Slave Academy - Chapter 4

By Swizzington -
published January 2, 2020
6130 words

Todd takes a detour to Chester’s house. Chester’s father arrives home early from work.

Hello everyone. Thank you for sticking with this story up until this point. I appreciate it!

I was originally planning on releasing a chapter every 2-3 days, but I have received considerable feedback suggesting that this is too slow for many people. I am going to try and release a chapter every day from now on (‘try’ being the operative word here. Don’t get mad at me if something comes up!).

Todd pushed his hair out of his eyes to better see his phone screen. Joey’s car smoothly pulled out of the Cove’s parking lot.

Joey was driving, while Todd sat in the passenger seat. Directly behind him, Shawn leaned forward in his chair and gently massaged his master’s shoulders.

Todd checked his phone and saw the message that Chester had sent him that afternoon.

“A problem?” he muttered out loud, his brow furrowing with confusion. He looked up and stared pensively out of the window for a moment.

“Joey, we need to take a detour. Take us to Chester’s house,” he commanded.

Joey did not immediately reply. Instead he scrunched his face, his eyes squinted, like he was trying to recall something important.

After a few moments he grimaced and said. “Uhh, gee I’m real sorry, sir, but for some reason I don’t seem to be able to remember where he lives…”

“Oh, I must have removed that piece of knowledge from your brain,” Todd said, mildly amused by the boy’s dumb expression. “Relax, I know where it is. Just follow my directions. I mean, I guess that’s all you’re good for now anyway,” he said with a cocky smirk.

Nathan stepped through the front door of his house, his head hung low, a look of disappointment on his face. He had waited for forty-five minutes under the oak tree before finally giving up and admitting to himself that Joe was clearly not coming.

The walk home had tempered his anger, which was now starting to give way to melancholy. He threw his backpack down and walked into the kitchen, where he found his mom chopping some vegetables. She was a short, stout woman with kind eyes. She carried herself with a sympathetic, grandmotherly presence, and she was looking forward to becoming just that. That, of course, was if Nathan ever got round to having kids, which she had a quiet inkling may not be on the cards.

“Ugh, more vegetables, mom? After you made me eat a salad last night?”

Nathan’s mom looked up. “Oh hello dear, I didn’t hear you come in. How was your first day back? Did you have fun?”

“Same as always,” he replied evasively. “Mom, where does Aunt Barb live now?”

“Barbara?” his mother replied, surprised by such a strange question. They had not spoken of her sister in years. “I’m not sure. She stopped updating her Facebook page about a year ago, I think. Last I heard she was in Providence.”

“Well she ain’t anymore,” Nathan said brusquely. “’Cuz friggin’ Todd is going to my school now!”

“Todd?” she asked. She bit her lip and looked off somewhere into the distance, as if trying to remember who her son was talking about. “What’s Todd doing at your school?” she eventually said, looking back at him.

“Dunno,” Nathan shrugged, pulling a soda out of the refrigerator and cracking it open. “But I tell ya, that boy’s a fucking whacko.”

“Mind your language,” his mother shot back, halfheartedly. In truth, she swore like a sailor herself.

She put her knife down and paused what she was doing. She loved to gossip. “Last I heard he was being taken to a child psychologist a few years ago. Apparently they were having some problems with him. He was diagnosed with one of those new behavioral disorders they’re always inventing. To tell you the truth, I’m surprised Cod Cove would admit a student like that. Maybe he has turned himself around?”

“They didn’t, and no, he hasn’t.” Nathan said bluntly. “Chester did something with their computer system to get him in.”

Her eyebrows shot up. “That doesn’t sound like something Chester would do. Chester’s a nice boy.”

Nathan rolled his eyes and turned away. He did not feel like explaining to his mother what had happened that day. Largely because he didn’t even understand it himself. He hurried upstairs and threw himself down on his bed.

Joey’s beat-up but unfailingly reliable Crown Victoria pulled into Chester’s long driveway.

Chester’s parents were almost as smart as he was, and they had used their smarts for a real-world advantage. For years, they had applied their knowledge to the stock market and other investment opportunities to become fantastically wealthy. Shawn, looking out of the car window, gawked in awe at the lavish estate Chester enjoyed.

“Ooh la la!” Shawn chimed, exaggeratedly. ”A palace fit for a queen!”

In Todd’s opinion such a large, nice house was wasted on someone like Chester, who rarely even left his bedroom.

