Revenge: Turn Table

By Drake Nightstorm
published January 12, 2020

When your ex-boyfriend is taking advantage of the fact that you have to live with him and you feel like your trapped. What if the tables turned suddenly?

((Hey there fans. I am sorry for the delay in this story. Classes started again and so I will be focusing on school more now. I will continue to write stories but not sure how often they will appear. enjoy.)

Ethan was an eighteen-year-old who had to live with his ex-boyfriend David. Ethan stood five foot five, had a lean build, blonde hair, and blue eyes. David was twenty-nine and a good six foot four, all muscle and had a great beard that was always trimmed to outline his jaw. David had black hair and brown eyes. Ethan worked as a waiter because he couldn’t get a job anywhere else. David had broken up with him about a month ago but said he could still live in the apartment in the second bedroom. For the last few months, David had been taking advantage of Ethan when he couldn’t get a hookup. Night after night, David would come into Ethan’s bedroom demanding sex until Ethan relented. Ethan was still in love with him, and David broke it off because Ethan was just not man enough for his liking anymore. David had demanded that Ethan go to the gym and bulk up. No matter how much Ethan tried to do that, he just couldn’t, which lead to them breaking up.

One day just like any other day, David woke up and crawled out of Ethan’s bed.


“Time to get up there, Ethan. Just remember your ass is mine if I can’t find anyone, and if I do find someone, you’re going to have to move out. Got it?” He said in his low baritone voice.


He lay there in the bed fully awake, his ass feeling wet with David’s cum. He didn’t look at his ex-lover as he just wished they could get back together. Chances of that didn’t seem likely as David seemed content to fuck him and go.

“Yeah, I got it, David.”

He said in his higher-pitched voice. David’s voice always got to Ethan. It was the right amount of base and richness that make him almost weak in the knees. All David had to do is say the word, and Ethan would be sucking that cock. Of course, David knew this too.

“I will be up in a moment.”


“Ok make it quick, I have to get to work and help run a company while you go do your waiter gig. I don’t want to have to wait for you long got it?”

David smiled as he went to shower. He was an executive at a local business that did adverting. David had spent years climbing the latter there, and even though he could help Ethan out, he didn’t. He liked his little fuck toy right where he was.


He waited until David left the room before getting started out of bed. He went into his bathroom and got cleaned up as well. He knew if he didn’t hurry that David would make him walk to work, which would make him late. If he were late, his boss would dock his pay, which would then cause Ethan to have to be late on the rent. After his shower, he started to get ready for work before he saw a strange ring on his dresser. It was a silver band with a silver band that strangely was holding an iridescent blue stone.

“Huh, I wonder if David got this for me?”

He slipped the ring on and looked at it on his finger. It didn’t look like it was anything special to Ethan.

“I wish David would realize what we had.”

With that, he went to walk out his bedroom door, but not before the ring on his finger gave a slight glow.

On the way to work, David kept looking at him strangely. Ethan was starting to wonder what had gotten into his ex.


“Did you do something to your hair? I mean, it looks different.”

He was trying to keep his eyes on the road, but there was something about Ethan today. He kept looking at his ex-boyfriend as if seeing him for the first time.

Damn, did I give him up? Yah, I know I did and why but he looks so good today.


“No, it’s the same as always, David, you know that.”

His hair was short and in spikes. He rarely wore it long because David didn’t like long hair. He often wondered why he kept it short when they weren’t together anymore.

He’s lost it. My hair is the same as it’s always been, the way he still liked it. I wish he let me grow it out and liked it longer.

Just like that, the ring did it’s work as Ethan’s hair gained some length to it. Still straight as it became long enough to touch his ears and his bangs hanged on each side of his head.


“No, I am pretty sure you’ve grown it out, but I don’t remember when you did it. It looks good.”

*Was his hair always that long? I could have sworn it was short a moment ago, but now it looks so much better. Damn Ethan’s hot like that.

He adjusted his bulge as he pulled up to the dinner, letting Ethan out.

Ethan went through his day, getting lots of compliments on his hair. He wasn’t sure what happened, but he was glad that his hair was longer. He couldn’t figure out how it had grown in such a short period of time. It was like magic almost, and he looked down at the strange ring on his finger. He tried to take it off, but it wouldn’t budge.


“Shit, it won’t come off. How strange.”

He looked down at the ring and wondered to himself for a moment.

*Is this why David was acting so strange earlier? Is this why my hair got longer? I wonder what would happen if…

*I wish I had David’s beard.

Meanwhile, at the office, David was in the middle of a meeting.


“As you can see by this projection, our sales have gone up.”

