The S(t)imulator

By The Extractor published March 23, 2017
A marine pilot gets special training at a top secret military facility.

Authors Note: This story has been updated and revised from the very first release which is published elsewhere on another site.

“Lieutenant Mustang,” Dr. Rex tried waking his patient, “Lieutenant Mustang, wake up!” Seeing no response, the doctor started tapping on the lieutenant’s face to wake him.

Lieutenant Mustang was waking up from a haze. Someone was knocking on the door…wait it’s his face! Whatever they used to knock him out on the way here worked. All he could remember was he was following the orders he received from commander and boarded the transport plane that he was told to get on. On board someone came by and gave him a pill to swallow, which knocked him out - to protect the location of wherever he was going. Not that he would ever tell anyone about it. Either way, he’s here for training, not that he needed it. In past deployments he had already proven that. Anyways, he flew a Harrier jet in the USMC. Whatever the commander wants I guess.

Giving a good yawn and stretch, the lieutenant propped up from the small military bed he was kept in. Looking around, it seemed like he was in a ward, with several other beds around - empty. Just the doctor was around, emptying a sachet of white powder into a cup.

“How are you feeling, lieutenant?”

“I’m fine, but otherwise still a bit hazy, sir.” he replied.

Scribbling some notes down, the Dr. Rex said, ”Mmm, I see, you should be fine in about an hour. Here drink this,” passing him a cup of cloudy liquid, “it should keep you hydrated.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Alright, there’s some information I can’t tell you for location confidentiality reasons, but otherwise, welcome to Fort Atlantis, lieutenant.”

“Thank you, sir!” and Lieutenant Mustang got out of the small bed and started to do some stretches to get his muscles going again. Looking at the clock, it was close to 1800 hours, his trip had taken about 5 hours - if he was still in the same time zone.

“It will soon be break time, and your training doesn’t start until early tomorrow actually, so in the meantime, I’ll show you around.”

“Yes, sir!”

Dr. Rex packed up the items he brought and cleaned up the rest in a sink nearby. “Before, we leave, you should grab your belongings, you won’t be staying in this room.” “Yes sir,” and Lt. Mustang grabbed his military tote bag which had all his flight gear inside along and followed the doctor out the door.

Walking down the hall and passing by several windows - it was still bright out, which all looked down into a large yard, the size of a tennis court, where he could see other men walking starting to walk towards another side of the building. Fort Atlantis was more like a building complex. Going down an elevator and walking down a long hall, they stopped at a door labeled C88. Dr. Rex fished out a card key from his front shirt pockets. Swiping the key through the card reader, the door clicked opened. Pushing the door open revealed a small room with the basics, the window peered out into a wall with light coming in from the top.

“Here’s the key to your quarters, where you’ll be staying while you’re here. Just drop your stuff off and I’ll show you the rest. And here’s your key.”

“Thank you, sir!”

The next, they went through another elevator and came out into the large yard he saw earlier and crossed into the building next door. Which had a reception like desk on the left and elevators straight ahead. On the wall, the USMC coat of arms and its various branches were placed hanging on the walls, and across the room from them, there was a motto in plain English that read, “We strive to bring the best and only the best out of you.”

“This building here will be where your training will be held, just go up to the desk and they will tell you. Ask for my name of course,” Dr. Rex informed.

“Yes, sir!” Lieutentant Mustang thought that his training was going to be on board a plane, but it probably will be a simulator of some sort. After that, they headed for the mess hall for their dinner.

The next morning, Lt. Mustang headed for the building he was told by Dr. Rex. The reception had one person station there, he was on the phone when he arrived, ”…yes SIR. I will standby for processing, SIR. Have a good day, SIR! OOH-RAH!” and he hanged up the phone.

“SIR, how may I help you today, SIR.” the marine greeted Lt. Mustang.

“I’m here to see Dr. Rex, private.”

“SIR, please use the elevators to floor B2 and head to room 001 SIR!”

“Thank you.”

“A pleasure to serve, SIR!”

Lieutenant Mustang headed down to his room as directed, and entered. Inside there were four men, one was Dr. Rex and the other three were all tall and muscular, two were stocky, seemed like bodyguards for the one in the middle. Very likely the one in charge of the whole place. Reading the name tag on the uniform confirmed that. General Sykes.

“Lieutenant Mustang,” General Sykes greeted firmly.

“Sir, reporting for duty, sir!” Lieutenant Mustang saluted and stood straight and still.

General Sykes gave a nod and Lieutenant Mustang finished the salute.