Joey climbed out first and hurried round to the passenger side door to open it for Todd, like some sort of chauffeur.

The large front door swung open and Chester, still dressed in his school uniform, hurried out to greet them. By the time he got to the vehicle he was puffing heavily, his cheeks flushed.

He looked at Shawn and hesitated. He glanced at Todd, uncertainty written on his face. He was wheezing loudly. He took a long drag from his inhaler. Then cleared his throat, forced a neutral expression, and said. “Greetings. I see you finally got my message at last, Todd,” he said, a little briskly.

“It’s okay,” Todd said, raising a hand. “You can drop the act now and stop pretending like we’re equals. Both of these lugs are puppets, too.”

“Oh, I see,” Chester said, relieved. Dropping any pretense that he was still a free man, Chester’s posture immediately changed. He clasped his hands behind his back and bowed his head, lowering his gaze towards the ground in front of Todd’s feet. “In that case, thank you for coming, master. Would you like to inspect my progress on the device? Unfortunately I don’t have my weekly report ready quite yet…”

“We’ll get to that,” Todd said dismissively. “But first, what’s this problem you mentioned?”

“Oh yes,” Chester remarked with an involuntary snort. “Nathaniel, your cousin. Despite my best efforts to conceal the truth, I think he correctly suspects that both Joe and I have been enslaved. He said as much himself.”

“Hmm, that was probably my fault,” Todd admitted, stroking his chin. “I kinda gloated after breaking in Joey here.”

“If I may be so bold as to make a suggestion, master,” Chester gulped, his normal bossy arrogance nowhere to be seen. “Perhaps you should bring him under your control too?”

“No,” Todd said with surprising abruptness. “Not yet. Not him. ”

Chester frowned, not understanding. “But master, I do not wish to brag, but I am significantly more intelligent than Nathaniel. My mind is much more capable. Given that I was totally unable to resist your control, what possible chance could he have?”

“There are some things in this world that even you cannot comprehend, Chester. And speaking of resisting, that reminds me,” Todd snapped. “What was that I saw earlier, when I found you with him, all bent over like that? Looked to me like you were trying to fight back against your programming?”

“Oh no, master, I would never-“ Chester looked up pleadingly. He was suddenly getting flustered.

“Save it, nerd!” interrupted Todd. “I know there’s still a part of you in there fighting for freedom. We’ll get to that later.”

Chester swallowed hard and meekly dropped his gaze back to the floor.

“Don’t worry about Nathan,” Todd continued. “He’s a loser. He can’t stop me. Let’s go inside and you can show me your progress, after I get changed.”

“Of course, master,” Chester replied, leading the way inside the house.

Chester’s mother was ascending the marble staircase as the group sauntered inside. In one hand she carried her iPad, in the other, a coffee mug. Her blond hair was pulled back into a pragmatic pony tail and she was wearing thick black glasses, exactly like the rest of them - except Todd.

“Good afternoon, Todd. Oh, how wonderful. You brought some new friends to play,” Chester’s mother beamed with a big dopey grin. Although Chester and Joey had been friends for several years, Chester’s mother had never met him before. “And my, aren’t they a handsome bunch!”

“Yes, hello Amelia. Make yourself useful and bake us some cookies, would you?” Todd commanded lazily, before adding. “Chocolate chip.”

“Of course, Todd. It would be my pleasure!” Amelia replied cheerfully, apparently disregarding whatever plans she had already made. She turned around and shuffled back down the staircase and into the kitchen to carry out his orders.

Todd led the way up the stairs with his three puppets in tow, seemingly very familiar with Chester’s home. That was to be expected, considering that he had been living there for the past several weeks.

They arrived at the room adjacent to Chester’s bedroom. His office. They went inside.

It looked less like a spare bedroom and more like a mad scientist’s laboratory. There was a desk with several microscopes, computers, and other complicated-looking devices. Several huge computer screens - displaying a myriad of calculations, formulas and design schematics - had been bolted to all four walls. Around the rest of the room were several large machines, whose purpose neither Shawn nor Joey could fathom.

Shawn’s eyes went wide as he looked around. “My goodness, isn’t this fancy?” he marveled.

“Be quiet, Shawn,” Todd said impatiently. “In fact,” he said, turning to look at his slaves. “Why don’t you and Joey go and help Chester’s mom downstairs? This doesn’t concern you anyway.”

