A new beginning

By Voodooweaver published March 25, 2017
A young man looking for a new beginning is granted just that when he insults an older man at a gas station

A shorter commission story for someone who wishes to remain anonymous. For any comments, criticism, suggestions, or even requests for commission pieces you can leave some comment on here or alternatively contact me at voodooweaver@gmail.com Always love chatting. Hope you enjoy.

  • Voodooweaver

A NEW BEGINNING “Oh you have GOT to be shitting me” yelled Brian as he banged his head on the steering wheel. He rested his head on the steering wheel for a couple of seconds before looking up, and gazed at the white smoke coming from his car’s engine. He cursed as he opened the driver’s door and stepped out of the car. He walked towards the front of the car, intending to open the engine hood when he heard a faint trickling sound coming from the bottom of his car. He knelt down and placed his head as close to the ground as he could and gazed at the source of the trickling sound; his suspicions were confirmed as he looked at the last of his radiator fluid trickle out of a broken pipe on the bottom of his car.

“How the fuck did THAT happen?” he asked himself as he raised himself from the ground and looked at the road behind his car. He could see the dark trail that his radiator fluid had left all along the bumpy road he had been travelling, his town visible on the horizon. He shook his head in frustration, and then looked along the road in the opposite direction, hoping to find anything or anywhere that would grant him some help. He spotted the faint outline of a gas station on the horizon, estimating it to be about a half hour walk from his car. There also seemed to be a small house situated next to it.

“So much for a quick and easy new beginning” he whispered to himself as he began to walk under the hot summer sun in the direction of the gas station. A new beginning was definitely what he needed. As he walked, he began to think of his boyfriend for the last 3 years, Derek, and their recent break up. He remembered the night he first spoke to Derek, surfing online on one of the many gay dating sites he frequented, coming across Derek’s profile, and becoming infatuated with Derek’s handsome chiselled face with deep blue eyes and his toned and sculpted body, complete with six pack abs. He recalled his suprise when he saw that Derek advertised himself as a male escort, and the feeling that this was a man who would not be interested in something more than casual sex. He smiled briefly as he remembered the courage it took him to actually message Derek and ask him out on a proper date, complete with dinner and a movie, with payment if Derek required it. He cracked an even bigger smile when he remembered how Derek, despite his initial wariness, gave in, leading to a wonderful first date at the end of which Derek refused payment, and how the first date became a second date, third, and eventually a serious relationship. A serious monogamous relationship where he and Derek were happy and everything was perfect. Where Derek had given up being an escort and was focused on being with Brian. He then recalled the pain and betrayal he felt when he found out that during those three years Derek had still continued being an escort, having sex with random men for payment behind Brian’s back. He reminisced the feeling of disappointment he felt when Derek, in an effort to defend himself told him that “a guy’s gotta make some extra cash” and refused to drop his old habits. Lastly, he remembered how he took the heart wrenching decision to leave not only Derek, but the town in which they were living, and deciding to make a new beginning; different town, different people, different life. At 25 years of age, it was definitely not too late. It was suprisingly easy for him to locate a new place to rent in the neighbouring town, and he was eager to go and sign the contract for rent with the real estate agent. Though unfortunately, as he had learnt in life, things did not always go according to plan.

He sighed as he kept walking along the road, the blazing sun above shining mercilessly. He could feel himself sweating, his t shirt beginning to stick onto his smooth toned body, his pecs now showing their perfect shape through the light material. He wiped the back of his arm across his forehead, trying to remove the small droplets of sweat that had formed, and with another downwards motion of his hand tried to remove the small streak of sweat that was running down his smooth handsome face. He ran his hand through his lush brown hair and squinted his deep brown eyes; he had arrived at the gas station.

He felt discouraged as he looked around. The gas station looked almost deserted, with two lone pumps in the front which seemed to have seen very little recent use. The small shop at the back was not faring any better, the windows dusty, and difficult to see through, no signs of life from within. He looked at the small house situated next to it, and he imagined that whoever manned the station, lived in that tiny house too. He figured it was a lot easier to live close to the station rather than for someone to have to drive to it in the middle of nowhere every day.

“HELLO?!” he called out, hoping for some signs of life from within the store, for the reassurance that someone was going to help him with his car problem. He waited a couple of seconds, and heard nothing. He turned around, discouraged, ready to make his way back to the road and try to figure out what to do next. He suddenly heard a door open and close behind him, and he quickly turned, glad that he had been proven wrong and that someone was going to help him. What he saw made him blink a couple of times. Approaching him was a man, in his sixties, with the largest, roundest gut Brian had ever seen. It had to measure close to 70 inches, barely covered by a wifebeater vest that was clearly too small as the vest only reached till just above the man’s large outtie bellybutton. His bellybutton and the rest of the large ballgut were exposed to the air; Brian could even see the bounce the gut underwent with every step the man took. The man walked proudly in the midday sun, his bald head with white horseshoe fringe reflecting the sun’s rays. The man was smiling at him, his smile almost concealed under the large white beard he sported, his eyes squinty, both from the fat on his face but also because of the harsh light of day. Brian looked at the rest of the man, suprised by how hirsute he was, with white hairs covering his arms, chest and even shoulders. His gaze fell further down to the man’s skinny legs, contained in a pair of tight jeans, and he wondered how they managed to support the immense weight above them. As he wondered this, he did not realise that the man had now approached him and was standing right in front of him.

