The Chip Pt. 8

By JoSmith -
published January 11, 2020

A hot story gets Butch hot and bothered

Chpt. 8

“I’m taking a shower. You should call dad.”

“I’ll call him. Oh and Aaron?”


“Thanks for the fuck…don’t take too long because I don’t want to shower with cold fucking water.”

“I’ll take my time, Butch. I deserve it after giving you that fuck.”

“Oh shut the fuck up, you didn’t do shit. Just laid there like a damn corpse, making me do all the fucking work.”

“Didn’t hear you complaining when you blew your load you big baby.”

“God, you’re insufferable. Hurry up, I want to shower too.”

“Funny how you didn’t say anything about showering until I brought it up.”

“I don’t have to tell you what I want to do before I do it Aaron.”

“Whatever you say princess.” I said as I walked out the room.

“I’m not a fucking princess you little shit!” I heard Butch scream from the room as I got in the bathroom. I chuckled as I looked at my cum and saliva covered face. From the bathroom, I heard Butch talking on the phone, good man, called dad just as I had instructed.

The rest of the night was slow. We both showered and made dinner from whatever was in the fridge. Butch parked his ass on the recliner and started to watch T.V. while I was in my room. I was about to head to the kitchen and get some water when I got a call from Steve.

“What’s up? How did the meeting go?”

“I think it went well, we got back today. How was the dinner for your dad?”

“Eh…ended up getting a pizza for him.”


“Yeah I know…anyways, I was talking to him about you and he wanted to meet you. When do you think you could come over?”

“I don’t know. Maybe Thursday?”

“That’s fine with me!”

“Ok great, I’ll let you know by tomorrow.”

“Perfect. See you at the site.”

“Alright, see ya.”

I hung up and made my way to the kitchen to get a glass of water. Butch was exactly where I had left him. Wearing a tank top, shorts, and socks on his recliner chair.

“Hey,” I said as I stood next to him, he was back to being the Butch I met a month ago and he barely registered that I was there. After a minute, I nudged him, “Are you alive or just ignoring me?”

“Just ignoring you…what do you want?”

“You are such an asshole, you know that?”

I said as I sat on his lap. He exasperated and tried to get me off, but I put my hands on the back of his neck. He relented and I loosened my grip.

“Fine, what the hell do you want.”

“Why are you like this Butch, hmm?” I said as I caressed his mustache and the stubble of the beard he was beginning to grow. He rolled his eyes as his big paw subconsciously caressed my back.

“Fine, fine. What can I do for you?”

“That’s better you big grumpy bear.” I said in the most annoying childish voice I could muster and the way that Butch looked at me, I was really treading on thin ice. I stopped and mouthed sorry and he nodded.

sigh “I was talking to Steve and his dad just came out of the hospital. I was hoping we could go visit them Thursday. Something quick, maybe even take them some food to cook up?”

“Yeah, that’s a no for me. I’ll call the sheriff, but I don’t want to go to their house. We’re not that close.”

“But you did him a solid by hiring Steve. I’m sure he appreciates it and even more, you can seem to be the involved boss making sure his employee’s families are taken cared of.”

“I don’t want to be involved like that. Better to keep them at a distance that way they don’t get too chummy with me. Soon, they’ll want to come over and I won’t have people inviting themselves to my home. Better keep my personal and professional lives separate.”

“Come on, it’ll be nice. We can make some steaks, have a nice chat with them and at night…I can thank you in my own special way.” As he registered what I said, I felt his dick do a little jolt on my ass.

“How about you just give me my thanks now for not throwing your ass on the floor for sitting on me?”

“How about you come with me, be a good uncle and boss, and make sure that the sheriff and Steve are doing alright.” I put my head on his chest and continued to caress his face and mustache. He was caressing my leg and back while his chin laid on my head. Just being with him made me feel like a was a small kid.

“Aaron, come on, get off me and maybe I’ll think about it.”

“Say yes and I’ll give you a foot rub and leave you alone for the rest of the night?”

“You run a hard bargain but if you’ll end up leaving me alone…fine. I’ll go but I’m not staying out all fucking night.”

