Working Late

By Touchstone -
published April 2, 2017

Connor is approached by a stranger in the company car park late at night…

“You look like a boy who likes to please other men.”

“Excuse me?” Connor scowled, unsure if he had heard the stranger correctly. It wasn’t the kind of thing that you’d expect a stranger to say, especially not when you’re in the company parking lot late at night, or well, anywhere, for that matter. He blinked as he took sight of the man who seemed to have come out of nowhere, invading his personal space.

Scantily clad in a pair of white shorts and a red tank top, the imposing figure of the stranger loomed close. Instantly distracted by the strong smell of body odor pouring off him, it took a while for him to even digest the fact that he had probably met him before… somewhere. He was clearly older than him, but significantly more muscled, especially along his wide shoulders and chest which the tank top did little to hide. The fact that he was covered in sweat reminded Connor of the company gym on the 10th floor, not that he’d ever been himself, but this late?

He started to recognize the face, possibly passed somewhere in the building a few times before but never spoken to. He vaguely remembered seeing him in a shirt and tie though. The man had a strong jaw, framed by a thick salt and pepper beard that matched his short hair. His green eyes met Connor’s almost instantly, and they made the young accountant’s hairs stand on end with their intensity. He had an easy going smile though, not that it made it any easier to hear that deep voice repeat itself, saying the exact same words that he thought’s he’d heard the first time.

“I’m sorry, do I know you?” Connor asked, raising an eyebrow, although it was difficult to sound convincingly offended when the man towered above him, looking like he could crush him like a grape.

“No,” the stranger replied, “But you’re about to get to know me a lot better than you think…”

There was a way that his friendly grin seemed to turn ominous that made Connor realize that it was time to go. “I’m sorry, but I’m straight and uh… not interested in… whatever… this is…” he said awkwardly as he fished inside his pockets for his car keys.

“There’s no need to be scared, boy… I promise I’ll take real good care of you…”

The man’s promise only made him move faster, managing to open the doors and sit down in the driver’s seat. He’d even managed to turn on the ignition. It was when he put his hand out to shut the door when everything went wrong.

Closing in after him, the man had somehow managed to grab a tight hold of his wrist.

“Hey, let go!” Connor glared up at the stranger, starting to lose his patience. “If you don’t, it’s your hand that’s going to get hurt when I shut this door.”

The man only chuckled in response. “What are you talking about? You clearly have no intention of doing that…” The man’s thumb was slowly beginning to trace some sort of circle over his wrist repeatedly as he spoke.

“Look, I have a fiancé… you can see a ring on my finger, can’t you? I’ve had a… yawn… a long day and I just want to go home… just let go and go find a boytoy on Grindr or whatever it is you guys use to get laid…” Connor began to babble, even as the man’s grip on his wrist remained firm, keeping the door half-open.

“But that’s why I’m here,” the man stated matter-of-factly. “It’s far too late and you look much too sleepy to be driving home at this hour. What would she say if you got in an accident?”

The surprise at the tone of concern in the stranger’s voice wasn’t enough to get him to shut the door. Caught off guard, Connor continued to stammer. “I’ll… I’ll manage… Look, just let go… I…. I don’t want to hurt you…”

“It’s cute that you think you can, but also we’ve been through this. Pleasing me is what you really want… you just haven’t realized it yet…”

“You think I won’t shut this door?”

“Son, your hand hasn’t been pulling back or even trying to break free since I touched it…” the man pointed out.

“Yet..” Connor finished, sounding thoroughly unconvincing as he suddenly realized that the man was telling the truth. He willed himself to try, but, nothing. Not even a twitch from his fingers. It was almost as though his hand were suddenly detached from his body, not responding to his desire to move it even though the sense of touch seemed to remain intact. He was just now noticing the almost soothing way the man was stroking and tracing patterns on his skin.

