Dad Nextdoor

By tomozco -
published January 11, 2020

Rafael moves into a new apartment and develops a crush on his neighbour, Mr. Matherson….or so he thought…

*Hi All, like the last couple ones, this is another quick short story inspired by some pics on the net I came across. Although this one probably doesn’t really need the pics to go with it, but if you’d like some “visual assistance” nonetheless, you’re welcome to check them on my blog: click here


Soon after moving into his new apartment, Rafael realized he had developed a secret crush on his neighbour, Mr. Matherson, a single dad living with his son, Jason, who is in university. At first he was too shy, but Mr. Matherson was the first to strike up the conversation with Rafael. Turns out he is a super friendly guy, and soon he was always chatting up with the new neighbour in the hallway and even inviting him over for drinks and dinner. Then the dinner invitations and hanging over at the Mathersons became a regular thing too. The friendliness and invitations were great, but at the same time, he obviously couldn’t express his feelings out to a straight dad, and so this was quickly driving Rafael crazy with lust on this sexy man.

Soon, Rafael has decided that he needed to find a way to act out his growing crush on his neighbour. He didn’t know why, but it suddenly occurred to him that, during one of those dinners at the Mathersons’ home, Rafael realized that Jason, the younger Matherson, is studying psychology in university, with a major specializing in psychotherapy. He somehow recalled that Jason has been learning about hypnosis for his future practice. It was a random crazy idea, but Rafael decided that perhaps he could ask Jason to teach him about hypnosis and he might able to use that on Mr. Matherson…It didn’t seem to be totally logical or appropriate to him, and it was completely beyond his usual composed and respectful character, but at the same time his mind somehow quickly drowned out his doubts and reasoned itself that this would be a good idea to give it a try.

So after coming over for dinner one night, Rafael went to Jason’s room to ask if he could teach him about hypnosis. The college student was surprisingly welcoming to the request, as if almost like he was expecting the question from his Hispanic neighbour. Over the next two weeks, Rafael would then learn about all the tricks and methods to conduct hypnosis in Jason’s room every evening after dinner. Rafael couldn’t exactly recall the specifics of what he learned every night, but he somehow realized that he was becoming gradually more adept with the skills of mind control.

Several more nights later, Rafael was over again for dinner, but Jason was not around. After eating, the thought came up to Rafael that it was finally time to try out his new skills on his dream subject, Mr. Matherson. He waited nervously in the living room until Mr. Matherson was done cleaning up in the kitchen and joined him on the couch. As they sat quietly watching TV, Rafael slowly started off with some small low talk to gradually get Mr. Matherson into the mindset. After a while, once he noticed that the older man was becoming droopy, his breathing slowed and was slurring his words, Rafael got on with the steps Jason had taught him to take the man deeper. His mind seemed to have gone on autopilot at this point, the young Hispanic didn’t seem to need to think about what he was doing, but his body was carrying out the entire hypnosis process smoothly like a preset sequence.

After about 30 minutes, Mr. Matherson was now slumped over on the couch, deeply entranced. Rafael couldn’t believe how easy Jason’s trick worked, almost too easy. He hoped that Jason would never find out that he had taught someone his own mind control skills only to be used on his own father. But Rafael would worry about that another time, because now his biggest crush is now at his fingertips to do as he pleased. Rafael tried a few basic commands to make sure that the hunky father is fully under his control. Once he was sure it works, the young man didn’t waste any time pulling out his throbbing cock from his suit pants. The growing lust on the man seemed to have taken over any sensible or rational thinking in the young businessman. He then ordered Mr. Matherson to crawl over and service him. The single dad moved slowly but did not miss a beat in swallowing Rafael’s leaking hard dick straight down, and began slurping on it eagerly like a giant lollipop.

Rafael was in pure bliss and ecstasy. He was surprised by how good Mr. Matherson seems to be at sucking dick, which he was puzzled about it for a moment, but those questions don’t matter…the fact that his dream man was sucking him right now was the most important thing. Rafael was quickly getting close to orgasm, but just as he was about to reach the tipping point, he heard a snap of fingers and someone said: “Sleepy neighbour”, and he went out like a light.