“Okay, that’s a deal. What time on Thursday works for you?”

“Thursday?! There’s a show I want to see on that day!”

“Record it!”

“Ugh! Kid, you really want me to go?”



I smiled at him and gave him a kiss that he made longer than it should have been; “Damn, you really like kissing.”

“Says the brat that gave me the kiss first.”

“Oh shut up…” I kissed him again and got off him, “I’m a man of my word. Let me give you that foot rub.”

“You were serious? I thought it was just a throw away bargaining chip.”

“If you don’t want the foot rub, I can just go, no need for me to do it…”

“The only place you are going is to the end of this recliner and giving me a foot rub or else.”

“Or else what Uncle Butch.”

“You don’t want to find out boy.”

A part of me did want to find out but the other part didn’t want him to back out of going to Steve’s house.

“I’ll give you the foot rub old man but there’s a small part of me that wants to know what you would have done if I didn’t do it.”

“You’ll find out the next time you piss me off.”

“So…in ten minutes?”

“You cocky fucker…get your ass down there and give me my damn foot rub.”

“Fine…” I got on my knees in front of Butch and grabbed his size 12 left foot and began to massage it. He let out a sigh and put his head back, closing his eyes and letting me rub his worries away.

“That’s nice…fucking deserve this. Work hard around here and no one fucking pampers me.” I just stayed quiet and let him ramble on.

“Should have gotten this long time ago. Fuck kid, you really know how to rub those feet.”

“I fucked a chiropractor that had a side hustle as a massage therapist. He got his ass drilled and I got my knots straightened out.”

“Christ, you fucked your way through the yellow pages.”

“Not the whole book…yet.”

“Fuck kid…tell me a story while you take care of those feet.”

“Want to hear how I make grown men into whimpering sluts, ready to spread open their legs for my cock and beg me to drill them until they can’t fucking form a sentence anymore?”

Butch was rubbing his cock through the shorts. He looked at me with curiosity and hunger.


“Yeah Butch. Lots of fucking. Fine, who do you want to hear about? The doctor, the coach, the chiropractor, the gardener, the mailman?”

“Surprise me.”

“Okay…Let’s see…”


I began to tell him that the previous summer before graduation, Dad and I had taken a visit to the local university to visit as an option for me to attend. While there, dad and I toured the campus, visited the offices, and then had a small lunch at the football stadium. We were sitting there when a huge guy began to walk towards us, big and muscular guy. While he looked intimidating, he also looked very hot. He was wearing a red polo that was tucked into his beige pants, around his neck was a whistle and his right hand was a clipboard. Dad didn’t even noticed him approaching us until he was already there.

“Can I help you both?” the deep voice from Mr. Muscles startled dad in dropping a couple of fries.

“Oh damn, sorry, no…we were just touring the campus and decided to take a quick lunch break overlooking the field.” Dad responded with a smile. I on the other hand, was struck by how handsome this guy was. He was tanned, had a square jaw and those arms…fuck, those arms were not able to be contained in his sleeves.

“Sorry fellas but this area is closed to the general public when there is no game. You know, for safety.” Mr. Muscles explained.

“Oh…sorry, we didn’t see a sign.” Dad got up and cleaned off his hand with a napkin and then reached out to Mr. Muscles, “Sorry, my name is Ken and this is my son Aaron.”

He grasped my dad’s hand in a firm shake, “Coach Jones.” They began chatting a bit while I finished cleaning up our area. It was fine, we were done mostly by now.

“Say, Aaron may be coming here next fall, any suggestions for us?” That’s when Jones looked at me and did a quick preliminary check of what I looked like, “The campus is great and we have a great sports department. If you want to see how great the campus looks, go over to the arts building to the 5th floor and look out the windows to see the entire quad. It’s a great sight.”

“We’ll definitely check the view won’t we.”

“Sure, but first, I need to use the bathroom.” I said to dad but loud enough for the coach to hear.

“The nearest bathrooms are closed for maintenance, but I have a private bathroom in my office. I’ll show you where is at.”


“Ken, I’ll bring your boy back in a sec.”

“Actually, I have to use the bathroom as well.”