“Before we get into the details for your training, there some things I want to be made clear. Here at Fort Atlantis, I am the commander. All marines obey me. No one gets in or out of Fort Atlantis without my permission. Is that clear, marine?”

“SIR, yes SIR!”

“You are here for training, in which I will personally oversee. We only train the best here or we will make you become the best. Is that CLEAR?”


“Good, Dr. Rex has everything prepared and ready to go. Gear up immediately, marine!”


“Lieutenant Mustang,” Dr. Rex pointed him to the gear he was going to wear. Walking over, he saw there was the standard flight gear on the table waiting for him. Behind, the blinds were pulled. Before he could start, Dr. Rex popped his head in again, “No underwear, put that suit on first, then everything else.” he said pointing to a folded up grey garment. Mustang started to strip. The suit was skin tight after zipping it up. It went from his neck down to his ankles. It was a full one piece compression suit with lines going to various spots along with a fly. Looks a little advanced. Either way, Lt. Mustang continued to put on the rest of his flight gear as instructed.

With the full flight gear on, Mustang was ready for action. Grabbing the helmet and the mask, then sliding the blinds to the side, he was ushered to the room next door. To Mustang’s surprise there was a body of a harrier jet, attached to several mechanical arms in a round ring. The cockpit however was covered by a large black box.

Dr. Rex stood beside him, “Looks strange, but just wait till you step in it.” Flipping a switch at the control stands, the black box started to lift, it revealed the cockpit and opened up to allow a pilot to step in. “Now, Lt. Mustang, step in and we’ll get you hooked up.”

“Yes, sir!” and Mustang climbed the stairs up and stepped into the simulator. Inside, it looked identical to what he was used to in his own jet. Dr. Rex was right beside and peeked in and checked if everything was good. Dr. Rex attached some extra cables on to his flight suit that usually weren’t part of the plane and that was it. With everything set, Dr. Rex headed back down.

A fuzzy sound started in his helmet, “Testing, talk to me if hear me lieutenant,” again it was Dr. Rex.

“Hear you loud and clear, sir, over.”

“Good, then before we start, this simulator is no joke. Do not remove your O2 mask throughout your training up in the air, unless you want to passout. We will be monitoring you at all times. Now General Sykes will be in command, good luck on your mission.”

Then the black box started to come down, it molded into the shape of the cockpit. It was pitch dark now inside and he couldn’t see a thing. Oxygen started to flow through his mask and he clipped on the mask and adjusted it in the dark. Then a rumble started, it seemed like the simulator was now fully on, then his surrounding started to light up, he was in a hangar.

“Lieutenant Mustang,” it was General Sykes’ voice in his helmet, “your mission today is an endurance test of twelve hours and on top of that you will do a long series of air manoeuvers. We will be testing your endurance in this fully controlled environment. Do what you will, but be prepared to respond to anything, marine.”

“Sir, yes sir!”

Slowly, the hangar doors opened in front of him. Using the controls, he moved his plane forward and on to the runway - it was almost unreal, he felt the plane move like his real plane. When he moved into the sun, he could feel the warmth. The simulator was beyond his expectations.

“This is Mustang, contacting ground, awaiting for take off.”

“Roger that Mustang, you are clear for take off,” General Sykes replied. Regardless, Mustang started the engines, picked up speed and raced down the runway and took off. He was airborne, he could feel it, everything felt in the simulator worked flawlessly. The engine sound, the smell, the feel of the plane - it was as if he was really flying a harrier jet. Mustang piloted high up into the air, he could feel the simulator adjusting to the altitude - the air got thinner, but it didn’t matter as long he was wearing his mask. Looking all around, Mustang was impressed at the simulator. Testing it further, he did some tricks - going upside down and barrel rolling, it all complied. On screen, it told him to do the plane’s hovering maneuver for start. Then next it wanted a barrel roll. One after another he completed.

Outside the simulator, General Sykes however, was sitting in front of the microphone staring into space awaiting orders. The truth was General Sykes had already become a mindless puppet long ago. Dr. Rex however, was no doctor at all, but a master manipulator of the mind and body. Having captured and processed General Sykes a while ago, he managed to use the general and embed his very own operations within the military. There was something he just had to get his hands on in this base. A the general was his golden ticket in.

Dr. Rex was pleased that nothing had gone wrong, finally a USMC marine was now in place and ready to be processed and soon milked of his fluids. Adjusting some controls on the computer, the simulator now slowly released a second gas into Mustang’s mask that will slowly arouse him. Pressing some buttons on screen, Mustang’s seatbelt was now locked in place and his mask was now magnetically locked on his helmet as well. Now it was just a matter of time before Mustang reacts.

