Escape - Chapter 4

By Willie Cici
published January 14, 2020

Two detectives come to Cole’s home looking for the boys …

Three months have passed —

“Master Cole.”, a voice called out.

Cole turned around to face the voice. “Yes, Pedro. What is it?”

“There are two men here to see you. Detectives. From New York City.”, Pedro replied.

Cole nodded ‘yes’, as he sipped his important Asian tea. “Very well. You can escort them here. Into the library.” Pedro nodded ‘yes’ and stepped out of the library. Minutes later, Pedro escorted the detectives into the library. “Thank you, Pedro. You may leave.”

The two detectives ogled the 24-year-old sexy Latin wearing a fire-engine red jockstrap, a size too small, the straps hugging and framing his pert buttocks and barely covering his bulging junk.

“How can I help you, Detectives?”, Cole asked, inviting the gentlemen to have a seat.

The two detectives stammered at first. “Um … well, I’m … I’m Detective Jenkins. This is my partner, Detective Shearer.”

“You’ve come a long way.”, Cole said, interrupting the detective’s introduction.

“Are you Cole Hamilton, the entrepreneur?”, Detective Jenkins asked.

“Yes, Detective.”, Cole replied calmly. “Author as well.”

“Do you have the time to answer some questions, Mr. Hamilton?”, asked Detective Jenkins.

“Yes, Detective, although … I’m not sure why you are here.”, Cole added, as he placed his cup and saucer upon the table near his chair. “Please have a seat.”

The two detectives sat down on the large imposing burgundy leather couch. They grabbed their narrow note pads and began their questioning.

“Do you know a ‘Jason Conway’ and ‘Eric Reed’?”, Detective Shearer asked.

“Of course. They live here.”, Cole replied.

“These two men have been reported missing for the last three months. When did they come to your home?”, Detective Jenkins asked.

“Three years ago, Jason lived here. About two years ago, he left, but he decided to return with his lover, Eric.”, Cole answered, nonchalantly.

The two detectives stared at each other, suspicious of Cole’s subdued responses. He answered their questions with incredible calm.

“Mr. Hamilton, the boys’ families suspect that they have been drugged and live here under duress.”, Detective Jenkins said.

Cole nodded ‘yes’. He grabbed his cup and saucer and took a sip of his tea. “Parents are usually the last to know. First, do the boys’ families know that Jason and Eric are gay?” The detectives nodded ‘no’. “Then, they also don’t know that their All-American boys are hot studs who have an itch for … fetishism.”

“I don’t understand, Mr. Hamilton.”, Detective Shearer said.

“As I imagined. Fetishism is something that people don’t understand, especially repressed Christian types. Jason and Eric, behind closed doors, are adventurous in their sex life. We met at a … leather bar in Manhattan. I had not seen Jason in years. He looked so different. He was a blonde, when he had been a brunette. Gay men love to change their appearance, especially the bottoms. He introduced me to his lover, Eric, another sexy blonde, and … we hit it off. They decided to leave Manhattan and come live with me. Luckily, they are very talented in their fields. I helped them find employment in Chicago.” Cole placed the cup and saucer back on the end table and then looked at his watch. “They won’t be home for hours, if you want to interview them.”

“Do we wait?”, Shearer asked his partner. Before Jenkins could reply, Shearer asked, “Can I get a glass of water?”

“Why certainly!”, Cole replied. “I apologize for being so rude. I never offered you anything.” Cole rose from his high back leather chair and walked towards a telephone/intercom unit on the table near the bay window of the library. “Pedro, dos botellas de agua. Agua especial.”

“Si, Señor Cole.”, Pedro replied via the intercom.

“What do you mean by ‘fetishism’?”, Shearer asked.

Cole returned to his leather chair and sat down. “Detectives, people express their sexuality in varied ways. Some people can only climax when they mount their partner missionary position. Some people need a slap on the ass. And then … there are those who want to be hogtied and fucked in the ass. Hard.” He paused for a moment. “And some enjoy being controlled. Being dominated.” Cole paused again. “Being submissive.”

Before he could continue his thought, Pedro entered the room with two bottles of spring water. “Gracias, Pedro.”

“Si, Señor Cole.”, Pedro said. He slowly exited the library, making sure that he swayed his hips and jiggled his buttocks.

