From now on you will do whatever I command you. You will repeat your new commands before you execute them and finish each sentence with a Sir. You understand?” I answered in a monotonous voice: “I will do whatever you command me, Sir”

“Get dressed into your sporty jogging suit.” I repeated: “I must dress in my jogging suit.” I moved to the bathroom like a zombie but NOT with my arms extended straight out like in the movies. I put my sweatsuit on and then said: “Ready, Sir”

“Good boy” the voice replied. “Now grab your phone and your house keys and go out to visit my apartment. Do you understand?” “Yes, I must grab my phone and keys and go out, sir.” The voice continued: “I will guide you, I see your actual position on my screen. And you will serve me.” I repeated his words and went outside.

It took half an hour to walk through the city at night. Some people on the street watching me must have been curious as to why I was jogging so late at night. I, however, was not aware of them. I thought of nothing and jogged ahead as instructed. It was like a daydream that never ends all the while listening to that hypnotic sound.

I arrived at his door. He, who owned the voice in my head, opened it, expecting me at this very moment. I stood in front of him with an open mouth and a glazed expression. “Excellent, I can’t believe it worked. Come in my hypno boy” he spoke into the microphone in his hand. I served him obediently and followed his way. “So, stand right over there with your back to the wall and hang your arms one of each over the sticks on either side of you.” I repeated my command and completed the action.

He said: “That’s funny. You look like Jesus on the cross but without the nails in your hand.” He laughed. “You’re really made for this job and I hope your jogging partner will cooperate as easily as you did. Haha!”

No reaction came from me. Because he had switched off his microphone. But that wouldn’t change anything. My mind was blank. “I have big plans for you both, but first I need to also mind wipe him here. Let’s activate his covert phone app that I installed on your phones after I successfully hacked your Bluetooth connection.” He smiled and left the room.

A few hours later he came back in. Annoyed. “Goddamn! He must have left his phone in another room. He didn’t react to me! Fuck! Listen boy.” And he switched on the microphone in his hand. “Call your jogging partner on his private number immediately! Say exactly the words I tell you.”

Seconds went by. He looked at me fiercely. Then I replied: “Yes, I must call Jay and say your words to him, Sir!” I stepped out of my retainer, picked up my phone and called Jay’s private number. My eyes were gazing blankly ahead.

Moments passed and the phone was ringing. Then someone said in a tired voice: “Yeah? Who’s there?” Master spoke into his microphone and I repeated the words almost synchronously in a monotone: “Jay, you must help me. Please!” Jay: “What? Is that you Travis? What’s happened!?” Me: “No time to explain. Come to 15 Washington Street as soon as possible. Please help me. I’m not kidding.” Jay: “Travis, Wait!!”

But Master had already hung up. He said: “So, your name was Travis. I like that name, but that’s all past now. Travis’ mind is wiped away. What a pity! Now we’ll see how deep his friendship with you really is! That’s the last option to get him here. We should wait for him at the door. And you will help me, obediently. You understand?”

I repeated my new command: “Yes, I must help you obediently, Sir.” Master instructed: “Follow me. You should be prepared when he arrives.” I followed him along the corridor. Master commanded me to stand right over there. Then he stood in front of me. He was a half head shorter than I was, so my direct and blank eyeline was above his head to the far wall. Then he pulled out a collar with a red light on it and put it slowly around my neck. Click! The collar was locked on me.

He took one step back and peered at me. I stopped breathing immediately and opened my mouth, as if about to scream, but nothing came out. My eyes opened wider and my whole body struggled to stand upright in my jogging suit. But just a few seconds later I became calm, as Master spoke into his microphone to me: "Serving - is - pleasure. Repeat my slave. Serving - is - pleasure."

I began to stutter: “Serv…serving is pleash..ur” Master looked puzzled. “Oh, I forgot to turn off your headphones. That could be causing interference with the hypno tone, perhaps. Lets try again!” The red light on the hypno collar switched to green and I repeated with a strong voice: “serving is pleasure.”

“Good boy” Master said. “And good job to me for inventing this powerful hypno collar. Now your conscious mind is locked in the back of your head until I turn your collar off. But why would I ever do that!? Haha!” He giggled. “From now on, you belong to me. And you only obey my commands. You understand?” I obediently answered: “Yes sir, I will obey you forever, sir.”

At this moment someone knocked nervously on the door. “Travis, you in there?” Master whispered something in my ear. And I served as commanded. I opened the door. Jay bounded in and started asking: “Are you okay? What happened Travis?” He was hit with my strong smell. **“Ew, and why are you still wearing your sweaty jogging gear?”

He grabbed both of my shoulders and looked me in my blank empty face. “Travis? Travis! Can you hear me!?” He shook me at first, then waved his hand in front of my face, checking the reaction of my pupils. But nothing. Jay began to be frightened because of my emotionless face and my blank gaze that looked through him like he was transparent.