Mustang was rock hard. He was so damn horny. He didn’t know why. Sure he might of not jacked off the other day, but usually it wasn’t this bad when he flew. Usually if he flexed a bit of his legs it went away, but not today. It was distracting him from flying and doing his aerial aerobatics. Shuffling and shifting his legs a bit, he tried getting his hard on away. His oxygen mask and seatbelts felt a little tighter. Maybe it was his imagination.

“Mustang is there a problem?” General Sykes was speaking.

“No, sir!” he must of noticed the shuffling Mustang thought.

“Good, then keep up the good work, marine.”

“Sir, yes sir!” still he was horny, he wanted to jack off.

Minutes later, on the monitoring screen, Mustang was still shuffling and shifting his legs, no doubt the gas was having a lasting effect. Dr. Rex smiled. Increasing the arousal gas into the mask, Dr. Rex initiated a program that would stimulated the body through the compression suit that Mustang wore.

Trying to ignore his hard on was impossible, Mustang was breathing a bit faster now as his hard on raged on.

“Damn it!” Mustang swore.

“Lieutenant Mustang, is there a problem?” it was General Sykes again.

“No, SIR!”

“It sure doesn’t sound like it, Mustang”

“It’s nothing, SIR.”

“Our monitors show that you’re aroused, don’t let that get to you, you’re on a mission, marine!”


Mustang was leaking with precum. He was so aroused, concentrating was starting to become difficult. Pleasurable sensations throbbed outwards from his cock and over his body. He didn’t know what was going on, but he sure wasn’t going to fail his mission.

Dr. Rex monitored Mustang closely as the stimulation progressed. A third gas was released into the mask, this one however, amplified the sensations, Mustang will now have an even harder time resisting his already raging need to release. On screen, you could see the lieutenant start shaking his head with his helmet and mask on as if he was trying to clear his mind.

Mustang was breathing a bit labored now into his mask. He was so horny and so wanting to release. His body was filled with pleasurable sensations that all throbbed outwards from his rock hard shaft. He was barely able to concentrate on flying and keeping his plane steady now. Each throb sent shivers through his entire body. It felt so good. Mustang wanted to cum - badly. His cock was now leaking so much, Mustang could feel the wetness beneath his flight suit.

Dr. Rex was enjoying every bit of the footage that was being captured. Watching Lt. Mustang struggle against his desire to cum and his mission. Edging him ever so slowly… Releasing more of the two combined gasses and lowering the oxygen that was being released, Dr. Rex awaited to see how long before Mustang will blow his load. Now, you could hear Mustang’s loud breathing. It was clear the gasses were taking effect.

Lieutenant Mustang was breathing hard now, almost to the point where he needs to gasp for air. He was absolutely distracted now by his hard on, he couldn’t even keep his hands steady now, his body was shaking from the intensity of his raging need to cum. He couldn’t help it anymore, he took his hand and stroked his bulge. A shock of pleasure went through. It felt so good.

“Lieutenant Mustang, what are your orders?” General Sykes demanded.

“S-SIR!” Mustang was startled by his commander’s intrusion.

“I repeat, what are your orders, marine!”

“SIR, To stay airborne for twelve hours and do any aerial manoeuvers, SIR!”

“Good, now that does not include, getting off! You hear that, marine!”


Mustang was in a dilemma, he wanted to obey his commanding officer, yet he couldn’t help it. He was going to blow his load sooner or later even without the help of his hand.

Dr. Rex was impressed by this marine’s resilience and discipline. Most others would have already blown their loads. It didn’t matter, with some keystrokes on the computer that was hooked up to Mustang’s compression suit which was causing the stimulation. It now was set to milking mode instead of edging. Immediately, the effects could be seen and heard.

Mustang couldn’t stop anything. It just hit him all of a sudden when he was about to start the next maneuver. He was cumming. Cumming non-stop.

“Ugh!…UrgH!..AUGH!….” Mustang kept moaning with each load he shot out. It didn’t matter anymore. He had disobeyed an order. But it felt so good. He couldn’t stop. Load after load his seed shot out soaking his gear. Soon a visible wet spot was seen. Mustang’s mind was overloaded with the intense sensations that he was feeling. He couldn’t even think anything but just feel the raw pleasure and ecstasy that was flowing through him.

Dr. Rex then released a sleeping gas into the stream, putting Mustang to sleep. The second part of the conditioning was just about to begin.