“Whatever you say, milord!” Shawn cooed playfully, before bouncing back down the corridor. A few second later, Joey’s mind slowly caught up with what was happening. He nodded an acknowledgement towards Todd and then hastily followed the smaller puppet back downstairs.

“Now, I’ll go get changed out of these horrible school clothes, while you prepare the device for my inspection,” Todd said to Chester, bossily.

“May I change clothes also, master?” Chester said hopefully.

“No,” Todd said simply. “Stay as you are. I like my servants looking as uniform as possible.”

Chester bowed his head submissively. “I understand, master,” he muttered, before turning and shuffling inside the laboratory.

Todd made his way across the hall to the bedroom he had been using while staying at Chester’s house during the summer. After a little convincing, Chester’s parents had been very accommodating. He pulled off his school uniform and slipped on a black Metallica t-shirt with ripped jeans.

When Todd returned to the laboratory, Chester had placed a small, stainless steel, tube-shaped device on a table in the center of the room.

Over the next few minutes, Chester went over the design, explaining its function in great detail. Todd nodded his head slowly as he half-listened, while staring hungrily at the gadget that sat invitingly before him.

“Now, as you can see, master,” Chester said, reaching the conclusion of his mini lecture. “The prototype is almost complete. The delivery mechanism is built, the serum has been properly formulated, and the early results seem promising.”

“What are these three different buttons for?” Todd looked at the three buttons on the side of the tube, each of them had a number, ranging from 1 to 3.

“That’s so you can change the dosage. While on the 1st setting, it will administer a small dose, enough to weaken but not even disable. On the 2nd setting, it will disable for several hours. On the third setting, it will disable permanently.”

“Permanently?” Todd’s eyes lit up.

“Yes, master. At least, it should. This is all theoretical at this point so I cannot make any assertions with complete certainty. Regardless, in order to ensure its safety, I will need to run some final diagnostic tests. I can ha-”

“Tests?” Todd asked suddenly, interrupting Chester’s explanation. “What sort of tests? How long will it take?!”

Chester hesitated for a moment. “Well, master, as you know, this is merely the prototype. We have to verify that it is safe to use. Electrophysiology is not something one should take lightly. I understand I am not permitted to know why you want such a tool as this, but from what you have told me I can’t imagine you want to make the person a vegetable. I will need at least a week to ensure that it is ready for human use.”

“A week?!” Todd fumed. “My cousin is already suspicious, I need the serum now! You told me it would be ready by the start of the semester!”

“I understand, master,” Chester said hurriedly. “But this is the best I can do. We can’t rush things like this. I have been working tirelessly on this project, master, you know that! But after you made me manufacture all those glasses for you, as well as that…other…thing… I just haven’t had the time!”

Todd stared angrily at his geeky, overweight minion. “I thought you were a genius, Chester? You’ve had plenty of time to work on this,” Todd hissed. “And this is the best you can come up with? I’m starting to think I might as well make you a dullard like Joey!”

“No, please, master. My brain is all I have!” Chester begged, his eyes went wide with desperation. “I assure you, this is the best anybody would produce under these circumstances!”

Todd folded his arms, an unimpressed look on his face. “You mentioned the other device. Did you finish it yet?”

“Yes, master,” Chester said, excited to be able to produce something that might extinguish Todd’s ire. He bustled over to one of his workstations and picked up another small, tube-shaped device.

Todd snatched it from him and scanned it closely. “And this one works? You tested it on yourself, like I told you to?”

“Yes, master…” Chester stared at the ground glumly.

Todd smirked evilly. “Don’t be too sad, it’s not like you had much to lose to start with, was it?” he cackled, meanly.

Chester frowned but did not reply.

“Good, this will work nicely,” Todd said, nodding in satisfaction. “I just hit this red button here on the side, right?”

“Yes, master,” Chester replied.

Todd stared at him for a moment longer, before letting out a long sigh, his anger dissipated. “Fine. You’ve pleased me with this. But the serum, you are sure it will work? Once you’ve finished your tests?”

“Yes, master. At least, in theory. As I say, this entire process is very new to me. New to anyone in the scientific community, for that matter. To be perfectly frank, if my own mind had not been enslaved I would have scarcely believed it were possible myself. The physiological mechanism that makes your telepathic abilities function remains difficult to understand. However, I am relatively confident that this device will be able to significantly damper those abilities, if you so choose.”

“Fine,” Todd said again. “Get it finished asap.”