“What can I do for ya son? Ya needin’ som’ gas or somethin’?” asked the man in a heavy Southern accent, his hands on his hips, his large gut forming a perfect sphere in the air save but for his large outtie bellybutton, mere inches from Brian’s flat abdomen. He scratched at his exposed gut with his one hand, awaiting a reply.

“No I….. my car…..it broke down…” Brian began to explain before being interrupted by the man.

“Well the name’s Sam. Why don’t ya step on inside, ain’t no good bein’ in the sun ‘n’ all. We’ll figure out somethin’” replied Sam as he quickly turned and began to make his way back to the gas station without waiting for a reply from Brian.

“I’m Brian” Brian called out and he began to follow Sam towards the gas station. He continued to study Sam’s physique, noticing how even his back was covered in white hairs. He was amazed at how from behind, no one could even tell that Sam was carrying such a huge ballgut.

“Pleasure” replied Sam without even turning back to look at Brian, as he opened the door to the gas station and walked in, Brian a couple of steps behind him. Once Brian entered, he stood still and began to blink, trying to get his eyes accustomed to the dim lighting. Once he could see, he looked across the store and saw Sam standing behind the store counter, waiting for him, a cigarette already in his mouth. Brian approached the counter, passing through the aisles of different mechandise that the gas station also sold. As soon as he reached the counter, Sam began to speak

“So what happened to yer car again boy?” asked Sam as he drew in from his cigarette and blew the smoke, not bothering to aim it away from Brian.

“I think it’s a broken water pipe or something. I’m not too sure. All I know is my radiator fluid is completely gone; it trickled out of the bottom of my car, and white smoke was coming out of my engine. I’m not too good with cars so I don’t know what else to tell you” explained Brian as best as he could.

“Nah I get it” replied Sam as he tapped his cigarette on the side of his ashtray and drew in another time from his cigarette. “You must’ve bumped on somethin’ while drivin’ or pipe was just too worn out. Maybe I can jus’ patch if for ya if the damage ain’t too much; gotta see it first” explained Sam. Brian opened his mouth to reply and thank Sam, but he was cut off and actually startled at the intensely loud and booming farting sound that came out of Sam’s backside. The loud fart lasted a full five seconds, and Brian lowered his hands down, realising that from the shock he had actually raised them in front of him. “Scared the heck outta ya son?” asked Sam unapologetically. “Can’t help it when you’re as big as this” he continued as he slapped his gut two times, the loud drum like sound resonating through the store. Before Brian could even reply, another fart escaped Sam’s backside, equally intense and loud, this one sounding for only three seconds. “Whoop there goes another one!” stated Sam as he began to laugh, his hand still on his gut, his loud laughter making his gut bounce up and down.

“It’s…it’s ok” replied Brian. “I just need to get this thing fixed soon because I am meeting someone in the next town and I don’t want to be late. Plus I forgot my phone in my car, so I can’t call them to tell them I’m late. Think we can set off to the car soon?” he asked

“Sure… lemme jus’ finish this smoke and we’ll set off in a jiffy” replied Sam as he inhaled once more from his cigarette.

“That’s fine. You DO know you’re basically killing yourself with smoking though right?” stated Brian. Sam looked at Brian, and placed his cigarette in the ashtray in front of him. He looked at Brian with a slightly angry look, and spoke.

“Listen ‘ere boy. When you’re an ol’ fuck like me, problems already start settin’ in. People o’ ma age get diabetes, arthritis, pain in their legs or their butts, an’ worse. Ain’t got none of those. All I had was low testosterone; heck I couldn’t get it up for years. Testosterone injections for the last five years, once a week, an’ I’m right as rain yesiree Bob. What I’m sayin’ is, I got two joys in life, an’ smokin’s one of ‘em and I ain’t givin’ it up. An’ I don’t need no killjoy like you waltzin’ in and tryin’ to be a smart alec with me. Got that boy?” he asked as he drew from his cigarette, his eyes not flinching, staring at Brian.

“No no, I get it. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to offend you. Just making small talk. I’m sorry” replied Brian apologetically, knowing he had messed up. “You said you’ve got two joys in life, well what’s the second one?” asked Brian, hoping to appease Sam. He WAS the one who might be able to help him with his car problem, and the last thing Brian wanted to do was piss him off.

“Turn around boy” instructed Sam as he pointed behind Brian. Brian turned and saw an old TV set on the wall, with a small black VCR below it. He was suprised that an ancient relic like that still existed and was in use. The TV was showing a scientist carrying out and explaining an experiment for determining the presence of ESP in one of his subjects, the man wearing a cap with wires coming out of it. Brian’s gaze drifted again to the VCR where he saw many other VCR tapes and a couple of books stacked on top of it. The titles all alluded to the secrets of the mind, brainwashing, magic, and inner powers.

“You’re into that sort of stuff” asked Brian, hoping to strike a more pleasant tone in the conversation

“Hell yeah boy. Love it ever since I was a kid. I remember when I was jus’ a kid and watchin’ those magicians perform them tricks, an’ how happy it made all us young uns’. Course that was jus’ tricks, but it got me started on how the brain works an’ stuff. The more I read, the more I wanted to learn. Got to a point where there ain’t no stopping, watch ’em on repeat sometimes, and those books, read each one of ’em least five times” explained Sam. “You believe in any of that stuff boy?” asked Sam.

“Nah sorry” replied Brian. “I think that most of them are just scam artists preying on the gullible and weak-minded” he continued. No sooner had he finished his sentence he immediately began to scale back. “Not you, I mean the people in the videos. The people on the videos are gullible, not you” he said ackwardly. Sam was no longer looking at him, but at the ashtray as he was putting out his cigarette.