“Like Pedro, gentlemen. Pedro enjoys being controlled. So, I control him. He works as my servant. On the books, of course. Don’t need the IRS snooping around, do we?”, Cole said, punctuating his phrase with a forced chuckle.

The detectives did not know what to say. They opened their bottles of water and drank the ice-cold spring water. “Thanks.”, Detective Shearer said.

“No problem.”, Cole replied, as he looked at his watch, marking the time.

“The two men never communicated with their families. They’ve been worried and …”, Detective Jenkins explained.

“Billy, tell the man: we don’t investigate the missing gay guys because we assume some fucked up shit.”, Shearer said.

“Rick, Mr. Hamilton doesn’t need to know our internal policy difficulties.”, Detective Jenkins said, through clenched teeth.

Cole smiled. “I understand, Detectives. It may be 2019, but attitudes towards gay men haven’t changed that much. We’re still considered deviants. That’s okay. We know better.”

“You must admit, Mr. Hamilton, that this comes across as sexually … I’m not sure how to …”, said Detective Jenkins.

“Detective, we’re men. Say it.”, Cole said.

“It’s fucked up.”, Shearer said.

“To each his own, Detective. No one who lives here or works here by force. They can leave at any time. They choose to live and work here.”, Cole said, doing his best to sound convincing. He knew better: he controlled his boys totally.

Cole looked at his watch. Almost five minutes had passed since the first sip of the ‘aqua especial’, the spring water spiked with his mega-serum, the twelve-times concentrated serum that worked more effectively and consistently. When he raised his eyes and stared at the detectives, Cole knew. The two detectives were frozen, their eyes glassy, their expression dumbfounded, their minds ready for the taking.

“Can you hear me, detectives?”, Cole asked.

“Yes.”, the detectives replied.

“Yes, Master Cole.”, Cole said.

“Yes, Master Cole.”

“Very good. If I am ‘Master Cole’, then that makes you my slaves. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Master Cole.”

“What are you?”

“A slave.”, the detectives replied.

“And slaves obey their masters. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Master Cole.”

“What do slaves do?”, Cole asked.

“They obey their masters.”

“And who is your master?”, Cole asked.

“Master Cole.”

“And whose slaves are you?”, Cole asked.

“Master Cole’s slaves.”, they replied.

“Very good. Now, your Master orders you to finish your investigation and report back to your superiors that Jason and Eric are living here at the mansion, freely and voluntarily. Tell them the truth: that they are in a dominant-submissive relationship. Make sure to explain the relationship in great detail to the boys’ parents. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Master Cole.”

“When you finish your investigation, close your file and never investigate their whereabouts ever again. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Master Cole.”

Cole paused for a moment. He walked around the leather couch and studied his latest prey. He pondered his options. “When you hear me say, ‘pussy boy slave’, you will return to this compliant state and obey my every word and command. Do you understand?”’

“Yes, Master Cole.”

Cole nodded his head ‘yes’. He had no reason to plant a trigger, for he would dispatch the two detectives shortly, but he chose to do so, to cover all the bases. “Better safe than sorry.”, Cole thought to himself. Cole walked over to the telephone/intercom. “Come to the library.”, Cole said.

Minutes later, Jason and Eric entered the library. They wore their house uniform: a tight-fitting sapphire blue jockstrap that camouflaged their caged cocks. “Detectives, this is Jason and Eric. Boys, say hello to the detectives from New York.”

“Hello.”, Jason and Eric said.

“Boys, the detectives think I’m holding you hostage in the mansion. Tell them the truth.”

“We live here because … we’re Master Cole’s slaves.”, Jason said.

“It’s difficult to explain, detectives. I know because of my work, at the end of the day, instead of having to make decisions, I want someone to think for me. To control me.”, Eric added.

“Me, too. Master Cole controls us because we want to be controlled by a strong man like him. He takes care of us. He deserves our obedience.”, Jason said.

Cole sat in his chair and kept a straight face. The boys recited the script that he had drilled in their minds. They answered robotically, but did not sound robotic. “Detectives, may I demonstrate what it means to be … controlled?”, Cole asked.

“Yes, Master Cole.”, the detectives replied.

Cole faced his boys and said, “Boys, the detectives could use a blow job. Do it.”

“Yes, Master Cole.”, Jason and Eric replied.

“Detectives. Don’t move. Just sit there and learn what it means to be controlled and want to be controlled.”, Cole said.