When Rafael came to again, Mr. Matherson was no longer on his knees or sucking on his dick. In fact, those don’t matter to him much right now, even though his own cock was still throbbing hard. Instead, Rafael turned around and was now faced with Mr. Matherson’s hard cock pointing straight at him. The young businessman’s eyes glazed over, his mind blanked out and was suddenly taken over by an overwhelming desire to taste this wonderful piece of meat in front of him. He jumped up from his seat and immediately plunged himself mouth-first onto Mr. Matherson’s cock as if his life depended on it. It literally was all that mattered in Rafael’s mind at the moment. His crush on Mr. Matherson, where he was, what he was doing…all his thoughts faded far into the back of his mind, replaced by nothing but a sole command to suck on the piece of meat in front of him, and so he did. In front of him, Mr. Matherson simply stood passively with his pants open while his young neighbour slurped on his hard tool desperately. Aside from an occasional involuntary sigh and moan of pleasure, the single dad did not seem to be actively engaged in the action otherwise. In between the self-absorbed Rafael and the passive Mr. Matherson, while the two of them appear physically to be intensely engaged in sex together, there was actually very little mental interaction between the two…each of them simply following the command imprinted in their minds in oblivion.

Rafael was totally lost in his sucking, energetically slurping on the wet hard dick in his mouth, without missing a beat and without a care of anything else around him, including Mr. Matherson. Likewise for Mr. Matherson, he was completely lost in his dreamy la-la-land, and his only connection with the reality around him was the intense sensation from the mindless assault on his throbbing dick. It was driving him mad with lust and his sexual high had long reached an unbearable level, but he has not been instructed to cum yet. Instead, without the final trigger, Mr. Matherson was helplessly stuck in this frustrating perpetual loop of maddening sexual lust, getting literally to the edge, yet not being able to shoot, but then desiring more of the stimulation to get closer, wanting more, getting closer, and so on…

On the opposite side of the living room, sitting on another couch facing the two men, Jason Matherson watched on as his own father was engaged in intense gay sex with their neighbour right in the living room…all according to his commands. In fact, he had been there the entire time ever since Rafael came in and had been calling the shots all along, though they simply ignored his presence as he had instructed.

Ever since Rafael moved in next door, Jason already had his eyes on the sexy Hispanic man. All of that crush on his dad, the frequent dinner invitations and the long evenings that Rafael spent at the Mathersons’ were not a natural occurrence; they were all part of Jason’s plot to ensnare his new neighbour. The nightly hypnotic training sessions had prepared the unsuspecting businessman’s mind to follow the pre-scripted course of action. Along the way, Mr. Matherson conveniently served as the bait for that phoney “mind control technique” that Rafael thought he knew. Jason’s dad had actually been under his control for some time already…was it since last year when Jason started his third year studies and began working as part-time research assistant for the Professor? Jason’s mind drew a blank on that thought for a moment, before a powerful mental force buried those thoughts away quickly and refocused his mind back on the important task in hand; he had been assigned a mission and it was crucial that he completes it successfully. What happened in the past didn’t matter to Jason anymore, all that matters is that his plan finally culminated into what’s in front of him right now.

Satisfied that his mission was accomplished, Jason picked up his phone and dialed a number. When the call connected, he said: “He’s ready, Professor.” The voice on the other end said a few things, Jason’s eyes quickly glazed over, his body tensed up, and his dick stiffened up right away. His voice also turned monotone as he continued his one-way conversation with the Professor on the phone: “Yes Professor, I understand…Yes Professor, we will wait for your arrival to claim your new slave….Yes Professor, Dad and I are both your loyal slaves to serve as you please….Thank you Professor.”

With those last words, Jason hung up his phone, stripped off all of his clothes and made his way over to join his dad and Rafael. He knelt down on the floor by Rafael, who was still mindlessly sliding Mr. Matherson’s unyielding hard cock in and out of his mouth. Jason pulled his head in between his neighbour’s legs up to his crotch, and swallowed the stiff and profusely leaking Hispanic meat into his mouth. At the Professor’s instruction, he too then began mindlessly working on the hard tool in his mouth until the Professor shows up to inspect and claim official ownership of Rafael as the latest addition to his stable of hypno slaves.

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