“It’s fine boy” he said as he breathed out a cloud of smoke. “Not everyone believes this stuff. Tell ya what. You mosey on in that room behind me, call whoever ya’ supposed to be meetin’, tell ‘em ya’ might be runnin’ a little late. I’ll go get ma tools and we’ll walk over to yer car and see if we can fix it right up. How ’bout that?” asked Sam with a slight smile on his face as he pointed to the small office behind him.

“Sure, that would be great. Thanks Sam” replied Brian, glad that Sam had not taken any offence. Sam left through the side of the counter and walked across the store into a small dark room, while Brian made his way behind the counter into the small office. The phone hung on the wall right next to the door. He did not have his phone, but he remembered the real estate agency’s name, which was good enough. Standing at the door, he dialled directory assistance and in a short amount of time he was receiving the number he had been looking for. He ended the call, picked up the receiver again, and proceeded to dial the number for the real estate agency. As he waited for someone to pick up, he finally breathed a sigh of relief; things we’re working out, and he felt that everything was going to be all right. Granted there had been a setback, but he felt that he was still on his way to a new beginning. He was startled by a sudden movement from behind, as two arms reached around him and encompassed him, a thick cloth shoved straight into his face. In his panic he began flailing his arms and gasped for air; he felt the chloroform on the cloth enter his lungs. The smell was sickening, it even burned him slightly. He could feel his muscles growing weaker with every breath that he took, his struggling diminishing. It was not long before his legs gave way and he fell to the floor, his eyelids too heavy to even keep open. The last thing he heard was the phone being hung up.

He was in darkness. Drifting. He was afraid. He wondered if he was having a nightmare. If he was, then it was only a matter of time before he would wake up. He had no sense of how much time passed; he had no idea if seconds were indeed seconds, or hours, or days. But time passed, and he did not wake up.

At some point, he felt a sharp pain to his side, and a spreading burning sensation, as if fire was coursing through him. From above, he felt tiny, sharp, pulling sensations, one after the other; he saw the image of a reaper pulling up and gathering wheat from a field. A bit lower down, almost in front of him, he felt another sharp pain, this one longer lasting and more invasive, reaching deep down inside of him. He then began to feel a sense of fullness, similar to putting a straw in a glass and filling up the glass with water to the brim. He then felt a large, pushing sensation from below, almost from behind him. It reminded him of someone trying to put the cork back in a wine bottle. It caused him great pain which subsided in seconds, leaving him with a weird throbbing sensation, and a feeling of discomfort. Time passed, and he felt the fire run through his veins again, he saw the image of the reaper pulling out the stalks of wheat again, the cup of water being filled to the brim again, the cork being taken out and then placed back in the wine bottle again. Over and over. He lost count of how many times he had seen each image, how many times he felt each sensation. Over time he felt a new sensation, that of a gentle warmth surrounding him, encompassing him. He felt as if he was wrapped up and sleeping inside a soft duvet. He also felt a prickling sensation all over his body, and it reminded him of grass growing on bare ground. Again all the images flashed in his mind, the fire, the cup, the reaper, the cork, the warmth, the grass. Again and again. In the distance, he heard the familiar roar of his car engine, and later still he heard the familiar tone of his phone being used.

He opened his eyes with a startle. He was gazing at a white ceiling, though he could not make out any details, the light was hurting his eyes. He immediately let out a low groan, as he felt pain in different parts of his body. The feelings of pain escalated, growing in intensity, as his nerves were awakened, his brain trying to deal with the onslaught of painful sensations it was receiving. His low groan became a whimper, and then a yelling.

“Ow….ahhhh… aaaaaaah…….ooooooooowwww….OOOOOOOOOWWWWW!!!!” he yelled in pain as he tried to move, tried to get up, to instinctively move his arms to the sources of pain and try to remove them, but his body would not obey. At that moment he heard a loud thump and a door opposite him opened. He saw the image of Sam rushing towards him, with a needle in his hand.

“Goddamn it boy! You ain’t supposed to be up yet! We ain’t done!” he said as he rushed over to Brian and stuck the needle in Brian’s arm, injecting him with a chemical that smelled very much like a tranquiliser. Brian looked at the site of the injection, at the liquid entering him, and he felt a numbing sensation spread through his arm. His arm looked different, as if it was not his. He began to feel light headed. In the final moments before blacking out, he turned his head to the front, at the mirror that was on the wall opposite him, and he was startled at the reflection gazing back at him. He blacked out. He heard Sam speak:

“Relax, we’re almost there……… son”

He was in the same pitch black darkness. Again drifting. He felt the same sensations as before, and saw the images of the fire, the cup, the reaper, the cork, the warmth, the grass again. Over and over. Again he lost count. Yet he found that things were changing. The sporadic fiery sensation from his side stopped, now the fire coursed through him constantly. The sharp pulling sensations became less and less, until he could feel nothing more; the harvester machine stopped. The invasive deep pain inside him stopped, as if the pain slipped out from inside him; the straw fell out of the full glass. The pain below him stopped; the cork fell out of the wine bottle. The feeling of softness and warmth encompassed him completely. The prickling sensation all around his body stopped, the once barren earth now filled with tall grass. He then began to hear something. A mumbling. It went on and on and on, louder and louder. He tried to block it out. But like wind blowing through shutters, the mumbling seeped into him. It was constant, relentless, confusing. He found it harder and harder to concentrate, to put together his thoughts. It deafened him. He broke. Silence. The mumbling returned, softer. It made sense to him. It was comforting. He smiled.

