The Island - Chapter 3P's

By iautodream
published January 14, 2020

Jese is gifted with a chance encounter, but perhaps it will be a mistake to approach his trusted friend…

I’d like to apologize for my absence, and more specifically that of the Island. I’d like to thank the super fan whom made a generous denotation to help motivate me to write another chapter. I am greatly appreciative for this. Real life and other hobbies have consumed me, but I as more than happy to jump back into the writer seat. This might be it for the Island, but if I find the time I’ll hopefully jump into some new ideas.

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The calendar would suggest that my adventures on the Island were coming to a close. Only a few days left of this… This… Honestly, I don’t even know what word I should use to describe this ‘trip’. When I first came here, I was more or less expecting something more akin to a spring break vacation. Not some island where a bunch of gay men hypnotize naive fools like me. And as much as I’d love to argue that they didn’t have such powers, or that even if they did, that I was above it… Enough had happened to silence my urge to discredit these strangers. I had been hypnotized one too many times now to claim that these men couldn’t put me under their magical spells. I had taken a few too many cocks up the ass and in my mouth to deny that I was as weak as they made me to be.

I suppose that I could argue that I was just playing into their games. That I wasn’t actually being hypnotized. That, I was simply accepting that… That I liked this? But even if that were true, a significant amount of evidence had piled up. Evidence that, even if I wanted to deny it, would convince me otherwise. Being in one place one moment, and waking up somewhere completely different in the blink of an eye. Seemingly to completely forget what led up to me appearing in a strangers bed. A man’s bed… Barely able to recall what even happen before. Left to assume what had happened based on the fact that I was showing up in random men’s rooms, naked.

When once I thought of myself as a above the rest of these sheep, I now felt like just another target for the wolves. I felt like, if I stepped out of my private quarters, I was just counting the clock till I’d end up under the control of another man. My confidence stolen from, just as my pride was. And no matter how bad I wanted to steal it back, this voice in my head always seemed to betray me. This voice that didn’t seem all that concerned with being strong, or prideful. A voice telling me to just ‘enjoy’ myself. To ‘relax’… And… (Whose voice was it?)

No- I couldn’t become that person. I couldn’t become another mindless goat, frolicking the island till a wolf made me his meal. I wasn’t going to step outside and accept that anyone on this island was too powerful for me to resist. To deny. That I would let that happen.

A thought suddenly struck me, Chris. My good friend Chris, whom I was suppose to save. Whom, despite all the help I was promised, at the end of the day it was me that had failed to save him. My friend whom seemed so far gone, that he cared little to connect with me. Worst yet, when I had finally found him, Chris had no desire to be saved. No inclination, that he needed saving. Perhaps, he was meant to think he didn’t need saving? Regardless, when I had my chance, I failed. I ended up no better than him. When the moment came to save my friend from the spell he had been put in, I was weak. I was hypnotized, again. I was fucked… again.

I needed a break from my thoughts. All this self thought wasn’t helping anything though. Brooding over all of the defeats I had suffered on the island so far was only worsening my self doubt. I decided to hop in a shower, hoping that might distract me for at least a little while. Or perhaps it was just delaying the inevitable. Stalling till the next guy in queue could have a go at me. If anything, the shower was just reaffirm how strongly I was starting to doubt myself.

Feeling somewhat refreshed, I left the comfort and safety of the warm “hypnotistless” shower. I began to towel myself off, taking a moment to appreciate myself in the mirror. However, the hypersexual island made it impossible not to examine myself. I was fit, and attractive. I could see why the men on the island took such a liking to me. If I was being honest with myself, strangely, it was… Intriguing? … Sure, let’s stick to intriguing…

I felt like wild game the men of the island hunted. Just a trophy for them to claim. For pleasure? For game? To exert their will? Surely one, or many reasons. Admittedly, I could see why they enjoyed it, as much as I wanted to deny it… Regardless, if I truly wanted to protect my pride, or at this point, revive it, I’d have to step back into the wild and prove myself. Or maybe that was exactly what they wanted me to do…

Out of the corner of my eye I noticed a speedo hanging from one of the hooks beside the bathroom’s exit. Another punch in the face of the ghost of my old self. Yet another reminder of my losses on the island. It did however, force upon the next decision. What to wear today, and it had somehow just thrown its hat into the ring. Was I going to throw boxer briefs and shorts back on and claim my old self. Unfortunately, that speedo… It had this, strange, allure… It caused, temptations… Something telling me to just be a slut and put it on. To just do it, and deal with the consequences later. That surely the hypnotist that discovered I was wearing it would be quite happy when he found out. Like, I cared to make that hypnotist happy…

“So stupid” I mumbled under my breath, walking over to the bottoms to give them a try. Sincerely, I don’t think I remembered much of time with them on. I pulled them up my legs, and and into position. A slight adjustment of my junk, and on they were. My eyes in the mirror, checking myself out yet again. I wonder if this would- “What’s wrong with me” I stopped myself, although still working towards a future in which I would leave my room with these on. “I’ll just wear some shorts on top” I gave myself a good excuse. “At least I won’t risk losing another pair of boxers” my monologue of convincing continued.

What a stupid thing this speedo was. Yet another piece of evidence to show how much this Island had changed me. Once upon a time I would never have giving gay sex much thought. Yet here I was, fairly sure that me leaving this room would end up in me having sex with another. I could claim that multiple men had unloaded their seed deep into my ass.

Decision made, I was soon pulling some shorts up and over the speedo, thinking that this was the best decision. Thinking that, if I just made a decision, I wouldn’t have to worry about it. Ignoring the alternative of simply not wearing it. Wanting that decision out of the way, because there was a much more important decision to be made. Whether or not I should just hide in my room all day, or leave the safety of the hut and see what happens. My naive self considering something interesting, a side from ending up hypnotized, might actually occur. But… Would that be such a bad thing… ?

A grumbling belly did quickly convince me that if I wanted to eat hiding in my room wouldn’t be an option…

Back into the wilderness I went, occasionally reminding myself of a new personal mantra. “No one hypnotize me today” I mocked myself, unsure if that would be true. Unsure, if I didn’t actually want to entertain the idea. Flash backs of my encounters so far on the Island making me consider the alternative. Recollections that made it very apparent how uncomfortable an uncontrolled erection could be in a tight speedo. I had to take a small detour to a quiet area so I could shift my issue into more comfortable position. A quick peak around to make sure I hadn’t made my situation obvious to the wrong individuals. Given my luck so far, I was fully expecting to hear some creep to catch me reaching down into my crotch.

Fortunately no attack came, allowing for a brief moment to settle my thoughts. Away from my perceived memories, not even knowing if they were true, or simply fantasy. If anything, this was a good reminder that I should be on guard. That I should ensure to remained focus, at all times. That it might not take much for me to fall prey to these arousing perverts if I gave them even the slightest of openings.

Suddenly, something caught my attention. Some young guy in a speedo walking by the alcove I was hiding in. I looked up to investigate what it was that picked my interested. I quickly pulled my gaze, briefly concerned that I had actually just checked out some random guy, eventually coming back to confirm what it was I thought I had seen. It wasn’t just some random, it was Chris. I took a moment to make sure it was him, but indeed there he was. My friend Chris, whom I had such difficulty finding, was right in front of me.

“CH-” I almost shouted, about to step out of hiding before considering that he may not be alone. Not willing to take the risk of being ambushed by the 3P’s (Paul, Petter and Pierre) the moment I approached, I made sure to scout. Running into any of those three, especially Paul, might be, dangerous…

Chris didn’t seem to be following anyone, nor was anyone following him. Feeling he might be alone, I moved out of the alcove, hoping to get a better view of the path he was traveling along to really make sure. The coast seemed clear, although I wasn’t even sure whom I’d be looking for. I sort of remembered Paul, but I wouldn’t bet my life on knowing who the other two were unless it was incredibly obvious.

“Chris” I hushed this time, loud enough that he might hear me. The first time only alerted him that someone was seeking his attention, but a second “Chris” properly grabbed his focus. He turned around to check who it was, his gaze indicating that he didn’t actually believe it was me.

“Jese?” he replied, sounding a little surprised. “Jese” he repeated, making a stronger connection this time.

I dashed over to him, still checking over my shoulder to make sure none of his guards were approaching. No matter how strong I perceived myself to be, I couldn’t help but respect the threat of an encounter with those guys. Well, nevermind the 3P’s, two speedo boys out in the open would probably be an appealing target for any hypnotist on this Island. Last thing I needed right now, was to end up in a bed with Chris again for another tag team duel.

“Chris. I’ve been looking all over for you” I revealed, feeling somewhat ashamed as I finished my sentenced. Guilty, as if I hadn’t truly done my best to help him. But the smile on his face didn’t seem to indicate I had wronged him in any way. “Where have you been?” I checked, knowing quite well where he had been. More so testing to see where his head was at.

“Just having fun” he replied with a smile. “Where have YOU been?” he shot back, as if suggesting that I was missing out on things.

“Uh… I’ve been, around…” I replied, not sure what to answer. I wasn’t even sure I knew how to answer that question, or if I wanted to answer the question. Thankfully, I found something to help quickly deviate the conversation. Something that stuck out more than the tight green speedo my friend was so proudly wearing for all to see. Something quite interesting around his neck. A collar…

“What, uh, is that?” I asked, awkwardly. “Around your neck?”

“Oh, this? My collar?” he checked, reaching up to grab it. “It makes my Masters happy to wear it”

His answer was troubling. It frazzled me. Chris didn’t seem one bit concerned with what he had just said. What he had just admitted. Three men had seemingly taken possession of him, and if anything, he seemed happy with it. It was strange… Here I was, thinking that this was a friend that needed my help, but his aura suggested the complete opposite. The only vibe I got, was that he was having a great time on the island. Especially given the last time I encountered him, that I was not only wasting my time trying to “save” him, but that I would have been doing him a disservice.

“I’m sure they’d give you one too” he cut off my self reflections, and with such a off putting scheme. Forget that he not only said that, but for a moment I actually considered the thought. Me? Collared? By them? Ridiculous…

“Chris” I tried to push him away from whatever plan he was getting at. My inner clock was also getting nervous, reminding me that every second we spent in the open was another second we risked having to deal with another hypnotist. Well, maybe just me. Maybe this collar meant no one would mess with Chris. Or maybe, it was more of a suggestion for other hypnotists to stay away. Regardless, if I was going to give Chris my two cents, now was the time.

“Does…” I prepared to attack. “Does it, not bother you… What these men are doing to you? To us? That they “claimed” you?” I interrogated. However the expression on his face, although a little confusion and interest was creeping in, never changed enough to suggest that he was as concerned as I was. “Like, these guys just, hypnotize us… And fuck us?”

Chris sort of laughed it off, taking a moment to think, but eventually returning a response.

“I mean, I guess they sort of hypnotize us… Or whatever… But its nice? And I have fun” he explained. For a moment he had lost his smile, but it quickly returned once he was done focusing on his answer. “You just sort of zone out, and you don’t need to think about anything. Like, you’re just blank. And you can enjoy yourself. Just have fun.”

His explanation was simple, but worse yet, I felt like I could relate to it. My own experiences made it easy to understand what he was feeling. They reminded me of why I was having so much trouble on the island.

“And like, honestly? The sex is amazing” he bluntly finished off. “Like, I didn’t know what I was missing until I came here. Sex is sex. But this? This is like being on some sort of, sex drug. And then, you’ve got like three sex gods destroying you till you can’t even remember your own name.”

I don’t know what was worse. The question of whether or not it was the sex that made him forget his name, or the hypnosis. Or, if by three men he actually meant he had been triple teamed by the 3P’s.