“I’m not letting go until you take a nice, short nap for me… It wouldn’t do you any harm, would it? You’ll wake up nice and refreshed for your drive home…”

“I… I guess… but why…”

“Shhhh… Look at you… you’re yawning again… you know I’m right…”

Connor’s eyelids were growing heavy, fluttering slightly in an effort to keep open as he stared upward, open-mouthed at the stranger. “You…” he started to stammer.

“I’m always right…” The phrase seemed to echo. “Which is why it’s so easy to listen… and relax….”

“R… relax..”

“Good boy… Daddy’s voice is so easy for boys like you to get lost in… even straight boys like you can’t resist…”

“Can’t… resist…”

“That’s right, son. Let it wrap around you like a warm blanket as you sink back into that nice… comfortable… seat….”

Connor let out another yawn as that strange sensation in his hand seemed to creep up the rest of his body. As the older man described it, it began to feel like it was coming true. A soft sigh of relief escaped his lips as he began to lie back.

“Close your eyes…”

The battle to keep his eyes open was lost as soon as those words were said, the circles on his wrist seeming to go faster and faster…

“Take a deep breath…”

He was so enraptured by that seductive voice that he didn’t even hear himself inhale on command. His chest rose, his nostrils flared, and even the potent scent of sweat wasn’t enough to rouse him from the growing stupor. If anything, it was starting to smell almost… pleasant.

“And sleep!”

The last word came with a sudden increase in volume and authority, accompanied by a sudden tug on his wrist. Like a switch that had suddenly been flicked, Connor’s head instantly lulled forward onto his chest, his hand going limp. The circles being traced on his wrist started to slow as he could hear the stranger’s voice chuckling again, even in his sleep.

“Good boy… I know you can still hear me… your mind now nice and open for me to play with… Isn’t that right?”

“….yes…” he droned monotonously.

“You mean yes sir, don’t you boy?”

“Yes, sir…”

“Good boy… feels good to say it, doesn’t it?” The man’s smile widened as his hand began casually stroking Connor’s hair.

“Yes sir…” Was that a twitch in his pants?

“Good… I could tell since I first saw you… It was written all over that face… obedience brings you pleasure…”

“Yes sir…” he agreed, his voice still soft and devoid of emotion.

“Say it.”

“Obedience brings me pleasure…”


“Obedience brings me pleasure…”

“You must obey…”

“I must obey…”

“You want to obey…”

“I want to obey….”

“You love to obey…”

“I love to obey…”


“I love to obey…”


“I love to obey…”

Connor’s hand was easily lifted off the car door handle, the door opening a bit more as the man stepped closer. The younger man’s hand was slowly guided towards the prominent bulge in the older man’s shorts.

“Use your fingers, boy… feel. You don’t need to see it to know what you’re touching…” In his current state, Connor was unable to stop himself, his fingers gently enclosing over that firmness, slowly running up and down as an image started to form in his mind…

“That’s it… feels familiar, doesn’t it? Why don’t you be a good boy… and put your other hand… there… that’s right… over your own crotch… mmm… that’s it… give them both a good squeeze.”

He could hear the older man groan, his own bulge seeming to throb in time with the other.

“You can feel the difference, can’t you? Although I can tell you’re not fully hard yet… Let’s do something about that…” the stranger said ominously. He reached into his pocket, pulling out a crumpled black jockstrap before he began smothering it against Connor’s face, right over his mouth and nostrils.


“Shhh… no need to panic… that’s just Daddy’s jockstrap… all you need to do is breathe… that’s it… you can feel how nice and damp it is, can’t you? That’s all me that you’re breathing in, son… I’ve been wearing all day, even at the gym, so it’s still nice and fresh..”

Connor let out a soft, muffled groan, which only gave the stranger the opportunity to push some of the fabric into his mouth, giving him a taste of things to come.

“That’s it boy… deep breaths in… let Daddy’s sweaty jockstrap do its job… and make you nice and hard…” The stranger’s smile grew wider still- he always loved this part, seeing the ‘straight’ boy placidly breathe in and out as instructed, his chest rising and falling peacefully as the tent in his trousers grew more and more pronounced.