“Ok great, follow me guys.”

We began to walk and dad’s phone began to ring, “Oh…I need to take this. I’ll just wait until we get to the arts building. I’ll wait for you here Aaron.” With that, I walked next to Coach to his private bathroom. Once inside the office, I saw all the trophies and pictures he had of his teams throughout the years and of all the seasons they had been victorious.

“Impressive collection, Coach.”

“Thanks, I pride myself in being good at my job.”

“It shows.” I meant to say that I could see how good he was because of the trophies but the way I said it and how I looked at him, well…it read more like ‘it shows how much you are dedicated to the gym you sexy fucker’ because he smirked at me before making his pecs bounce.

“The bathroom is behind that door over there…” he pointed at a door at the far end of the room. I walked towards it and when I tried opening it, the door was locked.

“Uh…it’s locked.”

“Oh…” he walked towards me with his keys in hand and went to unlock the door, he was super close to me, his arm touching mine. I looked at him and he looked at me. The gaze was held for a short moment and then he opened the door. Inside, it was a toilet, the sink, and a shower.

“For when the team is showering, I can shower in private.” He said when he saw my confused expression.

I walked in and went to the toilet but I could still feel him looking at me. I wanted to shoot my shot but what if these little signs were just…me reading into them too deeply. The worse thing that could happen was that he was being awkward with me because he didn’t know me. I threw all caution to the wind and began undo my pants and take out my snake from its confinement and let out a stream of piss into the bowl. I turned my head and the coach was still there, transfixed at the sight of my dick.

“Do you always make sure that your students aim into the bowl or are you making a special case for me?” I said as I continued to pee.

“I…uh…sorry, I should just…”

I finished and then put my dick away, slowly and deliberately before I proceeded to go to the sink to wash my hands. I could still see him at the door from the mirror.

“It’s fine Coach…I don’t mind. But I don’t think it’s fair…”


“You saw mine…”


I dried my hands and turned around and crossed my arms waiting. He looked at me and slowly began to undo his pants. The man had gone from intimidating, confident to unsure. I smiled approvingly as he began to push his pants down and showing me the basket in his jockstrap.

“Nice…now, take out that snake and let’s see what you are packing.”

“This is inappropriate…”

“No it’s not. I’m not a student and of age, come on Coach, come in here, lock the bathroom door and show me how big the rest of you is.”

“Trust me, I’m pretty big but where did this new-found confidence come from?” he said as he closed the door and pulled out his monster cock.

“I saw the way you looked at me and made me want to prove to you that yes, I’m more than just a pretty face.” I smirked and he laughed. He got closer to me, grabbed my hand and put it on his dick. I began to stroke him as he stroked my arms and kissed my neck, “Yeah man, I saw you and knew you’d be a fun time.”

“Oh coach, you haven’t seen anything yet.” He looked at me and we made out. His angry cock was filling my hand nicely. He groped me and then fished out my own dick. Soon we were stroking each other as our mouths dueled for dominance.

“Aaron, I’m getting close.”

“Same here, man.”

We began to speed up our jacking and soon we both spewed our respective juices all over the floor. We were panting, sweating even. The coach looked at me and laughed as he reached out for some paper towels to clean the floor.

“Fuck. I haven’t had release in a while.”

“That’s a shame. A guy like you shouldn’t have to go without release.”

“Yeah, well, it’s hard to find a guy that will tick my boxes.”

“Oh, and did I tick them for you?”

“You did…maybe you can meet me some other time and see if you can tick some more.”

“That’d be great and besides… I haven’t shown you how well I can use my dick.”

“Fuck…” responded before kissing me again. We were making out when we heard someone knocking on the door.

“Oh crap, that must be my dad.”

“Clean yourself up and wait for me outside, you can let your dad in.”

I put my equipment away, washed my hands, and made sure I was presentable again. Soon, I left the bathroom and heard as coach locked it, maybe continuing to clean the floor. I opened the door and it was another student.

“Uh, who are you?”

“I’m Aaron. I’m a prospective student and the coach was showing me around.”

He looked at me skeptically. I rolled my eyes, “Look, he is in the bathroom if you want to ask him yourself.”