“Uh, like… Three guys, fucking you, at once?” I asked for confirmation, trying to ignore my motivations for wanting to clarify. Polite conversation, or genuine curiosity…

“Yeah. They literally just turned me into a sex doll. They took complete control… I can’t even remember how many times I cummed. I don’t even know if I stopped cumming” he replied.

Again, I had so many questions. Most of which I didn’t dare ask, nor did I want to explore the reasons I might ask them.

“What kind of stuff have you gotten into?” he asked, assuming I had obviously had an equally crazy time.

“Oh… Nothing as crazy as you, I don’t think” I dodged, considering a few of the things I remembered. The basics seemed like crazy enough. Nevermind being spitroasted or bred. Being made to wear lingerie, or fucked senseless by a big black cock. Regardless of what I had done, I wasn’t even ready to admit I’d sucked a dick.

“Dude. Come meet them” he invited me. “You won’t regret it. You’ll never have an orgasm as good as they can give you.”

I was surprised by how open, and excited he was about his adventures on the island. Quite the opposite of me, who was still in denial. However, my intuition was that he didn’t even remember seeing me that night I tried to save him. Or that Paul fucked me right beside him. I wasn’t a hundred percent sure he didn’t remember, and I wasn’t going to admit I was there. But if anything really drove home that these men could hypnotize us, this was it. If some random fuck boi forgot who I was, that was one thing. But for my best friend Chris to completely forget I not only showed up, but got fucked side by side with him?

“I might have to pass” I declined. Not ready to jump head first into such an event. Part of me scared that maybe they could even get me as good as they got Chris.

“Come on Jes. You’re missing out” his pitch continued. “I’m pretty sure they fucked me so good one time I accidentally told Peter I loved him. I’m literally late for breakfast because I had to let all their cum leak out from this morning’s fuck.”

My face must have gone beat red in that moment. Too much information? Maybe, but this was… Wild? My best friend, whom had never even given me even the slightest of hints that he might be interested in guys, just told me willingly that he probably just spent fifteen minutes on the toilet letting multiple men’s loads drain out from his ass.

Chris was not the person I thought I knew. At least after what this island had done to him. Had I changed this much? The awkward tightness multiplying in my bottoms made it quite hard to deny I hadn’t changed myself. That I hadn’t grown to enjoy the advances of these spiders. That I didn’t enjoy ending up in their web.

If Chris pushed any further, I’m not even sure I’d be able to shut him much longer. I might actually follow him to breakfast. Surely his Master would be waiting there. Ready to claim me as well. Would I also end up hypnotized? Again? Collared? Triple teamed?

My felt like I was in such a daze. Like an animal in heat. Suddenly I was just so lost. Like I didn’t know what to do with myself. I knew that I needed to resist, but I suddenly had to biggest craving to do something, stupid… Something I would surely regret…

But… Would I, actually regret it? Was I, scared?

Would it really be all that bad to be in Chris’ position? Deeply hypnotized? To the point that I don’t even know my own name? Getting fucked silly? Maybe by three cocks?

“Jese?” Chris broke my thoughts again.

“Ye-yes?” I stumbled back to the conversation, shaking my head to get a little sense back in me.

“Come” he pulled me back out. “Come meet them. It will be fun” he invited me again. Not thinking much of what would surely happen. Not at all concerned what would probably happen to me if I accepted.

“I… I…” I tried to delay my response, my mind frazzled. “I’ll, catch up” I was able to deny him so crucially. “I, just need to let someone know… And, I’ll be right there?” I explained, lying through my teeth.

“Awesome” he accepted, seeming to believe me. Not that my lie was all that unfathomable. “We’ll be at the food court. The Master’s would love to have you. I know it” he finished before giving me a wave and turning off to join the 3P’s for breakfast.

Love it? I was doing my best to convince myself I wouldn’t love it. Reaching to confirm the rock hard erection I had, I could only hope my shorts did enough to hide it. Although, surely my slut of a friend probably would have called me out on it had it been obvious enough. Looking down, I’d guess that anyone that may have looked would have noticed. Fortunately traffic was quite low around here.

Alone again, I checked my surroundings. Just to make sure no predators had taking the opportunity to set up an approach. I quietly backed off into where I remembered the alcove to be, but as I turned around to step into the secure area I spotted someone. Someone, waiting?

“Not going to join him?” the stranger asked, implying that he was not only listening, but probably also waiting for me to finish.

“N-no” I stumbled into the conversation, not sure whether I should have rudely pretended not to hear him and walk away.

“That’s a shame. Sounds like the two of you could have had some fun” he claimed. “Although… I’m sure, we could have some… fun, as well.”

“Fun?” I played along, foolishly thinking it might be a good idea. At least until I figured out a good excuse to end our conversation abruptly. In hind sight, I might have been better off with Chris. Probably not though…

“Yes… Fun” he repeated, arising from the bench he had parked himself in to wait for me and Chris to finish. I was somewhat surprised he hadn’t intervened then. Perhaps two of us would be too much for him to handle. “And judging by that rocket in your shorts, I’d wager fun is exactly what you are searching for right now.”

“Shit” I mumbled under my breath, quickly slipping my hands in front of my groin for a little defense. This conversation was already going to be annoying enough, nevermind with the knowledge he now had of my current situation.

“But how rude of me. I haven’t even introduced myself yet” the mystery man was ready to reveal some secrets. “You can call me… Pierre.”

Pierre… Pierre? Surely, this wasn’t?

“And, you would be?” he asked as compensation.

“Jese” I answered after a short delay, somewhat caught up on his name still, and whether I should just lie.

Pierre. P. Was it, a coincidence?

“Nice to meet you, Jese” he smiled, approaching. “Mind if I help you?”

“Help? With what?” I checked, not sure what he was getting at. Although I did have a slight inclination at what he was probably hoping to get at. Me.

“Jese… I can tell, that you are… struggling” he told me, slowly approaching. “Your, arousal, is getting the better of you… I can help you, control… That arousal… Alleviate, it…” he finished his cryptic offer, stopping not much further than a foot away from me.

That buzz. It was starting again. I could feel that I was in trouble, but I was too stupid to just run. An excitement too tempting to not at least investigate…

“How?” I asked, before I had a chance to tell myself that I really shouldn’t egg him on.

“Like this” he replied. Distracting me with his gaze as he reached down to grab my package. Confident enough to bypass checking whether or not I was okay with it. Acting before I could even think, his hand quick to massage my erection, so that I might never care to think about it. Thus, I was fine with it.

“I-I” I stumbled to answer, my mind more frazzled than ever.

“Ssh” he cut me, his finger pressing against my lips to shut me up. “Relax- And enjoy” he said, staring deep into my eyes, his voice commanding, his hand already working me with such authority. As if he already knew he had permission to touch me. “Be a good little boy. A lose yourself for a moment” he continued.

Why was I so easily letting this man have his way. Did I just not care anymore? Was I no better than Chris?

“No worries Jese” he worked me, his hand dropping down for the buttons of my shorts, his other hand joining the endeavor to help open them up. “I’ll take care of you.”

Fuck. I had to say something. I had to run… Why couldn’t I say no? Why did I not even have the will to say no. This arousal was overpowering me, the tingling of my cock begging for someone to touch it. If he didn’t, I might of done so myself. But before I had time to take control of the situation, I could already feel my cock being pulled out of my trunks.

“No matter how much you might want to deny it, Jese” he began to lecture me again, his hand getting to work on my length. Pulling, pushing, twisting… The other hand reaching in between my legs to grab hold of my orbs. “No matter how much you might want to hide it… You’ve been enjoying your time on the Island… You’ve been struggling to understand exactly, how much you actually enjoy, submitting, to men… Just like you are doing right now” he continued, starting to lower himself down. Bringing his head down to level with my cock.

It was hard to deny his claims, perhaps even impossible. Especially considering that I was standing in the middle of no where letting some stranger, Pierre, jerk me off.

“I-” I sent in another attempt to interrupt, but he was firm on keeping control of the conversation, and my cock.

“Relax Jese. I just want to help” he cut me off. “No need to think. No need to, deny, this… Simply, let yourself, enjoy this…” he trailed off, his mouth opening as it approached my cock. “Mhm~ You truly are as big as he said you were. Now I truly am sad that I missed your visit.”

My visit? What was he talking about? But before I could question him, his tongue suddenly lashed out to give my tip a lick. My body went tense, shivers shooting up my spine. My cock twitched in his grip, throbbing at full size.

“Oh my Jese” his toned mocked me. “Seems you truly do have a soft spot for a man’s touch” he claimed.

“Shut up” I finally fought back, trying to pull myself free of his grip. His hands were reluctant to let go, extending with me as I back up. He would eventually release though, giving me a chance to pull my armor back up.

Maybe this was one of the P’s, his words suggesting that he had prior knowledge of me. Well, considering how many days had past I’m sure a rumor or two could have easily passed. However, I was suspicious that Pierre was the third capture that I hadn’t met that night.

“What’s wrong Jese? Don’t want me to, help, you?” he asked, almsot trying to guilt me into something.

“How can you, help me?” I asked, clearly annoyed. Although, still caught in his game.

“Oh? Interested still?” he asked, stepping up to approach again. I tried to back up to keep the space between us, but I’d soon run out of room to retreat. “You see Jese… Your body, is betraying you” he started to explain, another lecture on the way. “It likes, what we can do to you. It reacts to us…”

He was close again, bullying me into a corner, his hand reaching for my cock again. A shiver running through me as it took hold again

“And no matter how much you mind wants to deny, us… It will always tell you, to let go… To enjoy yourself… No matter how strong that mind of yours is. Slowly your arousal, will corrupt your mind, and force you to simply, enjoy, yourself…” he continued to manipulate me, again kneeling down, always keeping his gaze on mine.

No matter how much I wanted to look away, I couldn’t. Maybe because I was scared of what he would try if I did, or maybe, I just couldn’t.

“But don’t worry Jese, I can help you” he never stopped, his hand stroking my cock again, his another hand grabbing my thigh. “A little trick of mine, to alleviate some of the… struggle.”

A little trick? Seemed strange that, a hypnotist? If he was one, would help me? Wait, I didn’t even know with what?

“How…” I chimed up, not even sure if I wanted to ask. Somehow not even concerned with him stroking my cock at the moment. “Could you- This trick, help?”

His smile suggested that he was happy to hear I was still interested.

“You see, Jese…” he so quickly continued, slowly stroking the full length of my cock. One hand securing around the ass cheek whose side he had curled around. “I know you. I know your type… You claim to be above this… But your body wants it… You need to, fight back.”

“Fight back?” I asked. “…How?”

“Simple, Jese…” he claimed, giving me a sudden firm pump. I jerked into him, reaching down to grab his shoulder for balance, my cock drawing near to his mouth again. He laughed at my misfortune. “You, release, yourself… of the burden” he revealed, not really making much sense though.

“Release” I almost moaned, having to settle my breath before it admitted anymore than my hard cock that I was enjoying anything.

“Yes Jese. Release, yourself…” he repeated. “Let your body relax… Give in to what it wants… And then, no one else will hold power over you. A simple release, to settle yourself… To bring power to yourself… Control… Jese, you are always in control…”

That last statement was somewhat insulting given that I couldn’t seem to stop him from playing with my cock. Worse yet, it seemed like my only reason for wanting to get it off it was in case anyone walked by and saw. To be fair, this was par for the course of this island, but I still wasn’t willing to admit that I was into all this stuff. I didn’t want to be seen accepting this…

“Take a deep breath Jese, and relax” he guided me. Strangely I closed my eyes and did just that. Defiantly? Not even. I was annoyed that he asked me to do so, even more so that I accepted. Maybe if I closed my eyes, I could pretend he was some girl. If anything, that might of been a bad idea. “That’s it. Good boy.”