Jenkins and Shearer sat on the leather couch. Jason and Eric spread their legs apart and knelt in between their legs. They unbuckled their belts and unbuttoned their trousers. The boys lowered the detective’s trousers and boxers. In a flash, they licked and sucked the cocks of the two detectives.

“They obey me, because they want to obey me. They want to be controlled.”, Cole said. “They are submissive. Just like you. You obey me because you want to obey me, because you want to be controlled. Being submissive gives you pleasure.”

The detectives listened to Cole’s explanation. They could care less for what he said. Jason and Eric’s expert blow job distracted them, but not for long. The two detectives, probably closer to Cole’s age than the boys, finally succumbed and climaxed, shedding their seed down the waiting throats of Cole’s house boys.

“Come here and stand behind me.”, Cole ordered. Jason and Eric stood behind Cole. “Billy and Ricky, get dressed. It’s time for you to leave.”, Cole said.

The two detectives stood up and donned their boxers and trousers.

“You look sexy in your suits.”, Cole said.

“Thank you, Master Cole.”, the detectives replied.

“What are you going to report to your superiors, Jenkins?”, Cole asked.

“Jason and Eric are living here at the mansion, freely and voluntarily. They live here because they are in a dominant-submissive relationship with you. They are Master Cole’s slaves. They experience sexual pleasure when they are controlled by a strong authority figure.”, Detective Jenkins said.

“Excellent. Well put.”, Cole said. He paused for a moment. “How did it feel being controlled?”

“I liked it very much.”, the detectives answered.

“When you return to your homes, you will find that you enjoy being submissive. That desire will grow until you explore that desire and enter a whole new world. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Master Cole.”, the detectives answered.

“Good. You may leave, slaves.”

“Yes, Master Cole.”, the detectives said. “Thank you, Master Cole.”

The detectives walked out of the library towards the front door. Pedro stood by the front door, opened the door and escorted the detectives towards their vehicle parked in the circular driveway.

Pedro returned to the library and announced, “They’re gone, Master Cole.”

“Excellent. Pedro, come join us.”, Cole said. He bid his servant to recline upon the leather couch. Cole joined him and said, “Boys, on your knees.”

“Yes, Master Cole.”, Jason and Eric replied. The high-potency serum left Jason and Eric in perpetual trance. Cole had lied to the police. The boys did not work. They remained in the mansion, entertaining Cole’s friends and business partners. They collected a six-figure paycheck from one of Cole’s business interests, deceiving would-be investigators and law enforcement.

As for Pedro, Cole could not let him go. He had invested too much time and money in training his slave. When he returned from New York with Jason and Eric, Cole invited Pedro to the mansion, on some made-up excuse. When Pedro arrived, Jason and Eric seduced Pedro and fed him the mega-serum. In less than an hour, the sexy Latin house boy had returned to the slave fold. This time, Cole spared Pedro the cock cage. Pedro had a thick, long cock. From time to time, Cole enjoyed playing the bottom to Pedro’s top. His sexy body, however, Cole displayed on a constant basis. Like Jason and Eric, Pedro sported colorful jockstraps.

The younger Pedro shouted, “Aaaaaahhh!!!”. He turned to face Cole and said, “Gracias, Señor Cole.”

“De nada, Pedro.”, Cole said. Pedro rose from the couch and walked out of the library, his cock dangling from the basket of his jockstrap. Jason, who had sucked Pedro’s cock, now joined Eric in pleasuring Cole. He licked Cole’s ball sack and suckled on Cole’s huge testicles. Eric pulled Cole’s cock out of his mouth and offered Jason the opportunity to feast on Master’s cock. Jason sucked Cole’s cock, while Eric took Jason’s place and settled on Cole’s balls. Finally, after many minutes of back and forth, Cole blasted his wad upon the lips of his favorite slaves. Jason and Eric kissed each other, licking their faces and eating Master’s cum.

“You boys did very well today answering the detectives’ questions.”, Cole said.

“Thank you, Master Cole.”

Cole smiled at his slaves. He stared into Jason’s blank eyes, the slave who hoped to escape and did for some time. He stared at Eric, who wanted to run to the police. He thought of Pedro, who he met at a leather bar and begged Cole to take him home, as he needed a place to hide from ‘immigracion’. In their own ways, they all wanted to escape – they would never escape, ever again.

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