“The more you breathe it in… the hungrier you become for the real thing… the hornier you become… just like Daddy wants… good boy…” Connor’s eyes remained closed, even as sweat began to form on his brow. His hand was beginning to stroke and squeeze both the stranger’s crotch and his own in perfect sync.

“That’s my boy…” the man groaned out finally. “Now you’re just as hard as Daddy, aren’t you?”

He removed the jockstrap from Connor’s face just in time to hear the slurred ‘Yes sir’.

“I think you can call me ‘Daddy’ now, given that we’re starting to get to know each other a little better…”

“… Yes, daddy…”

“It’ll only feel better every time you say it. Again.”

“… Yes, daddy…”


“…Yes, daddy…”

“Good boy… I can tell you’re enjoying touching yourself there… bet you’d never imagined that it would feel even better when Daddy gives you permission… Good boy… My good boy… who loves cock more than life itself… the way it feels… the way it smells… and just you wait till you taste it… it’ll put a nice… dopey grin on that pretty face for weeks… Yes… just like that…”

“B… but I don’t…” Connor stammered in his sleep, even though he couldn’t stop himself from smiling.

“Shhhh…. Don’t worry son… you let Daddy fix that…” the stranger cooed softly, slowly guiding Connor’s hand into his shorts.

“Feels even better when there’s nothing in the way, doesn’t it?” the man whispered suggestively, letting out a soft grunt of approval as he felt Connor’s hand wrap tenderly around his shaft. “Why don’t you unzip your own trousers so you can do the same for your own?”

“Yes daddy…”

The sound of Connor’s zipper being pulled down was quickly followed by a feigned gasp of surprise. “That underwear looks familiar, boy… it looks an awful lot like the jockstrap I came in for you last week…”

“Yes daddy…”

“Have you been wearing it every day?”

“Yes daddy…”

“And you’ve been giving it a nice long sniff when you’re alone in the bathroom every day?”

“Good boy… I bet it looks good on you… just as good as when you tried it on for me last week… what does your girlfriend think?”

“She hates it…” Connor murmured.

“But you’ve kept it on regardless… because what Daddy thinks is more important, isn’t that right son?”

“Yes daddy…”

“Good boy… start stroking… that’s it… get Daddy’s cock … get the smell all over those soft fingers…” the stranger commanded, smiling down as Connor did as he was told, stroking the man’s cock while his own bulge remained within the confines of his underwear. He let Connor continue for a good few minutes before slowly pulling his hand out and bringing it back towards Connor’s face.

“Give it a good sniff for me… that’s it… good boy…” Connor couldn’t help but moan, his erection bulging obscenely with a damp spot forming at the tip of his underwear. “That’s the smell of a Man, son… the smell you’ve been dreaming of all week…”

“Yes daddy…”

Connor felt his head being turned, before he was quietly asked to open his eyes but remain as relaxed and calm as he had been doing nicely so far. The sight that greeted him made him swoon, his cheeks flushing as his lips parted slightly.

“That’s it boy… feast your eyes on Daddy’s cock…”

“Yes daddy…”

Standing proud with his shorts being pulled down, the sight of the stranger’s cock was nothing short of breathtaking, its uncut head oozing pre at the tip as his eyes fell upon it. The image alone was enough to make him lick his lips.

“Beautiful, isn’t it boy?”

“Beautiful…” Connor agreed dumbly.

“You love cock, don’t you boy?”

“Yes daddy…”

“Say it.”

“I love cock.”

“Again…” the man teased, leaning forward so his cock was brushing over Connor’s lips, smearing them with his pre.

“I love cock…”

“Even though you’re straight?”

“… yes, daddy…”

“But I bet you’d enjoy yourself even more if you were gay, wouldn’t you?”

“… yes, daddy…”

“Want Daddy to fix that for you?”

“Yes, daddy…”

“Want Daddy to turn you gay?”