His words were, familiar? Was he really trying to help me? Or hypnotize me?

“I know what you are trying to do, Pierre” I claimed.

“Is that so?” he checked, both of us okay with the passive stroking happening during this conversation. “And, what is it… I’m trying, to do?”

“You” I started, forced into a deep breath again. “Are trying to hypnotize me… Just like everyone else.”

“And?” he was quick to butt in. “Would that be, so bad?”

I delayed my answer… Would, it be bad? Maybe, it would be nice, to lose…

“Jese” he changed the route of our conversation, a smile hinting that he enjoyed my silence. “Hypnosis, is so naturally arousing… Its not all that strange that you have such a strong bond in between the two. It’s not your fault… But its okay… Its okay to feel this way… Its okay, to enjoy it… To just relax… And, enjoy, this…”

I could only respond with deep, loud breaths. I was too scared, to consider an answer. Too scared to think what might actually come out of my mouth.

“That’s why…” he picked things back up. “You can’t help but fall, every time you hear our words begin to melt you… You learned how good it feels… You’ve been trained, to know, how good it feels… You no longer want to deny us from taking control… You, can, no longer, stop us…. Despite being able to say no, whenever you want… You never find the strength to stop us, because… It feels, too, good… Isn’t that right, Jese?”

I took a deep breath, to think, but my answer came naturally.

“Yes” I accepted. He was right. So right, that I couldn’t find the strength to deny his claims. Not even lie.

“Good boy” he praised me, his hand never stopping. His grip, and rhythm. He had clearly done this a lot. He was, good. This, felt good. No, amazing… Why run away…

“Jese?” he called for my attention.

“Yes?” I checked, failing to notice I had closed my eyes and retreated to my fantasies.

“I’m not even sure you want to hear my secret anymore?” he told me. “Too busy enjoying, yourself?”

“Sorry” I apologized, taking a moment to realized what he was accusing me of. Something about his style. It was as if he was, my friend. Someone I could, trust?

“Its fine Jese” he was okay with me zoning out. “You just need to enjoy yourself… I just want to help you… You can let go… You can let me, take care of you…”

Right now, that wasn’t sounding like that bad of an idea.

“If you were planning on going for a swim, its going to have to wait a little bit” he teased, surely because of my speedo.

“A little?” I stupidly checked, trying to somehow converse with him. His hand stroking so firmly

“Well… Let’s just say, you might not be going swimming today” he replied, pulling my bottoms down to my feet.

I couldn’t help but smile as I laughed at myself. Or maybe I was just enjoying his hands. I hadn’t even made it to breakfast, and I already in another mess.

“Don’t worry Jese. Where we are going, it will be much more fun than swimming” he explained.

Suddenly, my cock felt so warm, as if it had been swallowed by Pierre. I didn’t care to open my eyes and check. I didn’t need to. The silence was quickly over taken by the lewd noises of his mouth. The rhythm and speed at which he was working my cock now suggesting he was no longer playing games.

His dominant hand worked the base of my cock, using what length of my cock it could grip to drive me. Small jerks and twists until his well trained throat starting to pull my cock all the way in. Deeper and deeper, until I could swear Pierre’s lips were kissing my pelvis. Like every inch of me was in this man’s mouth. I’m not sure I had ever been this deep in someone’s mouth. He wiggled his head to make it even more obvious that he was able to take every inch, before finally pulling back to catch his breath.

“Amazing” he claimed, his mouth taking a break as his hand kept me hard. “You want to cum. Don’t you Jese?” he asked.

“Yes” I answered, not caring to hide it. Not caring to battle. He smiled.

“Good boy. So ready to submit” he told me. I didn’t want to admit it, but I was. “Come sit” he asked of me, jerking my cock towards the bench in the alcove. I opened my eyes to confirm to where he was pulling me, stepping out of shorts and speedo to move over to the bench. “Sit” he repeated, pushing me down onto the wooden bench.

I looked at him, unsure of what was happening. He stood before me, reaching down into his bottoms. All he was wearing was a thong like swimsuit, so when he pulled those down he was already naked.

“Let me help you” he repeated again, soon climbing onto the bench. He straddled me, lifting his rear up and over my cock. He reached behind him, bending at the waist for a moment before seeming to pull something out of his ass? A plug? He placed it to the side, then hovered his hole back above my cock. “I could use a nice breakfast dessert” he told me, reaching down to grab my cock. Before I truly realized what was happening, his body was dropping, and once again a nice warmth enveloped my cock.

He smiled, moaning as he dropped his body down my length. Was I, fucking this guy? I… I was.

“Oh my god Jese. So good” he praised me, letting his rear drop all the way down, suddenly giving it a squeeze. “I’m going to milk this thing dry” he warned me, keeping his ass tight as he started to fuck himself on me. Slowly at first, he started to lift, and drop. Lift, and drop. Again and again, cementing the fact that I was fucking this guy.

“Let go- Jese. Accept- This-” he moaned, commandingly. “Let go- Submit- Let your thoughts- Leak into- Me… Give me- Control- Yes Jese- Give up- Control- Feel yourself- Losing- Control- Just submit-”

It wasn’t long before he was smashing his ass into my lap. Telling me to submit. To let go. To give him control. And I couldn’t deny him. I didn’t want to deny him. I could feel my every inch probing into him. My cock rock hard, throbbing, begging for release.

“Let go- Jese-” he commanded. “Deep into- my ass- CUM- for me Jese- CUM”

“Yes” I cried, accidentally starting to buck into him. Uncontrollably pumping up and into him. Again his body that was slaming down into me.

“CUM JESE” he forced upon me. “CUM!”

I was cumming. Deep inside his arm ass. For the first time. Pumping up and into him. My pure focus. Thinking of nothing else. Just pure bliss. I knew how to fall into thise zone, and Pierre made sure to bring me back here.

“Good boy Jese” he settled me down, eventually letting his rear rest in my lap. “That wasn’t so hard. Was it?”

“No” I answered.

“You should rest for a bit” he suggested. “You want to rest, don’t you?” he asked.

“Yes” I answered.

“Good boy” he praised, reaching for my chin, aiming my gaze up into his. “Then sleep Jese- Sleep” he commanded, grinding his ass down onto my cock.

A wave of exhaustion flooded over me. I didn’t realize I was this tired. Sleeping sounded like a really good idea…

“No… I know what, you’re” I tried to defend myself, not knowing if I could actually ward this off.

“Ssh Jese” he cut me off. “Relax… I’m here to help you, relax… Let go… Just, go to sleep Jese…”

It was too much. A power stronger than me was calling for my mind to sleep. I had to listen…

“That’s it Jese. Close your eyes… And go to, sleep…” he sung.

My eyes closed, and my mind drifted away… His tight ass massaging my cock and body deep down into sleep. ~~~

“Jese. You want to have more fun. Don’t you?”


“Good… Come with me… We will have lots of fun…”

“Jese. So deep… So lost… So deep down, in a deep, deep, deeeep… sleep… Too far down, to come back with anyone’s help… Not caring to come back… So lost… SO gone… So obediently stuck in your dreams… … Listen Jese… You are a slave to pleasure… You live for pleasure… You live to be pleased… But more importantly, to please… Pleasure, and Bliss… That is all that matters… Listening, and obeying… Listening to men… Obeying men… Enjoying men… Not needing anything else… Nothing else matters… You just need to enjoy yourself… To allow pleasure in… … Its simple Jese… Pleasure, is simple… You don’t need to do anything… Just listen… And, obey… We will guide you… We will make it easy… We will be your mind… You just need to enjoy yourself… Do you understand Jese?”

“Mrrfss” I mumbled back to the voice.

Wait?! Why couldn’t I answer? There was something in my mouth? Screw that. I couldn’t even see. Was I blindfolded? And who was I even answering to. And about what?

“Good boy Jese” the voice replied. A familiar voice, but I couldn’t quite pin point whose. Fortunately, I had enough time to identify that I had some sort of ball gag in my mouth. And judging by the “breeze”, I was feeling quite naked as well.

And?! My hands?

I tugged at my hands, but they were stuck? Bound above and behind my head. Tied to something? A headboard? It felt like I was sitting on a bed?

“Werrss grrrn aawwn?!” I tried asking, not as concerned as I maybe should have been. Yes, I was blind folded, gagged and tied up. But I was also very aware of what Island I was on. Still, I should have been concerned, but something just sort of put that concern at ease. I suppose a flurry of many things. The island, the pleasure, and something. Yeah, something…

“Relax Jese” the voice spoke. “It’s me, Paul.”

“Paarrll?!” I half shouted back, taking a moment to properly register this was indeed Paul of the legendary trio. The same Paul that had captured Chris, with Pierre. The same Paul that I had marvously failed at tricking into thinking I was hypnotized. The same Paul whom abused pleasure to put me right into the same position as Chris…. Shit.

“Parrl…” I repeated again, calming down as I tried to compose myself. Perhaps with the hopes of talking myself out of this. But something told me I really wasn’t talking myself out of this. I had already been “talked” into “this”.

“Yes, Paul” he chuckled. “So nice to see you again… I was quite sad when you, left us, last time.”

Left? I escaped. Well, he probably saw it that way as well.

“Werrss grrrn aawwn?” I tried again, feeling a weight shift around me. Something crawling up to me on the bed? Both sides?

“Relax Jese” he attempted again.

I would feel two fingers sliding up against my temples, latching onto the cloth covering my eyes, the blindfold soon removed. My eyes would quickly identify Paul straddling above my lap. Whom was looking very happy to see me, judging by his big smile. I was less happy to see he was wearing nothing but underwear and a “happy” bulge. Better than naked I suppose…

“No need to worry” he told me. “Or, talk. You can just listen for a little while, okay?”

He nodded. I nodded.

“Oo” I almost started, before silencing myself and just nodding back.

“Good boy” he smiled, patting me on the head. “Just relax, and listen… I can do the talking. All you need to do, is listen” he started to take control, bringing his head up to mine. “There is no need to struggle Jese. No reason to run. To escape. You can just sit here”

He grabbed the back of my head, and pulled me into him. Our foreheads came to touch.

“I had sooo much fun with you last time Jese. I’m sure you did, as well?” he asked, rhetorically someone might have guessed because his nodding motion helped me agree as I nodded with him. His forehead pulling mine up and down with him.

Whether he was forcing me to pretend, or if he knew. It didn’t matter. I knew my answer. Thankfully I didn’t need to answer, but his tone indicated that he was sure of the answer.

“Good boy” he praised, happy to see whatever response he could read from me.

If anything it was the expression of a nervous boy whom had no idea how to respond to this situation. I was tied up. Gagged. Naked. The only thing that made this situation any good, was that I at least knew who my capture was. I didn’t know how I got here, or how. But I knew who I was with, and probably where I was. The worst place I could be, Paul’s “castle”.

“You would love to have more fun, yes?” he asked, pulling away, hoping to let my own head to the talking.

I, nodded. To not upset him? To, negotiate? Or maybe… I didn’t know, this feeling was strange. I was remembering our last encounter together, somewhat at least. I didn’t really recall all of it, but… I could recall some of it? It was, good? Fun? Well, fun may not have been the best word… But I wasn’t going to admit that word. Not even in silence.