“Of course, master” Chester said, giving a little submissive bow as he did. He was just relieved that he would be allowed to keep his intelligence intact for the time being. Todd marched out of the room and went downstairs again with his new toy in hand.

Just as he was flying down the stairs, the front door opened. It was Mitch, Chester’s father. He had originally been a stern, serious man, who had not been fond of Todd in the slightest. That was, until Todd lightened him up a little.

Mitch smiled as he saw Todd. He placed his suitcase on the floor and came to a slow, easy attention.

“Good afternoon, sir, ” Mitch said amicably.

Todd always found it interesting how his puppets chose different titles for him. He had never explicitly told Mitch to call him ‘sir’, just as he had not told Chester to call him ‘master’, or ‘milord’, in Shawn’s case. Each mind filled in the gaps differently.

“You’re back early,” Todd noted.

“Yes, sir. It was my boss’ birthday so he let us leave early. It was unexpected and I apologize. Would you like to see my daily report?” Mitch asked. Todd liked to know what his slaves were up to when he couldn’t supervise them directly.

Todd looked at the older man. Other than his fair hair and bright, intelligent eyes, he bore absolutely no other resemblance to his son. Mitch was trim and kept himself in shape by using the large home gym he had installed several years back. His strong jaw held a clear five o’clock shadow and his hair was slicked and tidily parted with pomade, just how Todd liked it. On his face he wore black glasses, exactly like the rest of the family - despite the fact he had undergone Lasik only six months earlier, and now enjoyed perfect vision.

On his body, he was wearing a well-tailored, absurdly expensive blue suit, with a stylish brown belt and loafers combination. He wore a crisp white shirt and had a patterned tie neatly knotted at his throat.

Although Chester’s family were multimillionaires, his father had inexplicably decided to come out of his (very early) retirement to take a job as an office clerk at a city law firm.

Only Todd knew the real reason why.

It was not an overly complicated reason. Todd simply did not think a man in his early forties should be able to spend his life sitting around at home, reading books, working out, and sipping martinis while HE had to go to school every day and suffer! That just did not sit right with him. It wasn’t fair!

Todd strongly believed that people of Mitch’s age – other than Todd, when he got there, of course – should be hard at work, waking up far earlier than they would like, only to endure a long, tiring commute on public transport and then dealing with frustrating office politics and unreasonable expectations all day.

That was how it was for normal people. That was how adult life was meant to be. Mitch wasn’t special; he didn’t get to avoid that.

In Todd’s mind, only he was special, and only he deserved special treatment. If he was going to have to suffer, he figured, then so could Chester’s father.

“The report can wait,” Todd replied dryly. “But tell me, when will I be getting my next check? Seems like it’s been a while, Mitch.”

“I receive my paycheck on Friday, sir. I’ll have it deposited into your account first thing Monday morning before work,” Chester’s dad said politely, with an easy smile. He felt his dick hardening against his tight briefs. He had recently discovered just how aroused it made him feel to hand over his hard-earned wages to a surly, ungrateful teenager whom he barely knew.

Of course, Mitch had offered several times to sign over his and Amelia’s entire fortune to their young master, but Todd had refused.

He had no problems taking Mitch’s paychecks - he needed a little bit of spending money, of course - but they had never mistreated him before their enslavement, nor had they really tried to resist his control since, so for now, he had no appetite for ruining their lives.

Once he had graduated from the Cove and used its prestigious reputation to gain admission into a top university, he would leave this shitty town. And when he did, he would probably return Chester’s parents to normal, their lives and wealth intact.

But until then, they would afford him their unconditional obedience. He felt that was a reasonable compromise.

“That’ll work,” Todd said. “Follow me.”

The two men walked into the kitchen, where they found Amelia, along with Joey and Shawn, both of whom were now wearing aprons atop of their school uniforms.

“No, no, Joey, again you used far too much. You have to measure the ingredients before you add them,” Amelia cooed patiently, like she was talking to a five-year-old child.

“Yes, ma’am. Sorry,” Joey said in a slow, stupid voice. His cheeks were turning red with embarrassment. He scratched his head in confusion. Cooking was hard!

Meanwhile, Shawn, equipped with oven mitts, was extracting his own, fully completed cookies from the oven. He turned and placed them on the counter, at which point he glanced up and saw Todd.