He was presenting to the others how well the company was doing. He was asked by his boss to do this as he had the looks and the brains to pull off getting people involved in the company. Just then, David felt his face become cooler. He reached up and felt it.

*What the fuck! My face! How did I become cleanly shaven?

The others in the room didn’t seem to notice David’s sudden lack of facial hair. Someone remarked quite innocently.

“Why should we advertise with you? You look like a kid to me, no real experience.”

With that, the presentation was over, and David had lost out on getting new business for the company. He went to the bathroom, and sure enough, his beard was gone.

Ethan was working tables as usual before he started itching at his face.

“Yes, sir! I will get your order up soon!”

Ethan kept itching at his face as he ran around. Sometime around noon, he itched again and felt it, hair!

*It worked!

He ran to the bathroom and saw it. He had a nice short blonde beard where none was before. He knew this was a dream come true as he couldn’t grow hair like that before.

“I can’t believe it worked….” He was speaking to the new version of himself in the mirror before the next thought hit him.

*I wonder what else this ring can do?

David came to pick him up at the end of the shift. As soon as he got in the car, he could see that David’s face was clean and that he had a bad day.


“I had a bad day, twerp. When we get home, your ass is mine got it?”

The man was angry at how the day had gone. He couldn’t explain why his face was suddenly cleanly shaven. Looking over at Ethan, he smiled a little.

*Damn, I didn’t realize how good Ethan looks with his beard like that.

The man didn’t seem to be aware of Ethan’s changes but fully aware of his own. Ethan was watching him as he noticed that detail.


“Oh yeah? Did you have a bad day David? Is that why my ass is suddenly yours?”

He thought about what to do next. He was going to make sure that this time David understood exactly what was happening. He wanted David to know exactly what he was going to lose.

*I wish that David wanted to suck my cock and that he would understand what was happening.


“Yes, I had a bad day, you twerp. That’s why your ass and your mouth are going to be mine when we get home.”

David cleared his throat as he had a strange tickle in it. He was heading home as fast as he could since he wanted to get off as soon as he could.

*Fucking shit, I hope I am not getting sick.

He cleared his throat again as the ticket got worse. He glanced over at Ethan’s groin a moment as he licked his lips.

*What the fuck? Do I want to suck cock? Really? I am a fucking top only stud who makes others suck me off. What the hell is wrong with me?

He pulled into their apartment complexes drive and parked as he got out of the car he had to adjust his cock in his pants.

I can’t believe I got hard just thinking about sucking him off….


He watched David lick his lips and wondered if the ring was doing its thing. When they got home, he saw the man have to adjust his bulge.

*Yep! It did it! He’s so hard now and usually doesn’t get hard unless I suck him off. I bet he can’t help but think about it now.

He was going to wait until they were in the apartment before making any other changes to his ex.

Upstairs when the door opened, David made a dart for the kitchen to get a drink of water. It was as if he was trying to wash out the tickle in his throat, but no amount of water seemed to be alleviating it. Ethan watched in pure amusement as his ex struggled to figure out what was happening.


He can’t even deal with what his body is starting to want. This is great! I wish that David’s need to suck cock got more intense every time he looks at where mine is.


He splashed some water on his face before looking over at Ethan. He found his gaze drifting down to his ex’s groin once again. When his eyes found the hidden member his throat started to feel more scratchy and dry. He swallowed hard as he laid eyes on Ethan’s groin area.

*Damn, I really want to suck him…. NOO! I can’t do that! I am a fucking top! Not some bottom cock sucking bitch….

He licked his lips again as his eyes felt glued to Ethan’s junk.


He smiled, watching David squirm in place, fully knowing what was going on over there. He reached down and adjusted his hardening cock as he unbuttoned his pants.

“I can tell you what you want, David. Why don’t you just go for it, huh?”

He teased his ex, knowing the man would have never sucked a guy off before or ever. David had always been the dominant one who demanded pleasure, but now it was Ethan’s turn.

“Come over here and suck my cock, bitch boy. While your at it I am going to take your cock size down a bit too. No one likes a guy who sucks cock to have a bigger one then they do. Isn’t that what you always say?”


He saw Ethan unbuttoning his pants as the zipper came down a bit.

“Holy fuck…. Are you doing this?”

He still couldn’t take his eyes off of Ethan’s cock. It was right there and about to be in the open.

“What do you mean you’re going to take my cock size? No one can do that.”

David started moving over to Ethan as anger filled him, but instead of slugging the smaller man, he found himself on his knees quite suddenly. He was pulling Ethan’s pants and underwear down as he wrapped his mouth around that six-inch cock.

*God… my first dick… It feels so good. No, wait… this isn’t right! I don’t suck dick!