“Yes, daddy…”

“That way you can enjoy all the cock you want… and you won’t have to feel confused about it anymore. You’ll be able to leave that woman of yours without feeling guilty… ready to start a new life… doesn’t that sound good?”

“Yes, daddy…”

“Good boy… now do you remember what I whispered to you last week before you went home wearing my jockstrap?”

“Yes, daddy…”

“Once you taste me… once you swallow Daddy’s seed… you’ll never want women again…”

“Never… want…”

“That’s right son… it’s going to be a cock-only diet for you from here on out… now open wide like a good boy and let Daddy in…”

Unable to do otherwise, Connor’s lips parted further as the man’s throbbing cock slid into his mouth, giving him his first real taste of another man.

“Slowly… savor it… let your tongue get to know every inch of Daddy’s dick…” The man placed a hand on the back of Connor’s head, slowly encouraging him to take more and more of his girth. His cheeks were nearly bulging at the sheer size of it, and it wasn’t long before he was gasping and choking slightly, although his eyes remained as blank and expressionless as ever.

“That’s right boy… choke on Daddy’s dick… even as your mouth craves more and more… aaaaalll the way down…”

The hand stopped pulling Connor’s head in as soon as the stranger’s cock was fully in. The entranced young accountant was breathing peacefully through the older man’s pubes as his throat gradually grew more and more relaxed despite the man’s member rubbing against it.

“Feels good… tastes good… doesn’t it?”

“Mmmhmm…” was all Connor could manage with his mouth occupied.

“So good that you can’t think… you don’t want to think… so happy to let Daddy do all the thinking for you…”

“Mmmhmm..” Connor agreed happily.

The hand on Connor’s head slowly began to encourage the younger man to move, his head beginning to bob up and down on his first cock.

“It’s like Daddy’s cock is directly fucking your brain, isn’t it boy? Daddy is turning you into his nice, devoted cocksucker… just like you always wanted…”

“Mmmhmm…” Even as the hand left, Connor continued to suck.

“Keep going son… and keep your eyes up here… Daddy likes to watch them change… that’s it… keep sucking… keep moving your head like that for Daddy… fucking your own brains out for Daddy so he can keep his promise and make a new man out of you…”

Powerless to do otherwise, Connor obeyed, groaning with a mouthful of cock as his eyes remained focused on the stranger’s approving gaze. The more the stranger’s member rubbed against his throat, the more pre it leaked onto Connor’s eager tongue, the more those expressionless eyes seemed to focus, a lustful fire slowly building within.

“You’re doing well… good boy… the more you taste… the more you fall in love… the more your devotion grows…”


“Such a good boy… such a talented mouth… I knew you would make a fine cocksucker the moment I laid eyes on you… and those pretty lips… look even better when they’re worshipping a nice… hard… dick…”


“Good boy… you can close your eyes now … and keep sucking… it’ll help you savor it… memorize it for those lonely nights when you’re playing with yourself, alone in bed after you call off your engagement…” the man commanded after Connor had been working dutifully for a good ten minutes. Satisfied by the pure adoration now embedded in Connor’s eyes. Crossing his arms over the roof of Connor’s car, resting his chin on them, the stranger closed his own eyes, content with knowing that Connor wouldn’t be going anywhere until his job was done.

“That’s it boy… faster… Daddy’s nearly there… cup Daddy’s balls… feel how much hot, sticky manseed is waiting to be fired down that eager, willing throat…” the stranger groaned out, happy with how easily Connor obeyed.

“Mmm… that’s it… finish daddy off… keep going…” The man’s encouraging words were starting to become interspersed with longer and longer, deeper and deeper groans of approval. Connor seemed to require little encouragement at this point, heartily alternating between bobbing his head forward and sloppily licking along the man’s shaft and balls. The taste of the stranger’s rancid ballsweat was just as agreeable as everything else he had tasted so far, and it was good enough to spur him into sucking audibly on those nuts, his eyes half-lidding and nearly rolling back as he groaned out appreciatively.

