The Beginning

By Estheim published March 21, 2017
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Noah’s a little stressed and needs a massage

I can’t seem to find a story I want to continue….maybe people will find this intriguing and want me to? I’ve been playing with the idea for a few years, almost an Animorphs spoof, so hopefully people like it.

Noah was an average guy. At 33, he was well on his way to being promoted to the head of his law firm and achieving everything he had ever wanted professionally and financially. A former gymnast and wrestler, he tried to maintain his physique after college, but did pack on some pounds working long hours at his firm. He didn’t have the six pack anymore, but he still had solid musculature underneath, and he was ok with this if it led to his promotion, and while he was only a mere 5’6”, his width and demeanor conveyed a far taller, more powerful man.

Today, the constant late nights had been getting to Noah, so he decided to get a massage at his usual place. The stress left him with knotted muscles and after a few weeks of not getting a rub down, he was definitely feeling it in his back and shoulders. He parked his imported-from-Europe Audi in the spa’s parking lot, put on his oversized stunner shades, and strutted his way into the spa. He regularly was hit on by the young women who staffed the spa, so he liked to wear his tightest dress shirt and pants that day to give them a show.

The first thing he noticed, however, when walking into the spa was that Natalie was not staffing the desk and was instead replaced by what appeared to be a huge Nordic God.

“Uh……hi,” Noah managed to say without showing disgust on his voice. “Name’s Noah Stevens. I’m here for my 2 o’clock with Serena.” “Hello, Mr. Stevens. I do apologize, but Serena called out sick today. The only masseur with any open slots today is Alex,” the employee replied, whose name per his tag was Jason. “And by Alex you mean….Alexandra?” Noah inquired. “No sir. But I can assure you, he’s the best of the best. One hour with him and you will feel like a completely new person, almost like someone else is doing the moving for you!” “Ugh, fine,” Noah replied, no longer able to hide his disgust.

“Great, head on in to room 7 at the end of the hallway, and enjoy!” Jason smiled a wide, soulless smile and waved without emotion as Noah headed to the back of the spa to his massage room. He stripped down to his underwear, climbed under the sheets, and laid face down and waited for Alex to arrive. After what seemed like an eternity as he listened to the awful slow harp music the spa had blaring through the speakers that made him want to rip off his ears, Alex entered the room and introduced himself.

“Hi Mr. Stevens, I’m Alex and I’ll be your masseur today. Is there any area that you’d like me to work on?” Alex was clearly Hispanic with his dark caramel skin, and looked like he split his time between the massage parlor and the gym. In fact, Noah was pretty sure he’d seen him on the cover of Muscle & Fitness before. Great, Noah thought, probably a meaty gay guy rubbing me down. Just great. “Yeah, my ears. This music is awful. And my shoulders and back have really been acting up.”

“Ok, I’ll focus on your shoulders and back today. And here, I have some ear plugs you can use to block out the noise.” Alex handed him a pair of white ear plugs that appeared to be made of wax that molded to the ear. “You put them in the ear and then mold them to the earlobe.” Alex confirmed. Noah grabbed them happily and molded them into both of his ears. They felt warm to the touch and it felt like they also vibrated in his ears, giving his ears a pleasant massage of their own. He felt Alex get to work on his shoulders and as he did so, he heard as sound like leaves rustling in his ears. He wanted to reach up and grab the ear plugs out of his ears but Alex had his large, muscular hands on his shoulders preventing him from moving his arms. He tried to squeak out the words to get the large man to back off so he could reach for the ear plugs but every time he tried to Alex would be working on his back, putting too much pressure on his midsection for him to be able to have enough air to get the words out. Eventually the rustling turned into a fullness and scratching in his ear and was eventually replaced by the harp music, so he figured Alex must have gotten the idea and taken the ear plugs out. Before he knew it, Alex was done the massage and tapping him on the shoulder, telling him it was time to go. Noah blinked his eyes dreamily and saw the clock said 3:30.