“Tada!” he said loudly with an enthusiastic grin on his face. “Your cookies are ready, milord! And don’t they look absolutely scrumptious?”

“I’ll be the judge of that,” Todd said dismissively.

Shawn was undeterred. He pranced around the large island at the center of the kitchen and started massaging Todd’s shoulders once more. “And might I say, milord, you are looking absolutely radiant this evening!” Shawn said teasingly.

Todd did not acknowledge the compliment. He placed the device Chester had given him on the counter and started picking at the cookies.

“Careful now, milord! They’re hot, hot, hot,” Shawn smiled, cheekily. He moved his mouth closer to Todd’s ear and whispered playfully. “And that’s not the only thing that’s hot in here.”

Todd smirked at that.

Just then, Shawn’s hands stopped massaging. His arms fell loosely to his sides and his jaw fell open. He had frozen with confusion.

His eyes started to dart in a million directions as he tried to process a million conflicting thoughts at once. He was suddenly completely bewildered.

Why was he rubbing this nerd’s shoulders? Why was he wearing this ridiculous apron? Why was he talking like a faggot? Whose house was this?!!

Todd sensed the disturbance in his puppet’s mind. He turned around to look at Shawn. “Problem?”

“I…I…I’m not sure…” Shawn said, speaking in his normal voice for the first time since Joey had wrestled him in the school bathroom. “What’s going on?” he blinked rapidly, trying to understand.

Both Amelia and Mitch looked on, curious and slightly concerned. Mitch raised an eyebrow. He was the man of the house, and for a moment he considered intervening.

He took a step forward, but then stopped himself. He decided to leave it to Todd. Todd would handle it best.

Joey, on the other hand, had not noticed anything was unusual. He was simply staring blankly out into space, waiting for his next instruction.

Todd did not speak, nor did he panic. Instead, he slowly moved to the other side of the counter and picked up a large wooden spoon. Without his eyes ever leaving Shawn, he started to slowly and rhythmically bang the spoon against the counter.

Shawn’s eyes went wide as he recognized the familiar drumming sound.

“No…no, please. Not again,” he protested meekly.

Todd maintained his steady drumming, his eyes fixed on Shawn.

“Please…” Shawn pleaded. Even as he objected, his body slowly and automatically stiffened up and came to attention.

“Go back to sleep, Shawn” Todd said softly. “Hear the drum beat. Resume marching. Left foot, right foot. Left foot, right foot.”

Shawn’s eyes shut as the drumming reverberated around his mind. His bottom lip trembled.

“N-no….I don’t want…please…” he murmured pleadingly, more with resignation than with hope. He was already unable to move his body. He couldn’t escape the drumming.

“Left foot, right foot,” Todd repeated firmly, over and over, in time with the banging of the spoon.

It was too hard. Too hard to resist, too hard to fight. Right now he was feeling so many negative emotions – he was frightened and confused. He had so many questions that needed answering. And for what?

It was overwhelming. It would be so much easier to give in. So much easier to just stop thinking and march to the beat.

“That’s it,” Todd said softly as he watched the internal battle play out over Shawn’s face. “Just relax. Just fall back into line. Things are much simpler that way.”

Todd was right, Shawn thought. It would be so much simpler.

As the drumming continued to echo through his mind, Shawn felt his will capitulate, as he came to a conclusion. He was not strong enough, he knew that now. He couldn’t fight whatever this was. He didn’t want to fight it. His freedom wasn’t worth all these negative feelings and doubts.

His body spasmed slightly on the spot as his thought patterns aligned with the beat of the drum once more. His face flattened, his eyes went dull, as his consciousness receded back into the deepest parts of his mind and was once again safely locked away.

His eyes snapped open, a big smile returned to his face as his new personality retook control of his body.

“My goodness. I must have had a moment. My apologies, milord,” Shawn said.

Todd breathed a slow sigh of relief.

He was surprised. He had not expected Shawn to put up such a fight. He had predicted, of the two of them, that Joey would have been the first to demonstrate resistance.

Well it made sense, Todd figured. Joey’s mind fuck had been far more comprehensive. It was hard to resist when you didn’t have any brain power left.

Either way, Shawn’s struggle had been easy to suppress, and it had made Todd even more certain of what he had already been planning to do.

“Don’t worry about it. Just pull down your pants. Let me see your cock,” Todd said abruptly.

Anticipating some sort of sexual encounter with his master, Shawn’s eyes lit up. There was no hesitation anymore, no doubt.