He opened his eyes slowly, gazing at the white ceiling above him. With an audible groan he lifted his arms, his one arm reaching to the top of his head, his fingers scratching against the smooth skin on top, before moving down to the ring of hair around his head, scratching there too. With another groan, he hoisted himself up, a creaking sound emanating from below him. He looked around at the room he was in and to the front at the mirror on the wall opposite him. He looked at himself, his eyes falling to his hair-covered body, his thick hairy legs spread out in front of him, his feet covered with white socks. His gaze travelled up, the faint glimpse of his white Y front briefs between his thick hairy thighs and underneath his massive gut which rested on his lap. His gut jutted out from beneath his chest, a perfect 60 inch hairy ball with a large cavernous innie bellybutton in the centre and two large hairy moobs resting on top of it. His gaze travelled further up past his hairy shoulders to his face, his squinty eyes gazing back at him, his mouth concealed from the thick grey beard which surrounded it. His bald head reflected some of the sun’s rays from the window next to him, contrasted by his grey horseshoe fringe. He began to panic, looking around, his breathing shallow. He placed his hairy arm on the side of the bed next to his; empty. He opened his mouth and shouted:

“Pa?! Hey Pa where’s you at?!” he yelled. He heard heavy footsteps and the door in front of him opened. His Daddy walked in, his big belly in wifebeater vest bouncing up and down as he hurriedly walked towards him.

“Right ’ere son” said his Daddy as he stood close to him, placing a hand on the back of his head. “What happened Bo?” he asked as he began stroking Bo’s head, pushing it closer so that it rested against his big belly.

“Nothin’ jus’ got a lil’ scared when you wasn’t next to me” replied Bo, his head resting on his Daddy’s gut, feeling calmer. His Daddy was the best, his gut was so big and soft.

“Well I’s got a lil’ suprise for ya son. Should be arrivin’ any minute now” replied his Daddy, still stroking his head. A few moments later, Bo heard a car pull up, and Daddy spoke. “Suprise is here son. You jus’ wait” he said as he stepped away from Bo and walked out of the room leaving the door open; Bo could see the living room stretch beyond the door. His Daddy walked through the door and turned right, going behind the bedroom wall. He could hear his Daddy walking to the right of the living room as the doorbell rang. A door opened and he heard his Daddy speak

“Glad ya found it! Derek right?” he heard his Daddy say

“Yeah I’m Derek. Hope I’m not late, this place is a bit of a drive” replied another voice from behind the wall

“Nope, you’re righ’ on time. True professional yesiree Bob” replied Daddy.

"Great. So how did you get my number again? asked the voice

“Oh… a friend had it handy on his phone… and I jus’ called you” replied Daddy

“Ok… so where do you want to go? Shall we get started? I take payment upfront” replied the voice

“Here’s ya money boy, but it ain’t me you gonna be servicin’. It’s ma pride and joy, ma son. Step righ’ on in here boy” he heard Daddy speak

“Your son? You called a male escort for your son? I’ve had some weird and freaky requests in my life but this one takes the cake. Well, fair play to you pops” replied the voice. Bo could hear a pair of footsteps walking towards the bedroom door. His Daddy appeared at the door with a much younger man.

“Son, this here is Derek. You two’s gonna be havin’ a lil’ fun while I rush to the store for somethin’. Be a couple o’ minutes. I’ll be leavin’ you two to….. get acquainted” said Daddy as he gave the young man a pat on the back and then left; the front door opening and closing again. Bo could see his Daddy’s figure walking in the sun towards the gas station, passing next to a black expensive looking car. He guessed it was the young man’s.

“So, bud…. nice to meet you I’m Derek. Your old man called me to have some fun with you” said Derek as he began to get undressed.

“Bo…yeah…” he replied back as he looked at Derek who was in a matter of seconds already in his underwear.

“You a top or bottom?” asked Derek as he took off his underwear, and stood at the foot of the bed, naked.

“Dunno” said Bo as he scratched at his gut and looked at Derek up and down. Derek’s sculpted body digusted Bo. He was way too thin, his six pack abs a stark contrast to what a real man should look like. Not to mention that he lacked any hair on all of his body. His face also lacked any facial hair, with his blue eyes gazing at Bo. Bo thought the man looked like a real wuss, a real sissy. He looked at Derek’s cock, now erect since Derek had already started masturbating. It was longish, about 7 inches, with not much girth to it though. And not a single hair around it. Bo thought it was a real waste to have such a cock on such a sissy. Derek approached Bo, his cock pointing through the air, now close to Bo’s lips. He pushed his cock close to Bo’s mouth.

“Wanna have a taste?” asked Derek as he pushed his pelvis closer to Bo, his cock touching Bo’s lips. Bo opened his mouth, and he could feel Derek’s cock begin to slide in, when Bo let out a loud belch, echoing and resonating throughout the room, lasting a full 3 seconds. Bo looked at Derek, who was in shock and now retracting his penis away from Bo’s mouth as he took a step back. “I…. guess not…Let me try sucking you off… how about that?” asked Derek as he bent down and pulled Bo’s underwear off. Bo had to wrestle a bit to get the underwear free from under his gut and off his meaty thighs. Bo rotated his body so that now he was sitting on the bed, his large hairy gut resting on his lap. Derek knelt in front of Bo and shoved his head between Bo’s legs. Bo could feel Derek struggling, getting frustrated, panting and grunting. He could feel Derek’s head brushing against the underside of his belly, Derek trying to lift Bo’s gut enough and trying to bend his neck low enough in order to reach Bo’s cock. He could feel Derek getting closer to his cock, his neck bent as low and extended as much as it could possibly go. Instead of feeling Derek’s mouth on his cock, he felt a loud rumbling in his gut, a loud fart escaping from his backside. In the four seconds it lasted, Derek had retracted his head and stumbled backwards, shocked.