Despite his mental protest, David took Ethan’s cock down to the base before pulling back up to the tip. As he did so, he felt as if Ethan’s cock got… longer

*Did he just get bigger? Fuck… I want to keep sucking his cock… NO! This is not right at all!


He watched his former lover take his dick down. Smiling wide as his own grew in size, and as it did, he watched David’s hard cock make less of a bulge in his pants.

“That a boy. I knew you like it. You like sucking big cocks, don’t you size queen? That’s what you used to say to me, wasn’t it?”

Ethan felt his cock gain another three inches into David’s mouth as he took the man’s size, knowing that David’s former eight inches was dwindling to a mear four.

“What should I wish for next cock sucker? Do you think I should make my balls bigger?”


He felt a strange sensation in his pants as he started to struggle to suck Ethan’s cock. It felt breezy in his underwear for some reason.

*Did I just get smaller? What’s he mean by growing his balls?

He found himself reaching up to rub Ethan’s testicles as he opened his own pants as to stroke his cock.

*Holy fuck! Is that my cock! It’s so small!


“That’s what you get, you asshole. This will teach you to use me!”

He practically screamed at the other man as he started to feel more powerful over him.

“You know your balls are way too big for that cock, don’t you think, Davey?”

Ethan’s voice sounded almost maniacal as he looked down at David’s large nuts.


“Nooo! Not my nuts! You already took my dick! Come on, Ethan!”

He reached down to hold them as if he was trying to stop them from being changed; however, he started to feel them getting smaller. As they got smaller, he saw Ethan’s nuts getting bigger and bigger.


He clasped his throat as he heard his voice come out in a few octaves higher and more devoid of base.

“This can’t be my voice! Ethan!”

Yet the man’s voice continued to be at the same high pitched tone.


“Tell you what, Davey. You let me fuck you, and I will turn you back to normal.”

He smiled wickedly as he looked at his ex with malice.


*Wait? Is he calling me Davey.. but that’s my name, right? I don’t… remember.

“You know what you twerp! I am still taller and bigger than you I can still kick your ass!”


“Oh, is that so? Let’s fix that.”

Ethan reached up and placed his hand on Davey’s head and started to push down.


*Wait! Is he getting taller! Fuck!

Down, down, Davey went as Ethan was steeling his hight. Davey couldn’t believe his eyes when the two of them were soon eye level, but that didn’t last long. Nope, Davey began to get scared as he started to have to look up to his ex-lover now.

“Change me back! I am not supposed to be this short!”


“You’re going to be whatever I want, Davey. Especially if I want you to be a little twink while I become the jock.”

He reached down and flipped the muscled man over and pinned him down with some ease as his body could pin the shorter, more muscular man down.

“In fact, let’s take care of a few things, shall we?”

Just then, he pushed his cock into Davey’s hole.



He screamed out as his ass was suddenly and unexpectedly penetrated.

*I can’t believe I am being fucked!

“Get out of me! Get out!”

He screamed out as he tried to push back. As he pushed back, he felt the other move.

*Yes! I still have my …

Before he could even finish that sentence, his arms started to deflate. He felt the weight of his ex-lover push more into him as his chest soon followed. His shoulders are narrowing as he felt his legs lose their power.

“Stop! My muscles!”

He tried to retaliate as his ass started to balloon up into a nice firm bubble butt that was much bigger than he used to have.


He was stealing his ex’s body for sure. He was loving this and watching the former jock deflate bit by bit.

“You know what, Davey. I think you are probably way too smart for your own good. Let’s fix that.”



He squirmed, but he felt his mind start to dull. What did he go to college for again? He couldn’t remember. He couldn’t remember any of his education as it seemed to be slipping away more and more.

“Fuck… me…. Ethan!”

He moaned out as he pushed his bubble ass into the thick member invading it.


“Oh, I will again and again. I think this is going to be our new lives. You can be eighteen years old while I became a corporate tycoon.”

He pushed his cock in and out of that firm, bubbled ass as he started to leak into it. Hair began to cover over his chest as Davey’s body hair receded into his skin until he was hairless.


“Fuck, Ethan! I … love… you!”

He shoots a small load over the kitchen floor as he squeezed his ass over the other.


Now a tall, muscular jock with all of David’s former education and his own old memories, he knew exactly what he wanted to do. He unloaded into the man’s ass as he filled him full of cum.

“That’s all you are now, Davey. A cum dum.”

He pulled out and picked up the man’s clothes before handing them to him.

“Get the fuck out of my apartment cum dump.”

He picked Davey up and threw him out the door before locking it. He walked into his bedroom as the ring on his finger vanished.

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