His eyes watered. “What the fuck is going on here, Travis!?” He said with a shudder in his voice. "I’m gonna go get help.” He tried to step back from me but now I grabbed him by his upper arms. Tightly. “Ow, you’re hurting me!” Jay said. He struggled against my grip. I pulled his body towards me and intoned in my monotone voice:

“Serving - is - pleasure”

His eyes opened wide, full of fear now. The front door behind him slammed shut and the light from the corridor outside faded. It was dark now. Than a red light floated behind Jay’s neck. He didn’t see it. He was still fighting against my tight grip as he said the last sentence of his own free will that evening: “This isn’t you, Travis!” A tear ran down his face but no one saw it.

Then there was just a “click” as the collar snapped shut around Jay’s neck and Master switched on the corridor light. Jay let out a gasp and simply stopped moving. He merely gazed straight ahead at my chest. His breathing slowed. I was still holding his arms tightly. We were standing in the room, looking like the letter H. I held Jay as he remained motionless in his running shoes, wearing baggy grey pants and an open black jacket with a white shirt underneath.

Then suddenly Jay breathed in powerfully and his head flew back. His pupils were big and black like a teddy bear. He began to struggle terribly hard in my grip. And this carried on for several minutes. Master watched amazed at this massive spectacle. Jay breathed faster and faster. He seized and his legs thrashed so hard that I had to hold him hovering in the air. His face was pained and he tried to scream a last word: “No…!” before he slumped down into my arms.

I held him now like I was holding a wet sack. No feelings for him. My mind was empty. I didn’t care. The red light on Jay’s collar switched to green. Master came over to Jay and checked his pulse on his arm and said: “I wasn’t sure if he’d survive this hard brainwashing. But I had no other option with him. Starting hypnosis in the REM sleep phase is smoother and more reliable for the victim. Good for him his mind was weak and he let go before his brain got totally damaged. I think his subconscious mind is restarting now. That usually takes a minute.”

And so it did. Jay, who wasn’t now Jay any more, moved into a strong stance and opened his eyes. Now he looked like me. Mind wiped, an emotionless face and small black dots as pupils. Master clapped his hands and spoke near to his ear:

"serving - is - pleasure. Repeat my slaves.”

I began to say my mantra together with Master. “Serving is pleasure.” Jay was struggling to obey: “Grrhh…” His throat rattled and he coughed slightly. Then…“Serving is pleasure.” Master was happy and said: “Gooood boy. You can let him go now, Travis” I did as he commanded . “Follow me my slaves to the storage room.” We could not disagree.

The storage room was a bright room with dark stone walls. It looked cold but it was warm in there. On one wall, there were many plugs mounted on a stick. And beside each, there were two pads on the floor. On the other wall there was a long table with many things on it, like clothes and various items. We were ordered to stand in the middle of the room.

Master walked slowly around, and watched us standing there with our hypno collars around our necks, glowing green, and said: “It took quite a bit longer than I planned, but now you are both exactly where I wanted you to be.” Silence. From now on you are both my servants, for as long as I need your service. You understand!?" We both answered synchronously: “Yes, Sir!” Master clasped his hands together excitedly and said: “Excellent!”

“So now you’re under my complete control, I’ll start the first usability test with you both to be suitable servants for ME! So don’t disappoint me. Because this relies on the beauty of your bodies and the horniness of your cocks. But I’m sure I assessed both of you sporty guys correctly. With total control over your mind, you both already obey like perfect servants. Let’s begin undressing you both! Haha!” Master giggled and said: “Turn around to me my servants and say your new mantra over and over.” We turned and started to say our Mantra that had been burned forever in our brains.

“Serving is pleasure” “Serving is pleasure”…

Master began to remove Jay’s jacket. The white shirt he wore underneath was very old and maybe a little too small for his huge muscled chest. Also his arms were really jacked. Master said: “Oh this shirt is a mess. I need to release you!” He tore Jay’s shirt down the middle of his body, so that the pieces hung left and right on his arms and his cute six-pack came out of hiding. Master touched Jay’s whole body sensitively, moaning with pleasure and saying: “Great body!”

Then he switched his attention me and undressed me, starting with my still sweaty jogging jacket. I didn’t have something on underneath, so my upper body was bare, with just the hypno collar of course. Master started moaning again. “Mhhh, you’re also a muscular guy. Less of a six-pack but strong arms and chest. Nice!” Master turned around to sit on the chair in front of us, so that he could reach our bodies with his hands if he wanted. He said: “Now flex for me.” We did it mindlessly, all the while continuing our mantra. It was an awesome situation in the room. We both looked so strong and huge while we were flexing in front of our seated master. Nobody could have stopped us if we wanted to leave this freaky room. But we weren’t independent-minded any more. Our thoughts are now simply the commands of our master and he won’t let us go.