“Dude, are you FUCKING KIDDING ME?!” yelled Derek.

“It’s jus’ gas. Stop bein’ a sissy” replied Bo as he scratched at his gut, wondering what all the fuss was about. Derek was turning out to be a real sissy.

“You know what? Fine.. fuck it… get on the bed…. I’ll fuck you and then get out of here. The less I stay here the better” demanded Derek as he got up and started jerking off again, his cock hard once more. Bo decided not to make Derek angrier and he himself wanted Derek to leave, so with a grunt he got on the bed on all fours, his large gut hanging below him. He heard Derek approach from behind. He then heard Derek yell. “Holy!!…What the….?!”

“Problem bud?” asked Bo, wondering what this wuss was whining about now.

“Your asshole…it’s… nevermind” he heard Derek say. He then heard Derek approach him from behind, close to him, and he felt him place his hands on Bo’s ass. Bo waited, on all fours, for something to happen. But nothing. In the back, he could hear Derek grunting and panting.

“You in yet?” asked Bo, turning his head sideways trying to see what Derek was doing

“What do you mean am I in yet? I’m right in your ass and I’m fucking you! It’s not my fault you’ve got such a loose assh….” he heard Derek say but before he could finish his sentence another loud fart erupted from Bo’s ass. He heard Derek gasp in shock

“Whoop! There goes another un’” said Bo unapologetically

“Fuck this! Forget it! Hundred bucks is not worth this!” he heard Derek yell.

“You out?” asked Bo as he turned his head sideways. He could see that Derek was already close to the bedroom door and getting dressed. Derek had already retracted his penis from Bo’s ass, and Bo had not even felt it.

“Yeah I’m out! Outta your loose fucking ass, and out of this fucking house!” yelled Derek as he finished getting dressed and left the bedroom and headed towards the front door. Bo then heard the front door open and close with a loud bang. He got up and looked outside of the window. He could see Derek inside his black car, trying to get it started, but the engine was making a funny noise. He saw Derek flailing his arms in frustration, and Bo chuckled at what a sissy the guy was turning out to be. He then saw his Daddy walking towards the black car. He could see Derek again flailing his arms, angry, yelling at Bo’s Daddy, while trying to start his car. He then saw Derek exit his car, obviously frustrated, while his Daddy opened the hood of the car and took a quick look at the engine and then pointed at something in the engine. Bo then saw both of them walking towards the gas station. Bo left the window and lay on the bed, exhausted. He chuckled at what a sissy Derek was.

After a while, Bo heard the front door open and close, and the heavy footsteps which he recognised as his Daddy’s. He looked in the direction of the door; his Daddy was standing there, with a cigarette in his hand, his other hand scratching his crotch. He began to walk towards Bo.

“What happened son? Didn’t hit it off?” he asked Bo

“Nah…. he was jus’ such a sissy” replied Bo, looking at his Daddy in admiration.

“Yeah I know what you sayin’. Thought you two would be havin’ some fun. Guess I was wrong. n’ all. How’s about havin’ some fun with daddy then?” he asked as he placed a hand on Bo’s head, stroking the bald top.

“Yeah Pa…. please” replied Bo. He watched as his Daddy took off his wifebeater vest exposing his large round hairy gut, and then undid the button on his tight jeans, his large gut automatically pushing the zipper down with its immense heft. He took off his jeans and then took of his white Y front briefs, and stood naked in front of Bo, his large cock erect, a full nine inches, the girth of a beercan. His large orange-sized cum-filled balls dangling below, between his hairy thighs. Bo was already salivating.

“Lemme sit down, you can have a lil’ taste of daddy then, right son?” he asked as he sat down on the bed, his large gut resting on his lap, his large cock poking out from below. He continued to smoke as Bo wasted no time and knelt down in front of him. Bo saw his Daddy lean in and kiss him, and Bo wrapped his arms around him, his hands on his hairy back, gliding through the dense forest of hairs. He then lifted his Daddy’s belly to allow himself more room, and like a hungry predator diving in for the final killing bite, he lunged his head forward and dove in, his hungry tongue searching for his Daddy’s cock. He licked the head, eager to take the entire penis in his mouth. He opened his mouth as much as he could and deepthroated his Daddy’s cock; it hurt so much but he wanted it, he wanted to make his daddy proud of him. He could only get halfway down the entire cock, it was simply too big. He bobbed up and down, feeling the large cock sliding in and out of his mouth. He heard his Daddy groan. “Atta boy son” he said to Bo as he inhaled from his cigarette and lowered his head, kissing Bo on the mouth, releasing all the smoke into Bo. Bo breathed in the smoke, feeling it fill up his lungs. “Keep at it son. Daddy is lovin’ it” he instructed as he continued to smoke, while Bo continued to suck his Daddy off. Bo would occasionally stop sucking and lift his head and plant it into his Daddy’s gut, licking it, smothering himself against the hard fat, nibbling at the giant outtie bellybutton, feeling his Daddy’s dense hairs stroking his fat cheeks, tickling him. His Daddy was so big, so beautiful. At one point, he felt a sharp pain on his head, and he saw his Daddy retract his hand, holding a single lone hair. The image of a harvester pulling out wheat flashed briefly in his mind; he did not know why. “Dunno how that got there son, looked damn funny” said his Daddy. After several minutes of sucking him off, Bo heard his Daddy speak. “Get on the bed son”. Bo did as he was told and climbed onto the bed and remained on all fours, his fat gut hanging off him. He felt his Daddy approach from behind; he heard him inhale from his cigarette, and then he felt a warm sensation as his Daddy blew the smoke onto Bo’s ass, the warm smoke making Bo’s asshole begin to throb. He then felt a wet sensation as his Daddy spit onto his asshole and the sudden pain of his Daddy’s hand slapping his asshole a couple of times. Bo moaned, it hurt so good. Bo then felt an immense pressure as he felt his Daddy push his cock against his asshole. He moaned in pain and pleasure as he felt his asshole stretch to engulf his Daddy’s cock. “Yeah son… Ain’t no man other than Daddy able to fill up yer hole. Right?” he heard his Daddy ask.