“Sorry, is just that…well, he didn’t say anything about doing a tour today.”

I shrugged my shoulders, “Don’t know what to tell ya.”

At that, we heard the door to the bathroom open and coach came out looking clean and presentable, just as he was when he spoke with us on the bleachers.

“Kyle, I see you met Aaron.”

“Yeah, he was telling me you were giving him a tour.” He said in an attempt to catch me in a lie.

“Yeah, but just of the field. His dad is waiting for us, you can stay here and I’ll be right back.” Coach said all of this as he grabbed a business card and wrote something on the back. Soon, we left a speechless Kyle behind and made our way towards my dad. From the distance, I could still see he was still on the phone.

“I guess your dad didn’t miss us.” The coach said.

“I’m sure we could go to lunch and have dessert and he’d still be on the phone.”

He chuckled, “Here is my business card in case you have any other questions about the campus… and on the back is my cell.”

“For school related questions, right?”

He winked, “Right,” then patted my shoulder. I put the business card away and thanked him for the…tour of his office before he dropped me off with dad. The rest of the day was uneventful, but it got better when I texted him that night. After that, we became fuck buddies. Tight ass, great muscles, and surprisingly, very slutty.

~ Back to the present ~

“So, you have a hunky coach to fuck back home?”

“Yeah, nice guy, real slutty. If you come home with me, maybe I can introduce him to you…”

He began to paw at his dick even harder after I finished mentioning that I could present him to the coach; “You fucker, got all these men crazy for that piece of yours.”

“I’m truly blessed.” I said as I finished massaging his feet. I would have continued playing with his feet, but my knees were hurting.

“Hope you enjoyed story time and the massage. I’m going to my room.”

“Hey hey, wait…” Butch said as I got up, my knees cracking as if I were a 70-year old man.


“That story…it got me horny…” he said as he smiled and rubbed his cock through his shorts.

“Okay and?”

“Come on kid…are you going to leave me with blue balls?”

“I recall promising a foot rub and then leaving you alone. I did the foot rub and now I’m about to leave you alone.”

“Don’t be an asshole Aaron. Come on, help me out here.”

“I don’t think so. I fucked you already and now, I’m feeling tired.”

“Dammit, you didn’t do shit. You laid flat like a corpse and made me do all the fucking work!”

“Because you fucking wanted to!” I said raising my volume and matching his, knowing full well he’d respond with even more volume.

“Don’t argue with me!” Knew it. He got up and got close to me.

“Then don’t fucking yell at me!” I came up closer to him, closing the gap between us. He looked angry at me and I was annoyed at him. We were throwing daggers at each other.

“You fucking brat! Always have a way to piss me the fuck off!”

“And you have a way to annoy the shit out of me!”

“I could just…” He said as he was about to raise his hand at me.

“Just what Butch, huh?”

“Fuck!” He yelled at me before turning around and punching a pillow.

“Hey!” I said, and he turned around, looking cock blocked and frustrated, “You should ask me nicely and tell me exactly what you want me to do.”

His face was still harsh but softened a bit, “I just want you to tell me I was a better than the coach as you jack me off and make me shoot my load all over my stomach.”

I don’t know. The coach was a slut and was not ashamed to just go off in the bedroom. He once called me ‘daddy’ as I drilled him and that was hot. Besides him, I had several daddies back home wilder and sluttier than Butch. I will admit, though, he was a fun partner in bed. He was the most dominant partner I had but he still ensured that I was taken cared of.

“That’s really all you want? It’s not a competition you know.”

“I don’t care if it’s not a competition, I want to know that I’m better than that slut. Besides, I want to shoot my load and the ego boost would be a nice touch. Whatever you have to do to make me cum, man, I don’t care I just want to cum.”

“It’s nice to know you care a lot about my opinion.”

He blushed and looked away.

sigh “Fine, I’ll help you out Uncle Butch.”

“Asshole…” he said as he smiled and tried to kiss me, but I turned away.

“What the fuck, Aaron.”

“I want you on your chair, legs raised, fingering your hole. Play with yourself Butch.”