“Good boy” he smiled, reaching down to stroke the obvious erection he had bulging to the side of his bright blue briefs. “But you know Jese… I can’t help but feel… Betrayed… That you would, run away form us? … Makes me think, that maybe… You, didn’t enjoy last time?”

I watched in silence. What was he playing at now?

“Actually, I heard from a little birdy, that you came here to… “save”, someone?” he checked.

I kept silent.

“Your friend” he pushed further. “Chris?”

Did Chris tell him?

“Is that, right, Jese?” he asked.

I did not nod. I remained silent. I did not know if I should answer him.

“Tell me Jese” he ordered gently, with a smile. “Its okay… I understand why you might have wanted to, “save”, your friend Chris… I’m not angry… That was your choice to make… But, you see, it was his choice to remain here… With us… Jese… Is that what you wanted? To escape? With Chris? You can tell me. It’s okay.”

I nodded. That was what I wanted, and he seem to know.

“Good boy Jese. It’s okay” he praised me, a smile indicating that he wasn’t angered. “You can answer honestly with me. You can trust me… But you see, the truth is… Chris loves it here… He loves what he can offer him… What we can offer, you, as well… A world of relaxation… Of pleasure… Of pure, bliss… That is what we can offer Chris… And that, is what he can offer you, Jese… Wouldn’t you like that? Jese?”

I mean, who wouldn’t want that? Well, anyone who understood the price of such “bliss” might contest. However, I had already had a taste of this “bliss”. Even more specifically, his bliss. Quite literally. I knew how good it felt. It had become a task to resist that “bliss”. His “bliss”.

Was it worth resisting? Could I even resist?

I nodded.

“Good boy Jese” he praised. “You already know how good it feels to enjoy yourself with us. With me. Don’t you?”

I nodded in agreement, much quicker than last time.

“Good boy” he praised. “And you remember quite well, how to be, a good… Hypno Slut… Don’t you?”

Hypno Slut?! I felt those words reverberate through me. Did they mean something to me? I quivered in response, a flood of heat running through me. No, not heat, arousal.

“Good boy Jese” he picked up on surely. It felt hard to hide. “Such a good Hypno Slut. You remember how to be a good Hypno Slut. I know it… Deep, deep down inside… Its been ingrained… Deep down inside you, is a desire to enjoy yourself… A desire, to experience absolute bliss… A desire to forget… To listen… To, obey… Isn’t that right, Jese?”

I nodded, without delay. Why? Why, couldn’t I fight this wave of… Confusion? No… Of… Pleasure?

“You see Jese” he started, something suddenly making me quite aware of just how aroused I was. A warm, strong hand latching onto my cock which seemed to have been fully erected in the air. I looked down to confirm, having just enough time to do so before Paul pulled me back up.

“Focus Jese. Here” he commanded, his other hand tilting my chin up. Helping my gaze return to his eyes. His, powerful, eyes… “Focus on me… Focus on this pleasure… Focus on what I can offer. My obedient little Hypno Slut…”

Every time he said those words. Its like a lengthy history I did not remember what flooding into me. A history that deep down inside I seem to understand, but could not actually see it. Like I was remembering another life I had lived, but remembering it. It made no sense. This made no sense…

But, it… It did feel… Good… No, better than good… Amazing…

Or perhaps it was just his hand stroking me that made it feel to good, but I coud swear that I would not be able to provide this level of stimulation with my hand. It felt like a pleasure strong enough to make me cum in an instant, but without letting me orgasm.

“Good boy” he praised me, probably understanding just how into this I was getting, again. No matter how bad I knew it was for me to let this happen. “Such a good hypno slut…. So ready to accept this… Isn’t that right?”

I nodded.

“So ready, to listen” he said, nodding.

I nodded.

“So ready to, obey” he said, nodding.

I nodded.

“So ready to drop down into an endless trance” he said, nodding.

I nodded.

“So ready, to be a perfect, hypno slut… Isn’t that right, Jese?” he asked, nodding.

I nodded. Truthfully? No, I was just playing along, right? I hadn’t given up, had I? I had to fight. I couldn’t let this happen. For some reason, being back here. Back where I had lost Chris… I was reminded that I need to help Chris… But how? How could I? I was tied up to a bed, getting stroked off by Paul…

“Good boy Jese” he praised. “Such a good boy… Such a good, Hypno Slut”

But fuck it felt so good to hear those words, and feel him stroke my cock. How could I get out of this. How could I win? I couldn’t even use my words to fight back. To trick him. Nothing.

“You know what Jese?” he gently changed to the course of our discussion. “I know exactly what you need… Or, who, you need… Who better to convince you, how good it feels. TO be a good hypno slut… Than none other, than your trusted friend, Chris?”

Fuck. This was absolutely not what I needed right now. To have Chris see me like this… But, just him in general. Not right now. Maybe after I got out of this. But not right now.

“Chris” he spoke a little louder than what he had been. He started to retreat from the bed, leaving me to watch him as he reversed off the foot of the mattress. “Wake up Chris.”

Wake up Chris? Was Chris already here? Sleeping? … No, not sleeping… He was in trance, or at least he was in trance.

I looked over to where Paul was broadcasting his voice. The ned next to me? How hadn’t I noticed?! I suppose I had great reason to be focused forward, but still. And much like Paul, he was wearing minimal attire. A man bikini was the best bed I could give for whatever it was he was hearing. I didn’t want to investigate too hard as the almost see-through like fabric gave much of the details below.

“Yes Master?” Chris finally replied, awaking from his daze.

“Come here boy” Paul asked, drawing him towards the foot of the bed with him. “I think your friend needs your help.”

“Jese?” he smiled as he gazed upon me.

“Yes” Paul confirmed. “I think he needs to hear it from you. From a friend… A trusted friend, just how good it feels… To be a good. Obedient. Hypno Slut.”

Chris immediately sparked up, a smile zipping across his face. My own body shook as well. Those words. They had a powerful hold over us. The hypnosis? Surely…

Chris wrapped around to Paul’s side. Perhaps not sure what was being asked of him, but quite willing to hear out Paul.

“Chris” he started. “Jese needs you, to help him… Help him understand how to be happy… Can, you help him?”

“Yes Master” Chris replied happily.

It was strange to see my friend like this. Was he just playing along? No. I knew better by now. This was no show. This was the power they held over us. Was I this bad when I was under? I barely remember any of it? But like, when I woke up, I was always strong? No matter if I woke up with an ass full of cum, or with stupid lingerie on, I could always get myself out. Yet Chris, he always seemed to happy to be here.

“I need you to help Jese” Paul said, circling behind Chris before taking hold of his shoulders. Turning him to refocus his attention on me. His naked and gagged friend tied up to the headboard quite involuntarily. Or maybe I did volunteer.

“Together… I know we can convince your friend that we can make him happy” Paul continued. “Convince Jese, that he would be happy here. That we could all be happy, together. I know that would make me happy.”

“I want to make you happy” Chris stated.

The only thing stranger than the fact that was tied up and naked on this bed, and how Chris didn’t seem all that concerned about it… Was the way Paul was talking to him. Or us… Like he was talking to children. Simple…

“Good boy Chris” Paul praised. "You know how much Master appreciates that. Chris nodded in agreement, Paul reaching down to grab hold of Chris’ bottoms. Soon sliding them down his legs.

“Now go. Show your friend how good this feels” Chris pushed him forward, stepping on his underwear so they would be left behind. “Go play with that hard cock of his. Show him how a good Hypno Slut sucks cock.”


Chris smiled at me, crawling forward, into my legs. Naked. I couldn’t help but stare back. Like somehow I could convince him to come to his senses with my gaze alone. But Chris looked like a cat in heat, and the only thing that was going to satisfy him was my cock. Or more specifically, satisfying Master’s orders.

“Just enjoy yourself” Chris told me. What a fool!! Why was he so gone!

I tested the grip of the apparatus behind my head locking my hands again, in away that wouldn’t raise too much concern. But in the end I knew I was stuck.

“Go Chris. Show him how good a male’s touch can be” Paul further provoked him.

There was nothing I could do. Chris’s attention dropped down to my erect cock. Here I was mocking my idiot friend, yet I was in no better a position. And I felt even dumber when his hands gripped my cock. Like, I wanted it too,

“I’m sorry Jese” a voice suddenly whispered into my ear. Paul had snuck around to the bed’s side to spectate, leaning in close to share a private message with me. “You must learn, the hard way.”

Possible innuendo a side, learn what?!

“Fuck” I suddenly moaned, not noticing my friend mouth wrapped around my cock. Stupid slut Chris, stop! I need your help right now. This isn’t helping.

I shivered a little, gritting my teeth to fight the pleasure sieging my throbbing cock. How could things come to this. I could not lose to this. I had to win. But… I could just as easily just shoot my load into his mouth… My stupid fucking friend seemed to know how to blow a cock. When did he learn this…

“Please Chris” I finally announced my weakness, hoping he would sense that we had to stop this. “St-”

“Relax Jese” Paul cut me off. “Relax… And enjoy.”

I turned to look over at Paul, his calming smile made me think that this ridiculous situation was okay. Like, I should have just stopped to think of the reality of what was happening. But I couldn’t. I didn’t care. This felt okay. His smile said it was okay. Fuck…

And stupid Chris was going to town on my cock. Like he was begging me to flood his mouth with my cum. I closed my eyes. Maybe I could. NO! I opened them back up. I couldn’t slip into this. I had to fight it. I wasn’t going to let Paul win.

“Be a good Hypno Slut Jese” Paul countered. “Be a good hypno slut, and let go.”

My body shook, accidentally bucking my cock up into his throat. Also making me realizing how deep I was getting my cock into Chris mouth. Wait, no. Mouth? His mouth hit my pelvis. Did that fool just deep throat me.

“Let go Jese” Paul sung again. I really needed that fool to stop too. I needed them to stop. But I also needed to-

“Stop Chris” Paul commanded, pushing Chris off my cock. "Not so fast Jese… The fun has just begun… Chris… I believe Jese has a, nice, tight hole… That needs your attention.

Chris looked up at Paul, smiling, before turning his gaze to me for a brief moment before returning to my junk. And as one would have guessed from Paul’s command, Chris was heading for my ass hole. He grabbed my junk and pushed it out of the way, Paul jumping in to help raise my body to offer it to Chris. He slid a stiff pillow below my hips, aiding to put my inner legs on display for my slut of a friend.

“Lick Chris” Paul commanded. “Lick it up. Nice and wet.”

Chris dove in, holding my junk out of the way, stroking it nice and slow in unison with his tongues attack.

“Fuck” I begrudgingly moaned.

“Not so fast” Paul’s potent tone whispered into my ear. “You’re not allowed to cum until I say so. Understood?”

I nodded, praying I didn’t see what was probably a really submissive expression on my face in a mirror.

“Good boy” he praised. “A proper Hypno Slut never disobeys Master… They listen, and obey… Understood?”

I nodded, my head turned, giving Paul my full attention while Chris’s tongue started to invade my hole. Helping force more moans and pants out of me. I was losing, and Paul’s lips were coming in to seal the deal. He laid them on me, and soon his tongue was also investigating my inner being.

If I told how I thought I’d be spending my holiday… I probably wouldn’t have guess that I’d be kissing some random hypnotist guy, bound to a bed, while my friend Chris buries his ass in between my legs. But here I was…

And I felt that things were only going to get worse.

“Enough Chris” Paul stopped him after our make out session. “I think your friend is ready. TO be happy.”

I had been prepared, and now before arose my friend. Knelt before my ass, hyper focused on my hole. His cock at full size ready to claim me. Surely this was to be my fate.