"Yeah Pa…. " agreed Bo as he grunted in pain and pleasure, his asshole still trying to accommodate his Daddy’s large cock. He felt his Daddy shove his cock about halfway in, and then retract it. He then felt him lean over him, and then felt his hand slap Bo on the side of his gut. A loud rumbling sensation emanated from Bo’s gut, and within seconds a loud fart erupted from his ass, lasting a full four seconds.

“That’s it son, make some more room for Daddy’s cock” he heard him say, as once more he placed his cock on Bo’s asshole, and began to push it in. Bo grunted once again, feeling his Daddy’s cock reach deeper and deeper, his asshole stretching more and more. The image of a wine bottle flashed in his mind, the cork being placed in the mouth, fitting perfectly. Again he was puzzled by the image, but he did not think about it. With a loud final grunt, he heard his Daddy shove his entire cock to the hilt, and he felt his own asshole stretch and throb. He then felt a heavy sensation on his back, as he felt his Daddy lower his large hairy gut on Bo’s back. He then felt his Daddy begin to move back and forth, his cock pumping Bo’s ass, Bo gasping, his breathing shallow, trying to ride all the feelings of pleasure that were swirling through him. He rocked back and forth in sync with his Daddy, his own large gut swaying like a pendulum, rubbing on the bed sheets, his Daddy’s hairy gut grinding against the small of his back. He felt a sharp pain as his Daddy slapped him on his ass. He then felt his Daddy’s hands glide across his back, the fingers sliding through the dense hairs. He saw the image of a field filled with grass, and a gust of wind blowing, causing the grass to sway back and forth. Another slap on the ass interrupted the image, and Bo grunted once more. His Daddy’s thrusts were becoming more violent, more powerful, his cock sliding in and out of Bo’s ass faster and faster while his large balls were slapping against Bo’s fat ass cheeks. Bo felt his asshole almost on fire. “Take it son, take Daddy’s cum” he heard his Daddy say before letting out a loud yell. Bo then felt a warm sensation in his ass and immense pressure as he felt his Daddy release his load deep into his ass. Gush after gush, the cum kept flowing in him, filling him up, the warmth spreading inside him. With a final low grunt, his Daddy pulled his cock out of Bo’s ass, and stood panting. Bo rotated himself to face his Daddy, and then sat on the bed, opposite him. He looked at his Daddy’s cock, bright red, having just finished its assault on Bo’s ass. He then looked down to his Daddy’s balls, they seemed quite smaller now, and deflated. He looked down at his own gut and placed a hand on it. He smiled at the thought of having his Daddy’s cum inside him. He felt a quick kiss on his bald head as his Daddy spoke. “That was jus’ swell son, but now we needs to get you some food. You go sit in front of the TV and watch somethin’. Daddy’ll be right out” said his Daddy as he quickly made his way out of the bedroom, still naked. Bo slowly got up, naked himself, his ass still hurting, and walked out of the bedroom into the living room.

He walked to the far end, where there was a large couch and a TV. He bent down slowly and flicked on the TV, and then lowered himself with a low grunt onto the couch. He sat there naked, watching and zapping through channels using the remote control, while his other hand kept rubbing his gut that sat on his lap, occasionally rubbing his moobs. He was indeed hungry. He could head a blender in the background, and turned to see his Daddy in the kitchen, mixing up different powders with milk and oil. At one point he saw him pick up a mobile phone, and start looking through it. Bo wondered where he had gotten that phone; it didn’t look like anything they would have owned.

“Pa? Whassat phone you holdin’?” he asked his Daddy

“It’s that wusse’s. Just usin’ it for a while. Sure he ain’t gonna mind” replied his Daddy as he continued to look through the phone.

“Ain’t he gonna be lookin’ for it Pa? Ain’t he gonna come back for it?” asked Bo.

“Oh he’s still around. He’s just a bit tied up at the moment with something at the store” said his Daddy as he winked at Bo. Bo didn’t understand what he meant and why he was winking at him. But he knew that Daddy always knew best. Not thinking about it anymore, he turned to the front and continued to watch TV. He then heard his Daddy use the phone and dial a number, and a conversation took place. He was speaking to a guy called Jason. Something about discovering an abandoned car and phone, not knowing whose they were. Bo didn’t make much sense of the conversation, looking at the TV was much more fun. He was watching a quiz show, and was trying to guess the right answers. One of the questions was asking for the one which was not a planet, and had the options of Pluto, Jupiter, Mars and Uranus. At the sound of the word Uranus Bo began laughing hard, his gut bouncing up and down on his lap.