“Nearly there boy… get ready…” the man growled out as a warning, prompting Connor to quickly latch his lips on to the tip of the man’s cock, his tongue flicking at the slit while he used his hand to resume stroking.

“Here it comes!”

Nothing could have prepared Connor for the sheer amount of cum that suddenly flooded his mouth, giving him his first proper taste of delicious man seed. His cheeks puffed out almost comically, lines of cum dribbling out onto his chin. If the man’s sweat and pre had tasted good so far, they were still nothing compared to this. The stranger’s breathless groans of pleasure encouraged him to keep his mouth and head where they were, determined to get every last drop with each loud gulp he made.

“Good boy…” he heard the man praise him, gently stroking his head again as his cock withdrew with a gentle pop. Grabbing hold of the shaft, he began wiping the still oozing head across Connor’s cheeks before tucking it back into his shorts. “Don’t swallow it all…” the man coaxed, gently closing Connor’s mouth for him. “Keep some of it in your mouth… so you can enjoy it for a bit longer… It might be a while before you get another taste… Heh… look at that smile… delicious, wasn’t it? What do good boys say when their daddies give them treats?”

“Thank you, Daddy…” Connor’s voice came out slightly muffled with the amount of cum still sloshing about on his tongue.

“That’s my boy…” The stranger congratulated him for the correct answer by leaning in to kiss Connor on the forehead. “Now, close your eyes… and lean back… that’s it… go back to sleep…” he whispered, wiping the streaks of cum on Connor’s chin with his jockstrap from earlier before tossing it onto the seat next to him.

“You’ve made me proud, boy… taking Daddy’s cock like a pro… and now that you have Daddy’s cum inside you… you know deep down… that there’s no going back…”

“No… going back…” Connor slurred.

“That’s right boy… you’re mine now… all mine…”

“Yours… Daddy…”

“Good boy… now tuck your arms and legs back in. When you hear the door shut, you will slowly wake up… and swallow. You won’t remember our encounter, and think you just fell asleep… is that clear?”

“Yes… Daddy…”

“Good boy… You’ll find a present on your other seat when you get home. Even if you don’t remember who it’s from. Make sure to wear it all week until I see you again. You can even come up to the gym to find me next time if there isn’t enough work to keep you here until everyone has gone home… Who knows? I might even take you home next time… help you explore new scents and tastes that you’re sure to love…”

“Drive safe, Connor…” were the man’s last words to him before he gave Connor a soft peck on the cheek.

On hearing the car door shut, the world slowly came back into focus. Connor groggily rubbed his eyes, before sitting up…


‘What was that?’ he wondered. The strange taste in his mouth was something he couldn’t remember trying… but whatever it was…

He licked his lips.

‘That tasted good…’

Looking down at his watch, he sighed inwardly. The car park was as empty as you would expect this close to midnight.

“Gotta stop working so late…” he mumbled to himself before sitting upright and taking the wheel, oblivious to the fact that his zipper was still down and his still hard cock was tenting out of the opening. -

One week later, at around the same time, Connor found himself finishing work late again. It had been a strange week, especially with the engagement having been called off. It wasn’t that he regretted it- he knew deep down that it was the right thing to do. He could only deny his own urges, the same ones he’d had for years, for so long. She had been upset, but not surprised- apparently his tendency to stay late for his male employers had been a ‘sign’.

Now a free man, Connor was looking forward to exploring all the things he’d denied himself. He was even toying with the idea of visiting one of those bars he’d been avoiding.

He’d just started the ignition when he noticed someone approaching on foot in the rearview mirror. It was a man- someone he didn’t immediately recognize but was vaguely familiar… maybe he’d passed him in the corridor once? The man’s eyes seemed to meet his directly in the reflection, only drawing closer and closer towards him.

Connor found himself smiling, his cock giving a slight twitch in his pants as he noticed the bulge in the man’s gym shorts. In response, the man reached down and palmed at that bulge suggestively, just as he reached the door of Connor’s car.

Opening the door, Connor looked up with a wide smile on his face.

“How can I help you, sir?”

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