“Come on kid, don’t be a little shit…” he said looking at me, blushing with a hint of annoyance.

“There is no obligation on my part to help you, Butch. Do as I say or you’ll go to bed with blue balls…even though I already helped you cum today.”

“FUCK!” He screamed and began to pace in front of me. I was beginning to turn to go to my room and when I heard him say, “Fine…” He took off his clothes, got on his favorite chair and threw his legs in the air. His ass was so big and inviting. I was showing a lot of restraint not just getting back on my knees and eating him out but he looked at me and then began to tease his hole.

“Give me more big guy, really sell it for me.”

“Please kid, let me cum. I really need to shoot. You got me hot with the story.” He inserted a finger in his hole and began to fuck himself a bit but not much. It was like he was embarrassed or humiliated about doing this in front of me, weird since we’ve done more than just finger fuck his tight hole.

“You should not overthink it, Butch. You should let go and just entice me to help you cum.”

At that, it was like a light switch had flipped in his mind and he smiled and licked his lips as he withdrew his finger, sucked it along with two others and then inserted them into his ass. He grunted but I could see he was liking it. His dick was harder than it was at the beginning, his free hand began to caress his balls; “Come on kid, you know you want to get off too. You want me to beg, I’ll beg…Please Aaron, I…need you…fuck, man, I really need help to cum and you’re the only one that dicks me good. I’m so fucking horny. I don’t care what you make me do if you’ll just end up making me cum. I’ll do whatever you want, Aaron, because I know you will do whatever it is that I need and right now, I need to shoot my load.”

“Fuck Butch, you look like such a slut…” but my growing member was beginning to rival his. He noticed and smiled wider as he continued to finger himself.

“Yeah kid, better than that slut coach, huh…” he closed his eyes and inserted another finger. Butch had huge hands and his fingers were not small. “Fuck! My ass feels so good, fucking myself in front of my brother’s kid…so perverted…so fucking hot. Come on Aaron, help me out here. You already have me needy, help me get over the finish line.”

“Fuck Butch, you really want to cum bad…” I said as I slowly got close to him. I was hypnotized by him, fucking himself on his favorite chair.

“Yeah man, I really do. You just going to stare at me or are you going to get naked too.” I slowly began to take off my own clothes, he slowed down on fucking his hole. He looked at me and kept his gaze on mine. I got closer to him and put his legs on my shoulders.

“Want a real man’s cock in that ass, Mr. King?”

“Fuck me, boy. Get me off!” He practically screamed as he took out his fingers and grabbed hold of my dick.

“I’m going to fuck this ass with no mercy. You may want to cum but I’m going for my own nut.”

“Don’t care, just fuck me, hit my love button.” I sank my dick in and saw how his eyes rolled to the back of his head.

“Goddam that’s good. Come on, fuck me like a real man!”

“I’ll show you I’m all man, Butch!”

“Show me then! Give me that dick, boy!”

He rested his big calves on my shoulders and with his hands, he began to tease his nips as I began to fuck him. He growled, grunted, moaned, encouraging me to use his ass. I was fucking him on his favorite chair and now each time I would see it, I would only think of how easily Butch gave me his ass just to be able to cum.

“Fuck yeah! Give me more, boy. I need it bad.”

“You big muscle slut, begging me to get you nut because you can only cum now with a cock up your tight hole.”

Butch had a dopey smile on his face and his eyes rolled to the back of his head. He was moaning loudly, sweat all over his red face, tongue out, saliva on his chin. I had gotten to the point I was getting tired of carrying his legs but seeing him fucked stupid had gotten me even more horny for him but if I wanted to go the extra mile with him, I would need to get in a more comfortable position.

“Butch, you should tell me how you feel.”

“I feel fucking fantastic. You are dicking me so good, so fucking good.”

“You have a great ass, Butch.”

“You have a great cock, nephew.” With that, he smiled at me. That really did it, I wanted to shoot but I wanted this to last a bit longer, I pulled out and held my cock in my hand. I needed to cool off.

“What’s the matter, kid. Did I make you almost cum?” He smirked. Fucker knew exactly what he had done.

