The S(t)imulator Part 2

By The Extractor published March 23, 2017
Further training of an marine pilot at the compound.

“Lieutenant Mustang,” Dr. Rex spoke into the microphone linked to the Mustang’s helmet.

“Sir!” Lt. Mustang firmly replied.

“Prepare for training.”

“Sir, YES SIR!”

Mustang was currently sitting in a pilot, one that was identical in his harrier jet, but this one fitted into the simulator’s cockpit. While Dr. Rex trained other pilots in the state-of-the-art simulator, Mustang awaited orders in a side room alongside other fellow pilots.

Each pilot in the room were recruited all throughout USMC and sent here for further rigorous training. Little did they know that they were here to be trained and milked of their man juice, turning them into submissive alphas. Every pilot was clad in full pilot gear, helmets on, visors down and masks on – ready for action on a single command that came through their helmet comms. Each of their masks were hooked up to a special oxygen source which kept their minds numbed and horny. Some pilots with a strong will or should we say less well trained were strapped in place as they struggled in their seats trying to escape. It was pointless though, as they were cuffed, strapped and where necessary, stimulated even when off duty.

Soft moans escaped some of the other pilot masks as they breathed in the vapors that was laced with intense arousal gasses. Almost all the pilots had their hard shafts exposed, their cocks hooked up to a tube to collect any precum that leaked out.

Mustang had only gone through a few sessions of his training so he was cuffed to his seat along with his seat belts tightly strapped down. His cock exposed with a tube molded over and up his ass was a remotely controlled vibrator. It stimulated his prostate when commanded. More over his interior suit was skin tight which could be used to stimulate almost any part of his body. Mustang’s state of mind was in a haze and has been ever since he stepped inside the stimulator. Only his military instincts guided him. He obeyed his orders. He served as best as he could. He didn’t know how long he’d been training now, as it seemed forever. But he had to stay on the mission. He would not fail.

While sitting in the simulator his HGU-55 flight helmet was strapped on along with his MBU-12 mask. Breathing in. Breathing out. The mask stayed firmly on, his helmet protected him. Over his hands he was wearing his green flight gloves. The anti-g suit was firmly secure on his body and combat boots laced up.

“Ready for training, SIR!”

“Very good, Mustang,” Dr. Rex spoke again.

A wave of stimulation went through his body as he heard Dr. Rex spoke.

“Augh…Thank YOU, SIR!” Lt. Mustang instinctively replied as his cock throbbed.

“Now you will follow the program closely, and do not fail.”


“Make me proud, marine!”


“Mission begin!”

Then the screen in front of Mustang lit up and the system boot up. Immediately Mustang’s suit sent a strong signal of pleasure throughout, almost bringing him to orgasm, but it subsided quickly. Then on screen his instructions appeared. He was to fly his harrier jet and patrol the airspace.

“Ready for take off, SIR!”

“Clear for take off Mustang.”


And in a moment, the engines roared and he lifted off into the air. Making some rounds around all was clear in the sky. The sun and few clouds about. As he continued to fly, his throbbing cock continued to leak more and more precum.

“Mustang reporting in, airspace is clear, SIR!”

“We copy that Mustang. Keep on the lookout.”


Making some more rounds about the ship that he launched from his radar picked up something.

“Sir, we have company.”

“Engage and you have the go to use deadly force. That aircraft has been identified to be hostile Mustang.”

“Affirmative, SIR!”

The aircraft approached at an alarming speed but Mustang still had time to move into place and lock onto the aircraft. Without hesitation he engaged the approaching plane with missiles. The missiles, however, missed as the plane. Getting a better look as the plane approached it was also a harrier jet!

“Mustang, destroy that target before it gets to the ship!” the comms inside Mustang’s helmet buzzed.

“SIR YES SIR!” Mustang spoke back, as he continued to get another lock on and give chase to the other plane. As he pursued the more pleasure Mustang felt. He could feel his horniness rise, his breathing increased in pace. The vibrator in his ass started to stir. Mustang concentrated hard on pursuing, keeping on the mission yet being fully stimulated, rock hard and leaking large amounts of his juices out.

It was a race to each of their own targets now as Mustang gave chase, the other plane had to get in range to target the ship. Both were closing in fast. Mustang began to pant hard as the stimulation was becoming too much, but he was so close. So close on reaching his target and…LOCK ON! Mustang fired his missiles and as he did the stimulation overtook him as he started to hit his climax.


“Roger that Mustang, fire at will!”

Mustang gave in to the stimulation completely and his cock pulsed as he pumped his cum out.


His shaft shot load after load which all went into the collection tube. Mustang didn’t care what happened now, but he kept going. The orgasm was so strong. “NUUUGH…OOOH…!”

MISSION COMPLETE. The screen displayed. Mustang knew he had succeeded. Not that it mattered now. All that he wanted to do was to get pumped of his man juice.


“Well done, Mustang.” Dr. Rex spoke into his comms.


Mustang’s orgasm went on for a few minutes. The simulator program knew how to drain each pilot’s balls to the max or even non-stop if it was programmed to. But for today, Mustang was rewarded with a handsome orgasm. Milked of his cum, mind and will. Slowly, but surely becoming the perfect jock fighter pilot cum machine.

As for the other plane in the simulator. That was no computer player, but rather another pilot in another room. Having failed his mission however, he would be denied his orgasm and locked up in chastity for a week before allowed to go on another mission.

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