The First 7 In The Restaurant

By MenFeces
published January 12, 2020

Handsome men were invited to Enrique’s restaurant where they got drugged by stinking shit and more than willing to give all their money to keep being fed with men feces

The First 7 In The Restaurant–The Restaurant Series 1

Part I

Enrique is a real estate CEO into shit eating, and of course he knew how tasty shit is, so one day he opened a restaurant for men only in an area of gyms which was usually visited by muscular men and invited 7 of his guests for the free opening treat, all of whom are in their 20s or 30s with handsome looks and are especially particular at food.

Sven, Mike, Ricky, Levine, Derrick, Mathew and Kevin, invited by Enrique,arrived at the restaurant on the certain day, all of whom were actually surprised because they didn’t expect Enrique should open a restaurant in such a gymnastic area with all muscular men around, but anyway they came in and was met with Enrique’s greeting.

“Welcome! My friends, to my restaurant, now just come in, and I promise the delicacy won’t let you down!”

“I hope so, cause I will be mad if it’s not tasty.” Sven, a successful businessman joked.

“Sure you’ll enjoy it, all of you.”

The restaurant was middle-sized with the main dining lobby able to hold 30 tables and there are 2 bars on each side of the hall offering varieties of drinks and snakes; there were also another 3 rooms and one was now used to treat the 7 men, who complimented the decorations and designing of the restaurant. But what they didn’t know was that there was one more floor under their feet specially designed by Enrique to be the kitchen. And where does food come from? The big muscular butts above the plates of tens of men and the inlets of the area’s drainage system would tell you the answer. The room was number 201, and was already set up well when Enrique led his guests into the very dining room.

"Now please excuse me for a while, and enjoy the appetizer on the table."Enrique said with a perfect smile.

On the table were a glass of light yellow liquid giving out tempting smell and a bowl of thick brown porridge looking so delicious.And each of the 7 found their positions to sit down. At first the 7 found some topics to talk about and didn’t do anything to the appetizer,but slowly,there’s some strange stinky smell in the room that they found familiar but still payed no attention to.

"This smells really nice."Mathew,one banker took his bottle,sniffing and said and started drinking,looking so enticed.

And Derrick,a body builder,also commented about the porridge with his mouth full of the food:“You must try the porridge!It’s unbelievably delicious!”

The rest of the men proceeded to eating curiously, and they immediately found how tasty the food and drink was!The acidic smell of the drink and the earthy sticky feculant taste of the porridge made it the best appetizer they have ever ate! And there’re some corns and beans in the porridge that they chewed greedily and hungrily until they were turned into slimes as the rest of the porridge that filled their mouth.To savor more, all of the 7 kept the food in their mouths, slowly chewed and savored long before swallowing it down their throats.And the stinky smell in the room was getting stronger when they rest on the chairs enjoying the aftertaste in their mouth.

"That is so delicious!"Mike,a CFO of a big firm, said with satisfaction on his face.

"Yeah,I just wonder how Enrique made such a yummy porridge! "Kevin said while he sniffed the bowl for more of the enticing stinks.

Only one out of the 7 frowned who’s kind of regretful because the smell and taste reminded him of something called shit, but he couldn’t believe he should eat shit so greedily and enjoy the foul smell. “Gentlemen.” Levine opened his mouth with puzzlement, “Did you find the smell similar to…”

Just before he said anything more, Enrique walked into the room and looked satisfied when turning his eyes at the empty bowls and glasses on the table. “Seems like you gentlemen enjoyed my appetizer.” Enrique smiled.

"This is so tasty!And we’re just wondering how you could cook such delicacy! "

“Well, you’ll soon find out in the main course and you’ll love it more and more!” Enrique said and snapped!

In walked 7 muscular men totally naked with big penises and huge butts and the stinks in the room is getting heavier and heavier.

All of the 7 men stared at Enrique stunned and stood up,but before they could make any more reactions,they were suddenly pushed back to the chairs by an unknown strength and their feet and hands were quickly tied to the chairs by ropes coming out from the chairs automatically. All of them glared at Enrique, shouting:“What are you doing!Let us out!”

“Well,gentlemen, just calm down, aren’t you interested in what you were just eating? Well, now I am going to tell you the answer–it’s shit!”