“Take your friend Chris” Paul commanded, reaching for the bac of his head. “Shove that hard cock of yours in his ass… Enjoy your friend… And let him enjoy you.”

Chris shoved himself forward, inch after inch, till his cock head was in position against my pucker.

Checkmate. It was one thing for these random men to fuck me… But for them to turn my best friend against me? To use him to turn me as well…

“Fuck him good Chris” he commanded, reaching down to grab Chris’ ass. “Help Jese understand.”

Paul pulled Chris rock hard cock forward. I immediately felt the pressure, his cock indicating its desire to enter, his slick saliva helping it slip in. I felt myself begin to wrap around my friend. Around Chris. I was suppose to save him? How was this happening…


His cock popped into my ass, a few inches to follow. Till he pulled back. THen back in, a gentle rhythm starting. Chris giving into his carnal desire of pleasure. Driven by it, and Paul.

“Good boy Chris” Paul praised. “Such a good Hypno Slut…”

Paul watched with great amusement as I panted and moaned into the ball gag. Unable to stop anything that was happening. Questioning whether I actually wanted to stop it.

“That’s it Jese… Such a good boy” he saw me taking my friends cock. “Just relax… And let go… Surrender to us… Surrender to bliss… Submit to my rule… Become my boy… Become MY Hypno Slut.”

His had pulled my gaze to his, staring as deep as anyone ever had into my eyes. As if to lazer his thoughts into my mind. And I let them in… This felt… Good.

Chris cock, and Paul words. A tandem I did not expect to face. A tandem, I do not think I could defeat. I was done.

Paul blasting me with words that began to blur as much as the inches digging into my ass. How big was my friend. Five inches? Seven? Forty? It felt endless. Like my whole body was filled by him, and Paul’s words. No. Master’s words. There was no point in fighting this anymore. It felt way better to-

“Submit” - “Surrender” - “Let go” - “Listen” - “Obey”

It felt better to be-

“A good Hypno Slut”

Yes. That was my destiny. To be a good Hypno Slut. Fuck resisting for now. I could do that later. But for now, I just had to enjoy myself. I just had to-

“CUM!” the wonderful voice commanded. “CUM FOR YOUR MASTER! BE A GOOD HYPNO SLUT, AND CUM! … CUM! … That’s it boys… Cum for your Master… Cum…”

I felt a warm sensation begin to flood my tight ass as it constricted onto the foreign object shoving itself up my hole. Filing me with its seed, as my own began to shoot wildly onto my chest. My teeth biting into the gag, bliss flooding into my body as I fought the contraints of the cuffs holding my hands.

Fuck~ This was too good. This, was bliss.

“That’s it Jese. Surrender… Submit… Sleep… … Sleep…”

“Forget it all Jese. Remember nothing…” Paul whispered. “Forget to remember. Remember, to forget…”

“Okay. Do you understand Jese?”


“Good boy, Jese. Now I’m going to wake you up on the count of 3. And when I do, you will remember nothing, but remember everything. Understood?”


“Good boy. 1, feeling so good. And obedient… 2, coming back to us, opening your eyes… And 3, wide awake, and attentive.”

My eyes opened, but it was as if my mind needed a moment to open as well. I felt like I missed something. Like I had missed something. Something important? Or a lot of something? Or rather, a lot of things?

Where was I? Where was I, before this? Who was I staring at?

“Paul?!” I called out. As if my brain knew who I was looking at despite me not really realizing till after my own mind gave me the answer. This was Paul. But? But how?! “Where am I?” I asked, checking my surroundings. I was in a bedroom? Whose!?

“Relax Jese” Paul tried to calm me as I looked to my side.

“Chris?” I checked, my friend sitting next to me naked, completely focused on Paul. Whom fortunately was at least wearing some briefs, although they were quite tight and displaying a fairly sizable bulge into my face. Wait! I was naked too? What the heck was going on? It was if I remembered nothing? How the heck did I get here? Why was I naked in this bed? With Chris? And Paul? Why did I remember nothing, but this all seemed to make sense?

This felt like… Deja vu?

“Chris” Paul called out to my friend. “Tell your friend that its okay. That we are here, to enjoy ourselves.”

I turned to Chris to see what he would do in response.

“Jese” he responded, looking into my eyes. “Its okay… Let’s just relax, and have fun.”

“Yes Jese” Paul quickly followed up, stepping up to further present his junk. “Relax, and have fun” he said, sparking a strange sensation in my body. I looked back up at Paul. He was smiling down to me. “Hm… I’d love to see my two pets work my throbbing cock… I so, desperately need to release myself… Chris… Perhaps you could, show your friend how I like my cock to be sucked.”

I looked down at the impressive bulge in his bottoms, then over to my friend who was already lifting up off the bed to attend to Paul. Wait. Paul… Pierre? Wasn’t I?

“Come on Jese” my friend called to me, grabbing my hand to invite me in. I followed him to my knees, Chris leading me to the bulge. He hooked my hand onto the waist band of Paul underwear, going ahead of me to open it up. I followed suit, although not quite as sure as Chris was in what he wanted to do.

His hand dove in, mine accidentally helping open up the male’s underwear, helping Chris pull out the prize. Paul’s monster cock. I was in shock as it bounced out, suddenly remembered I had battled this thing before. Unfortunately, I had better bearings that time. I think I knew what I was doing. This time, I had no idea what was going on. No idea why I was here. How I got here. But then every time I tried to remember, I just knew I was suppose to be here? That I wanted to be here. That Paul’s cock was kind of turning me? No, it was really turning me on? I had to serve it?

“Lick it Jese” Chris suggested, his left hand dragging down Paul’s underwear for us. His right hand gripping and aiming Paul’s cock into my face. I looked at Chris, then up at Paul to make sure it was okay. “It taste so good. You’ll love it.”

“Good boy” he looked down at me, his expression indicating that he was very okay with this.

I felt overwhelmed, glancing back over at Chris for support, but once he was done with Paul’s underwear he switched grips so that his right hand could come grab my head.

“Suck it Jese” he told me, pushing me onto it.

My face crashed into the hard cock head, his mushroom head smooshing my lips. I naturally realized I should open my mouth, a mistake that quickly allowed Chris to guide Paul’s cock into my mouth. It slammed into the back of my throat, something deep inside me quickly taking over.

(I love sucking cock. I love Master Paul’s cock)

I reached up and grabbed his cock, Chris helping guide my head as I gave in. I looked up to Paul to make sure this was okay. That he was happy. His smile suggested he was still happy. No, he was very happy.

I couldn’t help but stare up into his eyes as started fuck his cock with my mouth. Taking in as much as I could, Chris always pushing me to take in just a little more. I glrrp’d and gloop’d all over Paul’s cock as he gently thrusted back into me. Chris would eventually get jealous, pulling me off for a much needed break so that he could have a taste. I watched him as he went into full slut mode on Paul’s cock. I appreciated his effort, and his technique. He really wanted to make Paul happy.

(I want to make Paul happy)

And so did I. I looked up at him, but his focus wa son Chris. He did quickly switch it over to me when he noticed, smiling as he reached down to give me a pat on the head beore pulling my face into his crotch. It gently interrupted Chris, who was happy to have me join. Paul grinded my face into the base of his cock, motivating me to join the effort. I started to lick and kiss around the base of his cock, letting Chris focus on the Tip.

I shifted down to his balls, knowing I had to do whatever I could to make him happy. To make us happy. Chris working hard on his head, I put my efforts into his tasty, massive orbs. Quickly realizing this was where Master Paul’s seed came from.

(Its an honor to get Master’s seed. To be marked by it. To be filled with it.)

My mouth worshipped his sac with kisses and licks. My head diving into his legs as my motivations to please him snowballed. I began to understand more and more what my purpose was. What I wanted. What he wanted. What we wanted.

I almost forgot that Chris had claimed the tip, as I ran my tongue up on his cock and back to the tip. Me and Chris’s mouths met there. It took us a moment to realize, but he quickly synched to join efforts teasing Master’s cock head. Combinations of licks and kisses, Master groaning before reaching down to grab both are heads, masterfully working our lips together. For a moment we forgot about his cock, and lost ourselves in a kiss.

I felt Chris’ tongue dive into my mouth, and so I countered with mine. It didn’t even matter how sloppy this kiss was. How wet it was. It was hot. This was hot. I was super turned on. Chris quickly confirmed it as he reached down to grba my cock. It stroking hand confirm just how long and hard I had gotten.

“Fuck” I moaned in between slutty pants, losing focus a little before Master took the opportunity to shove my slutty mouth back onto his cock.

(Yes. I love cock. I love Master’s cock.)

Chris took the role of testicle worshipper, my mouth back on cock hole duty. Difference was that Paul now had control of our heads. Helping to guide us, although I was still relying on Chris to show me. To help teach me. He would eventually pushed me off the tip, demanding a path to the tip. We both went into a crazy, letting our lips and tongues drive all around his cock. Up and down. Kissing wherever we felt the need. Both of us taking the occasional visit to his balls. I would eventually feel Paul’s hand grip my hair, forcing me and Chris off his cock.

“Chris” Paul called out.

“Yes Master?” my friend answered.

“It’s time to teach your friend how to ride cock” he told him, to which Chris nodded with delight.

I couldn’t help but feel nervous. Like I hadn’t done this before. I knew I had, but I felt like I had an additional pressure to make Master happy this time. Like, didn’t want to fail him.

(You want to make Master happy)

Paul cut in between me and Chris, turning sit his naked body on the bed’s edge. Chris wrapped around, kneeling before him before pulling me around with him. Chris took the opportunity to go to town on Paul’s cock again, showing me an even stronger level of giving head than I had seen him do before.

“Good boy Chris” he was praised by Paul. It kind of made me jealous, thirsty. But it was more important that Master was happy. Anything that made him happy, was good. Anything that made him happy, made me happy.

(You want to make Master happy)

“Come Jese” he didn’t wait long, pulling off the cock and standing up. Dragging me up to my feet with him. He moved behind me, Paul grabbing my my thighs just below my ass to help pull me in. The two pushed me onto my knees and into position on the bed."

I had been here before, I could remember that. But I didn’t recall Chris playing such a role in helping to corrupt me. Helping me understand, what was right. What, felt good…

Suddenly, I could feel something wet. Something slimy, rubbing up against my hole. Chris was behind me, stroking Paul’s cock to make sure it was ready for me. A powerful force melting me, as I started to realized what was happening, two sets of hands suddenly pushing me down.

“Master” I moaned. I could feel his fat head pushing up into my ass. Asking permission to enter, not waiting for a response as it barged into soon after. “MASTER!” I moaned, his thick rod firmly starting to dig into me. Deep into me. All the way in, till I was sitting in his lap. My braced downwards, hands resting on his abdomen for balance.

(I’m always happiest when Master’s cock is inside me)

The two didn’t give me much time to settle. Paul lifted from under my ass, Chris guiding me at my hips, the two motivating me to lift up, before pulling me back down Paul’s cock.

“Yes” I moaned as I fell back into his lap, loving this sensation. This pleasure. So relieved that I could feel it again. Thankful for Master’s cock, and Chris’s help.

The two slowly worked me into a rhythm, Chris eventually releasing so he could swing back around to see how much I was enjoying riding Master’s cock. He knelt to my right, by Paul’s side, bringing his face up to me.

“Feels so good. Doesn’t it?” he checked, smiling, totally in to what was happening.

“Yes” I replied, struggling to focus on him till he forced me to. His coming in to pull my forehead against his. I tried to keep it stable as Paul fucked into my ass, Chris taking the opportunity to lay another lustful kiss into me.

“Such a good boy” Master moaned. “You love this, don’t you Jese?”

