Let's Make a Show

By Sieg published March 21, 2017
A man takes up being an amateur pornstar to earn some quick cash, but he may be in for more than he bargained for!

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Luis had been having the worst luck recently. First he got in a car wreck, then his girlfriend kicked him out before taking up a new lover the next day , and worst of all he lost his job at the firm and had to take up bussing tables for a living. Luis was lucky in that he didn’t have to look long before finding an affordable place to live, unfortunately that place was just a second bedroom at this weird guy’s apartment. He was glad for a place to stay, but his crowded into one small room he didn’t have much space to unpack, and everything looked like a mess as a result.
The roommate’s name was Frank and he mostly kept to himself. He was just an average working guy with brunette hair and a constant 5 o’clock shadow. He wasn’t really out of the ordinary, and was decently in shape. Luis couldn’t help but compare his toned latin physique against his roommate. Luis worked out enough to make sure the women always stopped to stare, and he wasn’t sure, but could have sworn he caught Frank checking out his body on a few occasions. Luis didn’t want to blow up at his new roommate cause he needed a place to stay, but out of disgust tried to avoid ever being anything less than fully clothed around Frank.

Things were going well for a while until Luis’ bad luck kicked in and once more he lost his job. Unsure how to afford just base rent, Luis started searching the web for a job, and rather quickly got distracted looking at pictures of girls showing off their breasts before he was struck by an idea. The next day Luis dipped into his meager savings to buy a camera and set up an account as an amateur porn star. Luis was awkward for the first few videos, but it seemed people liked his body well enough to tip. The tips would spike when Luis would strip down and reveal the monster between his legs. It seemed to drive the girls on the site wild to see him work his dick.
Gradually his fan base grew and so did his openness with his body. He started taking requests and once he was making almost as much as he made at the firm, he was certain he could ride this out for quite some time. Luis was ecstatic when paying his rent and noticing how much he had left over. Frank seemed pleased for the rent and flashed Luis a strange smirk that made him want to retreat back to the safety of his room away from Frank’s gay roaming eyes. The only downside was that it became clear that many of his followers were gay men. Although it didn’t sit well for all those gay pervs to be checking him out, money was money. On top of it all he occasionally got gifts both for personal use, and for the show. He threw out the gay stuff he received and kept the cool swag from the rest of his viewers. One day a flood of requests came in during his video sessions and he noticed they were all requests to do gay shit, and in annoyance he started booting all the gay pervs thinking he could survive without their sick fantasies. He then posted on his profile and all his videos “Fags not welcome!!!” Ha! That’ll stop them!

A few weeks later, picking up his mail, Luis noted a baby blue box wrapped in a bow with a label reading “Big Boy’s Bakery”. Chuckling to himself, he unwrapped the bow and opened the box only to be hit with an overwhelming aroma of chocolatey goodness! Inside was a box full of the most delicious smelling brownies he had ever smelt. They looked amazing. Inside was a card reading: “From your closest fan, Enjoy this pick me up before your next big show! Hope it’s as sweet as these brownies! P.S. Don’t eat them all in one sitting or they’ll go straight to your hips!”

Luis laughed as he carried the brownies towards his room with another package with a similar colored box, but no label. Curiously he placed the brownies down on his bed, and opened the box as he grabbed a brownie. He opened the box to find some women’s silk panties, or was it just a gay man’s set of panties….either way…gross! He threw the panties away in disgust and took a bite of his brownie. His mouth was overwhelmed by the eruption of molten chocolate in his mouth! He let out a moan, much to his own surprise, and sheepishly looked around at an empty room before quickly devouring the rest of the brownie and grabbing several more.

As he ate, Luis set up his webcam show. Something was driving him to just start stripping down. Maybe he would just start with the action today he thought as he downed yet another brownie. As he slid down his shorts he noticed they had a little resistance from behind before finally sliding down. He decided he needed to go clothes shopping after this before kicking away his shorts and downing yet another delicious treat. As he was readying the camera, he looked down and noticed the panties again. What the hell he thought. If they made such delicious brownies he could dress in the faggy underwear once. Maybe it would highlight his delightful as he thought before shaking his head and wondering why he cared about that.

He slid on the underwear, noting they were baggy in the back and clearly not correctly sized, but he slid them up anyways. Strangely he thought they felt amazing on his ass, and almost like a perfect fit. Shrugging he started his show. As the show went he started flexing and rubbing his body. His hands slid down to his ass and groped it for the viewers and for some reason he felt more comfortable showing his ass than his dick today. As a matter of fact he was having trouble getting his dick up so he hid it from the camera. That was until he accidentally touched his taint, and it sprung to attention.

Luis let out a soft moan and began playing with himself through the underwear. He didn’t notice, but his chat room was flooding with gay request and admiration for the way his ass was beginning to bubble out of his lingerie. Luis became so lost in pleasuring himself through his new backside pleasure point he didn’t notice his ass pushing the underwear down further and further until he slid a finger in his hole and began moaning. He started fucking himself with his fingers using spit as lube until he realized he wanted, no, NEEDED more! He fumbled around his room without taking one of his hands out of his ass and found a flashlight which he wrapped in a pre-lubed condom before fucking himself with abandon for his viewers.

With more and more thrusts his moans grew louder until anyone in their apartment could have heard him and with a final thrust of the flashlight he came. It flew everywhere, including his mouth, and with one taste he was greedily scooping up his cum and eating it before realizing he was still on the show and quickly turned it off. He was ashamed of what he had just done. He had just fucked himself like a fag. He wasn’t gay he just had…urges, yeah urges. He thought to himself as he absently kept his fingers pumping in and out of his ass and licking up the last drops of cum. Suddenly there was a knock at the door and Luis tried to pull up the undies, but looked back in shock realizing his ass now jutted out in two massive glutes behind him. He wouldn’t fit in normal clothes with an ass like that. His hand reached up and spanked himself lightly turning him on again before he turned to answer the door to find Frank grinning lustfully.

“I guess you got the gift from your CLOSEST admirer Luis, huh?”

“Woah I’m not gay, I just have….urges….” he said as he hungrily looked down and his eyes locked on franks tented shorts. Immediately he fell to his knees and his ass jiggled. Frank smacked Luis ass causing a powerful moan to escape Luis’ lips. He walked by Luis, turned back on the camera and stripped as he made his way back to Luis.

“Cum on buddy! Let’s put on a show!”

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