“Get up you big fucker, we’re finishing this in the bedroom.”

He got up, slowly, towering over me before yanking me towards him and making out with me.

“You’re an asshole sometimes…but that cock is something else.” He continued to make out with me. Soon, he grabbed my hands and guided them to his ass where I began to play with his meaty globes.

“You…me…that cock…my ass…bedroom…now.” Butch said between kisses. He picked me up and carried me to the bedroom. This man knew he could, so he did. Him carrying me to the bedroom may have been a form of displaying his dominance, demonstrating to me how strong he was and the physical power he had over me. Ironically, I found it to be a show of my dominance over him, even with all his strength, he was still under my control. When he finally got me to the bedroom, he laid me down and then got on top of me.

“Fuck me…” he said, as he kissed my neck and caressed my face. He looked at me when I didn’t respond. I nodded and motioned for him to lay face down. He bit his lip and got in position. He had a great back too, his arms were bulging, his neck had a hickey that I gave him. I had marked him as mine, now I would fuck him and load him up to the brim that he will not be able to get me out of him.

“I’m going to fuck you hard, Uncle Butch.”

“Yeah…do it…”

“Going to load you up with my boys…going to claim this hole as my property.”

“Take it, boy.”

“You’re going to let me make this tight muscle hole mine?”

“It’s yours, kid.” At that, I sunk my dick into its warm home and heard Butch let out a moan. Soon, I was fucking him hard and fast, something that I was not able to do efficiently on the chair. He began to scream and moan louder and louder. This kind of fucking would not have been able to happen at the hotel but here, where there wasn’t a neighbor directly next to us, he could be as loud as he wanted.

“I’m gonna cum soon!”

“Flip me over, Aaron. I want to see you when you shoot.”

I pulled out and he flipped over. He grabbed his legs and nodded his consent for me to go back in. I began to fuck him again and the one thing that turned me on when we fucked in this position, was how his juicy muscled pecs bounced. He moaned, his toes curled, he whispered, “Yes, more, fuck me boy.”

I was turned on that, soon, I began to feel close to cumming.

“It’s gonna happen, Butch. I’m going to give you my load.”

“Load me up!” Soon, I was shooting again, and he shot all over his abs and chest. He kept shooting even after I was done. What surprised me more was that he didn’t touch himself, at all. I had, effectively, fucked the cum out of him.

“Good boy, come here.” He let go of his legs and pulled me down to kiss him. We made out a bit until my dick left his hole and he put a leg over my body, making sure that we were intertwined in a post-fuck make out session.

“You made me cum hands free, kid.”

“You sucked out the cum of out me, Butch.”

“I guess…we both have our talents.”

“That we do, big guy.” We continued making out until I felt that our lips were about to get chapped.

“I love kissing.” I said and he smiled before licking my lips, “me too…” I was still on top of him, our bodies stuck together thanks to the load that had begun to dry on his torso.

“Butch, let’s shower.”

“Not showering with you again, Aaron. I want to actually shower without you stepping on me or elbowing my side.”

“I agree… but I can keep you company in the bathroom while you shower.”

He kept his gaze on me, “You really are something else…” I smiled and kissed him one last time before I slowly getting up and feeling my skin unstick to Butch. The load he shot was dry and while I liked how he looked all wet and used, it would feel better to get clean.

Once we finished showering, we put on some underwear and got ready for bed.

“Alright, I’m heading to bed, Butch. See you in the morning.”

“Hey…” he said, and I turned around to see him standing at his door.

“What’s up?”

“Want to…sleep in my bed tonight?” He asked as he looked at the floor.

“You sure? I may latch on your tit in my sleep.”

He looked up and smiled, “I think I’ll survive if you do.” I grinned like an idiot and walked towards him. He put his arm around me, and we went inside. Just like previous nights, sometime in the night, I woke up to Butch thrashing about. I turned on the light and saw him sweating profusely, muttering “Leave me alone.”

“Butch, wake up!” I began to shake him, trying to wake him up.

“Leave me alone!” He screamed and then everything turned to darkness. Last thing I heard was Butch, “Oh my god, Aaron!”

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