“That ain’t a planet for sure. That’s an asshole” he said laughing.

“Nah son, Pluto’s the right one. Uranus is a planet. Jus’ sounds funny is all” he heard his Daddy yell out from the kitchen as he was preparing the mixture and pouring it into empty gallon jugs. Another question came up, and this one was asking for the capital of Hungary. Bo scratched his bald head.

“Pa, what’s a Hungary? Ain’t that when you jus’ want some food?” he asked..

“It’s a country son. Over in Europe” he heard his Daddy reply. Bo looked puzzled. He scratched at his bald head again; the questions were so hard. And his Daddy was so smart.

He watched the quiz show for about half an hour, getting every question wrong, Bo saw his Daddy emerge from the kitchen, holding a couple of gallon jugs filled with a beige mixture. “Damn Pa those questions were jus’ so hard” he explained to him

“Don’t fret it son. Them city folk go to school and learn a bunch of horseshit that they never use in their lives. So what if you ain’t as smart as them? You’re a handsome fuck, like your old man” explain his Daddy as he approached the couch. Bo smiled. Daddy was right as always. Bo looked at the two jugs his Daddy was carrying, and then turned and saw that there were another eight jugs in the kitchen, all filled with the same mixture. He saw his Daddy bring all of the jugs, two at a time to the living room, and place them on the floor next to Bo. The final time his Daddy left, he returned with a large funnel that had a harness attached to it on the side, and a long tube on one end. “Open up wide son” he heard his Daddy instruct him, and he obeyed. He opened up and felt the long tube slide inside his mouth, deeper and deeper, until his mouth was around the funnel opening, the long tube now completely concealed inside him. He saw his Daddy bend down and pick up the first jug and slowly pour the mixture into the funnel. Bo felt the tube inside him swell up as the thick liquid began to pass through it, and he then began to feel a sensation of being filled up from the inside. The image of a glass with a straw being filled up flashed through his mind. His Daddy emptied the first jug into the funnel and proceeded to begin to unload the contents of the second jug into the funnel. Bo sat there, watching the TV feeling happy and content. His Daddy was taking such good care of him. Jug after jug was poured into the funnel, the contents finding their way into Bo’s stomach. Bo had his hands on his gut, rubbing it, feeling himself becoming more and more full. He could visibly see his gut growing with every jug, inch after inch. From 60 inches he knew he had gone up to 64-63 inches. As they waited for the contents of the fourth jug to pass into him, his Daddy stood next to Bo, and took one of Bo’s hands and placed them on his gut. “Keep at it son. We gonna make you as big as Daddy” he said as he used Bo’s hand to rub his own gut. Bo wanted to be like his Daddy so much; he wanted his Daddy to be proud of his son. While Bo was busy watching TV and waiting for the contents of the fifth jug to seep into him, he felt a sharp stinging sensation in his left arm, and he quickly turned to see his Daddy having inserted a needle inside him, a clear liquid being pushed into his veins. He turned and tried to read the label, though his Daddy’s fingers were obscuring some of the words. “Test…..rone”, the label read. Bo looked at his Daddy, who immediately smiled and said “Jus’ some vitamins for my growin’ boy. That’s all” he heard him say, and then began to feel a bit of a burning sensation emanating from his arm. The image of fire spreading through his body flashed in his mind. The image was interrupted by his Daddy getting up to pour the contents of the sixth jug into the funnel. He then heard him speak. “And some protein for my growin’ boy” he said as he placed his hand on his cock, now erect once more, and began to beat off, his large balls slapping up and down, while his other hand rubbed large circles on his gut. He walked closer to the funnel and continued to jerk off, and within a minute he released a huge load into the funnel, the torrent of semen mixing with the beige liquid. Bo closed his eyes and felt intense pleasure at the thought of swallowing his Daddy’s cum. He could almost envision Daddy’s cum sliding inside him in the tube. Daddy was taking such good care of him. As the seventh jug was poured into the funnel, Bo continued to rub his own gut, feeling more and more heavy, more and more full. His gut was around 68-67 inches by now. It was beginning to get painful. He was beginning to sweat slightly and he could feel himself become flustered, his cheeks burning red. His Daddy spoke “One more son, that’s good enough for now.” The contents of the eighth jug were poured in and Bo felt them slide inside him. He lay back, exhausted, in pain, his hands resting on his bloated 69 inch gut. He could do no more; he looked at his Daddy with pain, and with defeat in his eyes. He saw his Daddy bend down to pick up the two remaining jugs and speak “It’s ok son. That was swell. One day you gonna make your Daddy real proud when you get all these in you one go” he said to Bo. Bo immediately reached out and touched his Daddy’s arm, letting out a low grunt. His Daddy turned and looked at him. Bo pointed to the two remaining jugs, grunted, and then pointed to his large gut. He saw his Daddy look at him wide-eyed, a slight smile on his face “Ya wanna continue son?” he asked Bo, and Bo nodded yes. “Atta boy son” he heard him say as he poured the ninth jug into the funnel. Bo braced himself, trying to remain calm as he felt the contents flow into him, stretching his stomach. He closed his eyes, concentrating, when he felt a warm mass pressing onto the side of his face. He opened his eyes and saw his Daddy pushing his gut into the side of Bo’s face, his hand again jerking himself off. He heard him speak “Cmon son… one more for Daddy…you doing so good. You gettin’ as big as Daddy”. Bo wanted to make his Daddy so proud of him. He wanted to be as big as Daddy, he wanted Daddy to be proud of his son. He saw him take the final jug and pour it into the funnel. Bo felt intense pain as his stomach stretched bigger than ever before, trying to accommodate the final jug of mixture inside him. As soon as the mixture was all inside him, he saw his Daddy quickly undo the harness and quickly slide the tube out from inside Bo. Bo saw the image of a full cup, the straw falling out of the cup. He did not have time to ponder about the image before he felt his Daddy shove his cock into Bo’s mouth. “Cmon son.. for Daddy” he heard him say as he felt the warm gush of cum fill his mouth. Bo swallowed the cum eagerly, wanting to take as much of his Daddy as he could. He felt the salty liquid fill his mouth, and then slide down inside him. Gush after gush, gulp after gulp. When the torrent of cum died down, his Daddy then retracted his cock from Bo’s mouth, and Bo began panting and grunting in pain.