“Yes” I cried.

“Good… Such a good fuck boy” he replied.“Relax, and enjoy my cock.”

In that moment, I had to appreciate how far I had come. When I first landed on the Island, I was oblivious to what was going on. I rejected all the advances and offers that came my way. I fought hard to deny myself of all this place had to offer. Desperate to save my friend. Yet here I was now, happily riding this man’s cock while I make out with Chris. Moaning like the slut i had become.

Paul’s hands returned me my rhythm, pulling me away from my kiss with Chris. I was only able to maintain eye contact with him, my friends eyes telling me that I was doing great. That this was my purpose. Our purpose. That nothing else was important. I just needed to ride this cock. I just needed to make Master happy. Yes, I could ride this cock for eternity. Master, and his cock, were all that mattered. I could sense everything about it. Its length, and girth. The shape of his head. The perfect cock.

Up and down. Up, and down. Again and again, all other thoughts emptying. Chris laughed, enjoying my bliss and how much of a slut I was bring. He reached in between my legs to capture my cock. Perhaps to stop it from slapping down against Master stomach, or maybe to further torture me with mind numbing pleasure. His hand soon became a makeshift hole to fuck as I popped up and down.

“Fuck me” I moaned, so lost in pleasure. It was one thing to be spread wide and fucked silly my Master, but Chris’s hand around my cock. Twisting and pumping my length. I had to stop him. I was going to completely lose myself if I didn’t stop him. This was too good. I don’t think my cock had ever felt this hard. I don’t think I had ever felt this- This- This GOOD-

“What are you- Jese?” he asked.

“Your obedient- fuck boy!” I cried.

“What is- your purpose- Jese?” he asked.

“To make- Master Happy!” I cried.

My mind started to fade. My body started to quiver and buck. My ass suddenly feeling so tight. I was going to explode. How could anyone handle such a sensation.

Up and down. Again and again, ass slapping down into his thighs as Paul’s slammed down his massive cock repeatedly. He had to stop this, or I swear I was going to fall in love. Again and again, my cock trapped in Chris’ hands. I was going to lose.

“MASTER!!!” I cried at the top of my lung, my cock starting to shoot cum so violently. My body exploding. Nothing making sense. Just pleasure. Lots of it. Too much of it. Like I no longer existed as I was.

“YES JESE!” Master shouted. “Lose yourself! Lose yourself to the pleasure!! Lose yourself to me!!”

“YES!!” I cried, my eyes rolling into the back of my head. This was bliss. I loved this. “YES MASTER!! I AM YOURS”

He didn’t stop. He didn’t show mercy, and neither did Chris. The two worked to end me. Even my own body was betraying me, my legs keeping rhythm as they continued to fuck Master’s cock. Paul’s hands greatly helping as they continued to fuck me through my orgasm. Chris’s hand milking me dry, till my seed stop spraying from my cock.

Slowly, the two let me settle, Chris and Master’s smiling as I fell limp into Paul’s chest.

“Such a good boy” he praised, pausing to catch his breath. “You belong to me. Isn’t that right? Jese.”

“Yes Master” I confirmed. I was his.

“You would listen, and obey… To anything I told you… Right, Jese?” he checked.

“Yes Master” I answered, resting on his chest, his rock hard cock plugging my ass.

“Good boy” he praised. “But your job isn’t done. Is it, Jese?”

“No” I replied by instinct, sensing that Master had more work for me.

“That’s right” he confirmed. “The job isn’t done until Master cums. Right Jese?”

“Right” I echoed.

“Good boy” he praised. “Now let’s give Chris’ tight as a turn. Why don’t you help him out.”

Chris’ mouth was already down by mine, pulling up and away from Paul with a kiss, not letting my lips go. As if he was rewarding me for all the hard work I did for Master.

Paul help guide my ass off his hard dick, moving me to his left, Chris’ ass wasting no time to get in the driver’s seat.

“Clean me up Jese” Master ordered. I knew exactly what he wanted. I knew what I wanted. More of Master cock before Chris’ hole would steal it from me. I dove in between in legs, one hand on his lap, the other fishing for his cock. I immediately shoved his cock into my mouth. I was hungry. Thirsty. I fucked his cock with my mouth like I might be able to steal a meal before Chris even had a chance to shove it up his ass.

Chris didn’t seem to mind though, too busy making out with Paul as he leaned forward into him. It wasn’t until I felt Chris’ ass fall back against my head that I got my queue to let Chris take over.

“Come here” Master summoned me, pointing to his lips. It was obvious that I owed him some kisses. It didn’t take long for his tongue to be down my throat, and mine in his. I barely noticed Chris starting to pound down into Paul’s lap. The sound of Chris’ ass slapping down into Master’s lap would eventually give it away.

“Such a good boy” he praised me again, pulling away to focus on Chris’ ass.

I turned to look at my friend, my limp cock at half size, leaking the remnants of my orgasm. I had been finished, but my work wasn’t done. I took a moment to admire Chris, eyes closed, riding Master’s cock. That slut didn’t need saving. I didn’t need saving. This was our salvation. This is where we were meant to be. This is what we needed. This, is what we wanted.

“Such a good slut” Master praised Chris.

My friend’s open mouth looked so tempting to kiss. I rose up to shove my tongue down his throat, Chris more than happy to accept it. I reach down for his cock, hoping to mirror the same tactic he had pulled on me. I jerked him off as best as I could, pulling away from the kiss to focus on the rhythm needed to match Paul’s thrusts.

Chris seemed so happy, and his moans suggested that he was full of pleasure. I was glad that I could help. Simply providing friction for his hard cock to further enjoy itself. Studying its size as it fucked my hand.

Chris worked his ass up and down Paul’s cock like he had done this countless times. I couldn’t help but appreciate what was happening to him, the same that had happen to me many times. It was like I could picture myself up there on Paul’s cock. Like I could envision my next time getting on the saddle. Getting me excited for my next ride.

“Such a good fuck boy” Paul praised him, slamming Chris down into his lap.

As he started to take control, it signaled that I should also increase my efforts. It was time to destroy Chris, just as I had been destroyed. Paul blasting his cock into Chris, me pumping his throbbing cock. No matter how jealous I was that someone else was being stuffed by Master, I was happy, that Master was happy. Surely fucking on of his fuck boys made him happy.

“Fuck!- Fuck!- Fuck!-” he cried with every pump, beginning to quiver. He was losing control.

“That’s it Chris” Master connected to him. “Let go- No reason to resist- Empty yourself-”

Chris started to buck into the slamming cock and my tight grip. An unstoppable chain of events triggering as Chris began to launch into his own orgasm.

“Yes Master!” he screamed. “Yes!!”

Paul slammed Chris down into his lap. Then again. And again. Not stopping, knowing Chris was defeated.

“CUM!” he commanded, Chris more than happy to oblige. A felt a pump push out against my grip. Then a moment later my friend’s first shot zipped up onto Master’s chest. Then another, and another. Chris emptying himself onto Paul’s chest. I looked into Chris’ eyes. He looked lost. In bliss surely. His smile indicated that he was in heaven. I felt so happy for him. For Master. But I had to work.

I helped finish off Chris, mercessly stroking through his orgasm, milking every drop out of him, just as he did me. Smiling and loving every minute of it. Fucking his cock with my hand until he finally fell to Paul’s chest. I let go, offering him a well deserved chance to rest.

“I do believe my good boys deserve a nice treat” Master proclaimed, after Chris rolled off to the side, still a little a lost in bliss. A treat sounded amazing, especially coming from Master.

“Come” he ordered, moving forward to get off the bed. He took a few steps away from the edge of the matress and turned around to present his still rock slab of cock to us. I was quick to respond, Chris needing a moment before his fried brain registered that there was more of Master cock to be had. “Come Chris.”

I sat on the bed’s edge, Chris passing me as he got off the bed and knelt down before Master. I quickly understood to do the same, and soon both of Master’s obedient pets were on the floor for him.

“Open up” he prepared us, naturally calling us forward to accept our treat. I felt so warm, so excited. I knew what was coming. I couldn’t wait for it. My face lite up like a stupid puppy about to get a biscuit. Chris and I both looked up to our Master, our eyes begging for our treat.

“Beg” he commanded.

“Please Master” me and Chris happen to say in unison.

“What do you want?” he asked, stroking it cock with vigor. With intention.

“Master’s cum” we synched up.

“Good boys” he said, repositioning his stance.

His cock looked so juicy. So thick and full. Wet from our juices, probably mostly Chris at this point. Master aimed it at us. Its gazed locked on us. All I could do was stare into his cock hole and wait for our fate to be determined. Our gift was coming, and I couldn’t wait.

“Please Master” Chris begged.

“Please Master” I echoed after him to be a good boy as well.

He continued to pump his cock. Keeping it ready, teasing us.

“Wanting it so bad” he started.

“Yes” we answered quickly.

“Knowing that every drop of cum is so, very, addictive… That you love it so much… That the more you get, and taste… The more you will fall in love with it… The happier you’ll be… The happier, we’ll be…”

“Yes Master” we responded on queue.

“Open up boys” he signaled, his pumping getting a little stronger.

In a flash, a shot fired out, screaming in between me and Chris. He was cumming. Master was cumming. Chris was quick to give in, better presenting his face, his mouth wide open to catch that delicious cum. I mirrored him, shoving my face into the action. Side by side, our mouth formed a net to capture whatever we could of Paul’s magical seed. I kept an eye on Chris, trying to copy him so that I could be a better slut for Master. My friend stuck out his tongue, so I did as well. I saw thick shot land in his mouth. For a moment I could only guess how delicious it must have tasted, but Master was quick to snipe me with a wonderful serving right away.

I made the mistake of closing my mouth to better investigate how it tasted. To test its texture, and whatever else it had to offer. The next shot hit my lips before I understood to keep my mouth open as Chris did. In reaction I opened my mouth, but Master had already decided to aim elsewhere. His cum was soon marking my face. My cheek and my nose, forcing me to close my eyes. I felt some hit my forehead, some spraying onto my chest. When he stopped his barrage, I opened my eyes. He had moved onto Chris, giving me a chance to recover. I couldn’t help but enjoy watching my friend get his treat, licking my lips to clean up the leaking cum.

His cum, it made me so happy? It was pure bliss. It was magic. This was what I needed. What I wanted. This delicious cum. It was my end game. It meant Master was happy. It meant I was happy.

“Clean up my bois” he commanded as he started to run out of ammo. Chris dove in with a big smile. My friend was quick to steal the last drops as he took Paul’s cock into his mouth, helping finish him off with a last blowy. I came in to get a piece as well, again aiming for the base of his cock. Chris and I both looked up to Master for his approval, sucking and licking him clean. I close

“Look at me bois” he called to us, making sure to have our true focus. “Look at me, my, Hypno Bois.”

We stopped what we were doing, and gave him our full attention. It felt like a powerful snap made sure I did as I was told. That even if I didn’t want to stare into his beautiful eyes, I would have.

I gazed into Master’s powerful eyes. I could have done so for eternity. Until he allowed me to look away.

“You both, were such good bois” he praised us. “You are, such good bois… You make Master, so very happy…”

(Making Master happy, makes me happy.)

“You’re both, soooo, amazing… So good, and obedient… Always so willing to do exactly what I ask of you… Knowing that all you need to do, is make me happy… Nothing else… Life with me… With us… Is simple… Easy… Isn’t that right, bois?”

“Yes Master” we answered obediently.

“Good bois” he praised. “Now… Relax, and go clean up… Master will come see you soon.”

“Yes Master” we nodded, smiling as he left.