The 7 looked totally disgusted; they looked down into the bowls at the brown stains that were licked hungrily by them and the shitty aftertaste was still in their mouth. With stronger stinks in the room,they were gradually turned on but still stared at Enrique in anger:“Let us go now! And we’ll file a lawsuit against you and the damn restaurant!”

“Don’t worry, gentlemen, I’ll definitely release you later. But remember what you all came here for?” As he was saying, the 7 muscular men stepped onto the table, which was large enough to hold them, and squatted down, putting their big butts in front of the 7 customers’ heads respectively although their victims struggled very hard and turned their heads away with curses in mouth. Their feeding men just writhed their smelly asses to make sure each of the handsome men would still smell the strong stinks given out by their delicious assholes.

“What do you think you are doing! Now let me go or I will kill you after I get out!” Levine shouted loudly and struggled hard to avoid inhaling the stinks.

“Well, Levine, I’m sure you’ll have more fun than anyone else later. But now! Gentlemen! Enjoy the feast!”

“No!!!” All the 7 men shouted out but the anuses of the muscular guards’ huge butts rapidly moved right towards their open mouths and stinking hot men excrement gushed right into the men’s mouths and quickly filled them. The 7 guards hadn’t defecated for more than 10 days, so the stink is irresistible and their excrement was so stinky and tasty.

At first, all the 7 men were struggling heavily but their bodies were trapped in the chairs and their heads were held tight to the guards’ asses by their strong hands. Putrid stinking shit was continually pushed into their mouth. They tried in vain to spit out shit in their mouths and close their mouths but gradually as the tasty stinking shit was savored by their taste buds, their struggles weakened and moans of pleasure and sounds of chewing shit rose now and then.

Mike and Kevin, two successful businessmen in their suits and ties first stopped struggling who were also in delirium when eating the appetizer. Both of them were now treated with hot fresh semi-hard shit. They just struggled a little at first but then couldn’t help but chewing turds and savoring the extraordinary taste of the rancid and earthy men deposit. Both of them started to groan, half-chewed shit slimes dripped out of their mouths, but more was swallowed into their stomachs. Their bodies were untied and their corresponding feeding men let go of their heads and put all the attention on pushing out filthy excrement in their guts. Sensing they would be fed more delicious food, Mike and Kevin quickly wrapped their released hands around the muscular thighs of the guards and buried their head deep into the stinking asscracks of the two big butts, licking and sucking for more.

"mmmmmh,how delicious,mmmmh."Mike moaned with mouth full of feces.

“Yeah,more,come more delicacy.” Kevin yearned while licking the stinking asspuckers hungrily.

On seeing this, the other five men struggled even harder. “See? I said I would let you go, but at that time, I’m afraid you won’t be willing to leave the tasty asses!” Enrique laughed.

Sensing harder struggle from the rest 5, the guards started rubbing their faces while shitting, smearing their handsome customers’ faces all over with shit, producing stronger and stronger stench to tempt these handsome men.

Gradually, Sven, Ricky and Derrick stopped resisting and chewed and swallowed the delicacy greedily. All of them were untied so that they would have more pleasure by having those huge butts sitting on their face feeding.

Sven was fed with semisoft spicy shit with many particles of peppers and it’s very bitter cause his feeding guard had eaten lots of meat for his treat. He chewed slowly to savor every ingredient in the bitter spicy shit, and moaned soft-voicedly with enjoyment with his mouth filled while burying his handsome face in the tasty asscrack sniffing hot shit stinks. Ricky was fed with soft shit while Derrick enjoyed firm shit. Ricky’s feeder seemed to have digestion problems because there were many undigested ingredients in his shit. A needle mushrooms that just showed up a little out of the feeder’s anus, Ricky immediately moved his mouth right to the open anus, sucking, then soft undigested shit flooded into his mouth. And since the 2 sat right next to each other, their feeders exchanged their positions now and then so Ricky and Derrick could enjoy a mixture of shit, which made them more and more horny.

Enrique then turned to Mathew and Levine, who were still in struggle, trying not to be enticed by the delicacy although they both couldn’t help but chewing and swallowing the delicious food, but time was not tight for Enrique, and he would make the two finally addicted to shit eating. He snapped and the two’s feeders moved their asses away from the victims, but stayed not far away. Mathew and Levine both glared at Enrique with shit smeared all over their face.