Mustang woke up, he was still in his flight gear - helmet, mask and all. A massive wet spot was now over his crotch area. Immediately though, he saw that his cock was now revealed and something was attached to it. A tube, but at the head it had something more. Mustang tried moving his hands to remove it, only to find that his arms were now strapped to his sides. No, more like he was entirely strapped to the simulator’s seat. He couldn’t even move his legs other than the default position. The simulator still ran and he was still up in the air.

“Lieutenant Mustang,” General Sykes was in his ear.


“It seems you will need some additional training, marine!”

“Training, sir?” Mustang was so confused.

“Yes, it seems you’re more suited to be milked of your fluids than an top USMC pilot right now.”

“NO, SIR!, With all due respect, SIR! I am trying my best SIR!”

“The best? No, just wait till we bring the best out of you, marine!”

“SIR, Please!”

“I will have my orders obeyed, marine! And you will learn or be trained to obey!”

“WAIT, SIR!” There was no reply. Mustang was not only confused but panicking now. He didn’t even know the military would do something like this. He was here to train! Attempting to struggle out of his bonds was useless, he was so tightly strapped in that it was a bit hard to breathe.

Then Mustang started to smell something. It smelled like sweat and cum. The more he breathed in he realized he was getting aroused. Almost instantly his shaft was stiff as a rock again. The device on his cock had a small light that lit up. Immediately he felt the electro-stimulation going through and the suction of the tube that drained his precum away. Mustang couldn’t do anything to stop his hard on, but he could try and resist from cumming. But it felt so good. The combined stimulation made him precum non-stop. Whatever was being fed into his mask was keeping him from softening. Damn it! He wasn’t going to cum if he could help it to prove a point to the general. Mustang still tried again to wriggle to see if anything would come loose - but no luck.

Minutes later, he could smell another gas that flowed in. This one was sharp and almost mint like. Not wanting to find out what it did, Mustang struggled even harder to see if he could loosen his bonds. Even trying to dislodge his helmet and mask ended in failure. He slowly felt his mind numb, his thoughts slowed down. He heard a voice. Maybe he was hearing things from the noise of the engine. The more he breathed, the clearer the voice got. He couldn’t help but concentrate and listen to it.

“Serve…,” was being whispered into ears albeit distorted. Mustang was serving.

“Obey…,” Mustang knew he was obeying the best way he could.

“Submit…,” Mustang had to submit…but how?

Then the answer came, “Cum…” it whispered. Mustang mouthed the words again unknowingly.

Cum…yes of course. Mustang wanted to cum. He wanted to serve, obey and submit. He just needed to cum!

“Cum…” Mustang started to speak his mind. Soon his breathing started to pick up in pace. Yes, he wanted to cum so badly. He wanted to serve, obey and submit. To serve! To obey! To submit! YES, SIR – OOHRAH!

Then Mustang started to cum, shooting his load again and again. Each time just as intense as the first. The tube hungrily harvested his USMC pilot’s seed away as a long thin stream of milky white fluid flowed into it.

“AUGH…SERVE…URGH…OBEY…SUBMIT…AUGH…” Mustang couldn’t stop, nor did he want to. He was cumming as ordered. It felt good. It felt so good to obey. So good to serve his superiors and submit to their commands.

Dr. Rex watched the monitors with great interest from start to end. It was always a sight to see when a top alpha marine snapped and gave in. The struggle to escape and stay in control, but in the end it all ended the same way.

Mustang didn’t know how long he was in ecstasy for, but he did stop. His next orders, came from the helmet intercom.

“Lieutenant,” General Sykes was speaking.


“Good marine. We’re not done with your training yet. You are going to produce as much cum for us as you can marine. Every last drop that are in your balls is USMC property. You are going to unload it every day in full flight gear right here in your cockpit, you got that, cum-slave?”


Dr. Rex watched intently as Lt. Mustang began to squirm and moan again from the mixture of gases that was send directly into his oxygen mask once again. Being still bound and hapless, the lieutenant couldn’t do anything but submit to his overwhelming desire to cum again - this time willingly. Soon, there will be enough cum for the next phase of experiments. Even with all the men here being periodically milked of their cum, the amount needed for experimenting on was endless. There could never be enough cum, especially top grade ones. He’ll have to get his handy general to transfer some more top men to the facility…

The Next Day…

Mustang sat in the cockpit of the simulator and strapped himself in. He connected his mask to the machine. Then unzipping his fly he grabbed out his cock and gave it a few pumps and attached the stimulator on to it.

“REPORTING FOR DUTY, SIR” Mustang spoke into the mask.

“Objective today is to produce 30 mL of cum,” it was Dr. Rex.

“ROGER THAT SIR! OOHRAH!” and with that the simulator booted up and very soon Mustang started to moan as the machine pumped him into ecstasy.

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