It took a moment, but Chris soon reacted. As Master disappeared from the room, my friend stood, calling for me to follow. I stood up, observing him for a moment, also a little shocked that Master I just left. As he made his way to a side room, it quickly became apparent that it was a bathroom.

By the time I got there, Chris already had the shower on and was giving it a quick moment to warm up. He would eventually step in, me thinking I’d let him rinse off before he invited me in. For a moment it was sort of weird, but taking a shower with my friend didn’t seem all that weird considering what we had just done together. “I took a shower with my friend Chris, naked” greatly failed in comparison to “Me and my friend Chris sucked some dude off together before we both let him fuck us up the ass to climax.”

Regardless, I jumped into the shower with Chris. Despite the grandeur of this shower, I sort of left him to wash off first, mostly taking advantage of the warm mist projecting onto me until he was done.

“Don’t be long” he said, leaving the shower. His smile suggested he was happy that I had joined him for his slutty escapes.

“I won’t” I answered, to appease his comment.

The heavy waters crashing down on me definitely helped me clean the cum off me, and my used ass hole, but it also gave me a chance to refresh. To reflect.

What had really just happen? Everything started to feel like it was a dream, and I was just waking up from it. Like… I vividly remembered what had just happen. All the stuff I just did with Paul, and Chris. But what didn’t make sense was why. Or how? I literally had zero idea how I had gotten here? It felt like… I had gotten out of bed? And then bam! I was here sitting naked in a bed with Chris ready to get fucked. There was no way it was that simple, but then it was?

Hypnosis. The answer that always seemed to slip my mind. Long enough for the alternative to almost make sense. I felt like a real bimbo realizing it, or perhaps even hating that it might actually have been the reason why this had happened again. Wanting to deny it, all while needing to accept it as an excuse. I didn’t want to just accept that “Yeah, I came here of my own free will to get fucked by a man.” The argument of “He used some magical hypnosis powers to force me” felt a lot better as an excuse, even if it meant accepting that I was weak enough for something like that to happen.

Seriously though, what had happened. My past was all blank, like I had been hit by a truck and come out of a coma. I remember taking a shower, cause I probably did? And then… I left my cabin? Because I probably did? Then… Then… Nothing? Then I was sitting naked on a bed. In front of Paul.

Did he find me? …

Exiting the shower, I’d quickly find something stranger than my missing of memories. A case of missing clothing. I didn’t quite dawn on me till I reentered the bedroom. I was expecting to find it somewhere. Maybe not on the bed, but on the floor? By the door? Nothing.

“I guess I’ll wear a towel?” I accepted, kneeling down to check if maybe it was under the bed.

“Searching for something?” a voice leaked into the room, startling me.

Paul I thought. Paul?!

“P-MAstER?!” I half shouted, startled by the approaching voice. I turned to notice Paul had come back to see me, and so quickly.

“Something the matter?” he checked again.

“No no” responded. “Just, uh, looking for my clothing.”

“Oh? … And, why would you need that?” he replied, giving me a moment to torment on the idea. “Just joking… Hm… Perhaps, you left it in the master room…” he suggested with a smile.

“Oh? Maybe?” I replied back. To be fair, I had no idea what I was even searching for. If I found someone else’s gear I might even just equip that. I got up, and carefully approached Paul, as a consequence of him being in the doorway exiting this room. “And the master room, would be… where?”

For some reason I was starting to get a bad feeling about being here. As if this lovy-dovy feeling I was having for the 3P household was wearing off. Or more so, that I was getting scared. Scared that I was so comfortable here. With what was happening.

“Turn left, and all the way to the end of the hallway” he complied, still smiling.

Seemed pretty suspicious, my skeptical self determined. However, he did move our of the doorway, as if you signal me through. I smiled awkwardly, something telling me I should pretend to be infatuated around him.

“Thank you” I told him with a nod. “Master” I added quickly, walking past him. I considered that I any moment, he might try something on me, but nothing came. I could feel my heart pounding, but I quickly turned to the left and aimed down the hall to get to the master bedroom.

Paul seemed pretty comfortable with letting me, leave. Considering what had just happen, not only did it seem like a good idea to escape while I could. It would seem I had the bonus of being cloaked by false obedience. Well, at least for now. Unfortunately I quickly encountered my next challenge. Looking ahead into the master seemed to be two men talking. Two men, whom I’d safely venture a guess that I knew who they were. Peter, and Pierre.

I presented myself to the entrance in silence, thinking that maybe I’d be better off just running away without my clothing. However, it might look awfully suspicious if Paul noticed me randomly avoiding the master bedroom. Inside, Peter and Pierre were sitting half naked on the bed’s edge. Probably planning their next evil move.

“What do we have here?” one of the men spoke up, the one whom was most likely Peter. “Long time no see… I thought Paul might never be done with you.”

“Yeah, uh… Just, looking for some clothing” I answered, somewhat avoiding the conversation. “Paul said it might be here?”

“Oh?” Pierre replied somewhat confused, eventually taking a gander around the room. “Hm… I’m sure we can find you something to wear” he said, standing up. “One of these bottoms might be yours.”

Peter arose as well, both men revealing that they were simply wearing tight brief underwear. Admittedly, I was beginning to understand how much bigger briefs made your junk look. It made things sort of, shoot out, at you… Also frustrated that I was noticing such details.

“Recognize any?” Pierre asked, reaching down to pick up a pair of yellow bottoms. “These ones?”

“These ones?” Peter tried with another pair, these ones blue. I couldn’t answer, as I honestly had no idea. “No? Well, no matter… Now that you are here… I don’t see any reason in you putting any on” he said, feeding me a wink and a smile with his comment.

That now all too familiar hybrid pulse of danger and arousal rushed through. I froze, suddenly feeling so frazzled. I was being targeted again, and my trump card wouldn’t work so well against a direct approach such as this one.

“P-Peharps, you’re right” I tried. “Might not be necessary” I added, casually trying to back out of the room. But before I could come up with a clever excuse as to why I was going to leave without claiming what I had come here in search for, I felt a bump. Or rather, I felt a big man behind me, blocking my escape. Paul.

“Leaving so soon?” he asked, his smile greeting me as I turned to confirm who it was.

I was caught in between a rock, and few hard places now.

“Was, just going to join Chris?” I tried.

“Chris can wait” he replied, his expression not giving away whether he believe me, or called my bluff. Regardless, he didn’t seem to care. His eyes suggested he wanted me. Their eyes, suggested I wasn’t leaving this room without paying my dues. “Jese… Be a good, Hypno Boi… And join us… Will you?”

A pulse snapped me into a state I didn’t understand, but one that I knew. One that I was familiar with. An, obedient state. I could not say no.

“Sure” I nodded, turning back towards Peter and Pierre whom were patiently standing at the bed’s edge. “I can stay a little while.”

“Good boy” Paul praised, giving me a gentle push towards his friends, following closely behind.

Entering the Bermuda triangle of the 3P’s, I quickly got the vibe that things weren’t going to end too well for me. Well, at least my end would be fantastic one. Peter and Pierre were already pushing their bottoms down their legs, their half hard cocks out to help bully me into submission. I’m sure it wouldn’t be long before Paul’s briefs joined the graveyard of underwear and speedos on the bedroom floor.

“Be a good hypno boi, and kneel” Paul commanded. “Let your sense take over” he added, a waistband suddenly stretching around my forehead. It quickly became apparent that Paul was turning some underwear into a makeshift blindfold. Judging by their warmth, they were fresh off his body.

I could feel their weight stepping around me, my mind left to draw the picture of the 3P’s circling me like vultures. ready to claim their meal. And the sad thing was? I had zero desire to escape. I fully wanted to understand what they could do to me. I was prepared to offer myself as their meal.

“See yourself, becoming a true slut Jese” he instructed, my wrists suddenly taken and pulled up. My hands quickly landed on a set of thick cocks. I took a deep breath, also imagining the cocks in my hands, before eventually sizing them out with some rhythmic strokes, their hands overlapping mine to help guide me. “Good boi… Good hypno boi…” Paul praised me, the other two letting out some appreciative groans. Let us guide you, on your path to enlightenment.

“Such a hypno slut” Peter moaned.

“Such a good hypno slut” Pierre repeated.

(I am a hypno boi. I, am a hypno slut.)

“Let our voices… And our cocks… Guide you into submission… Into, bliss…” he sang to me. I could hear his voice circling me. Around the back of Pierre whom was probably still standing to my left. His voice seemed distant for a moment, before returning. It sounded like he had taken a spot between the other two. “Let pleasure, this pleasure, corrupt you… Understand, how good it is for you… For us… Understand how happy it makes you… How happy, it makes us… Knowing that all you need to do… Is listen… Obey… And be a good boi… A good hypno boi… A good, hypno, slut…”

I nodded, before a hand at my cheek took control. I felt a thumb slide into my mouth, prying my mouth open. I could feel a size approaching. A warmth. Something was soon pressing at my mouth. Something soft, familiar. A cock, surely, Paul’s cock.

I opened wide, and accepted it. I let it enter. I let it push in.

“Suck” Paul simply commanded, a hand pulling at my head. I immediately responded, never forgetting to stroke the other cocks I was responsible for. Doing my best to massage and pleasure them while I learned a good technique for sucking off Paul. Thankfully the three all helped guide me in my respective tasks.

“Good slut” he praised. “Such a good hypno slut… You love being such a good hypno slut, don’t you Jese?”

“Glrp-” was about the best he was going to get for an answer, my mouth not ready to leave his cock.

“Good boy” he laughed, beginning to add some gentle thrusts into my mouth.

“My turn” I heard Peter, Paul’s cock suddenly retreating from my mouth. It was immediately replaced with another rock hard cock as my head was turned to the left. Paul and Peter exchanged possession of my hand so that I could jerk off Paul while I sucked Peter. “Yes. Such a good mouth my slut. Such a good hypno slut.”

I put all my focus into Peter’s cock, wanting his approval as well. Relying on The other two to guide my hands. To give them direction, so that managing their cocks could become instinct. Listening for their groans and moans to make sure I was appeasing all three.

I wanted to look them in the eyes. I wanted to confirm with their expressions that I was making them happy. That I was a good hypno slut, but I couldn’t. I was left in the prison of my mind. Left to paint the scene. To color myself as a hypno slut. To frame myself on my knees, blindfolded, servicing these three big cocks.

(I could see them. Smiling. Moaning. Loving this. It made me happy. I knew I was doing a good job. I just needed to be a good hypno slut. That was all I needed to do.)

I felt my mouth being exchanged again, this time to Pierre. My hands were traded once more, from Paul’s cock to Peter’s, and Pierre’s to Paul’s. The three always making sure their cocks were being looked after. Helping me through the transitions. Always making sure that I wasn’t lost to the darkness of underwear. Each taking turns to praise me. Each taking a chance to sew their words into me. I could barely focus on their words, but they were bombarding me with them. I was too busy with their cocks. I could just understand the gist of it.

(I was a good hypno slut)

“Not too hard Jese” Pierre warned. “Wouldn’t want me to cum too fast, would you? I want to save it for your ass.”

He popped his cock out of my mouth, giving me a chance to breath. To recover.

“What are you boy?” Paul asked.

“A good hypno slut” I answered.

“And what do, good hypno sluts, do?” he checked.

“They listen, and obey” I answered. Not needing to think about it. It came instantly. Without effort.

“And what matters?” he checked.

“Making my Masters happy” I answered.

“Good” Paul praised. “Such a good hypno slut” he added, his voice distancing itself from me. “Come” he ordered.