“You’ll have to pay for this! My body guards will come here if I lost contact with them and you’ll be damned !” Mathew said in rage, exposing his teeth shit-coated.

Enrique smiled:"Are you sure your body guards won’t be treated with some delicious drinks and foods? Well,anyway, by that time,you will have called them off. Feed him!"Enrique ordered his guards.

The 3 new guards plus the former one immediately put Mathew back on the table, turned their backs at Mathew and defecated into his mouth in turn.Their shit was differently tasted, spicy, bitter, full of nuts, and really stinky, making the mixed excrement irresistibly mouthwatering! Just seconds later, Mathew couldn’t resist shit anymore. He started to chew the mouthful mixed turds with strong stench in his mouth and moaned in pleasure:“Yeah,man,this is so stinking! Yeah!mmmmh,how delicious!mmmmh!” He rubbed his face in the shitty asscrack and hungrily licked the tasty puckers, moaning in ecstasy.

“Now it’s your turn.” Enrique turned to Levine.

“You can’t do anything to me. I have eaten shit from your guard’s fucking anus, but I’m not enticed like them. Shit does not not work on me! And I promise you I’ll take my revenge!” Levine, a handsome muscular bodybuilder with shit all over his face said in extreme anger.

“Your revenge? Are you going to feed me with shit as well? Well, that’s what I’m hoping for!” Enrique laughed, “And you know why you were not addicted? That’s because you haven’t tasted shit from a shit eater!”

Enrique suddenly put his own pants off, showing his big shit-smeared muscular ass, stepped onto the table and sat directly at Levine’s face, his unbelievably stinking anus aiming at Levine’s mouth. The stink was so strong that Levine started to faint and the whole room was in a hornier and nastier ambience with the mixed shit smell and men smell.

“I promise you the recycled shit tastes much better and you won’t regret it!”

"No!!!!"With Levine’s scream, his mouth was shoved open widely by the guard and the numerous-time recycled feces was squeezed directly into his mouth.

The shit is hot stinking, very sticky and unbelievably tasty! Levine struggled for less than one second and couldn’t resist the delicacy anymore! He was voraciously chewing now. The hot turds was hard on the surface but soft on the inside and when it was bit into pieces, the stinks just became stronger and stronger in his mouth, making Levine more hungry and more greedy.

Enrique rested all his weight on Levine’s face, feeling him desperately bury his face into his arse, licking and sucking his reeking asshole for more and more stinking men excrement. So he just kept pushing tasty stinking turds to make sure Levine chewed with his mouth full of the enticing men excrement. “Yes! Eat it! You faggot! Eat all my shit!” Enrique butt-rubbed Levine’s handsome face.

Part II

After this session, Enrique let go of the 7 handsome men, 3 of who, unable to resist their deep hunger for shit, went back to the restaurant for more excrement and were already willing to give all their assets to Enrique just to be under men anuses, but the rest four, Derrick, Mike, Mathew and Kevin did not and they tried very hard to forget this experience. They kept themselves busy but out of shame, they did not fight against Enrique. However, what they had no idea was that Enrique wouldn’t let his customers go unless he thinks they were full serviced.

Derrick and Mike were two handsome and muscular bodybuilders who worked in 2 gyms. After they woke up finding themselves in the gym at night naked with stinking shit smeared all over their bodies, they were disgusted; they quickly cleaned themselves up and pretended like nothing has happened.

Just the next day Derrick went into the stinking men’s room to shit. He saw a muscular man walking right out of a stall without any sound of flushing and he immediately realized what happened! This guy didn’t flush the bowl! And the strong enticing fresh shit stench in the air was telling him that it must be a huge dump.As if he’s under a delicious man butt sniffing greedily for stench! Trying to tell himself it’s wrong, but the stench was so heavy that Derrick was feeling light-headed. He slowly walked to the stall, following stronger and stronger shit stinks. Quickly this muscular handsome man found out the bowl was dry and there piled a huge lump of brown turds giving out tantalizing stinks and waiting to be gobbled down.

“Just smell it for a second and then flush this fucking dump!” Derrick told himself, not noticing his watering mouth and drooling penis. He knelt down and decided to just take a sniff and leave. But he mistook how hungry he’s for shit. He totally failed to resist and instinctively sticked out his tongue into the ripe filthy men feces. It’s still hot on the inside and tasted so delicious. The moment he realized what he’s doing, he’s already chewing shit with his mouth filled and masturbating.