He pulled off his apron and unbuckled his belt, lowering his slacks and underwear to the floor, revealing a decent sized penis, probably six to seven inches when erect.

Todd grabbed the device from the counter and removed the cap on one end, revealing a thin needle. “Lift up your ball sack,” Todd commanded.

Shawn did as he was told, not fully understanding. Todd knelt down and planted the needle into the underside of Shawn’s scrotum, at the base. He hit the button. Shawn felt a sharp pain shooting up into his testicles. “Oh my!” He exclaimed with a grimace. He dutifully kept still, despite the pain.

Todd waited a few seconds and then pulled the needle out. It was so small that it did not leave a mark. He straightened up and stepped back to admire Chester’s handiwork.

Almost immediately, Shawn’s healthy-sized penis began to shrink, his balls began to shrivel and recede. In seconds, his balls were pea sized, his sack small and tight, close to his body. His penis had shrunk to roughly three quarters of an inch.

“I call it the micropenis 3000,” Todd proclaimed, proudly. Shawn looked down in surprise at his shrunken genitals.

Noticing the expression on his puppet’s face, Todd said. “Don’t worry. You won’t be needing it anyway. You’re a receiver now, not a giver. And on the upside, now you can always wear tighty-whities and be perfectly comfortable.”

Shawn forced a grateful smile. “Thank you, milord,” he replied weakly.

Shawn bent down to pick up his pants and put away his now-embarrassingly small sized penis.

“What are you doing?” Todd asked with incredulity in his voice. “I’m not finished with you yet! Go over there and get on your knees, bitch.”

Shawn tittered gleefully. He loved it when Todd bossed him around.

He shuffled – with his pants still around his ankles - over to where Todd had gestured, out into the middle of the room, where he fell to his knees as instructed. Todd followed him and eased the boy forward until his hands were on the floor, like a dog.

Then Todd turned to Joey. “Joey, get over here. And take your pants off.”

Joey realized his master was talking to him, and slowly came back to reality. He took off his apron and made his way round to where Shawn and Todd were positioned. It took several awkward moments for Joey to figure out how to unbuckle his belt. Belts were complicated.

Todd rolled his eyes with impatience, but eventually the handsome simpleton figured it out and dropped his pants to the floor. Then came his underwear. Joey was already sporting an erection. The amped up sex drive Todd had given him made him constantly aroused.

“Now, Joey, I want you to get on your knees and get behind Shawn. Insert yourself right into his ass,” Todd ordered, before turning to Mitch. “Mitch, while Joey gets himself set up, jerk yourself off, would you?”

Mitch nodded hesitantly, before pulling down his zipper. He didn’t like where this was heading. Not one bit.

“And Amelia,” Todd continued. “Two glasses of wine, please.”

Amelia smiled and gave a single nod, apparently accepting this scene as completely normal. “Yes, sir.”

Todd watched with satisfaction as Joey eased himself inside Shawn’s tight asshole.

Shawn squealed with girlish delight as Joey went in dry. “Well aren’t you a big boy?!” Shawn exclaimed playfully.

Todd could not be certain if Shawn was getting hard or not, it was too small to tell. Todd glanced over at Mitch, whose own average sized penis, after a minute of vigorous jerking, had reached its full five inches.

“On the floor, Mitch. Stick that thing your holding inside Joey here,” Todd commanded, taking a sip from the glass Amelia had just given him.

“Surely you would rather have the honor, sir?” Mitch said cagily.

“No, thanks to Shawn here I’m already spent, for now. I just want to watch. Get on the floor.”

Chester’s father paused, a look of uncertainty on his face, “But, sir…they’re just high school kids…”

“They’re adults, Mitch, just like you. Besides, none of that is your concern. Leave the thinking to me and do as I say.”

Mitch’s eyelids flickered. Giving up his comfortable life to work a soul crushing nine-to-five job – only to hand over his wages to Todd – had been easy, compared to this.

Todd watched the man’s inner struggle play out across his face. “Now, now, Mitch. Remember who pulls your strings. Remember what you have been since the day I met you. Remember what you are,” Todd paused momentarily before continuing. “What are you, Mitch?”

“I…I’m a puppet…” Mitch murmured quietly.

“What was that?” Todd leaned forward and cupped his ear with his hand.

“I’m a puppet,” Mitch said, slightly louder.

