By alienkiller
published January 13, 2020
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Alien lifeform lands on planet earth objective is to feed

Young Danny Evans was a long time rock hound he loved to find unusual rocks to add to his collection.

Tonight Danny will find a very different rock one that is not of this planet.

So Danny went into Millers cave nobody like to explore it as it was rumored to be dangerous.

Danny was also a rubberiest as well so he would wear his rubber gear under his clothing in public.

The alien meteor that landed inside the cave could sense The rubber that the human was wearing he would work into their invasion plans.

Soon the human would be made a host for the alien invader. Danny enter into the cave he found a massive chamber there. He looked at all of the rocks inside the chamber nothing of interest.

Then Danny went to the other side of the chamber where he found a bunch of black shinny rocks.

As he looked at then they seem to be communicating he could hear them inside his head. " He heard them saying The earthling can hear us yes he will make an excellent host for us

Yes he will serve a purpose toward our invasion of this planet. Make him move in closer so i can zap him " One of the large rocks said inside Danny’s mind come closer to us earthling pick me up now earthling "

Danny reached over and picked up th larger shinny rock he brought it close to his face as a kind of ray hit Danny dead in his face. Danny collapsed to the ground now totally unconscious as he dropped the shinny black rock it fell next to Danny’s body .

Then the rock said to the other rocks i will now join with this earthling. The alien rock produced many tentacles as it slitter toward its host hand it told its host to place it on his face. Which Danny did the alien rock then slitter toward Danny’s mouth " Open your mouth earthling " Danny had his mouth open as the alien creature now slitter inside his host mouth. " Close your mouth and swallow earthling " Danny obeyed as the alien entity took over it human host.

Danny’s eyes now opened as they glowed red he could hear the alien entity inside his mind. Danny now stood back up as he collected the other alien rocks placing them inside his knapsack.

Then Danny moved toward the massive alien meteor he found. It opened up as it was the aliens spaceship.

These aliens were the Zaitars and now Danny was the Zaitar leader. Danny enter the main control room of the spaceship he sat in a large rock like alien seat as the screen activated.

A series of the same black shinny rocks appeared Danny said " this is the Zaitar leader i have taken over an earthling host. We can now proceed to phase 2 of our invasion of this planet send the rest of the invasion forces to planet earth land the ships inside the local caves.

Then you will rendezvous with your leaders spaceship as we proceed to phase 2..

I will complete phase 1 first this host has what they call friends who will be very useful to us. We will contact one of these earthling friend for feeding it will be lured to the cave and the spaceship.

There it will be harvested by the Zaitar leader as food. The body will be disposed of after it has been harvested.

The zaitar leader contacted his host best friend Evan Parker He told Evan that he would meet Evan at his home he had something to show Evan.

The Zaitar leader place one of the larger alien rocks in the knapsack. He exited the spaceship and headed to where Evan Parker lived near the trails by the cave. Danny arrived at Evans home and rang the door bell.

Evan open the door and invited Danny in " where are your parents Evan ? They are away for 2 months. " What did you have to show me Danny ? Evan removed the massive alien rock this.

Lets go to your bedroom. ok They moved to the bedroom .

Danny asked Evan are you wearing your rubber gear like i do ?

Why yes and Evan removed his clothing to reveal his full rubber catsuit then Danny did the same thing removing his clothing revealing his rubber form. " Evan looked at Danny wow you look so hot let fuck " Danny said ok get on the bed Evan moved to his bed as Danny unzipped Evan rear zipper giving him full access to Evan ass.

Then Danny grabbed the alien rock and mounted on top of Evan he slide his alien cock right up inside of Evan’s ass the alien cock grew longer as it penetrated deep inside Evan ass.

Evan looked as Danny eyes started to glow red. Evan screamed more more yesss.

Then Evan saw a series of tentacles forming out of Danny’s body. Who What are you ?

We are Zaitar’s earthling and you are just what we have been looking for. Now you must die but you will be reborn into one of us.

Danny places the alien rock on Evans chest as the alien fucks him hard Evan sees the alien rock form tentacles around the rock as it moves toward Evan’s face. Danny then forms into a larger form of the alien rock as it joins with the other rock forming into a massive alien form as it slitter towards it prey.

The massive alien creature attaches to Evan’s body and face as massive electrical like lighting are discharged all over Evan’s body killing him. Then the Zaitar creature removes itself from the human body as Evan’s eyes start to glow red like the alien creature does.

Evan comes back to life now as a Zaitar being .

Evan looks at Danny saying " All hail you Zaitar leader my host is now complete. Excellent he will serve our purpose well toward our invasion of this planet.

We are ready to proceed to phase 2. Soon every younger earth male will be under our control and serve our invasion plan.

These earthlings cherish their young especially their males. they will be afraid to harm them even if they being attacked by them.

They will make excellent soldiers as part of our invasion forces. And they will recruit others like them to join with us.

There will be nothing these earthling can do to stop this.


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Category: Alien   Tags: #alien #invasion #tentacles
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