The strong rancid taste overwhelmed him with intense shit reek. Derrick moaned in lust, he lost control and chewed in such delirium that he didn’t notice that muscular man appeared behind him. This man stripped down his pants with hot fresh shit smell filling this small cubicle, he turned his back at Derrick and said:“Seems like you faggot really enjoy fucking men turds huh?”

Derrick was alerted, he immediately turned back, only to bury his face into the stinking man asscrack with his mouth right at the wide-open stinking anus. The stench of fresh and old feces smelt drooling. Instinctively, this muscular man sticked out his tongue into the enticing shit-filled hole, amounts of hot fresh turds flooding into his mouth……

There in the small cubicle in this stinky men’s room, Derrick signed the contract under a tasty stinking man ass.

The same thing happened to the other lucky handsome bodybuilder Mike as well. When he’s shitting in a stall, he heard another man coming into the stall right next to him shitting. At first he didn’t think too much about it, but quickly, unbelievably potent shit stench was pervaded from the next stall and Mike instantly retched out of disgust. He frowned and covered his nose but the strong smell just reminded him of being fed by Enrique’s guards, which gradually made him hungry again. What the hell was I doing to eat shit from a man ass?! He was vexed and chagrined but he didn’t notice that his penis was slowly erecting and precumming. The man in the next cubicle seemed to have finished but to Mike’s astonishment, he didn’t’ flush when leaving! The stench remained strong, and Mike couldn’t help but inhaling it and he’s thinking how strong the stench would be when he bowed his head into the bowl. Just as he’s about to leave, a second man came into the stall and quickly sounds of him stripping down pants and defecating rose with even stronger stench filling Mike’s nostril. He wanted to get out of the cubicle but the stench was so seducing and mouthwatering. It could be heard that the second man made a huge pile and he quickly left the cubicle without flushing too with the third man entering into the cubicle to defecate! The stench was now stronger and stronger as the third man in the next cubicle producing stinking creamy shit. Mike was now totally mesmerized while inhaling the enticing reek and masturbating. When the third man opened the door, he couldn’t hold any longer. Mike instantly opened the door and he saw it’s a muscular guy leaving, which made him even more horny.

Without delay, he went into the next cubicle to find the former dry broken bowl was totally full and a huge pile of stinking men turds bumped out of the bowl! It seemed the first two men left huge hard turds and the third man drenched the shit pile with creamy suckable shit. Mike’s hunger has never been stronger. Unable to wait for one for second, he knelt down, burying his face into the hot stinking shit pile and slurped. The turds was still hot and so rancid and acidic, making this handsome man moan in deep lust. While he’s feasting so hungrily, a muscular man whose ass was filled with stinking turds appeared behind him. There, in the stinking cubicle, greedily eating shit under a man ass, Mike signed the contract.

Mathew was a handsome successful banker. He’s also becoming more and more horny as time went by and he tried to hinder his lust. He’s driving in a desolate place in west America when he found it bad to piss so he pulled over in a deserted outhouse with one board saying trucker’s dumping area where there seemed no one. Just as he entered, the strong stench of stale foul shit hit his nose and he saw there’s no bowl but one shit pool filled with old reeking turds. Two muscular truckers were squatting right along the shit pit, their huge dirty asses squeezing brown turds into the huge shit dump, which piled up directly to their dirty asses. The stench was irresistible, though trying to tell him himself it’s wrong, Mathew couldn’t help but inhaling the strong stinks. He took a deep breath of the mix of fresh and old turds with his penis slowly erected, starting to picturing himself licking the two truckers’ anuses. And sure enough, Mathew suddenly became aware of his hard penis struggling to get out from his trousers. With the growing stench Mathew mumbled, he felt light-headed. Unable to think, as if penis-lead, Mathew took out his wallet in a quick manner and gave 3 hundred bucks to the truckers:" Feed me your shit please sir!" And as he got closer to the truckers, the stink became much stronger and he couldn’t help but touching his penis. He looked totally horny and hungry. The 2 truckers looked at each other and smiled, but Mathew failed to notice the malice in their eyes.