“Remember those strings I put on you, when I was inside your mind? Feel them now, Mitch. Feel them tether you. Control you.”

Mitch’s eyes unfocused as his body switched to autopilot. He let his conscious mind totally disengage from the moment. He knew he would have no choice but to obey, he might as well not be present for it.

“That’s better,” Todd said with smug satisfaction as he watched Mitch surrender his will. “Now get naked and get down on the ground.”

“Yes, sir,” Mitch said, emotionlessly. His body was moving by itself, speaking by itself, with no conscious thought involved at all. A total puppet.

Mitch pulled off his suit and let it fall to the floor. Todd looked at the man’s body admiringly as he climbed down onto his knees and started to insert himself into Joey.

“Now, boys, you can start,” Todd said with a smirk. He took another sip of his wine and watched with approval as the three men started to have sex on the kitchen floor.

Todd glanced at Amelia, who was watching on through her thick glasses with a neutral expression, wine glass in hand.

They grunted and rutted like farmyard animals. There was no dialogue, no passion, and except in Shawn’s case, no excitement. Joey and Mitch were staring straight ahead, simply going through the motions, not because they particularly wanted to, but because their master had told them to. And Todd loved every minute of it.

“Enjoying yourself, Amelia?” Todd jeered.

Amelia turned to look at him. Her eyebrows raised, and she forced a small smile and a nod. “Oh, yes. Very much so,” she lied.

She was envious, if anything. She had not had any sexual action since her husband had suddenly realized he was gay during the summer.

Todd grinned and returned to the action. He munched on a cookie as he watched their speed and intensity increase. They went back and forth, faster and harder, like pistons in a machine. Whenever Mitch pushed inside Joey, the younger man would jut forward, propelling his penis deeper inside Shawn. Each time, Shawn let out a little yelp. Todd could not tell if it was pain or pleasure. Probably both.

This went on for several minutes. Todd could see sweat rolling down Joey’s body. He was really hammering Shawn. Todd started to play with himself as he watched the scene unfold before him.

And then, all of a sudden, Shawn made some sort of high pitched shriek of ecstasy. His body shuddered as his new micropenis sputtered out a tiny amount of semen. Todd was not surprised that this was all Shawn could produce now. He had been planning on forcing Shawn to lick it up, but there was so little of it he decided not to bother.

Moments later, Joey breathed out long and slow, and then stopped moving. Shawn’s eyes lit up as Joey’s warm juices filled his hole.

“Get up, Shawn, you’re done,” Todd said. “Keep going you two. I know you aren’t finished, Mitch.”

Shawn carefully pulled himself off Joey’s skewer and sprang to his feet.

“I think I’m going to be sore in the morning!” Shawn said, his voice even higher pitched than before. “What a day! I just got fucked by the hottest guy in school!” he pronounced.

…until he noticed Todd’s scowl. “Hottest except you of course, milord,” Shawn corrected himself hastily.

He pulled his pants up and tucked his shirt back in, his ass still wet with cum. He moved over towards Todd and lovingly started to massage his master again, while they both keenly watched the two men still fucking on the floor.

Joey had already orgasmed, but he was not finished yet. Mitch continued to thrust harder and harder into his virgin ass. Joey was feeling pain, but he did not make a noise. He barely had the mental capacity to understand what was happening. A bead of sweat rolled down Mitch’s forehead as he mindlessly drove his penis deeper.

Eventually, Mitch’s eyes widened, and he made a slight grunting noise as he came inside Joey. He felt the fog clearing, his mind returning somewhat. He blinked and looked down at what was happening in horror. He immediately pulled out, stood up and grabbed his clothes.

“If you’ll excuse me, sir,” Mitch said, not making eye contact with Todd. He was going bright red with embarrassment. He gave Amelia an apologetic look before hurrying out of the kitchen.

Joey did not move, he just stayed on all fours staring at the floor. Todd was starting to wonder if he had made a mistake making this former golden boy so dumb. He was meant to be Joey’s master, not his babysitter. He was getting tired of it.

“Get up, Joey,” Todd said sourly. Joey stood up, his trousers still around his ankles. “And pull your pants up, for Christ sake.”

Joey did as he was told, taking some time to figure out the belt buckle again.

“That was fun! What should we do now, milord?” Shawn bounced enthusiastically.

“Let’s go see Mike,” Todd said with a grin, coming to a decision. He took a bite out of another cookie. “He and I need to have a chat about his new role…"

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