“Pa it hurts so bad” he complained to his Daddy as he looked down at his immense gut. He could feel a sharp pain in the centre of his gut. He began to rub his gut, trying to make the pain go away, but the pain kept growing and growing. He began to whimper in pain, he had never experienced pain like this before. The pain kept growing and growing, and he raised his gaze to the roof let out a yell as he felt a small tearing sensation inside him, and then heard a loud “pop” sound and felt something in his bellybutton. He looked down and saw that his cavernous innie bellybutton was now a large outtie bellybutton pointing outwards from the centre of his gut. He felt no more pain, and instead felt a sense of release.

“Well I’ll be damned” he heard his Daddy speak as he felt him place his hands on Bo’s gut. “You tore the muscle holdin’ your bellybutton in and you got an outtie jus’ like your old man” he continued. Bo was panting, relieved now that the pain had subsided. He placed both of his hands on his gut and let out a loud belch. He felt his Daddy’s hands begin to rub circles on his gut as he spoke “Daddy is so proud of his son”. Bo was getting aroused, he could feel his small cock begin to become erect. He reached under his gut and began to fondle his cock. He felt his Daddy poke at his outtie bellybutton, the sensation new and electric. “Ma boy’s so big and strong, Daddy’s so proud of his son” he heard him say. Bo was jerking off, feeling his large gut bounce up and down, grunting and panting. “Ma son’s lookin’ just like Daddy now, and his gut is even bigger than Daddy’s now” he heard him say. Bo went over the edge. He moaned as he felt himself cum, the semen spluttering all over the underside of his gut. He gasped and moaned as he rode the waves of pleasure passing through him. As the feeling of pleasure waned, he lay back, panting, as he saw his Daddy pick up tissues and begin to clean him up.

“That’s ma boy. Daddy is gonna have to play with that gut of yours tonight in bed for sure” he heard him say, as he cleaned him up. “Now you gotta be gettin’ to work son. Somethin’ tells me we gonna be havin’ a lot more customers round these parts” he heard his Daddy say as he got up and went to the bedroom and brought out Bo’s briefs, along with the jeans and wifebeater vest he was wearing before. Bo stood up slowly; he had to take a moment to find his sense of balance as his now much heavier gut was pulling him forward. His Daddy helped him put on the briefs, and then helped Bo place his legs in the tight jeans, and brought them up to Bo’s waist. Bo placed his hands on the sides of his gut and lifted his gut up allowing his Daddy to button up the jeans. Bo released his gut, feeling the now 72 inch mass bounce up and down slightly before resting on top of the jeans, the button straining trying to hold up the large mass. He stood belly to belly with his Daddy, as his Daddy leaned in to kiss him, the two large guts rubbing against each other, the two outtie bellybuttons almost jousting in the air. They then both turned to face the window as they heard and saw a car pull up near the gas station. “You gonna be needin’ this too” said his Daddy as he gave Bo his wifebeater vest. Bo raised his arms and pulled the vest over him, feeling the cotton fabric stretch across his hairy skin, covering most of his large gut, while his bellybutton and the rest of his gut were exposed to the air. “So proud of you son” he heard his Daddy say as he patted Bo’s gut. Bo smiled at his Daddy. He was so happy to make his Daddy proud, to be like his Daddy. He wanted to make him even more proud. He took a deep breath, and filled his lungs with air, and began pushing his gut outwards. He saw his gut grow bigger and bigger, and could hear the sound of the vest stretching, trying to contain his growing gut. With a final push, he heard a loud ripping sound as the wifebeater vest tore to pieces, unable to contain his massive gut. He stood once more topless in front of his Daddy whose mouth was now wide open in awe. Bo patted his gut.

“Don’t think I need this Pa” he said with a smile. A loud fart erupted from his ass, and both him and his Daddy said

“Whoop, there goes another one”. They smiled at each other, and Bo turned and walked out the front door, his large hairy gut leading the way, feeling the heavy liquid inside him slosh around, his gut bouncing up and down with every step, his grey hairs shining in the sun, while his bald head was feeling the warmth of the sun’s rays. He continued walking, his one hand on top of his large gut, while the other holding it from below, occassionally rubbing his outtie bellybutton and scratching at the underside of his gut. He smiled as he saw a skinny man looking and examining Derek’s black car, a worried look on his face. He spoke:

“What can I do for ya boy? Ya needin’ some gas or somethin’?”


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