Noah headed back to his car afterward, but still felt a fullness in his ear, almost like he had gone swimming for far too long, except it felt almost deeper. He decided it would be a good idea to get checked out by his doctor just in case those weird ear plugs had caused any damage. He phoned them and they said they had a last minute cancellation at 4, so he drove that way over and texted his firm to let them know he wouldn’t be coming back to the office anymore and would be late.

As he sat in the exam room waiting for the doc to come in, he felt his scrotum swelling and vibrating and peeked down underneath his underwear to see it looking almost like a water balloon that vibrated every now and then, almost like something was swimming inside. What the actual fuck?!?!?!, he thought to himself. He tried to pin down whatever was there but had no luck. Just as he was pawing at his scrotum in the middle of the room, the doc walked in.

“Hi Mr. Stevens, I’m Andrew Ross. I’m a medical student doing my rotation here this semester. Dr. Marks said to come in and do a history and physical for you and then he’ll come in and join me. Is that ok?” Andrew asked sweetly. Noah glanced at the med student, who was probably about 5’11” and was clearly a student because it didn’t look like he had an ounce of fat on his gym bunny body which would be impossible to maintain if he was practicing full time.

“Sure, just hurry it up. I have no idea what the fuck is happening to me,” Noah gasped. “Oh wow, you sure do have a lot of scrotal edema. But it says you’re here because of your ears?” “Yeah, I was just at the massage parlor and was using these weird ear plugs and they hurt the hell out of my ears and then this happened while I was waiting here in the room for you,” Noah motioned to his scrotum. “Ok, hop up on the table and I’ll take a look at your ears first.” Noah hopped up on the table and waited patiently, and as the seconds ticked by, he started to feel better and better. Every inch of his body felt amazing, and his scrotum and cock started to explode with pleasure and he felt himself becoming rock hard. “Hmmm… your right ear looks good, I can’t see anything in the canal and your left ear,” Andrew moved to the other side of the exam table, “looks good too. Did you have ear tubes as a kid to prevent ear infections? You do have some tiny scarring of your ear drums.”

“Uhhhh maybe,” Noah muttered out, drool pouring from his mouth. Andrew looked at him quizzically. “Let’s check out your scrotum,” Andrew stated, worrying Noah was suffering from some sort of infection he couldn’t see. He peered down at Noah’s underwear and saw he had a massive erection to go with the now basketball sized scrotum. “I’m just going to pull down your underwear,” Andrew told Noah as he lowered his underwear down and began examining his patient. He didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary on Noah’s cockhead or shaft, and couldn’t feel any hernias either. He began to feel Noah’s scrotum, evoking deep moaning from Noah that Andrew mistook for pain, squeaking out an apology as he continued his exam. Andrew felt like he could feel something moving around in the scrotum, almost snake-like. As he grabbed part of whatever was moving around in Noah’s scrotum, he started hearing this strange sound emitting from Noah’s piss-slit, almost like an old dial-up modem or a stereo with static. With a puzzled look on his face, Andrew leaned in closer to Noah’s piss-slit and let go of the scrotum, almost entranced by the sound and trying to figure out what it was. He held his ear mere millimeters from Noah’s piss-slit and focused on the sound, which distracted him from seeing whatever was moving around in Noah’s scrotum move to his shaft. A white, hybrid snake-slug looking object…or was it creature, began climbing out of Noah’s urethra and as it made contact with Andrew’s ear, his eyes went vacant and his mouth went slack, drool pouring out of it. It enlarged and shrank as it pulsed out of Noah’s dick and into Andrew’s ear until it had fully transferred itself and closed the hole it made in Andrew’s eardrum to get to his brain behind it. As Andrew stood there, motionless and slack-jawed, Noah rose from the exam table, bent Andrew over the table, pulled his pants down, and mounted the med student’s virgin hole. Noah stood still and waited as the milky white fluid in his scrotum exploded into Andrew, providing his new passenger with the nourishment it needed to grow and control its new host. Had Noah been conscious at the time, he would have realized this had been the grand finale, the happy ending, to his massage earlier that day.

To be continued….?

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