So we stand there half naked. Jay, with his shoulder length curly dark-blond hair that fit well to his muscled and shaved fair skin. And me, Travis, with my strong arms and body freshly browned from the sun, close-cropped black hair, a well-trimmed beard and a hairy chest, like a masculine man should look.

Master enjoyed us a while in this position. He had opened his pants to play with his cock, which was getting hard. Then he said: “Turn back to face each other again and start to slowly undress one another completely. One at a time, starting with Travis.” He commanded, we served.

I began to kneel with one knee in front of Jay like a knight about to be conferred with a Knighthood and pulled down his baggy pants including his underwear. A big meaty cock jumped in front of my face. If I could think independently, I don’t know if I had ever wanted to be so close to Jay’s cock. Master said: "Oh, nice you’re getting a bump in your pants while seeing Jay’s cock. You like cocks, don’t you? Let’s see what Jay likes.”

I stood up. That meant it was Jay’s turn. He got on his knees too. His empty gaze looked directly at my bulge. Then he followed his orders to undress me, grabbing my pants legs and pulling them down. My black underwear appeared with my hard cock pointing to the left. He paused. Master said: “continue my servant like I told you.”

He grabbed my underwear at the elastic band and pulled it down too. My hard cock hit his face and rested on his chin. He blinked with his blank eyes. “Hm… Now I know, one of you both is straight. I see it on your droopy cock, Jay. Why are you not gay? Travis has a lovely big cock to lick. Why don’t you taste him? Give him your first blowjob like the girls did for you in the past.”

Jay didn’t react. “Oh I see your mind is trying to resist. Nice. Maybe I have to adjust your hypno collar a bit. One moment.” He raised his hand to Jay’s collar and pressed some buttons. Jay cringed a bit and looked up for a second and took one big breath. Now there was no stopping him. He opened his mouth and pulled my cock completely into it. He sucked my cock so excitingly hard. His eyes were still open with that empty view. I began to moan with pleasure.

Master commented with: “Oh wow Jay! One small adjustment to your collar made all the difference. Nice gayboy. Haha!” Master enjoyed us and rubbed his own dick hard. I was so aroused about getting a blowjob that I was near to the edge and began to tense my butt. Master saw that and said: “You almost ready to cum, Travis? Is Jay doing a good job? If so, then thank him with your load!” I finished my mantra with a heavy voice and fast breaths:

“Servving iiis pleeshure”

I released my load in Jay’s mouth. Jay stopped sucking and began to cough but he still left my cock in his mouth. My cum flowed out of his mouth. Than Jay let my cock fall out. His lips were still full of cum and he didn’t close his mouth. Master said: “Jay, you look like you can’t get enough. Is that it?” Jay answered:

“Serving is pleasure.”

“You have good endurance” Master said. “So I saw you are good at sucking. Let’s see how good you are at taking!” Master stand up and quickly undressed himself. Than he brought us into the position he wanted: “Travis, get down on all fours like a dog and freeze into living furniture. No moving. Jay. Kneel at Travis’s side and bend your body and your arms forward over his back and spread your legs. Now I’ll fuck you hard and you will love it.” Master’s wish was our command.

We said “Yes, sir.” Synchronously we moved slowly to our positions like zombies. Master walked naked around us with his upright standing wood and stopped behind Jay. Than he fucked Jay hard. Jay moaned with pleasure as Master inserted his big meaty cock inside Jay’s butt. I was on all fours, looking straight ahead. My body was totally frozen. I didn’t realise the fucking happening on my back. My mind was still blank.

Before master came he pulled out his cock and ejaculated his load onto Jay’s back. Then he said: “Oh, that was so good.” He went to the bathroom to clean up, leaving us in our freakish positions. When he came back he said: “Stand up and resume your positions, my obedient servants. Take these towels to clean yourselves up.” We did as we were ordered. We started our mantra again while moving and slowly cleaning:

“Serving is pleasure. Serving is pleasure”

Master was proud of us and said: "Congratulations my servants, you both passed the usability test. Say thanks to your Master.” Together we said with military voices: “Thanks Master, sir!” Master continued: “Now you’re both worn out for today as my toys. Get in one of these plug stations over there on the wall and rest your bodies. As you plug in your butts, you will sleep until I awake you tomorrow. You understand?”

We answered with: “Yes, sir!” And executed his command. We positioned ourselves kneeling on the pads on the floor and moved our butts back to the wall. The long and thick plugs plugged into us like a sucker into a mouth. And we immediately slumped down. The plugs hold our kneeling position stable. Our arms and heads lay out on the floor. Our eyes closed and we slept without dreams. Because toys don’t dream.

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