Escape - Chapter 2

By Willie Cici
published January 7, 2020

Jason and Eric wake up and face a new reality …

Saturday, 9:10am –

The sun pierced the curtains that lined the master bedroom of Jason and Eric’s condo. Eric opened his eyes, groggy from the effects of previous night’s escapades. As he stretched out about the bed, Jason also opened his eyes.

“So, what’s his name?”, Eric asked.

“Cole Hamilton. He was my …”, Jason tried to answer.

“Jason, we’re lovers. He was your master.”, Eric said. “Why didn’t you tell me?” Jason could hear the disappointment in Eric’s tone.

“I got away from him about two years ago. I wanted to forget that life, that … And then, I found you and everything changed.”, Jason said.

“What a touching story!”, a voice called out. Jason and Eric turned to the threshold of the bedroom door. There stood Cole, wearing only a jockstrap and a sardonic grin, listening to Jason’s story. “Did he tell you that he loved wearing satin and lace? He looked hot. Best slave I ever had. To think, he settled for you.” Angrily, Eric lunged towards the bedroom door. “Pussy boy slave.”, Cole shouted. Eric stopped in his tracks, fell to his knees and placed his hands behind his head. Jason, still on the bed, also knelt and placed his hands behind his head. Cole smiled. The serum had taken root and his induction the night before likewise had transformed Eric. “Follow me in the bathroom.”

Cole led the boys into the bathroom. He ordered them into the shower, but before he activated the hot water, Cole slathered their bodies with a hair removal gel. He smoothed the gel all over their bodies, making sure that every inch and crevice, from shoulders to feet, was covered with the depilatory. The boys stood in the shower with their hands by their sides, unaware of Cole’s process. Finally, when the time had elapsed, Cole regulated the water and watched wafts of body hair cascade down towards the drain of the shower. Cole watched the manly dusting of hair gather at the drain in the shower. The process left the boys smooth, like teenagers, as Cole preferred. After he toweled the boys dry, Cole applied a moisturizing lotion to their taut, beautiful bodies. Cole smiled, pleased with his efforts.

Cole led the boys out of the bathroom and ordered them to lay upon the bed. He walked into the kitchen, grabbed a metal bowl and filled the bowl with ice cubes. He had one more task. He returned to the bedroom and said, “Eric, stand up.” Eric rose from the bed. Cole grabbed Eric’s member and buried it in the metal bowl filled with ice. Eric winced, but Cole ordered. “Don’t move.” Cole watched Eric’s sizable member shrivel from the ice bath. In its shrunken state, Cole attached a ‘Mancage Model 4’ cock cage, an acrylic plastic sheath that covered Eric’s entire cock, depriving him from feeling any pleasure. From the piss slit at the tip of the acrylic sheath, Eric could urinate, and, should he experience a spoiled orgasm, rinse out the cage with soap and warm water. Once Cole locked Eric’s cage, he ordered Jason to rise from the bed. He attached the same cock cage to Jason.

“Now. Get on the bed and kneel, butt cheek to butt cheek.”, Cole ordered. The two studs knelt on the king-size bed, one facing the headboard, one facing the opposite wall. Cole retrieved a double-headed rubber vibrating dildo. He lubed the dildo and inserted the dildo into Eric’s ass and Jason’s ass. “Now, pussy slave boys, pump your ass and don’t stop until you cum.”

Jason and Eric bobbed on the double-headed dildo, taking the three-foot dildo deeper and deeper, forcing the 2” diameter dildo into their boy pussies, massaging their prostate and stimulating their caged cocks. Their members pressed against the acrylic sheath that locked their manhood.

“Good pussy boy slaves.”, Cole said, as he watched his slaves suffer the pleasure of the vibrating dildo. “Pussy boy slaves love their asses filled with cock. How does it feel?”

“Good, Master Cole.”, the boys replied.

“Good pussy boy slaves.”, Cole answered, grinning from ear to ear. He walked around to Jason, whipped out his cock and said, “Suck it, pussy boy slave.”

“Yes, Master Cole.”, Jason replied.

Cole stared into Jason’s eyes and shook his head. “You fool!” As he closed his eyes and enjoyed Jason’s warm mouth on his cock, Cole remembered the first time he seduced Jason. He was a mere pup, just 23 years old, the perfect age for training. Despite his high intelligence quotient, Jason succumbed to Cole’s chemical and mental induction in a matter of days. Even after he escaped, some of the training remained embedded in Jason’s mind, such as his manscaping and groin scaping. As a result, Cole did not spend as much time on Jason in the bathroom, applying the depilatory gel.

Cole opened his eyes and stared in Jason’s eyes. “Don’t be a lazy, pussy boy slave. Suck it like your life depended on it.” Jason’s lackadaisical blow-job suddenly reinvigorated, stimulating Cole’s semi-hard cock. Cole smiled as he stared into Jason’s eyes, that distant, faraway look as if ‘Jason’ was not there. They were the eyes of his slave.

Saturday, 4:25pm –

Eric opened his eyes. “Where am I?”, he thought to himself. He looked about the room. It was his bedroom. Next to him was Jason, nestled in his bosom. He kissed Jason on the forehead. He hopped off the bed and walked towards the bathroom. Once he reached the bathroom, Eric stood in front of the toilet and screamed, “What the fuck?”

Jason ran into the bathroom and said, “What’s wrong?”

“What’s wrong? Look at my cock!”, Eric shouted. He then stared at Jason’s groin. “And look at yours.”

Jason stared at his groin. He shook his head, as tears streamed down his face. “I don’t want this anymore.”

Eric touched the mini pad lock that secured the cage, but felt a shock as he touched the device. “What are we going to do?”, he muttered as he tried to comfort Jason. He hurried to grab his cell phone. “I’m calling a locksmith. This is bullshit.” As he searched the net for a locksmith on his phone, Eric heard his cell phone ring and ignored it. The phone rang again, and Eric ignored the phone again. The phone rang again. Annoyed at the constant interruption, Eric answered the call. “Yeah! What do you want? … Yes … Yes … Yes.” Eric approached Jason and said, “It’s for you.”

Jason took the phone and said, “Who is … Yes … Yes … Yes.” Jason ended the call and handed Eric his phone. “Eric, we have to go to the gym and train for Master Cole.”

“Yes. We have to go to the gym and train for Master Cole.”, Eric replied.

The two lovers donned their gym attire, packed their gym bags and headed out of the condo, walking down the street, four blocks to their health club, where they spent the next two hours exercising, weight training and cardio. Spent, sweaty and tired, Jason and Eric undressed in the locker rooms, clueless that the other gym patrons would see their caged cocks. They wrapped their bodies in their towels, spent some time in the sauna and then headed for an empty shower stall. The two lovers occupied one stall, choosing to bathe and lather each other.

The boys dressed in their street clothes and exited the gym. When they returned to the condo, Jason opened the door. His mood soured as he came eyeball to eyeball with Cole.

“Pussy boy slave.”, Cole said. “Come in.”

Jason and Eric entered the condo. They dropped their gyms bags and immediately removed their clothes, down to their jockstraps, as Cole had taught them. They would not wear clothes in Cole’s presence, unless he ordered them otherwise.

“Good pussy boy slaves.”, Cole said. He nodded ‘yes’. Their training was only beginning.

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