I stood up, making sure to keep hold of the other two cocks still begging for my attention.

“Yes Master” I replied, pulling Peter and Pierre with me. As if these lost cocks did not know where they needed to be. Although, they seemed quite happy to follow.

“Men” Paul called out. “Present him to me.”

Suddenly, I felt arms swooping under my legs and around my back. Before I could understand what was happening, I was being lifted off my feet and into the arms of Peter and Pierre. They leaned me onto my back, lifting and spreading my legs. I reached down to find their cocks, a smile spreading across my face when we were reunited.

“Let’s have a taste” was the last thing I heard before a wet, slimy tongue started to reclaim my ass. One of his hands grabbed my junk to move it out of the way, the other taking grip of my cheeks to help position me.

His tongue divided my cheeks, up and down the crack. Teasing my ring for only a short moment before he dove in. Long, strong lashes up my hole. Repeatedly striking it as I relaxed in the arms of his servants whom took every opportunity to tease me. To whisper into my ears. To take full advantage of every moment.

“That’s it boy. Enjoy yourself…”

“Yes. Give in, to the pleasure…”

“No worries… No thoughts… Just pleasure… Nothing else… Pleasure… Its all, that matters…”

“Just pleasure… Accept it… Enjoy it…”

I didn’t need any convincing. That tongue felt wonderful. Being molested in such a way, I never knew till now how much I needed it. How much better it was to just surrender to men. Suspended in mid air, presented to a man’s tongue so he could eat me out. Focusing back on his tongue, I was pretty sure it had slipped in my ass. In, and out. Aggressively fucking my ass now, lubricating it with his saliva.

Surely, preparing me…

“Jese” one of the voices called. I turned to give him my attention, but it was my lips he wanted, and soon another tongue was invading my holes.

“Jese” the other voice called. I understood to turn its way, and yet another tongue got its turn with me.

“Come. I need a kiss” Paul spoke again, his tongue finally retreating from my legs.

Paul quickly repositioned his hands to help direct my rear down into his lap. The other men leaned me forward again so I could land on my knees so I could straddle Paul. He kept up high for a moment, one hand leaving me to help him aim before he finally pulled me down.

“Sit boy” he commanded, not giving me any time to respond before I felt a fat cock head poking at my ass. “Sit” he repeated, his tip bouncing on my hole.

The slick path he had left soon helped his cock inside, the mushroom head sliding in.

“Fuck” I moaned, as if muttering my defeat. Again. My ass had been claim by cock, again.

“Down boy” he commanded, his hands gripping the sides of my thighs. Pulling me down, but being in a position to help slow my descent if needed. “Down… All the way down…”

Inch after inch. The moment seemed to last an eternity. As if there was no end to this cock. Just another inch waiting to claim me. I swear, one more inch and it might pop back out my mouth. Finally, my soft ass would land in his lap.

“Holy shit” I moaned, finally breaking from my quiver that had stunned me.

A moment to settle before his lips silenced me. Not all that long though, because it seemed Paul rather throw me up and down his cock. He started to pull me back up, then-

“Down” he repeated. Down into his lap. Back up, then-

“Down” he repeated. Again and again, till the sound of ass slapping into his lap could have probably have been heard across the house. Along with my moans.

“Who am I?” Paul asked.

“My MA-s-Ster” I cried.

“And what are you?” he asked.

“Your Hy- Hypno- SluT!” I replied.

“Good boy” he praised. “Be a slut. All you need to do, is be a good slut.”

I smiled. Yes. A slut. A good hypno slut. Is all I needed to be.

Paul wrapped his arm around me, pulling us down onto the bed. I was quickly met with a hand at my chin as I took position over Paul, something soft and familiar poking at my mouth again. While Paul started to curve up into me, leaving my ass floating in place, a new male had positioned himself to getting some loving from my mouth. The third male would quickly claim one of my hands, the threesome of hypnotist always ensuring that their needs were being met.

Paul’s thick rod sliding up and into me. Another fat cock fucking my mouth. The last demanding that my hand babysit it. These three had made me their fuck doll, and I loved it. The only reason I couldn’t moan my satisfaction, was because of the thick penis trying to make its way down my throat.

“Such a good slut” Paul praised, gripping my hips tight. “So happy. So willing to serve. Loving serving. Loving, pleasure.”

Absolutely I was, but before I could get too accustomed to this new position, another cock was demanding to feel my hole.

I was lifted off Paul’s cock, and swung to his left side. The male there spun my legs around towards the bed’s edge, then quickly spread them.

“Lay back. Relax” he suggested, Paul moving out of the way. Focused on him now, it seemed like this was Peter.

“Yes Sir” I replied, laying back before Peter shoved my ass towards him at the edge of the bed. No sooner, was another cock knocking at my door. Thanks to Paul, the door had been left wide open because Peter’s cock entered without protest.

“Yes. So nice. So tight” he moaned, not showing much mercy as he immediately stared to pump his thick rod into me. “Fuck. This ass was so worth it.”

My body shifted along the sheets, sliding as he pumped his prick into me. His body pounding into the. His balls and my cock commencing a symphony of music as they slapped around. I had a few moans to add lyrics to the song, but the last male, was quick to silence me. Pierre’s cock dug down into my mouth, his heavy balls pressing down into my face.

Lucky I had this blindfold to protect me.

Soon enough, the two were in rhythm, Peter’s cock destroying my ass, Pierre cock claiming the depths of my mouth.

“This is your destiny Jese” Paul spoke, grabbing onto my package. “This is what you seek… Nothing else… Just happiness… And no one, can offer it, like we can…” he continued, stroking my strangely barely erect cock to size.

I could have swore I was rock hard. Like I could have cum any moment, yet, I was strangely soft? Thick, but soft? Regardless, his hand quickly summoned my full length, and attention.

“Understand this pleasure Jese” he said, stroking my cock, slowly yet firmly. “Understand, this bliss. Understand, what we can offer. What others can’t.”

His words hit deep. About as deep as the cocks pumping into my ass and mouth while he explained it to me.

“Understand, where you belong. With us” he finished.

The cock in my mouth retreated, Pierre dragging his balls down my chin as he crawled forward. I could feel his being spin around, mounting my hips. Surely with a smile. Paul held my length up high for him, a familiar ass pressing itself down onto me again. Pierre’s hole soon swallowed my cock, his tight insides sliding down my length till he was sitting in my lap. Peter had slowed his pace while his friend got into position, but once they were ready their double team began. And if that wasn’t already difficult enough, I could sense Paul shifting around to my mouth.

Before I could cry for help, Paul’s fat cock plugged my throat again, and the three unleashed their ultimate attack on me.

Peter went back to pumping his wonder stick deep into my ass. Smashing his body into the bottom of my ass without mercy, holding my legs up in the air spread to access every inch he could. Pierre quickly popping up and down my cock, not needing much time to warm up. And Paul cleaning his cock in my mouth, continuing to sing his song.

“This, is bliss. This, is your dream” he shined down upon his new boy. “There is no need to run… We will protect you… Trust in us, Jese… You can relax around us… … Jese, be, ours…”

This was bliss. What was better than this. A pleasure stick wrecking my ass. A tight ass working my cock. And a perfect cock shoved in my mouth. Bliss. This, was it. I swear, this was all I needed. If they didn’t stop.

“That’s it Jese. Give up” Pierre interrupted Paul. He must have sensed it. He must have sensed my weakness. My stiffness. “Cum. Deep in my ass.”

I started to quiver.

“Yes Jese” Paul took control again. “Surrender. Cum!”

My body bucked, then I felt Peter slam up into me.

“CUM!” the three sung.

My body went wild. My cock had never been so stiff. My ass started to constrict and spasm on Peter’s cock.

“Fuck!” Peter cried, suddenly thrusting his cock in me with a rush of vigor. “So tight- Have to- Cum!”

“Surrender JESE!” Paul commanded.

(I was. I was!)

I held Pierre’s hips, and pounded into them, unloading my seed into him. He didn’t stop his rhythm either, his ass milking my cock for every drop of cum it had. And if that wasn’t enough, I felt a warmth begin to shoot into my ass.

“I’m cumming” Peter moaned, powerful thrusts helping him battle through his climax. If the heat in my ass didn’t make his orgasm obvious enough, his porn like groans sure did.

“Fuck- Me too-” Pierre cried, his ass suddenly squeezing my cock even harder than before. A few pops of his ass later, I felt a shot of cum hit my chest. Then another, and another. One even sniped my chin.

Soon, the room was filled with the panting of three sluts whom had to compose themselves of their climax, but my task wasn’t yet done. I still had a very hard cock demanding my attention.

“You’re not done yet, boy” Paul reminded me, his heavy cock slapping my face. “Beg for it. Tell me how bad you want Master’s cum.”

“Please Master” I begged, hearing him stroking his length. “I want your cum.”

“How bad?” he asked.

“So bad Master” I answered.

“You want this?” he asked, finally gracing me with my vision as he pulled the blindfold off my head.

It took me a moment to adjust to the light, but the first thing I eventually identified was his fat cock head looming. His pumping up and down the length of his throbbing cock. I could his veigns swelling, displaying that he was as firm as he could get.

“Yes Master. Please!” I begged. “I want your cum so badly.”

“What are you?” he asked.

“A good hypno slut” I replied.

“Good boy” he smiled down upon me, a few groans to follow before the show began.

Paul aimed his cock down at me. He helped me tilt my head back to let his cock dive into my mouth just as his cum erupted. I immediately tasted his warm, salty cum loading my mouth. I obedient let it fill my mouth as he pumped his cock some more.

“Such a good slut” he praised, panting through his orgasm. He pulled out early, still pumping away. I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out to catch what else I could, closing my eyes in the process for self defense.

I could feel some cum hit tongue, hooking it back into my mouth as I went for a healthy swallow of what I had harvested.

“Good slut” Pierre praised, gently slapping mouth as he smiled at me, still riding me on what stiffness I had left. I smiled back, thinking I had done good. That I was a good slut. That I made Pierre happy, and Peter. And Paul.

“Good boy Jese… Such a good boy” Paul whispered. “You’ve done so very well… Remember this pleasure… But for now… You can rest… You must be so, very tired… So just rest… Sleep… Sleep Jese… Sleeeep….”

This, was perfection. This, was pure bliss. This, was why Chris had forgotten about me…

Chris never needed my help. I, needed his…

I closed my eyes… And drifted away…

I didn’t want to leave this dream, but I was being called back to the real world.

“Good morning boys” Master Paul greeted me. No, us.

“Morning Master” Chris was quick to greet.

“Morning, Master” I copied, wiping the sleep from my eyes.

“How did you guys sleep?” he asked, a smile on his face.

“Good” Chris beat me again.

"Good I echoed.

“Good” Paul responded. “I’m glad.”

“I presume you’ll both be joining us for breakfast?” Paul checked.

“Yes” Chris and I responded, our sync a little off as he was once again the quicker of us too.

“Excellent” he confirmed his appreciation. “Mhm… Your matching collars look cute.”

“Thanks” Chris nodded back.

I took a moment to check around my neck. There was something. Indeed a collar. I suppose it made sense, as I belonged to my Masters.

Master Paul would take off a head of us. I sort of continued to copy Chris as we begun our morning routine. I made my way to shower after him, catching a glimpse of myself in the mirror as I entered. The collar catching my attention. A black leather strap around my neck, with a golden tag hanging off the front.

“3P” it read, with a “Jese” on the reverse side.

This was my collar. I couldn’t help but smile. It made me happy.

“Thanks Master” I mumble to myself, slipping my thong off before slipping into the shower.

“Today should be fun…”

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