Mathew lied on the ground. One trucker squatted over him and instantly, Matthew sticked his tongue into the trucker’s hot shitty asshole, moaning in lust as he tatsted the rancid shit residues on the ass. He hungrily sucked the reeking anus, begging:" Please, feed me shit!" This hungry man was in such lust and hunger for satiny turds. The butt complied and abundant stinking turds gushed right into his mouth. Mathew slurped the earthy stench. The trucker’s turds was hard and chewable. After a while, the other trucker took over and defecated soft brown shit into his mouth, filling that greedy mouth and shitting all over Mathew’s face. “Yaaaaaaas!!! So delicious….” Mathew moaned out loud. The stench was raw and enticing. Mathew chewed in ecstasy. His clean white suit was now smeared all with brown shit. They ripped his pants down, exposing his wet penis which was quickly sucked hard by one trucker, making this businessman more and more horny.

Suddenly there’s sound of trucks parking, which immediately alerted Matthew.

“Stop! There’s someone coming!” Matthew got his clear mind on a little, struggling to get up.

“No worry, Sir, it seemed you could really get fed by tens of men today.” The two truckersd said and to keep their handsome eater enticed, they quickly scooped a huge pile of the putrid foul turds from the shit pool and crammed it into Mike’s mouth then went on defecating delicious fresh shit, the malodorous rotten stench mixed with fresh turds overwhelmed this handsome guy. “Mmmmmmmmmm.” He chewed greedily with his mouth kept filled with old foul turds. And as said, 14 muscular truckers walked in andstood around Matthew, their stench fiercely hitting this handsome man’s nose.

“Sir, looks look your wallet is going to be emptied now.” The trucker feeding him splayed the wallet on Matthew’s face.

Mathew moaned in lust, screaming:”Take it! Take it all! Just feed me fucking shit!” His tongue slid deep into the shit-filed hole.

“As you wish!” The trucker stood up, “Now let the feast start!”

The first of the 14 truckers squatted down, with his anus greedily sucked by Mathew…

The feast went on for hours, until last 15 mouths licking all over Mathew’s body, which has been totally shit-smeared and 1 sitting right above his face, telling this man what he truly loves.

Finally this man raised his arse, and joined the licking while another stinking arse squatted right over mathew’s head. The stench was so strong that Mathew almost cummed! Of course, now he’s not able to tell with 16 men licking his body, who should the man squatting over his head be.

His dived his tongue into the stinking hole, moaning, sucking.

“Sir Mathew, you really can’t forget the taste of shit, can you?”

Kevin was a young handsome muscular customs policeman. One day at his usual check, he found a male might be smuggling drugs with his butt. So he took this man who looked very strong to check. But unluckily he couldn’t find his keys to any of the check rooms and time’s really tight so he took the strong man to a cubicle in the men’s room and cuffed him.

After he pulled the man’s pants down, Kevin’s nose was hit by strong rancid shit smell. He saw the man was wearing a white underpants, but his underpants was totally shit-soaked as if it was taken out from a shit pool! The brown stained shitty underpants smelt alluring with shit slimes dripping from it. Kevin was shocked but also intrigued and the strong smell made his penis erect slowly. This was never expected by him so he was unable to think for a while.

Just then the strong muscular man started to shit, his huge shit logs were pushed out to the underpants and the smell became more drooling. Kevin’s handsome face was still next to the underpants impacted by the strong rancid smell of men excrement.

"What the fuck are you doing! " Kevin shouted but before he stood up some shit slimes just slipped into his mouth. The rancid bitter taste was unexpectedly delicious! He immediately froze and he couldn’t help but savoring the bitter acidic taste. He tried to resist but as the muscular man kept shitting, more stinking shit slimes dripped right into his mouth. Then it came, the deep surge of heat from his loins, he could not hold it back any longer. He had lost control! He buried his face into the asscrack through the shitty underpants, rubbed it, smelling the stinking underpants and smearing his face with men shit. He sucked shit juice from the underpants, chewed the fabricate, savoring the foul taste of it, moaning in lust. The shit logs was stirred into shit slurry. Then Kevin stripped down the man’s underpants, licking the stinking shit slurry, then buried his handsome face into the huge shitty asscrack, wrapping his mouth around the raunchy anus and sucking, quickly another round of shit flushing into his stinking mouth.The semi-hard shit logs was pushed into his mouth, filling it. Kevin chewed with stinking turds filled his mouth, moaning in deep lust. And when the contract was taken out, this handsome man signed it without any resistance.

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